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July 2, 2024
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"Stay home, save lives."

"Hands, face, space."

"The rule of six."

These moronic, much-mocked mantras were ubiquitous throughout the panto plague (pantos generally being aimed at very young children, the scripting had to have a literacy level to match...), but these phrases weren't just stupid and condescending, they were far more sinister than that, as they represented carefully crafted neurolinguistic programming (NLP), deftly designed to hypnotise the population.

NLP and hypnosis are powerful tools used to influence the subconscious mind and bring about changes in an individual's thoughts, emotions, and behaviour - without them necessarily knowing this is occurring. Ethical hypnotists seek full permission and consent before using the exceptionally powerful tools of NLP and hypnosis on an individual or group - but, as the Covid chapter taught us so well, not all "professionals" are ethical, and in the wrong hands, NLP can have devastating effects.

By coincidence - or perhaps not - one of the very first people I met at the beginning of "Covid" was a professional (and very ethical) hypnotherapist, and she had spotted immediately what the government and its "nudge unit" were doing to try and manipulate the populace through NLP.

Debbie Williams has gone on to be a very active campaigner, opposing all the Covid restrictions and mandates from the start, but now, Debbie has a new concern: that the same sinister hypnotic tactics that were used against the populace to manipulate compliance with Covid measures, are now being used against the dissident populace to convince them not to vote.

Debbie, an NLP trainer and hypnotherapist of more than thirty years experience, says:

"From early 2020, I was shocked seeing very bad hypnosis being used on the public. Simple phrases on repeat, laced with a huge serving of fear. Over time I saw many people willingly complying to ever more confusing asks...

Government used the 'nudge unit' along with the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to influence us throughout Covid. Are they still doing this in order to dissuade us from voting at all in the upcoming election in order to maintain the status quo so the other cheek of the uni-party can slot in to take its place at the helm?"

Debbie has written an article, that she has given me permission to share, which provides some stunning and revealing insights into how we - even those of us who saw through the dark hypnosis of the Covid chapter - may be being influenced and manipulated in just the same ways, by being persuaded not to vote.

Debbie says:

In this article, I have laid out some of the patterns in a simple, easy to understand way, that you can compare for yourself. Much of the language and structure will induce trance through confusion, fear and then create amnesia whilst installing simple programmes that feels like they are your own thoughts… but are they?

Let’s find out…

Is “Don't Vote” Really a Psy- Op ?

By Debbie Williams (slightly edited by Miri Finch)

Have you ever witnessed a psy-op in action? 

Did you recognise the government’s propaganda tactics during COVID -19?

Were you frustrated seeing others fall for the obvious manipulation? 

We think we are are aware of conditioning: after all, if you saw right through the nudge unit and BIT (Behavioural Insights Team), and all the government’s shenanigans throughout Covid … No-one could hypnotise you… or could they?

Remember some of the phrases...

Look him in the eyes …[Picture of actor with pleading eyes, wearing oxygen mask]... and tell him you always follow the rules…

Phrases on repeat like...

Trust the science.

I wear my mask to protect you.

Protect the NHS.

Take the jab.

Don’t kill granny.

We were aghast at how gullible some people were.

Approximately two-thirds of the population were hypnotised. A bit like the famous Milgram experiment, where two-thirds of the people tested followed a doctor's order to carry on administering increasingly severe electric shocks to an innocent stranger (for the full details of this experiment, please see here).

Throughout Covid, they used fear, which will put you in a trance state. And they tried to continue the fear narrative after Covid with news of wars around the world, they made many people as broke as they could, climate catastrophes and so on, but as fear cannot be maintained for everyone continuously in this cohort, more people woke up. 

Some after two jabs began to say, “never again…"

That phrase is so powerful, but how do we keep allowing horrors to be inflicted on our fellow human beings? Is it because we have the ability to have amnesia over horrible events, or do we choose to put it to the back of our minds in order to get on with our lives…

Back then, Boris channelled his inner Churchill, but there was no "keep calm and carry on"…just fear porn 24/7 on all mainstream media. And confusion, which is often used by skilled hypnotists to put someone in a trance. It also helps with creating amnesia later on when people wake up. 

The purpose of amnesia in hypnotherapy is to put in positive suggestions like, “you are fuller on a third less food”, to help a client to lose weight. We don’t want their conscious mind to interfere, so we need it to forget those suggestions and for them to be delighted at their new choices which feel natural, easy and authentic.

The BIT and Nudge Unit knew what they were doing. On page 67 of their MINDSPACE document they said if the public knew, they wouldn’t be best pleased. Do you really think they have stopped using these tools to influence us, or have they just change tack?

Can you really identify a psy- op? 

Do you know what hypnosis really is?

A “No Vote” Is A Win For The Globalist Elite

Labour and Conservative have been called the uni-party, or two cheeks, same backside.

No opposition over Covid lockdowns from Labour, they would have done it sooner and longer … They both are in bed with the globalists and will plough on with Agenda 2030.

A great question to ask if I don’t vote:

Who benefits?

Think about it.

The infiltration of the mass mind with NLP programming continues with these simple, easy to remember phrases…

"If voting counted, they wouldn’t let us do it."

"I do not consent."

"It won’t make a difference."

"It’s all rigged/corrupt anyways."

Pictures and memes stating we need a revolution, which many of us happily share.

Yet where are the organisers of these revolutions, that the memes promise will save us all?

Please show me how this is any different than the Covid programming.

Some previously lifelong Conservative and Labour supporters, who saw through Covid, have become politically homeless, whereas before they were staunch supporters and knew their vote counted for something. What’s changed and why are they now saying they won't vote at all? Trust me that is done by design, just like the pro-vaxxers were programmed to think those who declined the jab were idiots or worse.

Who benefits?

Well, to give up your vote will allow the charade party still called Labour, led by WEF-lover Keir Starmer, to slot in nicely without any opposition. They count on the Apathy Party, and for you to not bother to put your X in the box.

The BIT are masters at divisive tactics, you know, the old divide and conquer - well, it's alive and kicking. Hitting us where it hurts and they are laughing at us. You may be using their language, just like they planned through Covid. Subtly shared through every medium and re-shared by us, as we are so disgruntled at the politicians…We think we are doing something virtuous by opting out, so we happily spread (what we don't realise are) their words.

Many of us have been put in a place known as learned helplessness and cannot see it. "Whatever I do doesn’t make a difference." They know how this works, they started with experiments on rats, then dogs, then us…

One rat experiment involved two cages where the rats could run freely between the two. Then one side had an electrical current running through it. It was extremely unpleasant, so the rats ran to the other cage… 

Safe at last. But then that side was electrified. Back and forth they ran to avoid the shocks which were from one side to the other continuously. Then the experiment was stepped up to both sides being continually charged, soon the rats became exhausted and gave up. They huddled in the corners and accepted their fate. 

Even when the current was switched off on the other side and they saw those rats moving about, the electrified ones didn’t move. 

The rats had learned whatever I do won’t make a difference, so they did nothing…

Don’t you just love some scientists/researchers…it definitely takes a special kind of person to want to do those experiments...

If you are one of those determined “I will not vote” people, please ask: where did I learn to build this belief? Or does it feel even stronger, like it’s a conviction? Do you become angry if people try to talk to you about it?

Just like the jabbed relative/friend who may have called you selfish, the emotion they, and the self-declared non-voters feel, can be similar in its strength.

If you know someone like this, maybe ask their opinion on this article or even tell them, "I know you won’t even read it", which almost ensures that they will…

“The New Normal…” can you remember that phrase? Was it a post-hypnotic suggestion to help us change our behaviour?

We certainly have been conditioned to be nitpickers of the few parties/candidates that share most of the values that we, “The Awake”, believe in.

Instead of coming together and using this opportunity as a Trojan Horse to tackle the system from within, threads get posted like …

They are all liars.

It’s all corrupt.


Controlled opposition.

More easily repeatable phrases.

Maybe pause and think, why have I become so vehemently angry and decided “I will not vote"?

Ask yourself: could I possibly have been influenced by the programming of some of the shrewdest minds in the world, who understand human behaviour implicitly?

If you really think, “Nah, not me, I can’t be hypnotised”…Take it from me: you have been.

I’ve been involved in hypnosis and NLP for over 30 years now. The first 15 years of my business was partially built by Paul McKenna as he was building his personal development business. As you can imagine, I've worked and hypnotised more than most. Clients from Paul had been to at least 2-3 hypnotists before, so I know quite a bit about this subject. 

I've also been part of the assistant team of Dr Richard Bandler, Co-Founder NLP, on over 60 seven-day courses and even more two-day courses. I’ve also run The Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group for over 20 years, and helped life coach Tony Robbins for 10 years since 1993 on his UK courses.

What if you could put aside how you felt about not voting and took one small step to research who is actually standing in your area? You might be surprised!

What if you found there were one or two who shared most of what you believe in?

What if there was a lone independent who actually plucked up the courage to stand for everything you believe in?

How does your not voting help them?  

Please do some research, do anything rather than sitting on the cheeks of your own arse at home complaining and saying we need a revolution…

We have a chance for our voice to be heard on Independence Day, please use it. 

Thank you for reading.

Debbie Williams

NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist

I'm sharing Debbie's article because I think her overall message is crucial and clarifies a perspective I had simply not considered before (but am now fully convinced by): that your vote is so important, they are literally trying to hypnotise you out of using it. When you see the tactics laid plain and just how similar/identical they are to Covid brainwashing, it becomes obvious and irrefutable that this is what is going on.

To be clear, I am not suggesting any individual person who has decided they personally won't vote because all their candidates are awful is some nefarious NLP pusher. As I've said again and again, you should be free not to vote, and you are (faced with just uni-party candidates at last year's local election, I spoiled my paper).

What I am suggesting is that big names with significant profiles who are - not just saying that they personally won't vote, but are aggressively telling you you shouldn't either, and using the identified NLP techniques to do so - are very suspect indeed.

I said in a prior article that the "no vote" camp makes extensive use of "soundbites" rather than substantial and fleshed out arguments, but I didn't appreciate quite how sinister those soundbites really are, and why.

Now I do.

I've addressed many of those soundbites, and why they're so erroneous, in a previous article (my personal favourite being, "it legitimises the system - sent from my iPhone, paid for via my bank account, and posted on several oligarch-owned social media platforms"...).

But one we need to be absolutely clear on is that, "there's no point voting because the result is already decided".

This is not true and is a classic example of apathy and learned helplessness: you might as well say, "there was no point protesting Covid because the pandemic had already been decided".

The overlords wanted the appearance of a pandemic, yes - but they needed you to co-create that desired "reality" with them. They needed you to - as they said - "act as if you have it". They needed you to wear the mask, take the test, and submit to the vaccines, in order to continue to maintain their desired reality.

What they desired was severely undermined when people publicly refused to wear masks: when they attended marches protesting lockdowns; when they asserted their rights to decline tests and vaccines.

Imagine if - instead of actively protesting Covid in all the ways we did - we had instead sat at home doing nothing, and declared, "I'm not engaging with this idea of Covid at all because that legitimises the system. It's already been decided there's going to be a pandemic and millions will be vaccinated by force, be separated from loved ones, lose their businesses and worse. There's nothing I can do about it, so I'll just do nothing. It's all rigged anyway."

That's exactly the same mentality being expressed by people who declare the result of the election is already decided so there's no point getting involved.

It's not already decided. There's a desired outcome, yes, but not a decided one.

As I said, the overlords have made clear what they desire, but they can never impose things on us by force, they have to have our consent and we have to be active co-creators in their desired outcome. That's why, when they try certain psy-ops and we don't go for them (e.g., Monkeypox), they fizzle out.

Monkeypox had "already been decided", insofar as they had decided they wanted that to be the next pandemic... but we laughed at them and rejected it, so it didn't happen.

They are now trying to manipulate our consent and persuade us into manifesting their next desired reality (a Labour landslide) by - if we are normies - persuading us to vote for Labour, and - if we are dissidents - persuading us not to vote at all, using all the same deviously powerful NLP and hypnosis techniques they did to gain compliance throughout Covid.

So, if you believe "it's already been decided" and thus don't vote, you've played your part in manifesting the reality the overlords want, and therefore, in their eyes, consented to it.

As well as the "it's already been decided" line, I know there are also a lot of objections to voting along the lines of, "but if I vote, I'm accountable for what the government does. If I don't vote, I'm not."

This is manifestly not true. You are not responsible for what anyone else does, only they are. Voting for a political candidate is not synonymous with endorsing everything they ever have done or ever will do, and it's a form of gaslighting and victim blaming to tell a person they are responsible for someone else's actions because they once put a cross next to their name on a piece of paper, long before any of us had even heard the word "Covid".

I mean, imagine if Midazolam Matt ever goes to court (real court, not kangaroo "defamation" court), and his defence is, "well, your honour, all these murders are nothing to do with me, because the electorate voted for me. You need to haul them up in the dock, not me."

Would you be okay with that? Would you agree? "Yes, we need to punish the people who voted for Hancock, because they legitimised his actions, even though they had no idea this is what he would do when they voted for him. It's their fault as much as his."

Of course it isn't. What he did is 100% on him.

We are not responsible for what politicians do because we have voted for them, any more than we would be responsible for what our spouse does because we married them. People are responsible for themselves - always.

What you are doing when you vote is - not endorsing all of somebody's future decisions or agreeing that you somehow have responsibility for them - but electing a representative who you believe, based on the information currently available to you, will represent your best interests in parliament.

Of course you might be wrong, but you might have been wrong when you selected your spouse (the divorce rates suggest about 50% of people are), someone you did actually enter into a contract with (you are not contracting with a politician by putting an X next to their name).

Yet if things don't work out in a marital relationship, we don't blame the individual for not accurately predicting their partner's future behaviour when they initially selected them. We accept that predicting how someone will behave in future with 100% accuracy is not possible. You can initially endorse someone in good faith and later realise that you were wrong, without somehow bearing responsibility for that person's bad behaviour.

So, no, you're not expected to have a crystal ball, know exactly how an elected representative will behave in future, AND agree to take responsibility for what they do when you vote for them. You're simply signalling that, with the information available to you at this time, you think they are the best bet for standing up for what you believe in in parliament.

Many candidates in this General Election are vehemently anti-lockdown, anti-mandate etc., and if you have such a candidate, I encourage you to vote for them, even though you cannot know with 100% accuracy how they will behave in future (just as you can not know this with absolute certainty about anyone).

You can take all reasonable steps to predict their future behaviour by writing to them and asking what they think about key issues, equipping you with a written record to hold them to account later on (and if they don't reply, it tells you all you need to know). If you look through my post archives, you can see the letter I've written, and candidate replies, which have clearly informed my choice of who to vote for.

If, however, you don't vote, you can't then use that fact as a way of somehow exempting yourself from what parliament goes on to impose. "I didn't vote so what the government does doesn't apply to me" will not work.

I didn't vote in 2019 (I don't think I was even on the electoral register).

Did that mean, when my then-workplace shut its doors in 2020 because of 'the pandemic', I could say, "actually, this closure doesn't apply to me because I didn't vote" - ?

Of course not. I was just as badly affected by all the Covid measures and restrictions as those who did cast a vote in 2019, and although I campaigned against all of these impositions vigorously, and helped many people oppose test, mask, and vaccine mandates, none of my successes ever came from declaring, "I didn't vote in 2019 so none of this applies to me".

You'll be just as profoundly affected by what the government does whether you vote or not.

It may be true that "whoever you vote for the government always gets in", but it's also true that "regardless of whether you vote or not, the government always gets in" (and no, they don't need a high voter turnout to form a government, as I covered in my previous article. Technically, a candidate could be elected with just one vote from themselves).

The ruling classes don't want you to vote - that's why they've ensured less people than ever will, by introducing voter ID - because they want you to co-conspire with them to manifest their desired reality, which is a big Labour win, and they wouldn't get that if all dissidents voted against Labour.

What it's critical to understand is that - even if Labour still wins the election overall - how powerful they are able to be as a government depends on their majority. That is why the Labour "supermajority" that is predicted is such a perilous threat, far more than simply an "average" Labour win.

A Labour supermajority would be an unstoppable behemoth of establishment tyranny, because Labour candidates aren't individuals. They're all owned assets who will do exactly what party leaders tell them. That is why my local Labour candidate did not reply to my letter (sent twice), and why "her" election leaflet does not contain a single word from her personally, it is simply an address from Keir Starmer.

Compare this to the prompt, personal response I received from Susan Laird, who is standing for Reform. Yes, I know all the problems with Reform, I know they're an establishment release valve, and I know Farage and Tice are as establishment as it gets.

But that doesn't mean everyone standing under the Reform banner supports Farage and Tice in all their views, or that they are not a genuine and principled individual themselves. Many people on our side have made the decision to stand as Reform candidates - not because they unequivocally support and trust Farage / Tice - but because they have judged that the prominence of the Reform platform (when contrasted to other, smaller opposition parties) will help them be more visible and thus acquire more votes.

If you have a candidate who has verified to you personally that they uphold your views, then - regardless of whether they are standing for Reform, Heritage, another smaller party, or as an independent - it would be vastly preferable to have them in parliament challenging Labour's supermajority, rather than another amorphous Labour automaton who will do whatever Starmer tells them.

So, please let me repeat once again: the election result is not decided. It's not all rigged. The future isn't preordained.

Or, to put it another way - and as the inimitable Emmett Brown told us in Back To The Future III (and I really must do a BTTF conspiracy article one day, it's a pretty wild ride):

"Your future hasn't been written yet. No-one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!"

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