Covid for Christmas...

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December 5, 2021
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...... And the next Christmas, and the next, and the next, and the next, according to 'the experts'. In fact, they have just announced we will have to deal with Covid restrictions for the next five to ten YEARS - and that, apparently, "we are nearer to the start of the pandemic than the end". Given that, at the start of the pandemic, 0% of the population were vaccinated and now 90% are, this clearly suggests that, far from vaccines bringing an end to this situation, they are actually prolonging it.

Meanwhile, a particularly deranged 'authority', who sits on the Government's emergency response committee, SAGE, has declared that he will not be attending any social gatherings this festive season because - even if all attendees are fully vaccinated and have tested negative - "it won't feel safe".

Leading on from this, government ministers have issued an outright ban on "snogging under the mistletoe" (rumours that Matt Hancock will be policing this could not be confirmed at the time of publication), whilst a behavioural psychologist (note, not a virologist or immunologist) has called for the introduction of "mask-only" rail carriages, shopping slots, and cinemas - PERMANENTLY.

I can understand how, this time two years ago, people were legitimately concerned about a "scary new virus" and thought we needed to take some temporary extra precautions to contain it. I can see that, at the time, many people genuinely believed it when we were repeatedly told the grotesque governmental overreach that was "lockdown" was merely a temporary, time-limited exercise to safeguard the population until we had a vaccine. As soon as this wonder-drug was available, we were assured, the authorities would benevolently return our freedoms to us and life would immediately return to normal.

 However, two years, three jabs, and God knows how many lost jobs, cancelled Christmases, and discarded dirty muzzles later, anyone who continues to believe a word the Government or corporate media says about "the virus" is under a deep form of hypnotism that is akin to a mass psychosis. That's not hyperbole, and it's not that uncommon, either. Human beings can quite easily be whipped up into a state of collective madness by clever and powerful authorities who know how to manipulate their minds. The ability of people to be relatively easily inducted into madness is what accounts for the current and historical success of cults, extremism, and advertising - the human mind is highly suggestible, and if you know how to 'hack' it, you can control it.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've had a lot of sales training (sorry), and most of that is essentially teaching you how to manipulate people's minds through certain 'trigger' words and phrases (it's quite sinister really), which is why sales firms always insist staff stick strictly to a script and will issue penalties if you go "off-piste". This is because sales directors know what works where it comes to manipulating people and manufacturing their consent - and with average sales firms, we're just talking small, inconsequential enterprises with a handful of staff and very limited resources. So, just imagine what could be achieved by mammoth international operations employing tens of thousands of people and with almost unlimited power and wealth?

If such operations wanted to hoodwink the world into believing in a "deadly plague", in order that wealthy megalomaniacs could weaponise the fear that this belief would create to enable them to introduce titanic levels of tyrannical control, including getting people to inject themselves with a bioweapon to reduce global population figures, then they could do that quite easily and they have. If you know anything about sales, it's transparently obvious, because the whole "pitch" for Covid has been too sensationalist, too aggressive, just too much - I recognise it, and it's how particularly ambitious sales people pitch. In order to maximise quick turnarounds, they put an enormous amount of pressure on prospects in order to forcefully manipulate compliance. They know that people aren't accustomed to dealing with that kind of intensity and so - feeling domineered and disoriented - often ended up saying 'yes' out of confusion and insecurity, I never used this sales tactic and was never the top sales person anywhere I worked as a result - but the top performers always did. 

And, just like in sales, if you want to determine who to trust and who is incentivised to lie, always follow the money. There is an incredible financial incentive for the world's governments, corporate media, and pharmaceutical companies to deceive you, which is the same incentive as for any mass sales drive - they want you to invest in what they are promoting; namely, the plague and the poison. They want you to believe in the plague so you'll let them inject you with the supposed antidote.

 Meanwhile, there are thousands of people all over the world - including plenty with top-notch scientific credentials - warning you off falling for this narrative or taking the injection. What financial incentive do these people have for doing this? What are they selling? None, and in almost all cases, nothing. Almost nobody warning you that the governments of the world are lying and cautioning you not to take the Covid injection, is following it up with, "... so take my exorbitantly expensive snake oil instead". They're just telling you not to take the Covid injection. They - we - make no money from this. It would be nice if the "international anti-vaccine conspiracy" credited our accounts with the same £25 for declined injection appointments, that GPs get for every patient that submits, but alas, it is not the case.

 What we do get is called names, mocked, ridiculed, denounced, derided, and disinvited (from the entire world, if one is unfortunate enough to live in Austria or Germany), and, obviously, there is no compelling incentive for being treated that way. Nobody enjoys it. So, again, you have to ask yourself why people are willing to endure this kind of treatment when they're not being paid for it, when there's no tangible benefit to them and when there is quite a lot of risk.

In addition - and this is a key point that the official narrative conveniently glosses over - if we crazies were wrong and the Government was right, then we'd all be dead by now. Every day that goes by that neither I, nor anybody I know (and I know a lot of consummate conspiraquacks) is either dead nor seriously unwell, makes it less statistically likely the Government is telling the truth, and more statistically likely we are. Remember, we attend mass gatherings of thousands where no-one wears a mask, practices social distancing, or gets vaccinated, and we are all fine. There has never once been a spike in hospitalisations or deaths following these events, and if a word the Government said was remotely true, there would be. 

I realise that attempting to remonstrate with those who have dispensed with the use of reason (which anyone still invested in the "official story" at this stage has) is like administering medicine to the dead, but I will keep putting these pieces out there anyway, as a testament to those people who have held onto, or recently reclaimed, their autonomy and their sanity. Because that number is growing daily, as evidenced by the sea of happy human faces I see when I go into shops, and not the fearful, cowed frowns I saw last year. By far the majority of people in my local shops remain mask-free, even after the change in 'the rules', and that is because the demonic puppet masters orchestrating this hoax have gone too far - as psychopaths always do. Abusers often find, to their stunned disbelief, that their victims have a breaking point where they snap and begin to fight back, and this is where everything changes.

Abusers are arrogant and myopic, and once they have abused a person once, assume that person is pathetic and weak and will just meekly accept abuse again and again. They get the shock of their lives when that person's inextinguishable human spark - however dimmed it's been - ignites and they start to fight back. It's just like with bullies at school, When the previously cowed victim suddenly snaps and hits back. What happens in that scenario? The bully can't believe it, they reel in disbelief and shock... And then they never bother that person again. Only one thing stops bullies and it certainly isn't complying with what they want - it's telling them 'no', demonstrating strength, and fighting back. 

So, expecting that doing what the Government tells you to will lead to the Covid situation concluding and you "getting your freedoms back" is like believing that allowing the school bully to punch you in the face and steal all your lunch money will expedite their evolution into a kind and empathic individual who helps you with your maths homework. 

The Government and its attendant bought-and-paid-for "experts" are nothing but high-level sales reps, using what effectively amounts to bullying to manufacture your consent and compliance. The "new variant" conveniently emerged at Christmas time in order that they could terrorise and demoralise you at what is usually the most joyous and exuberant time of the year, to break you further, as broken people have no fight in them and are more compliant. Think how much people look forward to Christmas, and all the fun, life-affirming activities such as Christmas parties, festive lights and themed markets, increased socialising and opportunities to catch up with family, etc. The Government intends to take all this away from you, this and every Christmas for - by their own admission - years and years to come. Because if it "isn't safe" to freely socialise and enjoy your life now, three injections, endless negative tests, and seas of scrupulously sanitised hands later, then when it will be?

The answer is obvious, or at least, the answer they intend to enforce is. 

If you want a different answer, it's time to join the resistance. We'll see you under the mistletoe (sorry, Matt...) x

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One comment on “Covid for Christmas...”

  1. 1) Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of Wellcome Trust, suggests emergence of Omicron variant means pandemic is far from over.
    2) Dr. Jeremy Farrar has been Director of the Wellcome Trust since 2013.
    3) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome, and Mastercard today committed up to $125 million in seed funding to speed-up the response to the COVID-19 epidemic by identifying, assessing, developing, and scaling-up treatments
    4) 1995: Wellcome Plc is bought by Glaxo to form GlaxoWellcome, which later becomes GlaxoSmithKline.

    Just saying x

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