On the news that 'masks made mandatory for everyone in Commons except MPs'.

Written by: Miri
October 27, 2021
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If masks really protected anyone from anything, then self-serving egotists like career politicians would be buying them up in bulk and never taking them off.

This development confirms irrefutably that masks are nothing but symbolic demarcators of the slave class, and that all members of the ‘elite’ are exempt.

This is a real article, by the way - I know there are a lot of fake news screenshots doing the rounds at the moment - so I encourage you to check it out at the BBC’s site, where Jacob Rees-Mogg is quoted as saying Labour politicians only wear masks for the cameras and take them off as soon as the cameras are off.

This is absolutely true and something I can personally vouch for given my recent foray into politics. I attended the count for the local elections in May, for my local constituency of Kirklees, where the local councillor, council leader, and MP are all Labour.

I observed the Labour candidate and their cronies all huddled round, maskless, talking to one another. A reporter for the local news approached them, and they instantly ‘socially distanced’ and put their masks on. As soon as he’d gone, they took them off and re-huddled.

It’s all theatre and they know it.

Key point: they are not "hypocrites" - telling everyone else to wear masks 'for their safety' whilst not wearing them themselves - they are liars. They know masks are a useless prop only used as a behaviour modifying technique to keep people in a state of fear-based submission (see guidelines from SAGE), which is how you control any good slave, and that is why they don't wear them.

Please be assured, however, that despite the tireless attempts of the media to keep you in a state of fear and ignorance, mask exemptions can apply to you, too, and there is more information on how to successfully challenge mask mandates - including those set by employers - at my letters' archive below.

I have assisted hundreds of people to successfully overturn mask mandates, and have also won compensation for individuals who have experienced illegal discrimination on the basis of their mask exemption. https://miriaf.co.uk/?s=mask+letter

When the ruling class is openly telling those they rule over that it is one rule for them and one for the rest of us, it really is time to stand up, speak up - and show your face.

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One comment on “On the news that 'masks made mandatory for everyone in Commons except MPs'.”

  1. I'm curious if you think that by asking for an 'exemption" you are giving some kind of credence to their 'request'/demand.

    not sure how I found this site by it is very good. thank you for your writing & insights. I live in US and it is very lonely to have views that are counter to the given narrative.

    cheers! sherry.

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