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Written by: Miri
March 6, 2021
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And in today's update from the Ministry of the Bleedin' Obvious, a question...Why do you think healthcare professionals, with years of training and experience in health, might refuse the jab?

Is it because, a) All hospitals and clinics have been infiltrated by crazed, anti-vax loonies who lock frontline workers in secret, science-denying rooms, and force them, Clockwork-Orange style, to watch endless YouTube videos of David Icke on repeat, or;

b) Because the professional knowledge and experience healthcare workers have accrued has led them to the ineffable conclusion that these injections are not safe?Tough call, eh?

Surely it is patently obvious that, were we in a real pandemic, with dead bodies cluttering up hospital corridors and healthcare staff keeling over like the proverbial Guardian-reading pearl-clutchers fanning all this nonsense, then said staff would be singing hosannas at the prospect of a protective jab (rather like Salisbury Cathedral did, when they administered the injections to the sound of rousing organ concertos... But the Holy Church of the Immaculate Injection definitely isn't a religious cult...).

That they're not, and are instead prepared for major conflict and confrontation with managers to the extent of possibly losing their jobs, should really set some alarm bells ringing, in even the dimmest of Guardian-guzzling heads...

(I really don't like the Guardian. Can you tell?)

I will summarise the facts again:

1) This injection is not a vaccine: it's an experimental gene therapy;

2) It has not been approved for use in the general populace and has a licence for emergency purposes only;

3) Safety testing is still ongoing and will not be complete until 2023;

4) The mRNA technology utilised within the injections has never been approved for use in human vaccinations before;

5) No successful coronavirus vaccine has ever been developed in the past and every previous attempt has ended up with severely injured and dead test subjects."Fact check" that - or, if you're too lazy, as most Guardian-readers are - (sorry, can't help myself...) - I've done all the fact-checking and referencing myself, at the bottom of this letter: https://miriaf.co.uk/letter-for-family-and-friends-who.../

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some locked-up key workers to convince about the merits of reptilian shapeshifting...

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