A handy guide to new plagues, Queen raves, and underground caves: You are here...

Written by: Miri
May 31, 2022

As this week marks a seminal occasion in British history, I thought it was time to take a moment to reflect upon exactly where we are in the deftly coordinated global narrative, and what might be in store for us next (and when I say seminal occasion, I refer, of course, to the fact that many pubs are this week selling pints for 6p).

The latest panto plague - "pandemimes", as I have christened them - got off to a bit of a false start the other week. Monkey-mania was gradually climbing the headline charts, with characteristic screeching sensationalism - even knocking the current "current thing", Ukraine, out of the top spot in the Guardian at one point - only to be seemingly neutralised by by a sudden epidemic of Queen fever (which may definitely be something you need to consult a qualified healthcare professional for...).

However, please do not be deceived. Although the headlines have a temporary new focus, monkey-mania is still there, quietly gathering pace in the background, ready to take advantage of all these convenient "super-spreader" events that will be rolled out this weekend in honour of the Arch Monster. Sorry, I meant, of course, the Monarch.

Like everything that happens on the world stage, this is all pre-scripted and pre-arranged. At the moment, "they" don't want to push primate panic, because they want the nation to co-create the future "reality" they have in mind, by going out and partying like we've never partied before - I mean, can you remember another occasion where the entire country has had a four-day weekend? Where you can get pints - not just for 6p, as it was when I began writing this article - but now, for free?

Make no mistake: we as a country are being handsomely supported and even bankrolled to have the party of our lives... So the establishment then has the excuse of their lives for explaining why a previously tropical, contained, and not particularly contagious disease, has suddenly hit pandemic proportions. And so, there we have it: enter stage left, Pandemime 2 ("This one will really get their attention," - Baal Gates.)

What will characterise the Jubilee parties are all the things the overlords want to ban: primarily, lots of close contact between happy, sociable people establishing and strengthening friendships and bonds in the real world, rather than online. Such phenomena is earmarked for destruction, as we saw in the first "pandemic". This is because the current ruling elite knows only too well just how powerfully positive and protective of health such gatherings are. Research has consistently shown that high levels of social connectivity are so protective of health, they can effectively neutralise many bad habits such as poor diet or drinking too much - in effect, that it is better to be a sociable, well-connected person with poor lifestyle habits, than to be a loner with a great diet and exercise regime. Obviously - tedious disclaimer - the optimal situation is to be both sociable and healthy, but the point here is not to give hectoring lifestyle lectures, but rather to underline just how powerful social connection is as a protector of health and longevity.

The overlords know this. This is why they have poured such a large amount of money into researching the effects of loneliness and isolation. They wanted to find the most deadly environment for the human beings they are so desperate to depopulate - and they found it. The most deadly environment is not a pub or fast food restaurant - it's your own living room, if you're stuck there day after day, month after month, year after year, on your own and with no meaningful human connection or community. And that is why that's where the establishment consigned us all during Pandemime 1 - knowing just how many people live on their own and so would be completely isolated, and what effects that would have on their health - and their predicted lifespan.

So: in order to get people to submit to these kind of life-limiting solitary confinements permanently, the social architects have to permanently scare them off social gatherings and other human beings, and that is what all the pomp and excess of the "Jubilee" is really all about. "Party, peasants, like you've never partied before," the overlords are telling you. "Because it'll be the last time you ever do."

It's also obvious and inevitable that a long weekend of boozing will involve a lot more "hook-ups" than usual, with plenty of young (and not so young) people going home with strangers they meet in pubs and at parties. We have already been told "Monkeypox" is primarily spread through sexual contact, and so this is setting the stage for scrapping sex. The overlords want to abolish all forms of meaningful human connection and bonding, sex is one, and with the added disadvantage to maniacal depopulationists that it can result in babies, so obviously, that has to go.

That the future will be sex-free was clearly demonstrated to us by the highly predictive piece of programming, Demolition Man (1993), which, if you haven't seen - or haven't seen recently - I would really recommend re-watching. In this film, set several years in the future, sex is banned after a series of "virus pandemics", and instead, couples bond via AI - a virtual reality headset they both wear, whilst strictly socially distanced from one another.

If you think this seems far-fetched, please see below an excerpt from The Guardian newspaper just yesterday regarding "Monkeypox":

"Updated guidance on Monday said that people who suspect they have the virus or have been diagnosed with it, and need to travel to get healthcare, should cover any lesions, wear a face mask and avoid public transport. They should also not have sex as soon as they notice the first symptoms, and use a condom for eight weeks after infection."

Not incidentally, The Guardian also states infected people must "avoid contact with pets", another nefarious part of the agenda that we will get to shortly.

The endgame here is to convince people, not just that large gatherings are too risky to participate in, but that any human contact at all is. In Pandemime 1, we were at least "allowed" to mix freely with people we lived with, but in Pandemime 2, we will be told even that is too dangerous, as the virus spreads between close contact between people (not just sexually, but through hugs, handshakes, and even touching "infected" towels or bedding).

The solution to this, then - and something that has also been depicted in various predictive programming vehicles (such as 2149: The Aftermath) - is to move everyone into single occupancy pods, where they do everything via computers, and only leave home very occasionally and in a way that strictly limits any direct contact with others (the BBC told us right at the beginning of the first "pandemic" that this is how the future would look).

If you have been to any city centre recently - London, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield - you will notice that they are all building sites. Tower after tower of very small apartments are shooting up everywhere. Who, you wonder, is going to live in all these developments, when they are clearly not family homes and with barely enough space for even two people? How is there going to be demand for ALL this new housing, when most people already have a home?

The answer is that we are meant to live in them. Once "Monkeypox" has been deemed too dire a threat for us to live with other people, the plan is to relocate us (those of us who have survived the injection programme at least) into single person pods. Please note that a family friend recently completed an architecture degree, and he said the only thing he and his fellow students were taught to design were single-occupancy flats. Please also note that there is a clause in the Coronavirus Act which allows the government to bulldoze people's homes if they re considered "contaminated by a virus".

I also note that, today, an article on "giant rats invading the nation's toilets" has been strategically weaved through local papers, warning that modern suburban homes don't have sufficiently protective plumbing to prevent this. I am going to make a wild stab in the dark and guess that the single-occupancy pods shooting up everywhere, miraculously do... (NB: I doubt very much that it is true about giant, loo-loving rats swimming breaststroke down plumbing pipes - for a start, these rats are described as "as big as cats", and so they wouldn't fit - and strongly suspect this is simply fear-based propaganda setting the stage for driving people out of their homes.)

We can conclude from this that the establishment wants you sealed off from the world in your single occupancy, rat-proofed pod, but it's not just other humans it wants to seal you off from - it wants to destroy the love and companionship offered by pets, too. The establishment hates pets, as once again, they contribute to improving health and longevity in myriad ways (a cat's purr is known to be very healing, and vibrates at the same frequency as bones do when knitting back together). and they also typically eat a lot of meat, which the psychopathic establishment has labelled "unsustainable" (the same reason it is currently trying to feed the nation's schoolchildren insects).

Hence, we now have a plethora of anti-pet propaganda saturating the media, including one recent piece labelling cats "serial killers" and suggesting they should be "muzzled" - whilst we are told a primary vector of spreading the primate pox is stroking pets. There has already been a call from some quarters to start pet culling.

Please note that many whistle-blowers stated from the start that it would take two to three years for the most heinous effects of the Covid injection programme to really start showing themselves (Bill Gates also confirmed this in a BBC interview), which takes us up to the next six months - the first Covid injection was given in winter 2020.

So, just as terrible Covid vaccine reactions start to become epidemic in the country, right on cue we have a new "plague" to accredit these reactions to. People were very effectively controlled with fear during Covid, even though there was no actual evidence Covid was a real threat (or, indeed, real at all, rather than just rebranded seasonal colds and 'flus). But this wouldn't work again. You couldn't so successfully oppress and control people with a fake threat this time, because many have begun to see through the charade. If you want that level of control again, you'll need to frighten people with something real - and the vaccine holocaust will be all too horrifyingly real.

It seems that pox-like rashes are a known side-effect of the Pfizer vaccine, and no doubt the other brands, too. So, as more and more of these reactions emerge, panicked people will scurry to the doctors, who will give them a PCR test. The same PCR test that its own inventor said is useless as a diagnostic tool for illness. "Anyone can test positive for anything with the PCR," Nobel-prize winning scientist, who "died suddenly" in 2019, Kary Mullis said. "It doesn't tell you you're sick."

The whole Covid charade was propped up by the totally unfit-for-purpose PCR, about which there were already cautionary tales regarding using it to diagnose "epidemics". The PCR test was responsible for the false declaration of a "whooping cough epidemic" in the USA in 2007. On the basis of positive PCR testing, mass panic ensued: a hospital was evacuated (including intensive care beds), and multiple staff were indefinitely furloughed. However, when the test results were properly scrutinised and subject to gold-standard testing, it turned out none of the patients had whooping cough at all, just normal respiratory conditions like the common cold.

Reflecting on the situation, Dr. Cathy A. Petti, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Utah, said the story had one clear lesson.

"The big message is that every lab is vulnerable to having false positives," Dr. Petti said. "No single test result is absolute and that is even more important with a test result based on PCR."

The PCR is a gift to the dark magicians conjuring up the current show, because you can get as many positive results as you like, simply depending on how many times you cycle the test. If you cycle it more than about 60 times, everyone will test positive. If you cycle it less than 30, nobody will. So, if you want to declare a "Monkeypox pandemic", all you have to do is cycle the tests a lot of times. Equally, if you've just staged a "Covid pandemic" and want to declare your vaccines are working against it, you just reduce the cycle numbers so less people test positive.

It is not incidental (nothing is on the world stage) that while the overlords are gearing up to demonising close physical contact as physically dangerous, a dramatic sea-change in the culture is also underway regarding the psychological and emotional consequences of our "anything goes" liberal culture.

The West has become more and more liberal since the second world war, and while many would agree some of the changes - regarding equal rights and challenging certain stigmas and prejudices - were positive, most now feel we have gone too far, with Drag Queen Storytime and people identifying as cats. We have been pushed far beyond "moderate liberalism" to something farcical, dangerous, and insane, and this is by design. It's to galvanise a pushback, one that is rapidly gaining pace.

Social conservatism is becoming more and more fashionable, with an increasing number of cool, young conservative commentators coming to prominence (such as the US's Matt Walsh - who has a hipster beard and drinks whiskey) - including, this week, the debut of a book called "The Case Against The Sexual Revolution", by a female author who is just 30 years old (if you're like me and you still think of 30 years ago as being some point in the 1970s, please bear in mind that someone who is 30 was born in 1992). This book is an impassioned clarion call against the most treasured tenets of liberalism, and states amongst other things that the best thing women can possibly do is get and stay married.

The book has been excerpted at length in three separate articles for the Daily Mail, which is a very unusual amount of publicity for a young, debut author. The reason for this is that this book is earmarked to be a seminal text in dramatically changing the cultural narrative, in the way that the social controllers want to do.

They want to totally overthrow liberalism (that's why we're being goaded with increasing liberal insanity, in order to provoke us push back against it), and replace it with something more or less resembling The Handmaid's Tale. Please see that show - like all big-budget, highly publicised televisual offerings - as predictive programming, outlining as it does a future where most are infertile (and infertility is suddenly, dramatically escalating since the jab), and where the liberal culture is overthrown by a collection of "cool, young" conservative activists - including a female one, who, in the show, shortly before "the takeover", writes a book stating the best thing women can possibly do is get and stay married.

A lot of what these activists say at this point in time (outlining the harms of a 'pornified', casual sex culture, for instance) seems reasonable - and it is. I'm sure when I read the aforementioned book (the real one, not the one from The Handmaid's Tale), I will find much in it with which to agree. The point, however, is why this narrative is being catapulted into mainstream culture now, after decades of ultra-liberalism and where more conservative or traditional perspectives have been verboten. The reason is, to initially present conservatism in reasonable terms which will attract a lot of sympathy and support from a population increasingly sick and tired of liberal excesses - to trick them into lending their support for what is really to come next.

I think an ultra-conservative revolution is on the way, which will at first take a "Handmaid Tale's" style appearance, but will then exceed even that, to the extent that, while in The Handmaid's Tale, women are only allowed to live with their husbands, in the future the overlords have in mind, women (and men) won't be allowed to live with anyone at all. In The Handmaid's Tale, the new order is accredited to the wicked degeneracy of the West, and there will be similar "reasoning" by the overlords now - that libertine attitudes to personal relationships have spread the deadly plague, and now it is so endemic we all have to live sealed away, alone in our sanitised pods, because our filthy behaviour has made interacting with others too dangerous.

This is a theme that comes up again and again in so many predictive programming vehicles, including Demolition Man, which I mentioned earlier (and mention again as it really is essential viewing, now more than ever).

However, do not despair! As I am pleased to report I can finish this essay on a positive note (yes, really! And it's not just about the 6p pints...). The good thing about Demolition Man, and all such "future dystopia" vehicles, is that there is always an outlaw class who has resisted the draconian diktats of the dominant society. This goes right back to Robin Hood and beyond - there are always defectors and outliers, and - contrary to what some have stated - the establishment is NOT incentivised to simply kill such people off. This is because, in order for any empire or regime, especially an ultra-repressive one, to be successful, there has to be an enemy alien that the leaders can point at and "otherise" in order to retain control.

If there is no excluded "other", then inhabitants of a repressive regime will inevitably start to wonder if there is any alternative to the restrictions under which they live, and perhaps start to plot and plan escape... However, if from their most formative years, social leaders are able to point at a despised outlaw class, completely demonise them, and tell the members of the mainstream society "if you don't follow the rules, you'll end up like THEM! Those filthy, diseased, backward peasants! You don't want THAT, do you?!" - then they are much more likely to be able to retain control. It works in our society right now - "conspiracy theorists" are so otherised and demonised that millions of people are too terrified to issue even the most gentle and timid of challenges to the establishment narrative, lest they get labelled a "conspiracy theorist". I once had a vaccine argument with a man who - when I told him a lot of deaths were occurring in highly vaccinated people - declared that he would "rather die than be like you". And such people mean it.

This demonstrates that "otherising" really works, and that is why the current establishment will never round up the nation's "conspiracy theorists" and cart them off to a FEMA camp. We, as a fringe minority that can be demonised (and look at just how much they have demonised us to date), are too useful to them.

You may remember the Forbes article from a couple of years ago, a fictionalised account of a man living in 2030, and describing what the society - where they own nothing and are happy - is like. He extols the virtues of being under constant surveillance, having no privacy, and having robots do everything, before finishing by saying:

"My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it. They live different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have formed little self-supplying communities. Others just stayed in the empty and abandoned houses in small 19th century villages."

So, that'll be us, then! Some sacrifice and hardship will obviously be inevitable in establishing said self-supplying communities, but the most important thing to remember is that we can and that there is a future - that it's not in the overlords' interests to exterminate us. Yes, they want depopulation overall, but they don't intend to kill literally everyone - they're going for the "low-hanging fruit", the people they can easily brainwash and manipulate, and, sadly, there are all too many such people.

So please hold on for the next bit of the ride. It'll be bumpy and our vehicle may stall a few times, but we'll nevertheless make it to the destination in tact.

(And there's no harm in enjoying a free pint while you can, either - the good thing about metaphorical vehicle journeys being that this doesn't constitute drink-driving... 😀 )

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  1. I wonder if anyone can explain what this is: https://anthropy.live/home

    It is run by someone highly vacuous-sounding called O' Brien MBE. The vacuous husband of a childhood friend is running the marketing, which is how I had the misfortune to stumble upon it. They think they can trademark words before Oxford grabs them.

    All I've managed to actually discern is that they state that they want a WEF / Davos-style British organization just for Brits to yada sustainable yada bullshit yada. Very odd but maybe this is what Brits are like now? They say it's crowdfunded to the superlative but I have a hard time believing anyone would give them any money and anyway their list of sponsors sticks out like a sore thumb. I hope they go away.

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