Follow-up letter to doctors who continue to harass re: Covid vaccines

Written by: Miri
May 24, 2021
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Dear Sirs,

Re: Harassment and intimidation from [surgery name]

On [date], I sent the affixed letter to [surgery name], with the clear and unambiguous instruction to stop contacting me regarding Covid-19 vaccinations. I made expressly clear to the surgery that I had made an informed choice not to receive Covid-19 vaccinations, and I did not wish to be the recipient of any further communication regarding these products. I noted in my letter that the frequency with which I was being sent unsolicited communications could be considered by some a form of harassment.

I received a prompt reply from the surgery (also attached), apologising for disturbing me and assuring me I would not be the recipient of any further communications regarding Covid-19 vaccinations.

Therefore, I was aghast to receive on my phone this morning a text message, clearly composed to create a sense of pressure and urgency, instructing me to make an appointment to receive a Covid-19 vaccination.

Please allow me to make clear that when an individual has stated clearly and unambiguously that they do not wish to continue contact with a person or body, and that person or body continues communicating with them regardless, this is the legal definition of harassment and can be reported to the police. 

I want to make it abundantly clear that if I receive one more communication from [surgery name], or any other branch of the NHS, regarding Covid-19 vaccination, then this will be reported to the police as harassment.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that I find the marketing campaign currently being conducted by the NHS regarding Covid-19 vaccination to be deeply disturbing and inappropriate, both in tone and content (or rather, lack of content). This campaign is attempting to cynically exploit the media-whipped up frenzy of fear that currently exists in the British populace, in order to manipulate individuals into receiving a risky and experimental medical intervention for which there is no compelling evidence is either necessary nor beneficial.

I elaborated on the above in my previous letter, which was far more informative, replete with credible references for further reading, than anything I have received from the NHS. No correspondence I have received in the NHS' intrusive and cacophonous campaign furnishes me with any salient facts, such as:

*what is in the Covid-19 vaccines;

*how these ingredients perform in my body, both individually and in concert with each other, and both in the short- and long-term;

*how these effects better protect me from a cold virus than the 99+% protection provided by my own immune system;

*why the NHS is spending an unprecedented fortune on so aggressively pushing a therapy for an illness that is - for the overwhelming majority of people - mild or asymptomatic;

*why the NHS claims to be so concerned with protecting people from an illness that did not cause any excess mortality in 2020.

I could go on for some while, but I think you get the point. 

It is my contention that the NHS, or rather, the persons and bodies who fund it and direct its campaigning, are likely to have a motive other than providing protection for a mild cold virus which did not create any excess mortality in 2020, because such an explanation simply does not stand up to scrutiny. 

I would like to put it to you, and invite you to explore this to the full satisfaction of your own conscience, that those promoting and administering the Covid-19 vaccinations are complicit in something that has a range of sinister implications that have nothing whatever to do with protecting people from a cold virus. 

I intimated to you in my last letter the existence of vaccine enhancement syndrome. This syndrome is why no coronavirus vaccine has ever successfully made it to market before, because on every occasion where this has been attempted, the test subjects developed vaccine enhancement syndrome and died (1).

This effect is not instant. It takes some months to materialise, until the vaccinated subjects come into contact with the wild virus. 

Many highly eminent scientists have warned about this possibility, including Nobel-prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier, who stated in a recent interview that the Covid-19 vaccinations are creating antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), and the effects of this could prove deadly - to the vaccinated. Montagnier notes that all across the world, the upward curve in deaths begins AFTER the vaccination programme has commenced, and calls this programme "an enormous mistake" (2).

The alarmingly accelerated rate with which Covid-19 vaccines were developed means they were not in clinical trials long enough to rule out the possibility of vaccine enhancement - and, in fact, the vaccines are still in safety trials, which will not be complete until 2023 (3), which is why no Covid-19 vaccine has been approved for general use and has temporary authorisation for emergency purposes only. This will legally cover manufacturers and governments if and when they show their deadly effects, but whether this protection will extent to those who promote and administer them is less clear. 

Given the potential for extremely damaging effects from Covid-19 vaccinations, up to and including death, I take a very stern and condemnatory view of any campaign to relentlessly and inappropriately promote them to me, especially when I have already put my objections in writing and received formal acknowledgement that these communications will stop.

Please consider this a final warning: should I receive any further such communication, I will be going straight to the police.

This letter is being sent to [name], practice manager of [surgery name]; [name], CEO of [local NHS trust]; and [name], director of public health at [local council].

 Yours sincerely,






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One comment on “Follow-up letter to doctors who continue to harass re: Covid vaccines”

  1. Thank you ! Your efforts are reassuring that there is still intelligent life out "there".

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