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Written by: Miri
September 7, 2023
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(For the original letter, please see here)

Dear Chris Read,

Thank you for your reply.

In terms of making a formal complaint, we will not be pursuing that course of action, since the primary issue a complaint would involve is the council not replying to correspondence. I (Miriam Finch) have sent multiple letters to the council since 2020 which have been summarily ignored, mostly relating to issues stemming from the "Covid pandemic", but also concerning other matters of critical local importance, such as asylum seeker accommodation. I wrote to the council in December 2022 to enquire whether the Chapel Hill student accommodation was to be turned over to asylum seekers, and did not receive a response, which inevitably led me to conclude this was indeed the intention - as was confirmed in the press earlier this month.

When Kirklees Council does not reply to my valid, pertinent, and clearly articulated concerns, it is always clear it is because the council is being dishonest and unaccountable, terms that have been found by recent internal investigations to define the council's culture under the leadership of Shabir Pandor. 

That you have done me the courtesy of responding means I no longer wish to file a formal complaint on that basis, and am willing to concede that the previous attitudes of arrogance and dismissal as displayed by the council emanated from Pandor and the hostile culture he created. 

However, other than invite me to complain about leadership that no longer exists, your response is rather lacking in substance, insofar as it does not address any of the issues I raised, other than to deem them "opinions".

Some of what I shared was "opinion", but much of it was fact, including the catastrophic effect lockdown restrictions had on local businesses, and the lack of credible scientific evidence to support extreme measures such as lockdowns and mask mandates. When these measures were introduced in 2020, they were based entirely on computer modelling and not real world data. The real world data is now in, and it is irrefutably clear that none of these measures did anything to improve the national health and quite a lot to severely undermine it. You can read more about this, including extensive citations to verify these facts (not opinions) at my website, Informed Consent Matters.

It is also a fact, and not an opinion, that Kirklees Council used public money to pay teenagers with no qualifications in medicine or health to promote fast-tracked experimental injections on their social media pages, injections which official government data attest have injured thousands.

These facts have been brought to your attention so that you are clearly aware of them, and that - should the government attempt to impose another undemocratic, draconian, unlawful "lockdown" on the populace - you are aware of the egregious dereliction of duty you would be guilty of if you comply by forcing the residents of Kirklees to participate. 

Central government cannot effectively impose these measures without the cooperation of local councils, therefore it is incumbent on councils to impartially study all the evidence (not the computer modelling: real-world evidence) before it decides to uncritically endorse and enforce whatever the government decrees.

Please remember that you work - not for Rishi Sunak or Westminster - but for the residents of Kirklees, and that we pay your wages. That means you have a series of duties and obligations to meet - which entail putting the people of Kirklees and their best interests first, not kowtowing to whatever central government tells you. It is also noteworthy that we are given no choice in whether we give money to you or not, and, when you are effectively extorting money from people by threatening them with punitive legal action if they don't give it to you, your obligations to these people are even more gravely serious. 

We the signatories of the original letter, and many of our extensive local network, fully expect central government to attempt to impose another national lockdown within the next few months, possibly prompted by an increase of ill health in children caused by the nasal flu spray (the government will claim the illness is caused by a "new variant" based on unfit-for-purpose testing), and if and when this happens, we will be watching Kirklees Council closely to see how you respond.

You have the facts this time that you did not have last time and therefore, please expect to be held fully accountable for how you choose to behave.

We live in a democracy, not a totalitarian dictatorship, and you are our elected representatives, installed (and handsomely paid) to serve us. We are committed to ensuring that you do just that.

Please note this reply has also been sent to all recipients of our original letter, and has been shared publicly. 

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Finch

Mark Finch


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