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Latest letter to schools' vaccine team

By: MiriNovember 30, 2023No Comments
An update from my health resource, Informed Consent Matters (For previous correspondence, please see here.) Dear Robert Bachelor, We acknowledge […]

Latest letter to local schools' immunisation team

By: MiriOctober 27, 2023No Comments
(For previous correspondence, please see here.) Dear Locala, On the 19h September, you wrote to us to address our request […]

Letter template for secondary schools regarding flu vaccine campaign

By: MiriJuly 7, 2023No Comments
Dear [name of headteacher], I am a supporter of the campaigning group, Informed Consent Matters, an initiative that promotes the vital […]

Open letter to UK schools imposing mask mandates

By: MiriJanuary 3, 20222 Comments
Dear Headteachers and School Governors, I am writing to you today regarding the recent news headlines stating that the nation's […]

Letter to UK schools re: Covid-19 vaccinations

By: MiriJune 15, 202115 Comments
(Please note: When copying and pasting the below to email or send as a printed document, please check the reference […]

Letter to schools regarding coronavirus protocols

By: MiriFebruary 22, 2021One Comment
Dear [names], Re: coronavirus protocols I am writing to you regarding my son/daughter, [name], who is due to return to […]

Letter to general election candidates ahead of July 4th

By: MiriMay 29, 2024No Comments
I have sent the below letter to all the candidates who have thus far declared they will stand in the […]

Follow up to incriminatingly silent schools' immunisation team

By: MiriSeptember 14, 2023No Comments
(For original letter, please see here) Dear Locala,  We wrote to you a full calendar week ago regarding - as this […]

Open letter to Locala's school-aged immunisation team

By: MiriSeptember 8, 2023No Comments
Dear Locala, We are the founders of the independent health resource, Informed Consent Matters, a resource created as a response […]

"Collapsing schools" means one thing: a control group

By: MiriSeptember 3, 2023No Comments
Even if you don't have school-aged children (or even if you have the good sense not to study the media […]
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