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GE 2024 Candidate Responses - ANDREW COOPER (Green)

Miri | No Comments | June 19, 2024

Last month, I wrote to the candidates standing in the General Election for my constituency, including the Green Party's Andrew Cooper, to enquire into their stances on key issues - you can see my letter here.

Three weeks later, when Mr. Cooper had still not responded, I sent the letter again, asking for a prompt reply. Mr. Cooper did reply on this occasion, and here is what he said:

I don't share your views.
You would be better voting for someone else.

Finding this response to be a mixture of evasive, hostile, and utterly devoid of any meaningful information, I decided to reply as below....


Thank you for responding. However, I am afraid I find your response wholly inadequate.

I did not ask whether you "shared my views", but rather, I asked what you - if serving as my elected representative in parliament - would do in response to some very clearly defined scenarios.

Were you to be elected as an MP, then - regardless of whether I have voted for you or not - you would be my official representative in Westminster, and I would be contributing in taxes to your generous salary of £91,346 plus expenses.

Therefore, you would be accountable to me, and again, that would remain the case whether I had voted for you or not.

Public servants, of which you are one, are obliged to be accountable to those they serve, so you owe me a clearer and fuller response.

To reiterate, the questions I asked are:

  1. Would you support, or actively oppose, the UK returning to a lockdown situation for any reason, including an alleged pandemic, or for reasons said to be linked to "climate change"?
  2. Would you support, or actively oppose, the imposition of mandates where it comes to health-related behaviours, such as masks, tests, and vaccines?
  3. Would you, in short, support the right of the individual to make autonomous and non-coerced choices about their bodies and how they live, or would you betray democratic and ethical principles by colluding to take away people's freedoms and govern their behaviour by force?

If you once again decline to answer my questions, I will have no choice but to conclude that you do indeed support the imposition of unilateral force by the government on its unwilling citizens to violate them in a number of ways, including coerced medicine, which is a particularly egregious crime. As you know, Covid vaccine mandates have caused an irreparable amount of suffering and harm through lost livelihoods, serious injury, and death.

If you opposed any of the measures I have queried, then you would have clearly informed me of this, as other candidates I have put the same questions to have done.

That you have not would appear to belie that you support them. However, that you will not commit your support to writing also reveals that you are aware these positions are deeply unethical. Yet, for various reasons - perhaps pertaining to career advancement, monetary compensation, or other undisclosed interests - you will be prepared to enforce upon the electorate violations and betrayals that you know are wholly indefensible.

If I am wrong in these conclusions, then please do clarify that comprehensively in writing, and make clear what your position and principles actually are.

For full transparency, I am an independent journalist who has promised my readership that I will make public all correspondence with MP candidates standing in this election, and this response to you has been made public on my various online platforms, including Substack and social media, where I have several thousand readers worldwide, including many locally.




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