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Miri Meets... Jonathan Tilt

Miri | No Comments | February 25, 2024

It seemed fitting for my first in-person ‘Miri Meets’ to be with one of the first people I met in person at the beginning of the panto-demic.

Jonathan Tilt is an accountant-turned-acupuncturist who I first met at a clandestine anti-lockdown meeting in 2020, where he announced he wanted to begin an anti-lockdown political party.

Since that time, Jonathan has gone on to be one of the most dedicated and impactful activists in the freedom movement, overseeing the platforming of hundreds of pro-freedom candidates in local and national elections, and organising and speaking at numerous freedom-themed events.

Since 2020, Jonathan has left party politics, and now coordinates the ‘Vote Freedom Project’ which helps and supports pro-freedom independent candidates to stand in elections.

Jonathan himself is standing as an independent candidate in the upcoming West Yorkshire Mayoral elections, and in the below interview, I talk to him about why he’s doing this, what he’d recommend for others looking to get involved in local politics, and why it really isn’t true that, “if voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it”.

I hope you enjoy our chat, and you can connect with Jonathan via his website, and through The Vote Freedom Project

(Please note that ‘Miri Meets’ is still in its debut stages and a work in progress… After a few people noted they were having trouble hearing me, I have invested in an external microphone so the sound is much clearer, but in this video, there are two occasions where the internet connection very briefly cuts out, but please do keep watching and the video restarts very soon. Thank you for your patience! And apologies there are no errant cats in this one…)

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