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Written by: Miri
February 15, 2021
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And, here it is. When Spencer "son of Piers" Morgan came out as a lockdown sceptic, and had some very public spats with his piously shrill pro-lockdown father, I instantly smelt a rat.

If - and it's a very big if - Spencer really does harbour feelings of outrage regarding the injustices of lockdown, he would not air them publicly, and risk losing all his relevance, financial security, and inheritance. The only reason anybody has any idea who Spencer Morgan is, is because of his father. As per most children of immensely wealthy celebrities, Spencer doesn't appear to "do" anything himself, so we can confidently assume he is bankrolled by Piers and in line to inherit a hefty whack of the Morgan fortune.

Why would he risk all that for the sake of a few likes from nobodies on Twitter?

Of course, he wouldn't, and, of course, he is very unlikely to be a genuine lockdown opponent, given the restrictions don't really affect families as wealthy as his, and they'll be enjoying private parties in their lavish mansions whilst the cash keeps rolling in - no problem. Dear old Spence even enjoyed a Carribean holiday recently, which he shared with us via Instagram (so, sorry, I was quite wrong to say he doesn't "do" anything - he is "an influencer"!!).

It's important to remember the Morgans are an acting dynasty. Piers has appeared in multiple films, "playing himself" (since the banshee shrieking "enraged of Uxbridge" act he puts on is just that - an act), and his son Stanley is a graduate of prestigious acting school, LAMDA. "Anti-lockdown" Spencer is just further plying the family trade - acting. That is to say, pretending. Lying.

Spencer has been tasked with playing the role of the lockdown-sceptic, rebellious son, to create the illusion that real debate and opposing views are permitted within society. That it's ok to oppose the restrictions and to clash with your family... Up to a point. The very fine point of a needle.

Because, okay, the restrictions are depressing and to many, disproportionate... But of course you've still got to get your vaccine, though. Only a crazy, dumb anti-vaxxer would think otherwise.

It's a clever bit of PR, really, because Spencer has got himself quite a following off the back of appearing to challenge the very extremist and authoritarian views of his father, so he has created the illusion that alternate and pro-liberty views are being heard and perpetuated - and now is using the platform he has created via apparent establishment scepticism... To push the vaccine to establishment sceptics.

Well played, cabal, well played... All the world’s (still) a stage.

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