YouTubal Ligation

Written by: Miri
June 26, 2024
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Hi Miri Finch,

Began the jaunty email with the all-too familiar logo, pertaining to a certain online video sharing platform.

The email continued (although the jaunty theme rather deteriorated): 

We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.

"Severe violations"? In the context of a free and democratic society that supports free speech and a diversity of views, surely such a term could only be used to describe content that was graphically violent or explicitly pornographic, not simply... someone expressing opinions (who doesn't even swear)?

But, no. My YouTube channel - which featured audio versions of about 100 of my articles, plus a few interviews I'd done - has been permanently removed merely for the "crime" of expressing a different view.

I'd had a few "warnings" from YouTube before this happened - videos removed for "misinformation" - but the offering that was apparently a severe violation too far was my article on "Dr" Michael Mosley, and whether he faked his own death.

Given that according to my Substack stats, this is the most widely-read article I've ever written, it seems steps had to be taken to prohibit it reaching any further...

YouTube is the third prominent platform to permanently ban me, following Twitter (my @miri_af account was permanently banned in 2022 for "spreading Covid misinformation", which is why I now Tweet under a different name), and PayPal, which permanently banned me with no warning just under two years ago, when it was my primary source of income.

The PayPal ban very nearly destroyed my endeavours altogether (as, needless to say, it was designed to do).

Thankfully, I managed to maintain enough support to move onto other platforms, but this latest ban has reminded me that what I am doing (and what other dissident voices are doing) is clearly a real threat to the establishment and, therefore, constantly vulnerable to sabotage and attack.

The establishment does not want us speaking out, and the more we do, and the more our audience grows, the less they want it, and the more they will do to silence us.

I am well aware that this situation is likely to get dramatically worse after the upcoming General Election, when we will almost certainly be landed with a Labour government, and not just any Labour government, but the most authoritarian and tyrannical in history.

While the Tories have to at least present the veneer of believing in individual rights and free speech, Labour has no such compunctions, and will zealously bring the ban-hammer down on everything in the name of "safety" and "the greater good".

We can already see all the warning signs of how they will try to clamp down on free speech online, and any and all variations of "wrongthink".

By far the most impactful way they have of cutting off dissident voices is demonetising them.

Labour wants everyone, but especially dissidents, impoverished and desperate so it can come to "save" them with UBI and thus have total control over them.

Every time an independent writer or other content creator is removed from a major platform such as YouTube, their income takes a substantial negative hit, and all it takes is for such a negative hit to occur in a particularly tough month, or for a series of negative hits to come at once, to silence them for good.

I am profoundly committed to continuing what I am doing and doing whatever I can to challenge the establishment's agenda and hold its corrupt players to account, through exposes, analyses, letters, and other forms of activism and campaigning, as I have been consistently doing for the last nine years (I launched my first website, 'STRIVE' - a vaccine information resource for students - in 2015).

To do that to the best of my ability, and to continue to make my resources available to as many people as possible (I never use paywalls), I need to ensure I can remain solvent, a status that is challenged every time I am banned from a platform - and I know such bans are likely to intensify under Labour.

So if you appreciate what I do, and would like to help support me continue doing it, please do become a paid subscriber - either monthly through Substack or Patreon, or on a one-off basis through Buy Me A Coffee, or directly to my bank account (the details of which are: Nat West a/c 30835984, s/c 54-10-27, account name FINCH MA).

I hugely appreciate everyone who has supported me to date and has enabled me to get this far, and I very much hope and believe - even, and perhaps especially, as it gets harder - that we can go much further.

If these lunatic control freak overlords think politely speculating on a news story "severely violates" their delicate sensibilities, they ain't seen nothing yet...

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