A Labour of Lunacy

Written by: Miri
July 21, 2023
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So, the results are in, and yesterday's by-elections saw the Tories toppled in every constituency bar one, with the 25-year-old "Starmer clone' (he's literally even called Keir) Mather inflicting the biggest loss on the Conservatives in history, storming to victory with a majority of more than 4,000 votes.

The Tories only managed to hang on to one seat, Uxbridge and South Ruislip, and even then, only by the skin of their teeth, with their 2019 majority of 7,210 votes down to just 495.

The trend is irrefutably clear, transparently obvious, and painfully predictable - we are being set up for a Labour landslide at the next General Election, which I now suspect may be with us a lot sooner than January 2025 (the latest the current government is required to call it).

But why should we, as a dissident community largely disillusioned with the facade of democracy and the illusion we have any real "choice" at national elections (prominent political leaders being selected, not elected), care about this? Tory, Labour, Monster Raving Loony (or Reclaim, but I repeat myself 😉 ) does it really matter, when ultimately they're all the same?

Well, I think it does matter, and for this reason: the overlords have made it very clear that they are planning another pandemic, that it will be worse than Covid, and that the governmental response will be very much more "stringent" than the allegedly "lax" response of those laissez-faire Conservatives last time.

The next stage of the agenda is for all-out tyranny, of the type that couldn't be persuasively pushed in under a Tory governmentL not if the social script writers want to maintain the illusion that the Conservatives are actually in any way conservative.

Please note that almost all the parliamentary opposition to the harsher pandemic restrictions came from backbench Tory MPs - whilst Labour's idea of "opposition" was to repeatedly condemn the sitting government for not being nearly harsh enough. Not one Labour MP voted against the UK's third national lockdown, whilst 12 Tory MPs did (and note, Andrew Bridgen was not one of them).

This notion - that the UK Government was insufficiently strict when terrorising its population and dismantling its economy over a cold - has been recently ratified by the so-called 'Covid inquiry', where Matt Hancock declared that the UK must be prepared to impose lockdowns which are “wider, earlier” and “more stringent than feels comfortable” to combat a future "pandemic".

There would be too much opposition to this approach from recalcitrant members of his own former party - but no such internal rebellion exists within the Labour cartel, as their uniform party line and voting record throughout "the pandemic" confirms. No restriction was too ruthless, no mandate too menacing - Labour rapaciously gobbled it all up and greedily demanded more.

As such, Labour are going to be manoeuvred into government in a landslide victory at the imminent next General Election, and then they are going to give us PANDEMIC 2! Bigger, Badder, and Deadlier Than Ever Before...

Subsequently, they will deliver the kind of psychotically tyrannical response to the latest manufactured crisis that would make North Korea - nay, Satan himself - blush.

How are they going to manufacture this crisis? Last time, it was all done through media hysteria and the power of suggestion, but this time I think they'll rank it up several notches by actually creating a visible new illness (there was no new illness in 'Covid': there was just ordinary seasonal respiratory illnesses rebranded - that's why the flu "inexplicably" disappeared throughout the Covid chapter, in the same way Marathon bars inexplicably disappeared upon the introduction of Snickers).

I have speculated they will create a spate of unusual new illness that (for maximal emotional impact) disproportionately affects children, through the nasal flu spray which, this year and for the first time ever, is being offered to all three million of the nation's secondary school children.

Needless to say, the social controllers will invent an explanation as to why children are suddenly becoming so ill, which will have nothing to do with the toxic gunk shoved up their noses, but rather - and they're already setting this up right now - "waning vaccination rates".

Do a news search for that phrase, and you will see, in recent weeks and months, an increasing amount of press coverage given to this topic. The press is reporting that uptake for many childhood vaccines has fallen sharply in the last few years, with the blame for this laid at the feet of both "the pandemic" (where restrictions interfered with many children receiving their "routine immunisations") and "crazy anti-vaxxers" spreading their "misinformation", thereby spooking parents out of getting vaccines.

And then today, right on cue, the MSM hauls out its very favourite "crazy anti-vaxxer" of all, Andrew Wakefield.

Wakefield hasn't been given mainstream column inches for ages, but suddenly, here he is, right there on the front page of the Daily Mail, with the sensationalist headline:

"EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced ex-doctor-cum-'godfather' of anti-vaxx movement returns to his old tricks: Andrew Wakefield urges parents not to give their kids ANY jabs in outrageous new podcast, sparking fury among medics."

All the usual tedious cliches and lies are then trotted out, about evil Andrew and his insane anti-vax disciples [note: for the evidence-based truth about Wakefield and "that" Lancet paper, I strongly recommend his fully referenced book on the matter, Callous Disregard], no surprises there - but here is the key and revealing paragraph:

"While Wakefield has been credited with driving an initial decline in MMR jabs, anti-vax disinformation and sentiment was revitalized during the Covid pandemic. Experts believe unfounded claims about the Covid jabs has fuelled vaccine-hesitancy around other jabs, even established ones which have been routinely offered to children for decades.

So what they are doing here - with this and other high-profile articles - is weaving the idea into the public consciousness that children are increasingly at risk of "deadly diseases" due to "waning vaccination rates", so when the new so-called pandemic hits - which we have already been warned will adversely affect children - then it can be blamed on this, rather than the real culprit, which is overwhelmingly likely to be toxic nasal sprays known to create and spread illness.

To repeat: this autumn term, for the first time ever, all three million plus of the nation's secondary school children will be offered the nasal flu spray. That's one hell of a "coincidence", when it was predicted on this website shortly prior to the government's announcement secondary school pupils would be offered this vaccine, that the next "pandemic" was likely to be created by a spiked nasal flu spray.

My prediction is that, as a "mystery new illness" begins to spread through schools, and the media fans the flames of panic, this will be used to manufacture public clamour for a General Election - because the conclusion of the 'Covid inquiry' was that the Tories didn't handle the last "pandemic" adequately, because they weren't strict enough. Therefore, we need a properly totalitarian Labour government to come in and to deal with the next "pandemic" - with ultra-draconian restrictions applied hard, fast, and early - in order to "keep us safe".

Therefore, my primary focus over the next few weeks before the autumn school term - and schools' flu nasal spray programme - commences on September 1st is going to be campaigning as hard as I can to raise awareness of what it appears very likely is on the cards, in a bid to ensure as many people as possible do not fall for this latest hoax.

In many ways, and as was observed in this incisive summary of what's likely up next, the next pretend pandemic will be harder to resist, because "they" will come down on us far harder than last time - but this has the corollary effect of putting the kind of unpleasant pressure on people that wasn't on many last time, as they lounged around in the garden sipping Pimms and enjoying a long paid holiday - which may finally be the trigger they need to wake up and fight back. The government gained mass compliance last time through making the whole thing so comfortable for many. It won't be comfortable this time, and that could ultimately work in our favour.

For parents of school-aged children, the best advice is to keep them out of school the day of the vaccine, and for as long as you can afterwards (I understand the concoction can 'shed' for up to 30 days), maybe setting up a rotating childcare arrangement with other local parents to supervise the children if you need to be at work.

Please also be aware of 'catch-up clinics' which schools can spring with little notice, and of the ways Gillick competency and 'implied consent' can be weaponised to bully children into vaccines without parental consent (or even knowledge). It's always worth sending a letter warning the school that there will be consequences if your child is vaccinated without your express knowledge and consent.

I've also produced a template letter for schools (that can be sent whether you have a child at that school or not, and can be signed with a pseudonym if you prefer) regarding the profound risks implicit in the flu spray campaign, and what this might lead to.

There was little warning that "Covid" was on its way, but there are much clearer signs this time round, so let's take advantage of this while we can, and ensure as many people as possible know what is happening, that the game is rigged - but that it's still eminently possible for us to win.

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