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Hello there, site visitor! Thank you for perusing my pronouncements, and for looking to get in touch, it's always nice to hear from readers (well... *usually* - hi, hate-fans ;) ), but, regrettably, having no 'staff' (in fact, I am staff, to two very demanding cats...) and often getting a lot of messages, I can't always reply in detail to everyone - so please do first look through the FAQ section (which, alas, my technical ineptitude prevents me from hyperlinking to, but it's in the site menu ^^) before getting in touch, as it's very possible your query is already addressed in some of the existing materials.


If you would like my help directly, I offer a full consultation and letter-writing service, the details of which are as follows. Please read this carefully before requesting a consultation...

The consultation includes: my reading through any relevant documents you have to send (such as letters or web links); one 15-minute telephone conversation to go over the issues; and the production of a comprehensive, bespoke letter for your situation (of the type you can see in the letters' section). 

The total cost for this is £50, which is payable in advance. 

If you would like to engage this service, please head the below message 'CONSULTATION' and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you. 

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