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July 16, 2021
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Interesting/alarming update from anti-lockdown political party, Freedom Alliance:

Quote: "A disturbing development on the website. They are now reporting on vac c ine take up by area (council ward). This is potentially a lead in to imposing local lockdowns based on vacc in e take up rates. Freedom Alliance opposes any form of medical coercion and we will continue to stand candidates for elections on that basis. If you agree with us please join us and campaign with us."


You may now have hours of "fun" typing in various postcodes you're connected with, to see uptake rates. The trends are as they always are with quaxxines - lower income, more deprived areas have the highest uptakes, and more affluent areas have the lowest (universally, those most likely to complete the quaxxination schedule on time and in full are high school dropouts with no formal qualifications and in low-income work).

This is interesting, as it has very much seemed, during the course of this pantomime, I mean plague, that compliance rates have been much higher in middle-class areas, in terms of mask-wearing, test-taking, and general banshee-like shrieks of virtue signalling.

But therein lies the rub - I think that's exactly what it is - ostentatious displays of virtue ("I'm a better person than you") which don't necessarily translate into compliance in the privacy of the doctors' surgery (or vaccination circus, which popped up in our local town centre - seriously, they had jolly turrets and live music and everything - but a dismally low admissions' rate). Wearing a costume (e.g. mask) when you leave the house to demonstrate to everyone else what a good person you are, is a far cry from agreeing to have an experimental, unlicensed, unnecessary gene therapy injected into you.

It's a similar situation to Leave/Remain - the chattering classes all SAID they were doing the "good person thing" of voting Remain, but in the privacy of the ballot box, many did something quite different. That is also going on with the quaxx. The chatterati will loudly declare its merits in public - and write cynically emotive OpEds for the Guardian, pushing it on minorities and the poor - but quietly decline it for themselves in private.

Go ahead and check out a few postcodes and you will see this exact trend replicated all over the country - underprivileged, working class areas = high uptake. Affluent, middle-class areas = lower uptake.

What's further revealing is the often staggering discrepancies between uptake for first and second doses.

I checked out the figures for my home village, Keele - a Guardian-readery university campus that has been involved in the production of the AstraZeneca jab (sold-out b*stards) - expecting the figures to be relatively high (the surrounding locality is not affluent), and they were - for the first jab. 71.6% of the local populace have received the first stab... But just 46.4% have received the second.

You see similar trends all over the country - dramatic discrepancies between the first and second doses. And now that the waiting time between shots has been slashed to four weeks, this isn't solely because people haven't been offered the second one yet.

We can therefore conclude that there is likely a huge swathe of people out there who have had a bad enough reaction to the first jab to cause them to have serious misgivings about the second - and this represents a window of opportunity - people who may be on the precipice of "waking up".

There are now millions of people in this country who were invested enough in the narrative to get the first jab, but have experienced enough of a bad reaction - and potential paradigm shift - to cause them to rethink the second.We need to reach out to these people and get to them before the National Homicide Service does. Do Twitter searches for "bad vaccine reaction" and engage the people who Tweet about this (and while you're there, please follow me 😁; talk to people when out and about, as the number who will volunteer they had a bad reaction to the first jab is staggering; I'm sure there are lots of other things we can do, but we have a rare window of opportunity here to push at a cracked-open door. Let's use it.

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