BOMBSHELL NEW STUDY: Covid jabs 'appear to expose people to an increased mortality'

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December 15, 2021
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Researchers from Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) have discovered some shocking statistical skulduggery afoot regarding the claim that Covid jabs are 'safe and effective'. What they found has lead the study authors to conclude that, in reality, the effectiveness of the injections has been "massively exaggerated" and that vaccines actually expose recipients to a risk of "increased mortality". See the study here.

When they investigated official Office of National Statistics (ONS) data regarding vaccination and mortality, researchers found there were inexplicable anomalies regarding deaths of "unvaccinated" individuals, in that they appeared to be dying, almost instantaneously, from not getting the shot, rather than from any other specific cause. Deaths registered as unvaccinated spiked enormously every time a new vaccine was introduced, as opposed to being more evenly distributed over time, which would be the expected trend.

When the study team looked more closely, they realised this "anomaly" was actually a very devious statistical sleight of hand, whereby people who had received the vaccine less than 14 days prior to their death were being recorded as 'unvaccinated' (just like we conspiracranks have been saying all along - and like Bill 'Baal' Gates appeared to confirm with his favoured summer reading, "How To Lie With Statistics").

One of the study's authors, Dr. Norman Fenton, concluded that, " if you take account of the fact that newly vaccinated people [who] die, [are] likely being misclassified as unvaccinated—because that’s the most likely explanation for the strange things in the data—then you get to the conclusion that the vaccines don’t seem to reduce the all-cause mortality, but rather produce a genuine spike in all-cause mortality shortly after vaccination."

Unsurprisingly (at least, to those of us who understand what the real endgame here is), these findings have been met with hostility and contempt by the establishment. Despite the stellar academic credentials and accomplished research history of the study's authors, they have been unable to get their paper peer-reviewed.

Commenting on the situation, study co-author Dr. Fenton, a mathematician by training, with multiple degrees from top institutions and a long and distinguished research history, said, "[t]he funny thing is, when we first started doing research on this, we had no problems getting our work in peer-reviewed papers because we weren’t challenging the narrative.”  

After their work began raising concerns over “mass testing of asymptomatic people, the potential for false positives” and the “inflating [of COVID] case numbers,” their papers were rejected by these publications without review, a difficulty Fenton and his team had not faced before. 

This situation eerily echoes the experiences of Professor Chris Exley, a world-class scientist who found his longstanding and internationally celebrated research career brought to a brusque and untimely end when he began investigating vaccine safety.

The messaging to researchers who challenge vaccine orthodoxies is starkly and unambiguously clear: "if you like your career, stay "on-message". If you challenge the dominant vaccine narrative in any way, then expect to be - at best - ignored. If you become a real thorn in the establishment's side, then smearing, vilification, persecution, and ultimately, termination, will rapidly ensue."

Therefore, we ought observe the future careers of these courageous researchers very closely, and help get maximum exposure and corroboration for their work, before they join the legions of other principled academics who have been 'Wakefielded'.

The findings of this new study are not outlandish or without wider academic support; they are validated by a robust German study, which showed that countries with higher vaccine coverage have higher mortality rates, and reflected by official UK data on excess (non-Covid) deaths, which have exceeded the five-year average, and which are primarily from cardiac and circulatory problems. Studies have already shown the mechanism by which the Covid injection can cause these kind of catastrophic health issues, and my own investigations have also confirmed a huge and unprecedented spike in "sudden deaths" amongst the young and the healthy. I have compiled a database recording the ever-increasing media reports of such deaths, which has revealed some extremely shocking and sobering realities, such as two schools - Anderson High in the US and St. John Fisher Catholic College in the UK - where, at both institutions, two pupils died within the same week. All the deceased pupils were aged between 14 and 18 and none had any known prior health issues. Multiple healthy students dying at the same school in the same timeframe is historically unprecedented, and there are no examples that I can find of this happening, anywhere, ever, prior to the introduction of the Covid injection.

While the average age of death from Covid is 82 (the same as the average age of death generally), the average age of death in the "sudden death" database I have compiled is 36.

It's not always possible to find vaccination status for those who have "died suddenly", but given 90% of individuals over the age of 12 are estimated to have received at least one dose, the overwhelming likelihood is that these individuals were vaccinated at least once shortly before their tragic and untimely deaths.

It is also absolutely crucial to note that vaccination status is private medical information, and that family or friends claiming the deceased "wasn't vaccinated" does not necessarily mean they were not. People can and do lie about their vaccination status for a multiplicity of reasons, and this includes under-16s, who are NOT legally required to have their parents' consent to get vaccinated, due to the Gillick Competency ruling.

Local authorities are sending out vaccine letters directly to the children themselves, rather than to their parents, inviting them to attend vaccine clinics. Many children attend these clinics as an alternative to getting vaccinated at school, so that a school has not administered vaccines at a given date, does not necessarily imply the children who attend that school have not yet been vaccinated. While vaccinators claim they attempt to get parental consent for vaccinating under-16s, in practice, they often do not, and there are already innumerable examples of health professionals vaccinating children without making any attempts to contact parents first, as happened to my husband's daughter when she was aged 12. Neither of her parents found out she had received the HPV vaccine without their permission until years later, when she started to experience health problems related to this vaccine and 'confessed'.

This is relatively common practice for under-16s and vaccinations, given schools and other providers are under huge pressure to vaccinate as many people as possible, for financial and other incentives, and they don't fear parental retribution, as they are fully legally covered by 'Gillick competency', which effectively immunises them against any legal challenge from parents. To my knowledge, no family has ever successfully brought a claim against a vaccine provider for administering a vaccine to an under-16 without parental consent, nor has such a situation ever even made it to court.

This is because, were such a case to be tried, the judge would inevitably deem the child 'Gillick competent' and determine that the vaccine had in any case been "in the child's best interests" (which is uniformly the ruling of judges when settling a vaccine dispute between parents regarding younger, non-Gillick-competent children) and so no action would be taken against the vaccinator. Therefore, we can be absolutely certain that at least some under-16s are acquiring the Covid vaccine without their parents' knowledge or permission, and so, that the family of a teenager says they didn't receive the vaccine, is not unequivocal proof that they did not.

It is critically important we are all aware of Gillick Competency and the legal rights of under-16s to make their own private vaccine decisions, since, incredibly, the deaths of the two pupils at St. John Fisher Catholic College are now being attributed in the press to "coronavirus".

Given that death from the virus in healthy youngsters is extraordinarily rare to the extent that just six healthy children died of the condition in a year (giving children a roughly 0.001% annual chance of dying from the virus), the notion of two boys dying from it at the same school, in the same week, is effectively statistically impossible.

With every day that goes by, the horrifying reality of what this "vaccination" campaign really is, is becoming increasingly, hideously, incontrovertibly clear. So as queues snake around blocks for "boosters", please share this new study far and wide to help to challenge the fatally deceptive mainstream narrative, and together we can open a few more eyes and minds - whilst there is still time.

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