A Hostile Hangover

Written by: Miri
July 12, 2021
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So, we remain unalienated and ISIS are still self-isolating, but I did manage to predict the score - three to two (322, but of course!), so my Mystical Miricle powers remain in reasonably respectable shape...

We didn't watch the game in my household, we watched East is East instead (da da da-da-da... totally stuck in my head for days now), which was very good, and I learned about bobs (three of them make 15p, so now you know). However, I did feel a bizarre and prevailing sense of anxiety all throughout the film, which ended - with an uneasy scripted perfection - JUST as England went into penalties. Right to the end, I was still half-expecting the stadium to descend into darkness and ET to descend onto the pitch...

But instead, it ends in a hostile takeover of another sort, where all the intense jubilation and elation of the last few days has been brutally crushed and the nation thrust into - according to the papers - "mourning". That kind of intense energy shift is going to be very significant. The UK hasn't been whipped up into such a state of excited frenzy for years - in fact, I don't recall ever seeing scenes like I was witnessing yesterday (people queuing round the block for the pub from 5am etc.) ever before in my lifetime.

So, to have all those hopes and expectations so cruelly dashed, and it all being so close and so last minute - a much worse defeat than if Italy had easily won within a conventional timeframe - is going to have very significant implications on the national psyche and our collective (excuse the odd Ickeism, but I am a conspiraquack after all) 'vibration'.

Also, a colossal amount of alcohol and drugs were consumed yesterday - people casually doing lines in front of the police in Leicester Square at lunchtime - and the comedown from that today is another monumental energetic shift and lowering of the collective vibration - as well as giving the immune system a negative hit and making people prone to illness in the forthcoming days.

Needless to say, there's lots of relevant numerology and other significant symbolism, and Jamie Arthur Pickup has done a great analysis on that, but as for what that gigantic, expensive, mass ritual was ultimately really 'for', it seems it was the usual energy harvesting that all these big sports events are, but also, a kind of massive bait and switch, the ultimate cat and mousing, of which psychopaths are so enamoured.

Torture people for a year with what all terrorist regimes know is the worst, most inhumane punishment (solitary confinement and complete isolation) and then, with their spirits crushed and their wills almost irretrievably broken, give them a glimmer of hope with the ultimate prize (I mean, I find it totally incomprehensible that the spectacle of a handful of overpaid teenagers attempting to get a bag of air into the back of a net IS the ultimate prize for so many, but it is, so there we go), then continue to bait them with hope as their team scores in the first three minutes (was it three minutes and three seconds, by any chance?)... and then, snatch victory away at the last possible minute and in the worst possible way.

I don't think you need to be an expert in behavioural psychology to see the effect this will have on many, and how it does seem to fit into the meticulously well-orchestrated programme of abuse the country has been enduring for the last year.

If England had won, this would have been a genuine 'treat' for many. It would profoundly have lifted their spirits. It would have served as real recompense for a lot of the traumas of the last year.

Well, we can't have that, can we? If you're trying to torture someone and permanently break their will for good, so they become the ultimate subservient slave (and, as anyone remotely conversant with behavioural modification techniques can attest, that is exactly what has been going on on the world stage these last 16 months), you don't ever give them genuine, enduring victory and pleasure. You just use the enticing carrot of these things to further control, and then ultimately crush, them.

So, in effect, I think yesterday was about grinding people down yet further so they are more meekly accepting of and compliant with the next stage - more lockdowns, more restrictions, etc. etc. - which obviously will be blamed on all the football fans "abusing their freedom" and spreading the virus, blah blah.

The overlords are trying to break us for good, and in any hostile takeover of a culture, you must desecrate and destroy all that culture's most beloved institutions. Of course, the two most beloved institutions in the UK are the pub and the football. We can see what the crushing football defeat has done to people's spirits, and we will be told the "irresponsible" pub-goers - queuing without social distancing, not wearing their masks - resulted in the "third wave". Therefore, football as spectator sport and focus of the pub, will both be scrapped, in a final attempt to break people for good.

That's my best analysis of what's going on (and yes, I realise it's not too cheery - that's why we watched East is East instead!).

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One comment on “A Hostile Hangover”

  1. Not just the football though. We had the spectacle of the G7 summit then there was Ascot for the toffs and Wimbledon plus a number of concerts. They are making sure as many people as possible will be together to ramp up the covid figures and enable them to say, oh sorry we have to keep the lockdown for your safety. In the meantime the govt and their hangers on can do whatever they like. 😡

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