Legal Help

The resources on this site are designed to empower you to challenge unlawful and unethical diktats from employers, schools, hospitals and other establishments who try to infringe upon your inalienable human rights.  Your right to decline any medical testing or vaccinations offered to you, and to remain mask-free if you are exempt, are enshrined within law. 

In most instances, challenging individuals and businesses who are in violation of the law with a carefully worded and referenced letter generates the desired response.

However, if you haven't received the response you were hoping for from your employer, healthcare professional, or other persons or organisations, you may need to investigate the possibility of formal legal representation.

In those instances, I am very pleased to introduce the Jonathan Lea Network, a firm of UK solicitors who are extremely sympathetic to those wishing to challenge the current restrictions, including testing and vaccination mandates, and pressures to wear masks. The organisation's founder, Jonathan Lea, has attracted considerable publicity for his stance on publicly opposing mask-wearing.

If you would like to instruct the Jonathan Lea Network to help you, you can arrange a free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation by filling in their contact form here. Please quote reference 'Miri' when you contact Jonathan Lea.

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