Database of "sudden deaths" in otherwise healthy people

Written by: Miri
November 28, 2021

Please find here a database compiling recent media reports of the "sudden" and/or "unexpected" deaths of otherwise healthy people, who were not known to have any serious underlying health conditions. In most cases, the cause of death is not known.

There has been an enormous increase in media reports of such deaths - in all age-groups, and including children as young as 12 - as well as an upsurge in non-Covid excess deaths, which are currently at a five-year high. A new study from Germany has also found that excess deaths are uniformly higher in countries with higher vaccination rates. The lower the vaccination rate, the lower the mortality rates.

When compiling this database, in most cases, the vaccination status - as private medical information - of individuals who have "died suddenly" is not known (when it is, it is usually because the vaccine has been formally identified as being involved in the death), however, we can extrapolate. Latest data suggests almost 90% of individuals in the UK over the age of 12 have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Therefore, there is a close to 9 in 10 chance that, where vaccine status is "unknown", the deceased had received at least one vaccine dose.

As I detailed in a previous article, healthy people - especially healthy young people - don't "just die". The database I have compiled consists almost entirely of young and relatively young people who were completely healthy, living their lives as normal, and then "collapsed suddenly" or died in their sleep. Something is causing this to happen, and it is imperative we find out what it is, to save lives and to save more families going through these, likely wholly avoidable, tragedies.

The database is a live document and will be regularly updated. To see all data, including vaccination status, scroll along to the right.

If you come across a news report of a "sudden death" (excluding suicide) that is not listed in the database, please add it in the comments.

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6 comments on “Database of "sudden deaths" in otherwise healthy people”

  1. So true Miri
    It’s anecdotal only but I feel like I’m reading an RIP tribute from someone to someone else on FB every day when for the previous decade it was seldom. I’m 32.

    Good work with the list, I’ll compile some links from Australia and send them through

  2. I had been collecting post-jab deaths when the rollout started (but gave up as the list was getting long!), so here are a few from around the world that I don't think you have in your database (although some are quite elderly so may not be of particular interest...):

    No name given -

    Not named (google translated from Italian, from Mantua) -

    Elderly again -

    Not much info here -

    No name -

    Very elderly -

    No name -

    No info, might be duplicate of one above -

    (one of the above -

    No real info -

    Another anonymous in Scotland -

  3. My 22 year old cousin just dropped dead. Previously healthy. My uncle has to wait 6 month for a toxicology report and I'm convinced it was the vaccine. I mean, a healthy 22 year old? Trouble is as usual, I asked my uncle if he'd had the vaccine - to which he replied in the affirmative. When I suggested that could be a possible cause he was bamboozled, the thought hadn't even entered his head. No chance! He's going out to get his own booster next week anyway

  4. Jessi Miano, 34, of New Orleans passed away earlier this month of unknown cause in her sleep. She was healthy.

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