Q. Do you have a template letter that can help me with my situation?

A. Very possibly. Please visit the letters' section and use the search facility to see if I have what you're looking for, e.g. if you're looking for a letter to decline vaccines, type "vaccine letter" into the search bar. All letters are listed by subject here.

Q. Can I change letter templates to suit my circumstances?

A. Yes! Please do. You can edit and adapt the letters in any way you want. Feel free to copy and paste paragraphs from different letters, too.

Q. Myself or my family member is being denied hospital treatment if we don't submit to Covid testing. Is this legal?

A. No. This is completely illegal and you are entirely within your rights to decline the test. Please see this letter and this letter which may help. Also, see UNESCO's Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, Article 6, section 1.

Q. How often do the letters work?

A. Unfortunately, it's impossible for me to say with any exactitude, since my letters are freely and publicly available and so I don't know how often people use them. However, when I do get feedback, I am told the letters are successful about 80% of the time.

Q. I want to travel without having to take a test. What are my rights?

A. This is an unclear area of law. I suggest you contact the airline in question and reference the UNESCO declaration referenced in the previous question to see if you can persuade them to waive this requirement. You could also mention some of the dangers and inadequacies of the PCR and lateral flow tests. Whether this will be successful, I'm not sure. Someone would need to take an airline to court to set a precedent in case law, which, as yet - the Covid regulations being so new - has not happened, so whether an airline can insist, as a private business, passengers must take a test, or whether this could be feasibly argued as a human rights' breach, is not clear. Give it a go and find out!

Q. I am being subject to disciplinary measures at work for declining to wear a mask / take a test / receive a vaccine. Can I take legal action?

A. You may be able to - it depends on the specific circumstances and conditions of your contract. To find out whether legal action is a possibility in your case, I can highly recommend The Jonathan Lea Network, for whom I do some occasional consultancy work, as excellent and highly sympathetic solicitors.

Instructing lawyers and escalating to court is obviously not cheap, so I can recommend the legal crowdfunding platform, CrowdJustice, as a good option for raising funds, if you are not able to finance this yourself. We really do need more of these cases reaching court, as this is how precedents are set, case law is established, and battles are ultimately won. Employers are counting on the fact employees won't have the resources to challenge them in court, so the more people who are willing to do so, the better.

Q. I am from the USA / Canada / another country. Do you have a letter I can use?

A. Very probably. Look through the letters' section, using the search bar to find what you're looking for, and if you find an appropriate letter, you can adapt it to suit your circumstances. Some of my letters have been written specifically for Americans (like this one), and some reference international law, so are equally as applicable in the US as the UK. You also may find this site helpful.

Q. This site has been really helpful. Is there any way I can give back?

A. Thank you, and yes, there is! I rely solely on the generosity of my readers to enable me to keep creating content that is available to all, by donating to my work. If you would like to donate either a small monthly amount, or make a one-off donation, you can do so via the links below.

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Thank you - I quite literally couldn't keep doing this without you!

Q. How can I get in touch with you?

My email address is mirifinch@gmail.com. Please be aware that I get a large volume of emails and so regrettably cannot respond to everyone.

Q. Are there any other resources that you would recommend?

Yes! There are many great on- and offline resources available to help you navigate the current madness, which include...

Kester Disability Rights (for mask discrimination issues, including template letters)

Lawyers for Liberty (for general legal information)

Covid-19 Assembly (for overall "pandemic" information and template "no jab, no job" letters)

PJH Law (for employment disputes relating to the vaccine)

Natural News (for general alternative and health-related news - banned by Facebook and Twitter, so must be good!)

Stand in the Park (a real-world initiative to meet like-minded people near you)

The Covid Blog (a USA-based resource covering vaccine injury, mask dangers, and other issues relevant to the "pandemic")

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