Winning The Information War

Written by: Miri
July 6, 2022

With weary predictability, "Covid" is back in the headlines (look, evil overlords, have you got unpaid interns doing your screenwriting or something? These 'Plague Mutates!' plot twists are getting so derivative and dull...).

"In pretending Covid is over, the UK government is playing a dangerous game," scolds The Guardian sanctimoniously, in an article by one of those renowned experts in virology and immunology, a psychologist. A behavioural psychologist, no less, and a member of Sage, who is, in fact, confirming that, if Covid is "not over", none of Sage's recommendations actually worked.

Never ones to let the truth get in the way of a good story, though (or even a terrible, pitiable, riddled-with-plot-holes one), the Guardian continues with its scolding stepmotherly finger-wagging, to state that hospitals are "rightly" reintroducing mask mandates and the government "should" extend this to public transport and supermarkets (evidence? citations? any confirming proof whatsoever that compelling millions of people to wear flappy bits of filthy cloth around their faces is a positive or health-augmenting step to take? Nah... In fact, this recent comprehensive study involving 602 million people found exactly the opposite).

Similar such preposterous propaganda festoons the front pages of many other publications, including a push for yet another booster come Autumn - that's injection number four, by the way - which is ominously described as "five times more effective" (at what, we wonder). This latest injectable is supposedly a "new" concoction to fight the "Omicron" variant (an anagram of moronic and otherwise known as Baa Baa Baa Baa - not a joke, its "official" name is BA.4. Hey, nobody ever said these evil overlords had a particularly sophisticated sense of humour).

Perhaps it's needless to say, as I'm sure most reading have come to this conclusion already, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is it: quite literally, the kill shot. The most dangerous injection yet, and so, even for those who have taken some injections previously (many of which I believe were placebos, especially the first dose), they must, at all costs, be dissuaded from taking this one.

This is for their own health and well-being, of course, but also for ours, as once this new injection begins being administered, then ill health and death will go through the roof, this will be blamed on yet more "vaccine-resistant mutations", and this will provide the perfect excuse to go back into lockdown (for which Boris has already prepped the public), and all that that entails.

The good news here is that we are not living in the same world as we were in March 2020. When we tried to warn people back then, most people found it easy to ridicule and dismiss us, and few that were not already committed "conspiracists" were receptive to our message that the government was promulgating dangerous lies for nefarious reasons.

Two-and-a-half years later, a lot more people - a lot more - are receptive to that message. The atrocious, duplicitous, contemptible behaviour of the UK government since March 2020 has touched every family, and there is not a person in this country who has not been detrimentally affected by lockdown restrictions and/or injection coercion.

Everyone has a story to tell about being denied access to mortally ill loved ones whilst Boris partied, of struggling to keep their heads above water or maintain their business under endless furloughs and fines, or - of course - being injured by a vaccine.

Although not everyone is reachable - evidence has consistently shown there's a hardcore conformist demographic that constitutes about 20% of the population, for whom no amount of suffering or government dishonesty will ever convince not to "trust the experts" - there is an increasingly open-minded middle, who may have complied (and thought us conspiraquacks crazy) at the beginning - but are having all sorts of second thoughts now.

These are the people we need to do everything we can in the next few weeks to reach, and dissuade them from getting the next injection, or falling for more aggressive government propaganda calling for another lockdown.

I've written before about the incredible power of PR and propaganda, and how the media and government uses this to extraordinary effect to manipulate and control the mass mind.

They use brilliant rhetoric, emotive imagery, and all sorts of other incredibly highly-skilled techniques to proliferate their message and get the public to do what they want.

So, we need to compete with them at that level. We need to produce and promote our own materials that make use of the same time-honoured tactics the mainstream uses - but use them for good.

We have a window of opportunity here to appeal to a huge number of people, who are increasingly confused and looking for answers, and could potentially become our allies - but that window will quickly close, once the next injection starts being administered.

So, on this brief, Mark and I have been working around the clock to develop a new resource designed to definitively counter all the insidious propaganda and lies of the mainstream, but in a way that utilises the same approaches they do - ones that will appeal to people and not immediately shut them down by seeming "conspiratorial".

The government and media have invested a fortune in understanding human psychology (that's precisely why there are so many psychologists on Sage) so that they understand exactly how to construct messaging and promotional campaigns that work. If we want to compete with them, we must do this, too.

The new resource Mark and I are developing is designed to be as professional and mainstream-looking as anything produced by the NHS or government, and to therefore cut through any pre-existing prejudices people might have about alternative information, by presenting it just like the mainstream does.

This will include real-world materials that people can use to disseminate information and start conversations, as it's critical we get our activism off the internet, and into the real world - whilst we have a free and unrestricted summer to do so.

We hope to have the resource complete and live by Monday 11th July (so I might be a bit quiet for the rest of this week...)

Please watch this space!

Update 12/07/22

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