Healthy young people don't just die

Written by: Miri
November 24, 2021
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There's a new 'trend' in the Google news search, part of the nefarious 'new normal', it seems, and it is "dies suddenly".

Please do a news search for this term, and you will see, over the last few months, an abrupt and dramatic increase in articles reporting the sudden, unexpected deaths of healthy people, most of them many decades below life expectancy. This is not anecdotal: it is backed up by official UK data, which shows a sudden upsurge in non-Covid-related deaths since the summer, which have exceeded the five-year average, and which are primarily from heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and circulatory problems.

I just want you to take a minute and think, in all of your life prior to 2020, how many people did you know to just 'die suddenly'? People who were not old, not ill, and whom, nevertheless, suddenly just dropped dead?

The only incidences I can recall where something like this happened relate to car accidents, drug overdoses and suicides (I have known five people to die in one of these ways), but I have never, ever - not ever, not once - heard of a healthy young person just "dying suddenly" with no apparent external cause. Have you? Honestly?

Now, however, this is becoming endemic. Every week, there is a spate of new articles from around the world reporting "sudden, tragic, unexpected" deaths amongst the young and the healthy. We're not just talking the "relatively" young - people in their middle-age - but those in their twenties and thirties are "dying suddenly", too. Fit and healthy young people - including super-fit professional athletes, in whom there has been a 5-fold increase in cardiac deaths this year - with no underlying health conditions, are just collapsing and dying with no warning. Even teenagers. St. John Fisher Catholic College - the high school next door to the FE college where I did my A-levels, in Newcastle-under-Lyme - had two pupils "die suddenly" over the half-term holiday. Harry was 15 and Mohammed was 14.

Please be honest with yourself. This did not happen when you were at school. I surveyed over 500 people and asked them, "how many people - teachers or students - suddenly dropped dead when you were at school?". The answer, out of over 500 respondents, was "one" - a severely overweight middle-aged teacher who had a heart attack.

So, teachers aside, how many teenagers "died suddenly" at your school? NONE, of course. The answer is none. Unless you knew someone with a serious pre-existing condition, or who was in a car accident, NOBODY 'died suddenly' at school - let alone two people at the same school in the same week. This was universally completely unheard of - until the Covid injection began being administered to teenagers.

As soon as that injection begins being administered to a particular age-group, they start 'dying suddenly' in their hordes, and it won't be long until this is something that has touched every family and every life and we won't be able to keep on burying our heads in the sand.

My husband was talking to his son on the phone yesterday, as his son was walking back from work, and when he arrived at his block of flats, he reported, stunned, that there were ambulances outside and someone was lying unconscious receiving CPR right outside his front door.

He lives in a city-centre block popular with young professionals, so it was obvious this wouldn't have been an old person.

"How old?" Asked my husband.

"He looks about my age," said his son. He's 25.

One local friend of mine knows no less than ten people who have "died suddenly" over the course of the last year, all in their forties and fifties. None of them were terminally ill and none had any underlying health conditions that could have caused sudden, abrupt death.

The causes of these deaths are invariably diagnosed as heart attacks, strokes, or cardiac arrests.

These are all known effects of the Covid injection.

The same injections that we are not allowed to know the full effects of, as disclosed by their manufacturers, for 55 years.

The same manufacturers that have claimed complete legal indemnity should their products harm or kill anyone.

Look: if you've read this far and you still think I'm a wacky conspiracy nutter who should slap on a muzzle and line up for my injection, there's nothing more I can do for you and I honestly wish you well. But for those of you who can see what's becoming more blatantly, horrifyingly obvious by the day, please keep reading.

This is a targeted, intentional, premeditated assault upon the population by government, and if you think, "but governments would never do that", then I'm afraid you're just not familiar enough with the repeated horrors of human history, and what governments have routinely perpetrated upon the people - either "their own" or "enemies". Look at how many have been slaughtered in government wars in the last hundred years alone. If government will authorise the murder of innocent people - including children - with bullets, then why not needles?

They would and they do and they are.

If you think, "but doctors and nurses would never be complicit", oh yes, they would. Look up the Nuremberg Trials. Read about the "Nazi nurses" and what they perpetrated on innocent victims, because they were "just following orders". There was nothing uniquely sick or evil about those complicit in Nazi atrocities. They were just ordinary people doing their jobs, and, as the famous Milgram experiment showed, most people will do anything - including issuing deadly force - if a perceived authority figure tells them to. Think the same couldn't happen in the here and now? It already has. The NHS is estimated to have "intentionally killed" around 130,000 people per year via the Liverpool Care Pathway. The key critic of this policy, Professor Patrick Pullicino, says he has personally witnessed this programme being used to “deliberately kill patients that were not terminally ill”.

Please note that the NHS slapped a gagging order on all of its staff at the beginning of 'the pandemic' (nothing at all suspicious about that, obviously), but come April 1st, when tens of thousands of healthcare workers are sacked due to their refusal to be injected, the floodgates are going to open and we are going to have the full, horrifying truth confirmed: That death is being prematurely induced amongst millions of people via the Covid injection, as well as with Midazolam, Remdesivir (which apparently NHS nurses call, "run, death is near"), and ventilation - a fatally inappropriate treatment for a respiratory virus, as many whistleblowing medics have warned. Note that in 2020, the law was changed so that organ donation is now opt out rather than opt in, and that a patient has to be on a ventilator for their organs to be of any use, but that's just another coincidence, of course.

Does all this sound far-fetched? Like a crazy conspiracy? It is indeed both of those things - but that doesn't make it untrue. Otherwise, what is your explanation for the incontestable facts laid out at the beginning of this article? Why are hordes of healthy young people "dying suddenly"? Why is there a FIVE-FOLD increase in cardiac deaths amongst super-fit professional athletes? Why are non-Covid excess deaths from cardiac and circulatory causes at a five-year-high?

Healthy people don't just die. In every single case, something has killed them.

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One comment on “Healthy young people don't just die”

  1. Wow. Please please continue what you are doing. I cant donate i wish i could. When my situation is better i will tho but as a single working parent being crushed by bills and taxes its hard. All i can say is we need you.
    You get the truth out there without all the faff and fuss of ego driven fake "troofers"
    Thank you so much

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