Written by: Miri
July 14, 2021

It's for the same reason they do it in the army. If you witness first-hand and close-up just how corrupt and evil your leaders really are, and you've got the expert inside knowledge to do something about it, they don't want you living a long time.

There is currently a brutal mass genocide going on within the nation's care homes (and anyone who doubts this needs to research 'midazolam' as a matter of urgency). Premature extermination of the elderly has been going on semi-covertly for a long time (Liverpool Care Pathway, annual free "flu vaccines" for the over-65s, etc.), because of what the psychopathic state perceives as a demographic burden - too many 'useless' older people, claiming pensions and other state services whilst not generating income taxes, and not enough younger, working-age people to support them. So they've been trying to shorten and prematurely extinguish their lives for decades. But now, with the perfect cover of "a pandemic", they have ramped it up exponentially and fully intend to - as Joe Biden put it - "finish the job".

The state intends to annihilate all residents of care homes and blame it on "Covid 19", and the biggest obstacle in the way of this plan are the care home staff, many of whom are deeply caring and compassionate people who would not just stand by and watch as their charges are systematically murdered. It is gradually dawning on many of these staff (as it has done in past years with the 'flu vaccines) that comparatively healthy residents are suddenly becoming very sick and dying, immediately after they receive the Covid vaccine. Left unimpeded, at some point in the very near future, this realisation would hit critical mass point and the care home staff would be in a very powerful position to expose these operations and put an end to the genocide for good.

The orchestrators of this evil plan know this, and so the best - or, shall we say, final - solution they have to prevent this potential explosive expose, is to vaccinate the staff as well - therefore ensuring, before they get the chance to organise and whistleblow, they too are struck down with serious illness and death. 

That is why these vaccines are being mandated for this industry and no other, and so, if you are currently involved with care homes (either work in one or have a relative resident in one), here is what I would recommend.

1. If you have a loved one resident in a care home, then, if it is at all possible, get them out. There are plenty of subsidised help-at-home programmes you can access if you have them come to live with you (Google 'community micro-enterprise personal assistants' to see what is available in your area).

2. If you can't get them out, write a very strongly worded letter to the care home, letting them know that if your relative is vaccinated, or subject to any other medical process without your express knowledge and consent, legal action will surely follow. 

3. If you are a member of staff at a care home, organise, organise, organise. Reach out to other staff around the country who also do not want the vaccine and are concerned about its effects on residents. Use social media to do this; ask groups like Lawyers for Liberty to post anonymously for you and start coordinating with each other. You have the power to stop this, which is exactly why the state is so desperate to give you a lethal injection before you can.

4. Ask for help. If you lose your job over this, set up a crowdfunder to help you with expenses whilst you seek alternative employment. If you want to go all the way and take this to court, look into raising legal fees through CrowdJustice. There is a huge well of support available to people who are prepared to be courageous and take a principled stand - use it.

5. Don't be afraid to do the right thing and don't let threats or bribes sway you. Unemployment is a temporary inconvenience, and nothing compared to the power you have to speak out against the monstrous genocide currently underway - and that won't stop with residents of care homes. 

Please organise and speak up now. The support is there. We are all with you. Please stand up. 

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  1. Thank you, there are only three members of staff in the home I work in that have refused vaccination me included. The management there will fire you at the drop of a hat, so this is not going to bother them in the least, if your face doesn’t fit your out, there are plenty of others out there willing to take your place.
    I do worry though because as the main breadwinner my income little as it is pays the biggest bills every month, but at the same time I am as stubborn as a mule and will not be forced to do anything I don’t want to do. I am 59 and refusing an experimental who’s going to employ me?

  2. I am so sorry you are going through this, Karen. You're doing the right thing. Keep strong, many of us are with you. We have to resist. I will definitely be donating to any legal crowdfunders!

  3. We are all fighting a deadly enemy. All my colleagues have had their 2 jabs and I'm still standing tall. We have to fight this tyranny. We need to support each other.

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