'Run' for your life

Written by: Miri
October 29, 2021

I had a rather chilling experience last night when I was briefly trying to escape all the madness by watching a silly film. I like to watch those two-bit, ridiculous "psychological thrillers" which have more plot holes than even the official Convid narrative, and that are replete with ridiculous over-acting, unintentionally hilarious scripts, and so on, because they represent a bit of genuine escapism: they're always far too farcical and cobbled together to be pushing any social engineering or 'message' ... or so I thought.

I have been reading up recently on the occult practice of art imitating life, following the Alec Baldwin incident, where he was shooting a film which is about a person who accidentally kills someone and then goes on the run. On the set of this film, Alec Baldwin accidentally killed someone and is now, in a manner of speaking, on the run, or at least hoping to avoid retribution (since prosecutors have now announced they have not ruled out criminal charges). This follows the 1993 film The Crow, which is about someone (played by Brandon Lee) who is murdered and resurrected. Brandon Lee was murdered on the set of the film, and then 'resurrected', in a manner of speaking, since the film still went on to be released.

Yesterday, I decided to watch the Netflix film 'Run', which is billed as a psychological thriller about a teenage girl battling multiple health issues who begins to uncover dark secrets about the mother who has dedicated her life to her care.

The teenage girl in question, Chloe, has been paralysed from the waist down since birth, and also has heart issues, asthma, and diabetes, and therefore takes a cocktail of medications each day.

It slowly emerges throughout the film that (spoiler alert!) some of Chloe's problems may not actually be organic, and may be the result of systematic poisoning from her mother.

The film reaches a crescendo when Chloe realises the full extent of the lies - that she was actually born perfectly healthy and her mother (who is not really her mother, but who snatched her at birth) has been systematically poisoning her to keep her in a state of sick dependence.

"You need me," Her 'mother' declares in one of the film's final scenes.

"I... don't... need.... you," says Chloe, who has just staged a suicide attempt to get into hospital and away from her mother.

"You will," says her mother creepily, as she intends to inject Chloe with a substance that will make her totally paralysed and non-verbal permanently, thus dependent for life.

As the film went on, I kept thinking about with what eerie accuracy this storyline was mirroring what the state does to us regarding vaccination, and of the thousands of children who are born perfectly healthy, injected with poison, develop all manner of crippling conditions as a result, and then are told they were "born that way" and should be grateful to the benevolent, caring "mother government" for looking after them so well.

"You need me," the government might as well creepily say, as it doles out some more toxic medications and poison injections to further exacerbate the catastrophic injuries it caused in the first place.

Needless to say - this is Hollywood, after all, grandmasters of illusion and inversion - in the end, Chloe triumphs, and manages to alert hospital staff to what is happening. Her mother ends up getting non-fatally shot by a security guard and confined to an institution, whilst Chloe goes on to graduate college, get married and have children, and, falteringly, learn to walk.

In the final scene, she visits mother dearest in her institution and, in a final act of retribution, gives her an overdose of the same medication she had been poisoning Chloe with.

After the film finished, it having left an unexpectedly enduring impression, I decided to read a couple of articles about it. I was extremely surprised indeed to learn that the actress playing Chloe, Keira Allen, is in fact a disabled wheelchair user in real life - and that a real wheelchair user has not played one in a film since 1948.

How bizarre, I thought, how does a healthy young 20-year-old end up in a wheelchair? Was she in a car accident?

I scoured the press reports for an explanation, and what did I find? Nothing. The reason for her paralysis - which she was not born with - has "never been disclosed", and all she herself says about it, in a self-penned biographical essay for Glamour magazine, is (after discussing the standard childhood rites of passage and discovering an identity, etc.), "An unexpected complication to this came in high school, when I became disabled."

That's it. No further details or explanation volunteered, as if "becoming disabled" is a perfectly normal and unremarkable development in the teen years, like getting braces or having a few spots.

I had thought originally from the film that Keira Allen was a very good actress, being able to so accurately recreate how those with lower-body paralysis move around. But now knowing she was not acting, something suddenly struck me - the reason I know how that kind of paralysis affects people, teenage girls in particular, is because I've seen so much footage of it relating to HPV vaccine injury, in particular in the three-part documentary, Sacrificial Virgins (please see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAzcMHaBvLs).

Keira Allen suddenly 'became disabled' in high school. High school is when the HPV vaccine is administered. In the absence of any other explanation, and the fact that healthy teenage girls do not just suddenly stop being able to walk, it is almost certainly the case that she was paralysed by this vaccine - in exactly the same way her character in the film was paralysed by poison, dispensed by an evil authority posing as a benevolent carer.

This literally sent a chill of utter horror and revulsion down my spine, because really, this is not a 'coincidence' - of all the actresses in the world, why pick her, when as I say, a real wheelchair user has not been used in a film in over 70 years? It is because (occult theme of the moment, it seems), it is art imitating life, and is intentional. It is the dark magicians who rule the world telling us (because they always have to tell us, that is part of their code), 'this is what we do to you'. They poison and paralyse young women on the world stage, disguising their true intentions behind a sheen of benevolence and care, and then have one of those same young women acting out the part of being poisoned into paralysis - by that archetype of ultimate benevolence and care, the mother - in the movies.

Please watch the documentary Sacrificial Virgins, linked earlier in the post (three parts, about 15 minutes each) and then watch the film 'Run'. This is art imitating life in the most cruel and harrowing way - and, as I say, it is all being done entirely intentionally. It is 'them' revealing themselves.

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2 comments on “'Run' for your life”

  1. I find it very difficult to watch literally anything produced anymore by the entertainment industry as represented by Hollywood, NetFlix, etc., without getting that bad feeling in my gut about the true, veiled nature of what I’m being exposed to. It seems the content has become irrelevant and is just a ruse to draw you in, so that they can get the talons inside your subconscious mind. I think this is why there is such a very wide variety of choices in video entertainment. They try hard to find the one thing that appeals specifically to you, so that you will voluntarily choose to allow the dark energy into yourself. Which from the occult point-of-view of our dear satanic masters-of-the-universe, is precisely what they want. Your voluntary and willing sacrifice.

    I also think, as the cabal clearly knows(clearly to us, as clear as mud to the masses), when you’re tossing billions of dollars around and you possess the power to enter people’s consciousness from a distance and alter their consciousness, you don’t screw around. Every imaginable detail, and some even below the threshold of awareness, are deliberately and painstakingly placed inside of these shiny entertainment vehicles, for maximum effect.

    I watch all entertainment these days perhaps in the same way that you do, with my subliminal and hidden-message radars fully deployed, and deflector shields up.

    By the way, Hi Miri. Love your blog. I’ve got ideas brewing for my own, but there’s only 24 hours in a day!

  2. As perceptive as ever, Miri.

    Nothing brings these people more JOY and COMEDIC VALUE than seeing their victims suffer. The innocent, good yet naive pleb believing in random, debilitating 'diseases' and 'conditions', utterly incredulous there COULD be any foul play behind it. These people laugh in our faces for even suggesting that someone is behind it.

    They glean true SATISFACTION in their subversive methods, for they made the idiot convinced the INTELLIGENT ONES ARE THE IDIOTS.

    I was starting to think of a way out of this war, it involved (the admittedly impossible task of) destroying every single smart phone and TV set. For none of this would be possible without them. But then I remember, they managed this before. So long as some medium to reach the masses exists, so will the stupid herd be marching the rest of us to our demise.

    Great blog!

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