Miri Meets... Leo Biddle

Written by: Miri
February 10, 2024
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Although the last four years have been characterised by challenge, adversity, and (quite frankly) rank insanity, there has been one very considerable upside… That I have had the good fortune to encounter some of the most interesting, dynamic, and refreshingly sane people I have ever met. So, after four years of only platforming my own opinions, I thought it was time to introduce my readership to some of them!

This is the first of what will be an ongoing series of “Miri Meets…”, and I’m delighted to present my first guest, Leo Biddle, a conservationist living in Borneo, who has invaluable insight into “the pandemic” (or pantodemic, as he quite rightly calls it), courtesy of his work with primates.

We heard from the mainstream media how cats, dogs, and even mink all “got Covid”, but did primates, supposedly our closest living relatives? Leo explains below…

I hope you enjoy our chat, and you can find Leo on Twitter @biddle_leo and his animal charity is Project Borneo.

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