Dumb waiters

Written by: Miri
November 12, 2021
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I saw this yesterday in York. If you can't read it, it says: "Asian hot pot and barbecue. Served safely by smart robots. SMART ROBOT. Contactless service." 

One primary reason the restrictions have hammered the service industry so hard is that 'they' no longer need humans to staff it - and "the pandemic" has given them the perfect excuse to replace humans with bots: 'your safety'. 

Robot technology is far more advanced than the public is generally led to believe, and that is a primary reason the population is currently being culled. Once the ruling classes no longer need the peasants to serve them - because they have robots instead - they no longer have an incentive to keep them - us - around.

As bioethicists around the world have warned for years, the more artificial intelligence (AI) rises, the more redundant - in both the figurative and literal senses - human beings will become. It's interesting that having a job is also known as "earning a living", because the clear implication there is that if you don't have a job, you haven't earned the right to continue existing. And as AI becomes more and more commonplace, there will be less and less opportunity for people to "earn" their right to live in the conventional way. 

Those who think that ultra-wealthy psychopaths who have spent innumerable generations transferring as much wealth as possible from the people to themselves, are now going to financially facilitate those same people in eschewing work and 'following their dreams' instead (this being the epically absurd justification typically trotted out to justify a Universal Basic Income) - are, frankly, out of their minds.

The ruling classes have grudgingly tolerated our existence on what they believe is 'their' planet whilst they needed us to run the infrastructure and to serve them - stealing massive amounts of our pay cheques all the while - but with the advancement of AI, they now have very little need for that, hence millions of people are earmarked for culling via injection.

Whenever I tell normies that the overlords are orchestrating mass genocide (which may or may not involve Bill Gates turning the survivors into zombie slaves, but even the Daily Mail recently admitted this possibility can't be completely ruled out), they always roll their eyes and scoff, "but WHY would they do that?!"

Well, this is why. The overlords farm us to behave in the way that is in their best interests at a given time, and they always have. In previous generations, they needed a lot of us to run their factories and serve them in various capacities, so they incentivised large families and created a culture conducive to people having many children. They encouraged early, lifelong marriage, abortion was illegal, contraception unreliable, and the dominant cultural institutions such as the Church praised and promoted the merits of having many children.

Now that AI is so advanced they don't need that any more, they now see people as a burden, consuming resources and draining from the state, so instead they push the 'overpopulation' myth and encourage small families and subsidise contraception and abortion. Note that while they needed a lot of people around, abortion was illegal - they then pushed it through with a lot of fancy rhetoric about "women's rights", but in reality, abortion became legalised because it was a handy way of contributing to their depopulation goals, once they realised technology was soon going to be able to replace most human labour and they didn't need to keep replacing the workforce at the same rate. The same goes for The Pill. 

Now they are using a similar strategy to buy off the public, by telling us robots will replace human labour "for our safety", when in reality it's because a robot is much cheaper to maintain than a human being and consumes almost no resources by comparison. To put it into perspective, the average American consumes around 2,000 lbs of food every year. Times that by the average life expectancy of 82 years and you have the explanation for why the ruling classes refer to most of humanity as 'useless eaters'.

Obviously, there are no such issues with robots, and nor do robots get sick and require tens of thousands of pounds worth of care on the state's dime as they get older. So, if robots can adequately replace human labour, you can imagine why the overlords are so eager to get them to do that as soon as possible - and why we will start seeing advertisements like the one I saw in York yesterday more and more frequently - advertisements which will be cheered in by the mind-controlled masses, because anything for "safety", right?

The most valuable piece of advice I have ever been given in analysing the ever-increasing insanity around us is, whenever the overlords do anything, there are always two reasons behind it. One, the reason given to the public to make it palatable. And two, the real reason.

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One comment on “Dumb waiters”

  1. Miri, you bring up so many good points. Personally, I think there is less evidence of a single 'invisible hand' with a grand plan, rather than an obsessive lust for profit from psychopathic business opportunists in cahoots with on-the-take government and among a mass of an easily manipulated, environmentally-oppressed and health-compromised populace. But I am keeping an open mind 😉

    So many of the dystopian, it-cannot-happen-here science fiction tropes seem to become reality as we watch, slack-jawed.

    Personally, I am more involved in the EMF-and-Chemical-Exposure part of this puzzle, helping environmentally-sensitive folks try to society in a society that seems to actively want to murder them with public WIFI, cell, smart meters, and other toxic pollution sources.

    The way forward seems to be with added public awareness (especially among children) and nudging public policy, but these glacial tactics cannot keep up with the pace of the madness that unfolds daily.

    Winning the hearts and minds of the 'normies' is the force multiplier needed to effect change, perhaps, but a society that is slavishly devoted to tech is easily victimized by that tech, all the while unknowingly asking for more of the same.

    Mildly embarrassed to admit it, but in our household we look forward to an active solar cycle and hope for a few really large flares to incapacitate the newly launched '5g satellites', which are 'solving' a societal need that we do not have and no doubt can be agents for doubleplus-ungood.

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