I'm free! Or at least working on it... And here's how you can be too

Written by: Miri
April 4, 2022

To mark this fortuitous occasion - my freedom from Facebook jail after 30 days Zuck-chucked for sharing the Pfizer data (FB said this "causes physical harm" and they are absolutely right) - I thought I would focus my first post on that single most important and aspirational quality of all, that one thing which unites all of us this side of the Covid divide - freedom, and how to promote, achieve, and maintain it.

Bill Hicks (who may or may not currently be playing a conservative conspiracy theorist named Alex Jones) once famously said, "It's all about moneynot freedom, y'all, okay? Nothing to do with f**kin' freedom. If you think you're free, try going somewhere without f**king money."

Well, much as I'm a fan of Mr. Hicks and his various pseudonymous creations, I don't think he's got it quite right there. It's not that it's about money INSTEAD OF freedom - rather, it's that money and financial independence facilitate freedom. The more solvent you are, and the more autonomy you have over generating income, the more your freedom increases exponentially.

The conventional system for earning money - getting a job and having a boss - is intentionally designed to keep you as dependent, insolvent, and captive to the system as possible. This arrangement has been sold to the masses for many decades as "independence" - as opposed to being "dependent" by claiming benefits - but the last two years have shown us with stark clarity just what a fragile mirage this "independence" really is. Any time the Government feels like it, they can declare an "emergency", and snatch your supposed independence away, just as easily as they can by cutting off benefits.

Further revealing of how little independence and autonomy the conventional model of employment really offers, is the introduction of draconian and tyrannical mandates, including forcing employees to cover their faces, participate in invasive and dangerous testing regimes, and to push potentially lethal poison under their skin, all in the name of "keeping their job".

This is no way to live. This is not independence or self-determination, and it most certainly is not freedom.

The single best way to pursue and protect your own freedom, and that of your family and future, is to work for yourself. Instead of using your time and skill to build and enrich someone else's empire, whilst being treated as little more than a glorified slave by your "boss" (a slave term), why not pour all your energy and passion back into yourself and the kind of life you'd like to build, instead?

We are given no guidance or tutelage whatsoever within the education system about how to work for ourselves - not even at the highest levels of Higher Education - and this is not an accidental omission. This is entirely by design. There is a reason schools and colleges teach you how to write a CV, but not a business plan; why they give you tips on how to look for a job, but not how to look for customers. It's because they want you to remain enslaved to the system, dependent and owned, not autonomous and free.

The reason the 'elite' have been able to coerce so many millions of people into submitting to Covid tyranny is ultimately financial, and usually job related - that people are terrified they will lose their work and means of making a living if they don't comply.

Therefore, one of the very best ways we can become immune to that kind of tyranny is to take ourselves entirely out of that system, and create our own work, instead. This is a much less daunting prospect than it may initially appear (remember, you've been scared off it and kept in the dark about how to do it for a reason). Everyone reading this right now has a skill they could monetise and turn into their own small business. Everyone's good at something (often multiple things) and there are ways of turning that something into a viable small enterprise, with the right guidance and support.

That's why I think one of the most important things we can do in the "awakened" community in terms of creating and maintaining freedom from the system, is to support each other to create and grow our own independent small businesses. One fantastic initiative already out there working on this, created by my good friend Steve Pollard, is the Awakened Pages network. This is a fantastic community of 'awake' small business owners, and those who would like to support small businesses, which works to connect like-minded people and businesses all over the UK and world. They also have a website at www.awakenedpages.co.uk Whether you have an awake small business, or you'd like to support people who do (or both!), it's well worth checking out.

Awakened Pages came to my attention because my husband, Mark, having lost his conventional job late last year, has recently launched his own small business, Blue Cashew, a marketing agency for small traders and small businesses (in fact, the very people I've just been talking about!). Blue Cashew has recently been promoted on Awakened Pages to great effect, attracting interest from someone as near as down the road (who Mark and I met for coffee) and as far away as Germany (because the great thing about internet-based business, which most small businesses are, is that distance need not be the barrier it is when applying for conventional jobs).

Steve did a really good video interview with Mark, which is also published on the Awakened Pages site, and you can see from the resource just how passionate and proactive Steve and his team are about supporting small awake businesses to become successful - because they know that's a key, if not THE key, way we can preserve our freedoms and resist the ever-more dystopian future the overlords have in store.

So, if you already have a small business, please do check out Awakened Pages (and Blue Cashew, if you need marketing support, including web design, social media packages, leaflets and blogging), and, if you don't have one yet, consider whether that might be in your future. A great starting point it to ask yourself three questions: what am I good at? What do I enjoy? What would people pay me for? When you've found the thing that answers those three questions, you've found the beginning of your small business, and there's plenty of further advice and support you can access on- and offline to go from there.

Perhaps the most powerful social and political currency any of us have at our disposal is how we choose to spend our money, so I try to ensure as far as possible that I buy from 'awake' small businesses, and that I recommend them to others, too. In effect, I'm trying to do my bit to create an alternative economy - conspiracy commerce! - and the more awake businesses and awake people that buy from and trade with each other, the more robust that alternative economy becomes, and the less reliant on the mainstream system we will all need to be.

So, here's to enterprise, entrepreneurs, and a financially free future (as well as inevitable endless arguments about whether Alex Jones really is Bill Hicks...)

Oh, and as an interesting little aside, my surname pre-marriage was Sloboda, which translates from Polish as 'freedom', while my full first name is Miriam. Mir-I-am. That means I was born with "I am free" literally encoded into my name.

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2 comments on “I'm free! Or at least working on it... And here's how you can be too”

  1. Wonderful and useful article right at the time when governments are considering curtailing freedom of speech (Canada and Internet censorship) & the Press competition bill in the USA. No doubt the uk will follow their efforts on the policing bill wih other anti freedom legislation.
    Miri it would be great if you connected with Russell Brand who is broadcasting to an increasing number of people - shared ideas and influence regarding alternative economies.

  2. Russell Brand is a clear example of controlled opposition, his entire blog consists of egotism, masonic doublespeak, and plain old disinformation.

    He puts out a few good ideas and promptly rubbishes them himself. I note he currently writes for The Guardian.. one of the most corrupt organisations around today. How much money have they received from the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation", all while claiming they have no millionaire shareholders?

    Russell Brand has no interest in furthering knowledge, only buoying his own incredibly weak ego. It would be laughable if so many people weren't still falling for this basic rubbish. Read the rest of Miri's blogs and more should surely become clear!

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