To discover the truth, discover the Overton Window...

Written by: Miri
November 12, 2023
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Then defenestrate yourself through it, board it up, and run a long way away from it forever.

For those who are new to the concept, the Overton Window is one of the most successful tools of political and cultural control in all of history, and it is defined as: "an approach to identifying the ideas that define the spectrum of acceptability of governmental policies. It says politicians can act only within the acceptable range..."

In short, the Overton Window defines the ideas it's "acceptable" to have, and "acceptable" to argue about, whilst ruling out a huge swathe of alternative opinion and debate, which is rejected by both sides as being a wild step too far - beyond the pale, conspiracy theory nonsense!

The effect therefore of Overton Window politics, which ALL mainstream politicians, media vehicles, and commentators engage in, is to present the illusion of a functioning democracy, where there appears to be two clearly defined "sides" arguing against each other... but, in reality, keeping the entire political and social climate tightly controlled and rigid, by steering the population away from the bigger picture, the real issues, and the whole truth.

Yesterday's stupid, staged, establishment whipped-up hate frenzy was a pitch-perfect example of this.

The purpose of yesterday's events, as I warned previously, was to foment maximum hostility and division by whipping up the "right" to believe "our traditions are being disrespected! We need to defend our country! These terrorist sympathisers must be stopped!", and mobilising the "left" to accept that, "far-right thugs are trying to stop our peaceful protest! We need to defend Palestine! These terrorist sympathisers must be stopped!".

The left-wing media did its usual hatchet job by depicting those who attended Remembrance Day events as thuggish racist buffoons, whilst the right-wing press doubled down on comparing Palestine supporters to Hitler who want to obliterate all Jews.

They both equally disgraced themselves, as they usually do, and as did every single person who fell for this blatantly obvious divide and conquer ruse.

It is quite plain and clear that the only reason the Palestine demonstration was organised to coincide with the Remembrance Day events was to ignite a media-incited tinder box of tensions into all out hate-filled civil war. Otherwise, the organisers simply would not have had it on that day.

Whilst I don't think it should have been "banned" (I'm a strenuous opponent of government "bans"), it should have been obvious to any sane, compassionate person that having the march on that day would be seen as disrespectful and insensitive by many people, and - if protest organisers were genuinely invested in promoting peace and not enhancing hostilities - they would have paused demonstrations for that particular occasion. There are 364 other days to choose from, there have been plenty of other pro-Palestine marches, they simply didn't need to occur on that day.

The only reason they did is to provide a platform for what occurred yesterday: to pit the usual suspects against each other, so they are so busy fighting, demonising, and dehumanising each other, that they entirely forget who their real, mutual enemy is - the psychopathic establishment orchestrating all this. They're the only ones who benefit from "the left" calling Remembrance Day supporters far-right thugs, and "the right" calling Palestine supporters Hamas-supporting anti-semites.

If you've fallen into this trap on either side, you've been played like a fiddle, and you're stuck right inside the Overton Window, which is just where they want you.

To be clear, the events yesterday were mostly peaceful with a small number of troublemakers on both sides, most of whom were likely to be establishment plants - just as always happens at large demos.

I warned "the right" in my article last week that, if they kept falling for the obvious baited trap of calling Palestine supporters extremists and terrorist sympathisers, the same would be done to them when the political climate shifted, and that is exactly what has happened.

Now the papers are dominated with stories of "far-right thuggery", and the left is crowing smugly, just like when the papers were festooned with articles about "Hamas-supporting anti-semites", the right crowed smugly. Can you people on both of these establishment stage-managed "sides" seriously not see what's being done to you, and that you are exact mirrors of each other?

Both positions outlined above - calling "the right" far-right thugs and "the left" Hamas-supporting Jew-haters - are positions that are allowed and encouraged within Overton Window politics. That's why establishment media vehicles relentlessly throw fuel on these two positions.

If you want the truth, however, you have to step entirely away from the Overton Window and establishment media - and all illusions of "left" and "right" - and look at perspectives mainstream candidates simply won't print or discuss, ever, such as:

The Israeli and Palestinian governments are on the same side, both invested in genociding their populations through lethal injection (just like all governments worldwide who unleashed the Covid bioweapons are), and the idea that either government cares for "their people" is confected, theatrical nonsense. All the world's ruling elites are united in their commitment to radical depopulation, and they will achieve this through both conventional warfare and bioweapons posing as "medicine". The bioweapons achieve depopulation both by reducing lifespan and by subduing fertility.

You won't find that opinion in any mainstream media vehicle, or even in the more prominent allegedly "alternative" ones, because it breaks the Overton Window, and, consequentially, threatens the tribalist "my side is better than yours" spell the ruling classes are desperate to keep conjuring up in order to exert maximal control over the masses.

There's only two "sides" that really matter, and those are: the side of sane, thinking, feeling human beings, of all races, religions, and nationalities, who just want to live their lives in peace, and the side of the predator class who attempts to rule over us, through constantly pitting us against each other. And - as James Delingpole masterfully said in his recent article - if you're not on the human side, you may as well go back to sleep, as you're as big a part of the problem as any 'normie'. The same establishment who you were confident was comprised solely of ruthless genocidal psychopaths when they weren't on your "side", haven't suddenly become benevolent philanthropists now, just because now they're appealing to your particular prejudices.

I had this same argument relentlessly with 'normies' over Covid:

Me: So you hate the Tories and think they're constantly trying to sabotage vulnerable people with NHS cuts and slashing benefits?

Them: Yes. They hate poor people. They want them dead.

Me: I agree. And they're trying to expedite that death with a lethal injection they're pretending is medicine.

Them (scurrying back inside Overton Window safety): Nonsense! Conspiracy theory! The government would never do that!

Me: But I thought you said they were constantly trying to kill poor people?

Them: Yes. Usually. But in a deadly pandemic, they take some time off.

Me: So they're trying to save the poor now?

Them: That's right. With the vaccine, anyway. They're still trying to kill them in all other respects though.

It's ludicrous and nonsensical, but the exact same thing is going on yet again now. Last week, (according to 'the left') the establishment media were evil agitators whipping up the "far right" and distorting and misrepresenting the pro-Palestine cause. This week, though, they're trustworthy sources of news because they claim the "right-wing" protestors behaved lawlessly whilst the Palestine supporters were blameless (not what the Met Police says, but that's the point: the media prints distorted propaganda, not facts - and I know left-wing types will jump on the linked photo and say, 'that looks staged', and I agree - it does. But so does most of the "far-right thuggery").

You can't have it both ways, people, and decide to side with psychopathic institutions when they reflect your particular views: not if you're even remotely interested in the truth, and in principled consistency. Either the mainstream media distorts, riles up, and lies, or it doesn't. You can't pick and choose and decide it's trustworthy when it pleases you and paints "your side" in a flattering light, but a lying tool of the state when it doesn't.

The mainstream media - both "left" and "right" (including Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, Times, Telegraph, and all tabloids and TV broadcasters) - only exists as a population-wide psychological weapon to control how you think and behave. While there may be some factual basis to some or even most of its reporting, every single thing it prints or broadcasts is only there to serve an agenda. There are millions of newsworthy events every year that the mainstream media totally ignores (such as, the anti-lockdown protests), whilst giving blanket coverage to things they want you riled up about (such as, yesterday's events).

The ultra-wealthy and influential dynasties behind the mainstream press (such as the Freuds) know human psychology intimately, and how to manipulate your emotions to get you to react as they desire... And they will keep doing exactly that, unless you learn how they operate and, as a result, reject everything they ever print as, not "news", but attempts at mind-control and social sculpting through triggering strong emotions.

I've told off the "right" enough since they all become bloodthirsty warmongers after October 7th, so now I'm going to turn my attentions to "the left", and their obvious fear and hatred of the white working classes. Fear and hatred comes from lack of understanding, which was never more accurately depicted than when vast swathes of left-wing commentators described the groups of primarily young, white, working-class football fans at Remembrance Day events as "Suella Braverman supporters" - and claimed it was she driving and inciting their behaviour.

The vast majority of these men have never heard of this flash-in-the-pan puppet politician and could not give two hoots what she has to say (and I thought, as "far-right thugs", they were all sexist and racist? So are they really going to take commands from an Indian woman? You need to keep your prejudices consistent at least!). Most of them were there because of the agitation of people like Tommy Robinson... whom the left-wing commentariat has never heard of, and therein lies the problem.

"The left" doesn't understand these people or what influences and motivates them, nor do they care to. They're quite happy to dismiss them all as "far-right thugs" because of the behaviour of a minority few, and we all know what that slur is code for, don't we - thick, right? They couldn't possibly have any legitimate grievances with what is happening in their country because they're all just thick, racist morons - "gammons" (literally meaning pig-like, a dead piece of meat), not proper human beings.

Have you considered that these men are actually human beings, with jobs, families, and meaningful lives? Most of them would condemn violence and didn't engage in it (just as most Palestine supporters didn't), but they all get lumped together and tarnished in the worst possible ways, by people who hypocritically claim to be against genocide.

"We are against genocide," the "left" might claim. "We aren't advocating for the far-right to be killed."

Not yet you're not, but how do you think genocide starts? Do you think the Israeli government just woke up one morning, and thought, "hmm, think we'll butcher some babies today".

No. Genocide starts with words. It starts with words meant to otherise and demonise and strip "the other" of their humanity, thereby meaning violence against them doesn't really count, because they're not really human, not proper people with the proper opinions. They deserve their comeuppance. They asked for it.

So, "the left" uses exactly the same rhetoric to justify the dehumanisation of the "far right" (the white working classes who don't agree with them on everything) as Israel and its apologists do to justify bombing "Hamas terrorists" (ordinary Palestinian citizens). People are often so blinded by their hatred of "the other" that they become highly vulnerable to becoming what they hate, and that is happening here, and exactly what the establishment wants.

Dear "left-wingers", the white working classes are not your enemy. That many of them are angry is justified, they have taken a terrible hit over the post-war decades as many industries that traditionally employed them collapsed and in many cases, they have been replaced with cheaper foreign labour. They may not be particularly interested in what's happening in the Middle East, as many of them don't have the luxury of becoming too involved in overseas conflicts when they are struggling to pay their own bills, keep a roof over their head, and find stable work at all.

The demographic that primarily made up the Remembrance Day supporters - white working-class men - are the most socially and economically disadvantaged group in the UK. Those who do worst at school are white working-class boys, who - with no special 'minority' status afforded to them - often go on to struggle for the rest of their lives, including being higher suicide risks. So yes, they are often angry about their lot, and they aren't obliged to focus on Palestine, nor to not feel affronted that - yet again - their interests seem to have been sidelined in favour of foreign issues, and when they object to this, they're called "far right thugs" - regardless of whether they are completely law-abiding and non-violent.

A true "left-wing" position (allegedly) is to champion and support the oppressed indigenous working-class population, which seems to be a left-wing position when it suits (say, supporting the native Americans or Australians), just not when the oppressed indigenous population happens to be white. The "left" would never dare use a slur comparable to "gammon" on the non-white working classes, so while, yes, there are certainly some racists on the "right" (as there are bad people in all large groups), there's no shortage of them on the "left", either. As I said, these two groups have been ruthlessly engineered to be mirrors of each other.

And I want to smash that mirror, along with the Overton Window, because that's the only way of reclaiming our shared humanity, and focusing on a future that gives opportunity and hope to us all.

If you're on the "right", you should focus today on having a friendly conversation with a Palestine supporter, as you will find almost all of them are perfectly friendly and reasonable, not at all violent, and certainly have no desire to "massacre all Jews". Some of them are Jews!

If you're on the "left", you should acquaint yourself with a white working-class man (maybe the one who comes to fix your boiler or electrics), and realise he's not a grunting piece of gammon just waiting to punch a Palestinian, but a thinking, feeling human being, just like you. Just because he has different priorities or doesn't share your sentiments on Brexit doesn't make him any less human than you are.

If we can focus on what people are actually like, and not what the military-grade mind-control mainstream media tells us they're like, we actually have a chance at a bright future where life is worth living for all of us.

The alternative, as we teeter on the brink of all-out global conflict, is unthinkable. So, please, choose exceptionally carefully.

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