The insidious infertility agenda

Written by: Miri
June 10, 2024
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"When they're through with Africa, they're coming for you," - Dr. Stephen Karanja (from the short film, 'Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda')

I don't know if you've noticed, but in the last ten years or so, there's been a dramatic shift in the media messaging directed at women concerning having children.

For years, the legacy press, as well as social institutions like schools and universities, were unanimous in their stance that it was important to get an education and career, and become financially secure, before having children (with all dominant authorities taking a very dim view of teenage mothers and benefits claimants).

For most people, this means in their thirties, perhaps well into their thirties. Hence, the average age for having a first child in this country is now just under 34 for men and 31 for women (this goes up to 35 for women who have graduated from university).

This was how it was when I was growing up in the nineties on a university campus. Most of my friends' parents had had them in their thirties, and it was the same in my family - almost all of my (many) aunts and uncles became parents after 30, often after 35 (and it was a matter of local legend that my childhood next-door-neighbour was born when her father was 57).

Perhaps it took them a bit longer to conceive than younger people, perhaps they had a bit less energy than their 20-something counterparts (the debate about the "best" age to have children rages on), but there was certainly no "infertility crisis", no desperation for mass IVF, no extensive bemoaning, "if only I'd started sooner!".

Obviously, a minority of couples couldn't conceive, as has always been so (both my grandmother's aunt and sister couldn't have children, despite being married since their twenties). But there was no widespread "crisis" due to women "leaving it too late".

Yet suddenly, we are in the midst of an infertility crisis, and - according to MPs, newspapers, and laypeople alike - it's because women have left it too late to have children. And when we say "too late", we're no longer talking over 40 or even over 35 - but over 30.

"Petey B" on Twitter says, in a Tweet that has been liked and shared thousands of times:

"Most couples I know over 30 are struggling with infertility. I know the struggle personally and we started before 30. Everyone is doing Artificial insemination, and then moving on to IVF. Some 2-3 times deep. Women are designed to get pregnant much earlier. We keep fighting life, and science is battling the mistakes. The numbers are screaming for change. This isn’t political, this is reality."

Well, while women may indeed be "designed to get pregnant much earlier", they're also "designed to get pregnant much later", given that the average age of last birth historically has been around 41.

So what is going on? Why are all these 30-year-olds suddenly having to resort en masse to artificial means to get pregnant? Did they really "leave it too late"... or is something rather more sinister going on?

Unsurprisingly, it's the latter: if a couple is unable to conceive in their early thirties - or even, as Petey's post suggests, late twenties - this is nothing to do with their age. No healthy human being becomes naturally infertile aged 30, and they should only be slightly less fertile than they were aged 20 (there being a 1 in 4 chance of pregnancy every cycle in the early twenties, and 1 in 5 in the early thirties - and in both cases, the overwhelming majority of couples - 85% - would be pregnant within one year).

So if that's suddenly not the case, if we suddenly have an epidemic of people who should still be highly fertile unable to conceive, then what we have here is not a crisis of age-based "infertility", but rather, a crisis of sterilisation.

The sudden explosion in young people struggling to conceive correlates exactly with when the HPV vaccine began to be administered to all 12-year-old girls in 2008 (2006 in the USA). Those girls are now approaching 30, and so at an age when they are settling down and starting families. Or rather, trying to, and finding they can't.

The HPV vaccine was always hugely contentious, and was perhaps the most dangerous on the market prior to the advent of the Covid vaccines. It has been linked to a wide and debilitating range of health problems, and its claims to "prevent cervical cancer" are extremely tenuous.

So while the evidence has been there for some while that this vaccine is both highly risky and highly unnecessary (like all vaccines, frankly), we are only just beginning to see the full catastrophic impact of its effects on fertility.

The oldest girls to have been routinely HPV vaccinated at school are now 28 years old (30 in the USA) and so, with average age of first birth for women hovering around 30 (35 for university graduates), it is not an effect that would start to fully show itself in the fertility statistics until around this time.

We have however had prior warnings this would be the case, with a study published in 2018 suggested that fully 25% of girls who received the HPV vaccine became completely sterile (this study has since been retracted for political reasons, much as Andrew Wakefield's seminal paper linking the MMR to autism was) - with yet more experiencing repeat miscarriages due to a cervical weakness caused by the vaccine.

This, the evidence clearly indicates, is not an error or mishap, a tragic mistake on the part of the vaccine's developers: it is the specific and intended purpose of the injection.

The opening quote of this article references Dr. Stephen Karanja, a courageous Kenyan doctor who blew the whistle about the stealth sterilisation campaign in his country. Women of childbearing age were targeted with a "tetanus vaccine" laced with sterilants, and many had their reproductive capacities completely destroyed as a result.

Karanja was wide awake and well aware of the depopulation agenda of the WHO and related agencies, and swore in 2020 to personally analyse all Covid vaccines and tell the Kenyan people exactly what was in them.

Very soon after making this promise, he "died of Covid".

As Dr. Karanja warned us, the ruthless depopulationists who constitute our ruling classes are not just focusing their eugenic efforts on Africa: they are "coming for all of us", and their attempts to permanently sterilise young people began in the West in the early 2000s with the HPV vaccine.

It was always obvious that the true purpose of this "vaccine" was to destroy fertility and nothing to do with "protecting women from cervical cancer" simply by observing the age-group it has routinely been administered to.

Females aged 12-45.

12-year-old girls aren't at risk of cervical cancer (it's most frequently diagnosed in women over 35), yet women much older than 45 are (over 20% of cases are diagnosed in women over 65).

So why vaccinate that specific age-group? Why start at 12 and finish at 45?

Because these are the ages women are fertile.

12-45 is the exact age range that female fertility typically spans. That's why the HPV vaccine targets this group.

You can also clearly see that, in the years directly following the mass administration of the HPV vaccine to all 12-year-old girls, teenage pregnancy rates suddenly fell off a cliff.

The "official" explanation for why this was was that a) sex education had suddenly and dramatically started working after decades of it not doing so, and b) teenagers were staying at home on Facebook rather than going to drunken house parties where they might fraternise with the opposite sex.

To be clear, the UK teenage pregnancy rate fell by an extraordinary 50% between 2007 (the year before the HPV vaccine was introduced) and 2017 (nine years of vaccinating all 12-year-old girls), thereby declining to the lowest rate on record.

It's obvious what the real culprit for this very abrupt and rapid decline is, and it's not Facebook (which in any case had been around since 2004).

There's always an "official explanation" for these kind of sudden social shifts, to cover up the real explanation - just like the "official explanation" for the crisis of infertility in people in their early thirties is, and will continue to be, that they "left it too late".

Of course, this burgeoning infertility bomb is not just caused by the HPV injection, and has been exacerbated exponentially by the Covid "vaccine", and we don't yet know just how catastrophic the effects on fertility have been, but all the indicators so far are not good. The UK's total fertility rate has torpedoed in the last four years and is at the lowest level ever recorded.

As such, the social engineers have been diligently working away for years to orchestrate a cover-up for this situation: to be able to blame widespread inability to conceive and bombing fertility rates on people "leaving it too late", rather than unveil the truth: that there has been, for at least the last twenty years, a stealth global sterilisation campaign administered by injection.

In order to present plausible deniability for this scenario, society has intentionally been rigged in such a way that it is now impossible for most people aged under 30 to even begin to think about starting families, not least because ever-increasing numbers of them still live at home with their parents, finding themselves unable to get on the property ladder or find affordable rents. Establishing themselves with a stable home of their own which would be suitable for children (e.g., not just renting a room in a shared house) takes more and more people until (sometimes well into) their 30s to achieve.

Furthermore, even couples who do have their own place, and two incomes (necessary for most in order to afford a family) face eye-watering childcare costs, the prospect of which can cause them to put off having children longer than they would ideally like.

This engineered scenario means most people now don't - and realistically can't - think about starting a family until at least the age of 30, and this has become the normalised age to do so - but it couldn't have been 'normalised' if it wasn't 'normal', e.g., achievable by the vast majority, which, until recently, it has been.

Suddenly, it isn't.

Suddenly, people in their early 30s are, in vast swathes, facing fertility issues.

Yet, people have short memories, so rather than say, "hang on, 30-somethings weren't having widespread fertility problems in the 1990s, why are they having them now?", we have instead, "women are leaving it too late to have children because of feminism. If they haven't had a child by 30, they're necessarily consigning themselves to a childless future."

So society at large accepts this explanation - that the infertility crisis is a personal failing of individual women who have been brainwashed by careerism and materialism - rather than seeing it as what it is: a direct, intentional medical assault on the female population with sterilant bioweapons.

It is very telling that the establishment media, and even top public schools. have suddenly, in recent years, appeared to become deeply concerned about women leaving it too late to have children.

Well, why? Why are they promoting this message now, when we all know that all Western establishments across the world are heavily invested in depopulation and are absolutely desperate for women to have less children - that's why they so heavily sponsor and subsidise contraception and abortion, and why they put such an emphasis on social trends known to dramatically reduce the birth rate, such as higher education for women.

So why are they now pretending to care that women might not have all the children they want and issuing dire warnings to women not to leave it too late? And why are they only doing that now, when they didn't do it in the 1980s, '90s, and early 2000s, as age for average first child went up and up?

It's because they're setting the stage: they're seed-sowing for when the average woman does start trying for a baby (typically between the ages of 28 and 34) and nothing happens. Given all the ominous age-based fertility fear-mongering now constantly in the press, the authorities can quickly dismiss any explanations such a woman might be looking for with "well, you left it too late, what did you expect? If you really wanted children you should have started sooner".

The (many) women given this explanation, feeling guilty, humiliated, and personally responsible, will immediately accept it as true. It's all her fault for waiting too long. She shouldn't have done all that selfish studying and working. She certainly won't think to link her "infertility" (medically-induced sterilisation) to any vaccine she had years ago.

(Vets do a similar thing to this when a pet dies in their care. They are trained to insinuate to owners that they may have done something wrong to cause this, so the owner is so busy castigating themselves, they don't stop to consider that maybe the vet is at fault.)

In reality, the shrill obsession newspapers have had in recent years with repeatedly declaring that female fertility "falls off a cliff" at 35 has demonstrably not saved a generation of women from the tragedy of infertility, but it certainly has had some very tragic consequences.

Women in their 40s are now having more abortions than teenagers, because they falsely believe - courtesy of the misinformation constantly circulated in the press - that their fertility has long since been obliterated by age and so they no longer require contraception.

Indeed, I remember reading an account by the writer Julie Burchill that she had a (fifth) abortion at age 38, because she had stopped using contraception, simply assuming she was "far too old" to get pregnant at that age.

So, newspapers screaming about women becoming barren at 34 is far less likely to scare 20-year-olds into trying to conceive years before they want to, and far more likely to cause older women to stop using contraception and find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies and dire choices.

(Note that very few women over 35 have received the HPV vaccination, and so may plausibly be more fertile than many of their younger counterparts, which is certainly what the abortion statistics appear to reflect.)

Most families historically are strewn with anecdotes about 'surprise' babies born to mothers in their 40s - that's why it was common, and plausible, to cover up teenage pregnancies by claiming the baby was a 'late baby' of the teenager's parents - something, indeed, that it's alleged Sarah Palin did quite recently, claiming to have had her fifth child, Trig, at age 44, when in fact the child is almost certainly the first child of her then-teenage daughter Bristol.

Note that nobody said "it's impossible for Trig to be Sarah's baby as she is far too old". We all know (or knew) that it's perfectly possible for women to have babies in their forties. We all know (or knew) women don't become naturally infertile in their early thirties.

Suddenly, however, the social engineers want us to forget.

The "women become infertile at 30 (in a society that has made it near-impossible to have children before 30)" psy-op is there to cover up the criminal, evil medical assault that has sterilised millions of women (and indeed many men), and to avert our attention away from the real assailants of this diabolical crime.

We will not let that happen (and if you haven't seen the film 'Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda' - which by coincidence came out two years ago today - please do put aside 30 minutes to do so).

And finally, if you or someone you know is struggling with infertility, there are a wide range of natural treatments available, all of which should be explored before considering IVF. There are also some very effective detox protocols available for HPV, Covid, and other damaging vaccines.

As a footnote to this article, I have been fighting to expose (and prevent) HPV vaccine harms for the last ten years, and here you can see a brutally revealing example of what happens when one challenges "the experts" in the field to justify their continual promotion of the deadly sterilant HPV vaccine. In short: they can't, which is why it is so vitally important we keep challenging them.

They may have the money, the power, and the might, but we have the truth and the light. Keep shining.

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