How to talk to friends and family who are wavering on the vaccine

Written by: Miri
December 2, 2021

Every time there is a new 'scariant', and accompanying fresh tidal wave of propaganda (which is the only real 'wave' this trumped-up cold virus has ever produced), we have all had to deal with the sadly inevitable: friends, family, or other acquaintances who swore they would never take the injection, starting to buckle under the pressure.

"I know I've been fine up until now, but this new variant sounds really bad."

"It's not for me, but I'm worried about passing something on to my elderly parents."

"I know there are risks but I've been so ill this year, I don't want to go through that again."

So, let's break down these objections one by one (I knew that objection-handling sales training I had would come in handy one day; certainly didn't when I was trying to flog dodgy double-glazing...).

  1. The scariness of the "new variant". First of all, the scientists who discovered this variant have stated unequivocally that it is 'mild', with almost all cases producing few or no symptoms, and that it is therefore absolutely no cause for panic. The coronavirus that we call 'Covid' is simply following the same pattern that all viruses do; they mutate over time, and become less virulent and less dangerous with each subsequent mutation. So, far from a new variant being a cause for panic, it should actually be the exact opposite, as it shows the virus is running its course and burning out, as all viruses do.
  2. The evidence is exhaustive regarding viral transmission, and that the Covid injection does not prevent this. Vaccinated people are just as likely to spread the virus as unvaccinated people, according to the BBC
  3. There has been a a lot of illness around recently - as there is at this time of year, every year, and every winter, without fail, we are told the NHS is 'overwhelmed' and 'on it's knees' etc. - but that is because the nation as a whole is in poorer health than it's ever been. Since March 2020, people have spent dramatically more time at home than ever before, where they are not getting exercise, fresh air, or sun - all vital for good health - where many have been lonely and isolated, deprived of their regular contact with family and friends - when loneliness and isolation are known to be at least as bad for one's health as smoking - and where they are eating more, and eating more of the wrong things, leading to weight gain, raised blood sugar levels, and insulin resistance - the precursor to type 2 diabetes, the rates of which have skyrocketed since the commencement of 'the pandemic'. Concomitantly, the nation has been constantly bombarded with some of the most terrifying war-like propaganda ever produced, with the TV (the constant companion in most homes) blaring out relentless 'fear-porn' of the "leave your house and you will DIE" variety. Being exposed to that all day, every day, for nearly two years, has an effect on your health - a profoundly negative one.

    The combined effects of reduced physical activity, lack of sunlight and fresh air, less socialising, high-carb junk food, weight gain, and having a domestic terrorist (the TV) living in your front room, is absolutely catastrophic for your overall health, so of course you've been "sicker than you've ever been" because you're more toxic - body and mind - than you've ever been. This is by design; to make you fearful and insecure and desperate for a 'learned authority' to save you with the wonders of modern medicine.

    But please don't fall for this highly sophisticated and coordinated propagandist assault (people constantly say the government are 'incompetent', but that's the last thing they are; they know exactly what they are doing). Your overall health and the robustness of your constitution at fighting off disease comes from within you and the choices you make regarding diet, sun exposure, socialising, supplementation, and what you choose to let into your mind by what you watch or read. Not from a needle.

    This is true in a general sense, but it is an even more urgent truth to grasp where it comes to the Covid injection, which not only will not enhance your health (there is no evidence it has saved a single life and most people in hospital with Covid currently are double-vaccinated), but that also comes with a huge catalogue of risks, including, but not limited to heart attacks, cardiac arrests, blood clots, and strokes. Please note that in professional athletics - a profession that has very aggressively pushed the vaccination - cardiac deaths are up 500% this year.

    Whatever you're being threatened with to take this injection (and nobody with benevolent intentions ever has to threaten others to manipulate their compliance), whether it is losing your job or your holiday or your place at the Christmas dinner table, remember - none of these are worth sacrificing your life for and that is the very real risk you are taking if you submit to this injection. This is not just my opinion: official data reflects this too, with stark clarity. Non-Covid excess deaths have skyrocketed since the advent of the Covid vaccination programme, and have already exceeded the five-year average, with a seminal new study from Germany showing that countries with higher vaccination rates, have higher mortality rates. The lower the vaccination rates, the lower the overall mortality, and this is consistent across all countries where the Covid injection has been introduced.

    This is because this injection is not designed to protect anyone from anything. This may be a difficult concept to wrap one's head around and I understand that, but it's true and reflected by all the real evidence. All the propaganda pushing it is nothing but a marketing ploy - I've had extensive sales training and I know a sales pitch when I see one - to get you so scared of "a virus" and so frustrated at losing all your freedoms, that you'll do whatever the government says in order to feel safe and get your life back.

    But, like most sales pitches, this is based on fraudulent false promises, cynical illusions, and outright lies. As most people are generally honest and decent, they expect that others are, too, and can't really conceive of the epic amount of deception surrounding this 'pandemic', that our leaders and 'experts' and most trusted authorities are simply lying and lying and lying - but they are, and all the ever-moving goal posts and constantly broken promises bear this reality out.

    Receiving your first / second / third injection will not equate to a lasting feeling of safety nor to the reinstallation of unrestricted freedoms, since the government have already announced they have ordered millions of FOURTH and FIFTH booster shots going into 2023, and that the population will have to be relentlessly injected upon state say-so indefinitely. They have outright stated that "the definition of fully vaccinated will evolve over time", so, every few months, there will be a scary "new variant", a new wave of panic and restrictions, another experimental serum concocted by serial felons for you to inject into yourself.

    Where will it all end? Well, I'm sorry to have to put it like this, but it ends when you die. The purpose of these shots is to cull the world's population by delivering a cumulative, slow-acting poison that will cause recipients to develop a terminal health problem of some sort, often cardiovascular in nature, but these injections also have the potential to be carcinogenic - to cause cancer (all vaccines have this potential, since they all state on the manufacturer's package insert that they have 'not been evaluated for their carcinogenic potential'). Vaccine development usually takes decades because long-term health effects have to be monitored, but obviously, in a product that was manufactured in less than a year, there is no data on what it might do to you a few years down the line (and the data on short-term adverse events has been fudged and covered-up, as whistleblowers have confirmed, with Pfizer refusing to release the full documentation on adverse effects for 55 years).

    So, in short: if you receive this injection, you are taking an enormous health risk for no discernible benefit, when you could instead dramatically improve your health in a risk-free way by eating better, taking supplements, getting fresh air and sun, and switching off the domestic terrorist in the front room (or at least, completely and utterly avoiding 'the news').

    Ultra-wealthy pharmaceutical companies and world leaders openly committed to depopulation have lots of reasons to lie to and manipulate you into getting this shot. I don't have any such incentive for advising you not to. There is no benefit to me whatsoever if someone else chooses to decline this injection. I don't make any money if you say no (whereas GPs make £25 for every double-vaccinated patient). I'm not selling anything (unlike the obscenely wealthy enterprises who produce these injections). I have no motive or incentive other than wanting to furnish you with the real facts so you can make an informed choice.

    Please make the right one.

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2 comments on “How to talk to friends and family who are wavering on the vaccine”

  1. Another spot-on article. I know only two people in my circle who (like me) remain steadfast in NOT getting injected ever.

    Sadly, I could show your article to loved ones who STILL believe this propaganda, but it will not get through to them in the least bit.


  2. Im starting to think they've put something in the jabs to make them ultra stupid too. Logic and reason are no longer logical or reasonable it seems.
    I'm wondering though if the end game is population reduction as they seem to be wasting so much time on building new houses. Maybe for smart cities perhaps?

    My partner is a plumber and he went to a ladies house today that told him vax should be mandatory and she hoped umvaxed would die. I said i would have left her with her plumbing problem and let her know that we dont serve nazis.
    I thought she was such an awful horrible person but then felt my thoughts wander towards 'wouldnt be so bad if some of these nazis pegged it'. So no better myself there really.

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