When I'm 64... I'll be less at risk of disease than at 14?

Written by: Miri
August 9, 2023
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So the UK's Department of Health and Social Care (DoH) purports to believe, according to recent media reports, and as I have just confirmed with them in a telephone call.

The legacy media is busy fulminating, in its signature sanctimonious style, that the DoH has decided this year not to offer free flu vaccines to those aged 50-64. The DoH claims it has made this decision on the basis of advice from the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation, which said only at-risk groups (e.g., those with diabetes or heart disease) and those over 65 should receive flu vaccines.

If this is so, I ponder, why on earth is the government - for the first time ever - simultaneously offering the flu vaccine to all healthy 11-16 year old secondary school students in England?

They are not in an at-risk group. They are not over 65.

Therefore, why are they being offered this vaccine, when those aged 50-64 - still a relatively low-risk group but, nevertheless, still more at risk from flu (and virtually all serious health conditions) than healthy teenagers - are not?

(Note: To be clear for any newer readers, I don't believe any age group benefits from the flu vaccine - or from any vaccine at all - but I'm approaching this issue from the establishment's own "logic": if the flu vaccine is being withdrawn from the over-50s on the basis they aren't sufficiently at risk from the flu, then obviously it should be withdrawn from groups dramatically less at risk, such as teenagers. If it isn't, then clearly it isn't logic driving this decision. So what is it?)

I have a family friend who is a retired GP. He worked for the NHS for over 40 years and is far from anti-vaccine (he's even had the Covid jabs, and sadly has seen his health torpedo since), and when he found out the government was giving the flu vaccine to all secondary school children in the country, he said:

"This is ridiculous, a complete waste of money, this group does not need it at all."

Any other sane GP would say the same. The data is simply not there in any form - even the crooked, manipulated, fudged figures that constitute "the science" - to justify giving the flu vaccine to all 11-16 year-olds whilst NOT giving it to 50-64 year-olds.

Even if you believe every word of conventional vaccine dogma, there is no logical argument to be made for this approach.

In fact, it is so palpably insane, that I thought the press must have got it wrong - that surely, if they're withdrawing the flu vaccine for 50-64 year-olds on the basis they're not sufficiently at risk from the flu, they must be withdrawing it for schoolchildren as well?

So I called the Department of Health media enquiries line, explained I was a freelance journalist covering the flu vaccine rollout, and asked if they could confirm the recent changes as reported by the press - that the vaccine WON'T be given to the 50-64 age group, but WILL be given to 11-16s.

They confirmed that this is so.

I'm afraid we can therefore only conclude that the intentions behind these changes are entirely nefarious, and this is what I think said intentions are:

We all know that scores of people get ill directly after their flu jab, as every single year, we hear the same thing, again and again and again:

"Gosh, I've been so poorly since my flu jab... So thank God I got it, or it would have been so much worse!"

(Sigh and head shake.... "that means it's working", I guess.)

We also know, as we have been cautioned by the former UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that "we would only lock down again if there was a new variant that affected children".

So, this year, children are being given a potent chemical product known to cause illness, and - in the case of the format the children's vaccine comes in (a nasal spray) - to have the potential to spread it to others, too.

Meanwhile, older adults are being exempted.

This means that we could see a sudden tidal wave of illness in children, that we will largely not see in adults.

This will be presented as "proof" that there is a new dangerous pandemic that primarily affects children, therefore giving the government the "justification" they need to lock down again, and - as Matt Hancock has already cautioned - much more stringently than before.

Note that, for adults who do still qualify for the free flu vaccine - those over 65 and in at risk groups - they will not be eligible for their jabs until October, whereas the children's flu vaccine programme commences September the 1st.

That means that, by the time the adults start to be injected, we will likely already be seeing significant illness in children, therefore, when the adults start to get ill from their vaccines, we may be told the illness they have has actually been spread to them from children, and this "mystery new pandemic" sweeping the schools.

The media is already hard at work prepping us for a new pandemic, warning variously of an imminent measles outbreak, and also of the mythical "Disease X" - a deadly, terrifying, beast of a plague... that doesn't actually exist. Despite this fact, scientists are hard at work developing a vaccine for it... Nope, I'm not joking - and I suspect many people's critical thinking abilities have been so successfully obliterated by the logic-free lunacy that was "Covid", they will actually earnestly accept you can begin working on a vaccine for a non-existent disease. You know, if you're a real "expert" and you understand The Science.

It is now the 9th of August, so we have just over three weeks before schools are back in session and the flu vaccine programme commences (not just in secondary schools, but - as has been standard practice for several years now - in primary schools as well).

If you're a parent with a school-aged child, you can find useful information and support in this group, which advises to keep your child off school on vaccination day - and, I would suggest, for as long as you can afterwards, as it's not clear how long "shedding" (whereby vaccinated children can transmit the concoction to unvaccinated children) continues for.

Whether you have school-aged children or not, please consider sending this template letter, from my health resource, Informed Consent Matters, to your local schools (Informed Consent Matters has also just developed a new leaflet warning of an impending new "plandemic").

As government ministers have already told us, the next pandemic (and they are absolutely certain there will be one) will be met with far harsher restrictions than the first - and we also must be aware that the media whipped up hatred and contempt for those that don't comply will be much magnified over Covid, because, during Covid, the non-compliant were "only" blamed for killing granny. Next time, they will be accused of killing children. Therefore, the level of public outrage at dissenters, and demands for severe and uncompromising penalties for those who break "the rules", will be much more pronounced.

Therefore, the more awareness we can raise now (see Informed Consent Matters for shareable resources such as a letter for schools and leaflets), the stronger our case for pushing back against the next "pandemic" will be. As many people as possible need to consider in advance the possibility that a nasal spray disseminated in all schools (happening for the first time ever this year) could create illness in children, an illness that could be labelled a "pandemic" and therefore used as an excuse to, once again, obliterate personal freedoms and civil liberties in the name of "our safety".

We all lost far too much the last time this happened - and all the evidence shows that not one "protective measure", such as lockdowns, vaccines, masks, or tests, were in any way advantageous to the national health (on the colossal contrary, in fact). As such, we must do everything possible not to let it happen again, by shining a light on the dark ones and their nefarious plans now, and asking a simple question:

"Why would healthy teenagers be prioritised for alleged protection against a condition that barely affects them?"

Unless and until the government can answer that question, we must continue to conclude that this is - not a theory (unlike the fictional Disease X) - but it is most certainly a conspiracy.

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