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Written by: Miri
October 23, 2021
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So, the Alec Baldwin situation - very odd, huh? I've refrained from commenting on it until I had read up enough on the details to understand what might have happened, and now I think I've got an idea. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of Alec Baldwin and I don't really think that anybody is, but, nevertheless, I don't think he's a ruthless - and extremely thick - cold-blooded murderer, who would intentionally kill someone on a film set, surrounded by cameras, and in front of dozens of witnesses. Seems pretty obvious that, as far as he's concerned, this was a tragic accident and I don't think he has any culpability.

But I do think there's a very distinct possibility that he might have been set up. I've been reading carefully about safety standards on film sets where fire weapons are concerned, and they are extremely stringent. Ever since Brandon Lee was accidentally killed on the 1993 set of The Crow, extremely rigorous protocols have been put in place to ensure this never happens again, which include:

*No live rounds anywhere on set;

*Guns rigorously and repeatedly checked for flaws or safety issues;

*Guns never fired directly at people - if a scene requires a gun to be shot at a camera, it is left unmanned at that time;

*A barrier separating the crew from gunfire

All guns on film sets are meant to be 'cold guns' (no live rounds), and as soon as Baldwin shot the fatal round, he is said to have repeatedly cried, "why was I given a hot gun? Why was I given a hot gun?". So that is a very pertinent question: why was a hot (loaded, real) gun on set at all?

Another extremely key and salient fact is that, just hours before the fatal shooting, most of the unionised crew had walked off the set in a protest at poor working conditions and lax safety standards - a protest which Baldwin himself had supported, stating on his social media that the conditions for the crew were appalling and that "studio bosses don't give a sh*t about you".

That meant that many of the more renowned and experienced crew were not present at the time of the shooting, and safety issues would have been left in the hands of people drafted in at the last minute.

Remember, this is Hollywood, home of the most captivating dark magic there is, so I think this event might very likely have been staged. Do I mean faked, that she's not really dead? No, I think she probably is (although, of course, you never know, and her childhood military background is 'interesting'). I mean staged, as in, set up, planned. That someone, or a cabal of someones, intentionally put a hot gun on set and organised the walk out, to set the scene for this event.

Why would they do that? Well, what is the global narrative theme of the moment? Safety. And that everything real is too dangerous and so it must all be transported online, instead. Too dangerous to meet in person, use Zoom. Too dangerous to work in an office, work online. Too dangerous to walk the streets, stay in and watch TV.

Danger, danger, lurking everywhere, including now on Hollywood film sets, so what is the answer? Stop using real actors and live weapons, and use AI and CGI instead.

Computer technology is now so advanced ('deep fakes' etc.), that there is no 'need' to use real people, and I think this incident will be used as the catalyst to call for an end to real, live movie sets and living, breathing actors, and doing it all by CGI instead.

It's clear this has been coming for a while, and that is why Ricky Gervais was permitted to make his Golden Globes speech. Ultimately, what he was saying to the actors is, your usefulness has now expired, and so very soon you will be exposed and terminated.

Hollywood 'stars' are involved in some of the worst kinds of degenerate atrocities imaginable (the Armie Hammer scandal - where he was revealed as a sexually sadistic cannibal - was a brief preview) and now that they are no longer needed to hypnotise the masses, as CGI can do it instead, they are to be revealed for what they truly are and then thrown on the scrapheap.

This is all about further trauma-brainwashing the public, by revealing to them that their most treasured icons and stars are actually some of the worst people that have ever lived, and this kind of exposing of a culture as repugnant and evil is a tried and tested war tactic that invading forces use to overthrow it (I expanded on that subject here:

So, keep a close eye on this Baldwin incident, and the resulting clamour for more safety, safety, safety - because I think it's pretty clear where it's going.

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