Was "Dr" Michael Mosley a spook who faked his own death?

Written by: Miri
June 12, 2024
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Yes, admittedly, it's an unashamedly clickbaity title... but I also think it might be true.

Sounds far-fetched? Sure... but then the truth very often does. So, let's take a deep dive down this particularly labyrinthian rabbit hole...

For those who are unaware, which likely includes most non-UK readers (although I can see it's hit the headlines in the US), for the last several days, the UK media has been gripped in a feverish and high-octane state of excitement, as "TV doctor" Michael Mosley - famed for his diet books, and more recently, contributions to Covid hysteria - suddenly went missing whilst on holiday in Greece.

And almost instantly - rather than simply allowing local authorities to look for him, assuming he would soon turn up safe and well (as well over 90% of missing adults do) - his disappearance was immediately made into nationwide headline news. (Which begs the question of, how? If someone goes missing on a Greek island, how and why are the UK press immediately informed?)

It was very reminiscent of the Nicola Bulley case, which - as I and many others observed at the time - made the headlines instantly, when hundreds of people go missing every day, and rarely get so much as a paragraph on the back pages - even after they've been missing for some time.

Yet Bulley - and now Mosley - were front page news immediately.

Admittedly, Mosley enjoyed a significant degree of fame as a well-established "TV doctor", so his disappearance may have been considered more newsworthy than most - yet that still doesn't explain why it generated such sensationalist news coverage so quickly, within hours of his going missing, when any experienced news editor would surely know, "the overwhelming likelihood is he'll turn up fine within a day or two and so this is a non-story".

That they gave it such extensive and prominent coverage from the beginning clearly belies that they knew it WAS a big story, that he would NOT be turning up fine... and, sure enough, after five days of searching (with every detail of this search somehow being reported by the minute to the UK press), Mosley's dead body (or rather, "a" dead body) was reportedly found.

As more details of Mosley's supposed last hours emerge, more and more people's tin foil hats are twitching, because at this point it's undeniable: something is really not right with this.

But before we dive further into the anomalies surrounding Mosley's "death", first we must generate some background by looking further into his very strange life...

The first thing to be aware of (and thanks to Keith on Twitter for the heads-up!) is that Mosley was a graduate of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from the University of Oxford. We have come across that subject area at this site before, because it is known to be prime recruitment ground for MI5, and the strongly suspected spook, Rishi Sunak, is also a graduate of this programme.

So is that other notorious "TV doctor", Rachel Clarke.

I commented on Clarke's highly implausible backstory at the time she was doing the media circuit, promoting her plandemic agitprop - sorry, 'gripping true life drama' - 'Breathtaking' (about all the "deadly risks" she supposedly took as a frontline doctor during Covid).

Allegedly, Clarke had graduated from Oxford, shot straight to the top of a glittering media career, got bored before she was 30, and gone back to university to study medicine for seven years.

When you have already graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and are in top-tier employment in a highly glamorous and sought-after job (Clarke produced cutting-edge documentaries for Channel 4, travelling all over the world to do so), would you really give it all up to slum it as a student again for nearly a decade?

As I said of Clarke at the time:

"It is, quite simply, a highly unlikely trajectory. For a start, just 4% of medical students in the UK are mature students (over 21), and I'm prepared to bet that the percentage of that 4% who abandoned high-octane, well-paid TV careers to spend seven years living as a pauper in medical school is infinitesimally small to the point of being non-existent.

Is it not more plausible, then, that - rather than throwing away a hugely lucrative, glamorous. and coveted career to do something far more stressful and far less well-paid - Clarke actually didn't do that at all, but rather, is still a journalist, merely one working undercover: posing 'as a doctor' to get the scoop?

Or rather, in this instance, to confect the scoop?

We could not rely on an authentic doctor to produce a "memoir" about the "hell" that was Covid, because that narrative is not real.

We could, however, rely on a professional journalist (storyteller), with deep establishment connections, to do so.

Clarke may very well have undergone real medical training to enable her to perform convincingly in her role (just as actors will often undergo various types of professional training to make their performances convincing), but it certainly is not beyond the realms of possibility to consider she is an intelligence asset in a long-form undercover role (much, indeed, as it very much appears the Prime Minister is)."

So doesn't it seem extremely fishy that another high-profile, pro-plandemic "TV doctor" claims to have traversed nearly this exact same trajectory?

After graduating from Oxford's PPE programme, Michael Mosley worked in high-level finance for a few years... and then, quite bizarrely, decided to retrain as a doctor.

What is yet more bizarre is that he never actually worked as one.

As soon as he gained his medical degree, he promptly got a job in media where he has remained ever since.

Why on earth would you spend all that time and money retraining as a doctor and then never put the qualification into practice?

Perhaps for the same reason as Rachel Clarke (who allegedly has worked as a doctor, but nobody seems to be quite sure where, or how she's fitted it in around all her best-selling books, high-profile interviews, and multiple TV appearances).

Perhaps because you are an undercover intelligence asset, and your MI5 handlers have tasked you with infiltrating the medical influence sphere via a prominent media position, but first - in order to appear credible - you must acquire a medical degree.

Michael Mosley has risen to great heights as an influential "doctor" (I wonder if all those who so assiduously follow his advice realise he has never worked as one?), starring in various TV shows and pumping out multiple books.

Some of his advice is good, such as showing how low-carb diets and intermittent fasting can reverse diabetes (this has been intensely resisted by certain quarters, though: will we be told he died of 'diabetic complications', this constituting 'proof' that low-carb diets are dangerous and don't work?).

However, his contribution to the Covid chapter was so indefensibly horrendous - literally lethally bad - that this greatly eclipses any previous good work he might have done.

Some of the articles Mosley wrote for the Daily Mail (one of the UK's largest circulation newspapers) throughout "Covid" include:

Why vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity

Why I've banned an unjabbed friend from my festive party

Yes, NHS workers MUST have their jabs

All of these articles contain the usual tissue of fabrications, falsehoods, and lies, as well as a liberal sprinkling of authoritarian despotism, where Mosley clearly displays his rapacious desire to vaccinate people by force - and to viciously discriminate against those who refuse.

Remarkably, given his busy schedule of fascism and media appointments, Mosley even found the time to write a book about Covid as early as May 2020. Almost like he had known in advance it was coming...

The book was entitled: "Covid-19: Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus and the Race for the Vaccine".

The promo reads, "With access to leading experts, [Mosley] reports on the battle to find treatments and a safe and effective vaccine (ultimately, the only way to defeat the virus)."

In short, very few people played more of a prominent and consistent role in aggressively promoting the killer injections than Mosley did.

It seems quite the coincidence then, that he "dies" the same week it becomes headline news that the vaccines are in fact incredibly dangerous and have likely made a significant contribution to excess deaths.

If this is true (which, of course, it is), how would that fare for "Dr" Mosley?

Now, we will never know: now, he will never have to be held to account for all the lives he irreparably maimed and destroyed by his ruthless promotion of the bioweapon "vaccine", because he's dead.

Very convenient.

I put it to you, therefore, that actually he isn't dead at all, but rather, having recently turned 67, has reached retirement age, and thus, the end of his employment contract with MI5.

His obligations to infiltrate the media sphere as a "doctor", and cynically send the masses off to the slaughter house ("trust me, I'm a doctor!" - he literally made a TV show with this name) have been completed, so the intelligence agencies bankrolling his career have staged his high-profile "death", equipped him with a new identity, and enabled him to sail off into the sunset to enjoy his retirement years - and an enormous personal fortune - without ever being held accountable for what he did.

Indeed, to increase sympathy for the dear doctor yet further, we might eventually be told he died from a "vaccine injury" (he allegedly 'collapsed suddenly' and the official cause of death has yet to be ascertained).

Please do note just how captured the mainstream press is worldwide by the intelligence agencies, and that the crossover between 'journalism' and intelligence agencies is immense, with very many high-profile journalists having intelligence ties.

As Roy Greenslade, media blogger at the Guardian, and editor of the Mirror at the time of the Gulf crisis in 1991, commented:  "Most tabloid newspapers  — or even newspapers in general  — are playthings of MI5".

So whenever there's a particularly prominent media figure, clearly tasked with pushing a central arm of the agenda, and then they conveniently "die" just as they might be held accountable for what they've done, there are clearly some questions to be asked.

It all just seems far too neatly scripted and concluded to be real, and as soon as I saw the wall-to-wall coverage of Mosley's "going missing" - which read exactly like a meticulously scripted TV drama - I thought "this doesn't sit right at all. This stinks of 'agenda'".

I couldn't quite work out what the agenda was at first, but as soon as I saw the Oxford / PPE connection, and the extraordinary parallels between his trajectory and Rachel Clarke's, the explanation became obvious: he's a spook, just like she is, and they've been tasked with manipulating the mass mind through the media - something they have both done exceptionally successfully (alas however, Rachel Clarke is only 52, so we might be stuck with her for another 15 years or so, before we are told she heroically "died of Covid" on the frontline, battling evil anti-vaxxers, etc etc...).

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that 'Special Agent TV Doctor' is clearly an MI5 specialty, and that very few genuine, authentic doctors are recruited into a "TV Doctor" role. Firstly, they don't have the time. Real doctors work punishingly long hours, as well as often being on call, so they simply are not in a position to be regular talking heads on television. Secondly, they don't have the personalities. It is well-known how brusque and abrupt most doctors are, and that they tend to significantly lack "bedside manner". They generally don't have the slick, charismatic personalities necessary to be a compelling and popular TV presenter.

And most importantly of all, the establishment can't count on real doctors to consistently lie. Some doctors do have consciences and actually tell the truth, and of course - when you're trying to trick billions of people into maiming and killing themselves by injection - this won't do at all.

The establishment needs reliable - and reliably lying - "TV doctors" as a vital weapon in its arsenal of controlling the mass mind via television. After all, very few people are going to make critical healthcare decisions based on what Holly Willoughby or some other babbling talking head says. They're not experts, so what do they know?

But a doctor? Oh, well now, that's something different. That's someone who knows what they're talking about. That's someone we can trust.

Doctors are the modern-day priest class and therefore the ruling classes need them on television frequently delivering their "sermons".

Hence, MI5 recruits top Oxford Philosophy graduates, with their charming, glittering personalities (not like those surly and rude med students), trains them up in spycraft, and then explains their role as the promotor of plandemics and other fictionalised fakery via the media. But to give what they say credence, they have to appear to be real doctors. So, MI5 sends them off to medical school.

Do they complete the whole course in full, just like any other student? Probably not - universities have form for offering 'cover' for intelligence assets in training, saying they were a student there at such-and-such a time, even though nobody can remember them. So what that means is, if anyone does ever check the records, it will appear that the "TV doctor" did indeed study medicine when and where they said they did.

That explanation for Mosley - that he's had a long career as an undercover intelligence asset who has now reached retirement age and so has been given a very public "exit stage left" - makes sense, especially when contrasted to his official "death story", which most certainly does not.

To quote the ever-astute team at UNN:

"Why would a Doctor, who knows about hydration etc, go for a walk on his own in the mid-day sun? Where he was said to have walked was exceptionally rocky and he did so in a pair of black trainers as well as a black umbrella and darker clothing which attracts the heat? The search went on for days and after 24 hours a body begins to emit a horrific stench. Yet when the body was found it was literally right next to a busy and popular beach bar.

The body was said to have been spotted at sea, did no one smell it at all at the bar? From drone footage of the corpse it appears, but we can't say it conclusively, that the corpse looks to be wearing trousers. Also where is the umbrella? If someone was in distress would they not have been crying out for help? Lots of questions yet of course this could just have been a terrible accident..."

Indeed, it "could" have, but taken in the broader context of who he was, his odd, spookish backstory, and what he has recently been complicit in, this looks to me like a staged demise to escape retribution at the end of a long, prestigious, and highly subversive career as an undercover agent.

For anyone who thinks, "that's too far-fetched. Even if he was MI5, people don't just fake their own deaths" - actually they do, and it's not even that uncommon (in London alone, the Metropolitan Police's life insurance fraud unit sees at least one or two such cases per year).

In fact, death-faking even has an official name - 'pseudocide'. There are many famous examples of it (although obviously, by definition, these are only the people who got caught, so we can never really know what the true scale of 'pseudocide' might be).

So, if even laypeople with no establishment backing can fake their own deaths, then certainly someone as affluent and elite as Michael Mosley, directly connected to the upper echelons of society, can.

Did he?

We will likely never know for sure.

But we do know what he did in life, and it is that we need to keep at the forefront of our minds.

He cosplayed the role of "doctor" to lure people into believing he was an experienced authority they could trust ("Trust Me, I'm a Doctor!" might not have been so alluring had the title been, "Trust me, I'm an ex-investment banker who once attended medical school but has never spent a single hour practicing as a medic").

When he had won their trust over many years, he used his highly prominent public platform to reassure them of the safety and efficacy of an experimental new injection that many of his fans were deeply sceptical about - an injection that, as we now know, has maimed and killed an unquantifiable number of people - as many whistleblowers warned from the start it would.

Michael Mosley had heard all of these warnings. He openly mocked and dismissed them, even going so far as to support a drive for NHS workers to be injected by force.

That's his legacy, and that remains the case regardless of whether he faked his death or really did just have "a terrible accident".

Please do note however, that many clever people throughout history have astutely observed that there are no accidents.

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