Who do you think you are?

Written by: Miri
February 26, 2024
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Well, it seems I have put the conspiratorial cat well and truly amongst the pugnacious pigeons with my comments on hero-superwoman-doctor-god, Rachel Clarke (who was last seen demonstrating her great heroism in these quarters by getting cartoonist Bob Moran, courageous activist father of a disabled daughter, very publicly fired, then threatening to take him to court to take whatever money he had left - an endeavour which this prodigiously privileged and well-off woman wanted you to pay for).

Having established from the ludicrous propagandist nonsense that was 'Breathtaking' that Dr. Clarke was something of a fantasist, it seemed pertinent to put this mythical character (hero doctor! Bestselling author! Top Twitterer! is there no end to this demigoddess' talents?!) under further scrutiny.

The first thing I discovered was that she had perpetuated the particularly ludicrous lie that she was "the first medical student to have a baby whilst studying". No stranger to printing fictitious claims, The Guardian newspaper did not bother to conduct even the most rudimentary fact-checking - literally just Googling "medical student has baby"- before printing it as fact, a claim that has been repeated by multiple other mainstream vehicles since.

In reality, this claim is so transparently absurd that even Guardian readers themselves wrote into the newspaper to point this out, stating that they knew of multiple medical students having babies going back 50+ years and - as one Guardian reader pointedly observed - "nobody seemed to regard this as exceptional". Of course they didn't: medical schools are, primarily, occupied by 18-25 year olds, e.g., those in the peak of their fertility. It is not therefore remotely plausible that, since the UK's first medical s\chool was established in 1726, not one of them had a baby until the by then 35-year-old Rachel Clarke came along in 2007.

So why did Clarke make such a fatuous claim?

It is for the reasons afore-cited: to create a mythology around herself as someone who is literally superhuman. I mean, consider her (alleged) backstory: graduated from Oxford in the nineties and almost immediately secured a top job in television, producing and directing documentaries for Channel 4.

By the time she was in her late twenties - not content with having achieved the phenomenal levels of success most young journalists can only dream of - Clarke decided to retrain, but not just as anything, as a superhero saviour doctor! But not before going back to college to do science A-levels at night school whilst still holding down a glamorous job as a TV producer (including flying to the Democratic Republic of Congo to make a documentary).

So, of course, when she became a medical student - in keeping with her superhuman-hero-god credentials - she couldn't just be any old medical student - obviously she had to be the first in history to have a baby.

This kind of puffed-up grandiosity is typical of the malignant narcissist - as, of course, is compulsive lying - and so Rachel Clarke needs to go under the microscope to establish just how extensive her lying and misrepresentation really is.

Since sending my open letter to them, questioning various aspects of her background, the General Medical Council (GMC) has replied to me, stating: "I am afraid we are unable to confirm a doctor's full education history", which is what UCL and Oxford - the two universities Clarke claims to have attended - said as well.

So, we are no clearer on that particular issue and what the specifics of Clarke's educational background may or not be, but that is not the central issue: it is that she is a documented liar having huge influence over the national conversation and, very potentially, public health policy in the face of future "pandemics".

I'm certainly no Tory, but it's clear that the purpose of the highly politicised fictional drama, 'Breathtaking', was to portray the Conservative Party as ruthless self-servers who mismanaged "the pandemic" by not having harsh enough restrictions.

Therefore, when we get a Labour government in May, and the next "pandemic" is staged (as we have been repeatedly promised will happen), Labour can exploit the hype generated by 'Breathtaking' as "proof" that we need harder lockdowns and more extensive restrictions (which was always Labour's line as the opposition throughout "Covid") - in order that the poor saintly NHS and its hero-god-doctors aren't so egregiously "overwhelmed" once again (of course, the reality is they weren't overwhelmed at all, and hospitals were quieter than ever, as FOI requests have repeatedly confirmed).

Rachel Clarke is a virulent left-wing activist.

Because of these facts, The Daily Mail, who were also recipients of my open letter, did some decent journalism two days after receiving it, digging around in Clarke's past and finding that she, at the very least, has a "fondness for hyperbole" and "doesn't always get her facts right".

As I say, The Daily Mail have penned this piece because they are a Tory paper and she is a hard-left activist who regularly trashes the Tories, but the Mail's motives for writing the article don't detract from the fact that what they've said about her, and her penchant for fantasy and exaggeration, is most certainly true.

So now the spotlight is well and truly upon her, and people are questioning every aspect of her background, as it is quite right and proper that they should.

With woefully tedious predictability, she has reacted to this by threatening to sue everyone, just like the petulant, pretentious bully she is, and just as she so eagerly demonstrated with her callous victimisation of Bob Moran - whose severely disabled eight-year-old daughter was profoundly damaged by the hideous lockdown policies Clarke so aggressively supports.

As you might imagine, my questioning of this appalling character has attracted a lot of feigned outrage from the usual suspects, and the sum total of their summon-the-fainting couch fulminating seems to be:

"OMG! She's a doctor! A hero! A Goddess! You're just (actual quotes of "insults" I have received) a copywriter and a serial open-letter writerer! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!"

And that is the crux of all of this, of everything that has been done to us over the last four years, and everything the ruling classes want to do - much more harshly - in the very near future. That they, they believe, have the right to do it, because they are important somebodies, and we are nothings, nobodies - the useless class, as Yuval Noah Harari has openly described millions of people.

The despotic technocracy these self-appointed "somebodies" wish to forcibly impose upon us is basically feudal, consisting of three tiers of people:

  1. "The Experts" - those imbued by the state as having some form of special authority or power, the modern priest class - and who, as we were explicitly informed throughout the fake pandemic, are "essential" (whilst, of course, the rest of us are not). Please note, most ominously, that allegedly alternative political party, Reform, wants to relieve NHS staff of paying income tax, therefore ratifying their social status as extra-special, and widening the divide between those who are "essential" - and the perks they receive - and those who are not.
  2. "Normal" people - those whose role is solely to obey and worship those types described in 1); do whatever they say unquestioningly; gush over them rapturously; and viciously defend them to detractors. In exchange for this, society will throw them a few scraps like UBI and Netflix so they can continue to subsist (as Yuval Harari has said of "the useless class", their future basically consists of "drugs and computer games").
  3. Unpeople - otherwise known as "conspiracy theorists", "anti-vaxxers", and "deniers" of various stripes. The worthless class, the detritus and scum, those completely invalid and certainly entirely prohibited from having and expressing views not ratified by 1). Because, I mean, the temerity, the audacity, the outrage... WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?!

That's why we get so brutally attacked whenever we question and challenge the mainstream and its heroes. It's not because those attacking us care whether we're right or wrong (after all, those they worship get things wrong literally constantly and it doesn't make one iota of difference to how much they are slavishly worshipped). It's that we "dare" to question them at all.

That's what creates the unstoppable foment of fury and causes our critics to stalk us all over social media calling us things like "copywriters" (it's utterly bizarre to use anyone's professional background to declare why they aren't qualified to write a letter - obviously, anyone who's literate is qualified - but the logical assumption would surely be someone with a professional writing background is a bit more qualified than average, no? But then, these are the people who believed putting on a mask to go to the loo and eating a Scotch Egg sitting down would protect them from a deadly plague, so I guess logic has never really been their strong point).

We get this all the time at Informed Consent Matters, the health resource I co-run, whenever we state such things as "we're an independent health resource".

"Oh no you're not," fulminate the normies furiously. "Who says you are?"

"We do."

"Well, you can't just DO THAT! You can't just set up a resource and say things! That's not how it works! Miss, Miss, I'm telling!"

Then they spend literally hours desperately combing through out resource trying to find something they can "get" us on and tell on us to somebody - and oh, the stench of utter desperation to tell tales and get us told off is nauseatingly palpable.

(In 2021, when I did some consultancy work for The Jonathan Lea Network, an "awake" law firm, the aforementioned Jonathan received a "complaint" about me from someone who had read one of my Facebook posts and decided I was an evil conspiracy theorist spreading "misinformation". Sadly for this would-be career-destroying creep, Jonathan and I had connected on Facebook in the first place because of our shared beliefs about the fake nature of the "pandemic" - but that just shows you what pathetic little creatures we are actually dealing with here - so desperate to go running to teacher and shut down any and all viewpoints they don't like, they will actually try and get a complete stranger fired for a Facebook post.)

This being the case, I thought it was really worth answering, once and for all, the normies' continual barely concealed howl of, WHO DO I THINK I AM...

I am someone who values integrity and truth - meaning if a documented liar and propagandist is propelled to extraordinary national attention, and may well go on to influence brutal public health policy, ruining innumerable lives, then I scrutinise them extremely closely (and you should too).

I am someone who does not take orders from proven and repeat liars such as "the experts" hauled out on TV throughout the fake pandemic, and who are directly responsible for the iatrogenic catastrophe currently ravaging the nation's health - I think for myself always (and you should too).

I am someone who has consistently challenged the barbaric inhumanity that was imposed on us over these last four years, including challenging hospitals who wanted to deny cancer-surviving children urgent surgeries if their parents did not submit to Covid tyranny. I helped people to: get urgent medical treatment without being forced to submit to invasive, dangerous processes they did not want; challenge unlawful mandates to inject them with poison; reject calls to suffocate their children with toxic, chemical-ridden masks, and more (and you really, really should too).

And, admittedly, it is also true that I am a copywriter and serial writer of open letters.

Now, the real question - the real question we should be asking about anyone who prolifically lies, profoundly harms, and wants to do very much more of it in the future, is this:

Who the hell are you?

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