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Written by: Miri
June 30, 2023
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"So my 14-year-old son has work experience this week," began the Tweet, seemingly innocuously enough.

But then it continued: "[and] I s**t you not, they've got them working from home. NO, work experience should be putting these kids out into the real world, not shoving them behind a screen, being on video calls."

One option for students to explore was "a day in the life of an influencer".

I shared this Tweet, because appalling as this is - anti-human, unhealthy, indefensible - it is, hideously, an accurate reflection of what today's average 14-year-old can expect their future working life to be like (if, that is, they are fortunate enough to have a job at all, rather than a UBI stipend, as AI takes over much human labour): sitting at home on their own interacting with the world through screens and devices, just as is already common place in many industries.

In effect, schools are ratifying exactly what us "crazy conspiracy theorists" have been sounding the alarm about for the last three years - that the global establishment wants to ban real life and force us to exist under permanent house arrest only interacting with the world virtually.

The Covid chapter and lockdowns were a preview and practice run of what "they" want permanently, and they are making this quite explicit in the kind of "work experience" they are now recommending for children. The mother quoted in the Tweet at the beginning of this article stated there were no real-world options for students wanting to sample working life: all the options were online.

Please note also that The Telegraph newspaper, a very sober establishment institution and not generally recognised as a purveyor of "conspiracy theories", put out this video recently, predicting that by 2030, we may "never need to leave our houses again".

As I have mentioned in previous articles, the ruling classes intend to make living in the real world a privilege only enjoyed by the moneyed elite (they have even coined the term, 'reality privilege'), whereas everyone else exists under house arrest, only "living" as an avatar in the Metaverse.

Already, an ominous new trend of "identity fashion" has developed, where one can use synthesised AI faces for business (and beyond), effectively creating a false, digital "you" that looks any way you want and can do anything it wants in the Metaverse (commit crimes etc), with no real-world consequences, as none of it is "real" and ends as soon as you create a different AI "you". Your physical body becomes nothing more than a ventriloquist, to operate the various "suits" you wear online, and your real-world life becomes obsolete.

This all sounds suitably sinister in theory, but begs the obvious question about practice: well, "they" may want that, but how are they going to enforce it? Even if one does work from home, as many reading this do, we can still go outside. We can still go for a walk in the park, pop to the shops, go out for a drink, visit friends and family and so on. So, okay, working from home has some drawbacks in terms of limiting some social and networking opportunities (particularly important for younger adults just establishing themselves), but how on Earth would widespread, even universal, working from home translate to NEVER leaving the house?

In the same way it did in 2020 and 2021. In those years, when "lockdown" restrictions were in place, people were not instructed merely to work from home, but to do everything from home - to socialise via Zoom, to swap the pub and the cinema for Facebook and Netflix, to order in rather than eating out, and so on and so forth.

Even exercise, as you may recall, was strictly limited, and at one point, it was stipulated that outside exercise could be banned altogether.

And why did people comply with this ludicrous, lunatic, tyrannical nonsense? Because they were scared. Because they thought there was a dangerous virus they would either catch or spread if they set foot out the door.

That having worked so well last time, we need to consider the highly likely possibility the social engineers will simply do it again, but upping the ante this time, with - what we will be told is - a much more virulent threat that, this time, targets not the elderly and vulnerable, but children. Boris Johnson already forewarned us (they always have to tell us what they're doing) - that there wouldn't be further lockdowns... unless there emerged a virus that targeted children.

This has been verified by the recent preposterous pantomime 'Covid enquiry', which concluded that the only thing wrong with the UK's pandemic response was that it wasn't draconian enough. That we should have locked down harder, sooner, faster.

Not incidentally, this was the official line of the "opposition" in parliament, too - the idea that those evil, laissez-faire Conservatives don't care about the old and the sick, so they have condemned them to death by not locking up more of the filthy, disease-ridden population sooner!

This is precisely why we are being set up for a Labour landslide - with both the systematic dismantling of the Conservative Party, as various "scandals" are strategically leaked, and its MPs successively step down, whilst we are given fake, joke opposition to the Conservatives like Reclaim (a party nobody is allowed to join as a member, and for whom you can only stand as a candidate if you're a well-established celebrity).

This is making an overwhelming Labour majority at the next General Election an inevitability, which the social engineers desire, because Labour under Stalin, I mean Starmer, has the appropriate tyrannical credentials to push in the kind of totalitarian prison state the Conservatives (having to at least maintain a facade of being pro-individualist, pro-commerce etc) could never have got away with.

Everyone should pay very close attention to what the "Covid enquiry" is telling us, because it is telling us in no uncertain terms what is coming next, and this also pertains to what it tells us about people who protest these measures.

You may not be aware of this, since all "big name" truther celebrities supposedly on our side have refused to acknowledge or report on it, but at the enquiry on Tuesday, the formidable (and fabulous) Abi Roberts was arrested, for the hideous crime of... swearing.

Abi went to protest the rank corruption of this supposed "enquiry" and its covering up of a democide, and, in so doing, used a four-letter expletive to express her frustrations

The police responded to Abi freely exercising her democratic right to protest, and to practice free speech, by arresting her and locking her in a cell for 17 hours.

Whatever anyone's views on the pandemic and how it was handled, this should utterly terrify every sane person in the country, because the velvet glove has well and truly come off the iron fist now and they are telling us explicitly - your days of living in a free liberal democracy where you can speak your mind without state sanctions are over. We can now chuck you in a prison cell for even the mildest criticisms of the state (because, I mean, to make it an arrestable offence to use four-letter words about politics, effectively means we can no longer legally discuss politics...).

This kind of horrific state power was ratified earlier this year by the appalling Public Order Bill, which unelected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended by stating that our "right to protest is not absolute". Under powers granted to the police by this bill, they can now even arrest you preemptively, simply for looking like you might be thinking about protesting.

Meanwhile, huge low-security mega prisons for non-violent offenders and developed for the specific purposes of "re-education" are springing up all over the country. Just a coincidence, I'm sure, and not where the state intends to funnel everyone who dares criticise it in future.

The world stage is being set for an imminent future where the ruling elite don't intend you to leave the house at all, courtesy of brutal "for your safety" regulations that will be put in place in response to the next imminent "pandemic" - and if you try to protest these restrictions, you'll run the risk of being carted off to chokey and forcibly "re-educated".

That's what it seems the ruling classes are gunning for, and the most likely way they will create the illusion of the next, particularly virulent "pandemic" that disproportionately effects children, is to put something especially toxic and nasty in the 'flu spray that most children receive annually, usually at school. The 'flu spray is not typically given to anyone over the age of 17, so this would be an obvious way of inducing illness in the school-aged population that does not affect older adults (although the 'flu spray is notorious for "shedding" its toxic particles, so would have the potential to induce symptoms of illness in teachers and parents, as well - note, I don't think it is "infectious viruses" the 'flu spray spreads, but just because viruses may not be contagious in the way we are taught, some things are communicable and can spread amongst populations, like parasites (hence the ever-present threat of nits at school). So I do think toxic concoctions such as spiked 'flu sprays can be used to spread poor health, just not via "infectious viruses").

This plan - creating a "pandemic" through poison concoctions administered st schools - is also consistent with their desire to abolish schools, and move all learning online (which will be feasible once all parents either work from home, or don't work and are on UBI, as they will be home all day to supervise the children) - virtual schools will be pushed in when the aftermath of the spiked 'flu vaccines makes it look like schools are too dangerous, hotbeds of infection and illness and so on.

For those who believe "they" would never abolish schools because they are too central to the indoctrination and control agenda, I would say, they were once, but that time has passed. Social engineers now have a far more effective and efficient alternative to seize the minds of the young, and that is virtual learning, because you tell me - what more captivates a child, a teacher or a screen? Children love nothing more than to gaze at colourful, flickering screens all day and the overlords know it, so they will be able to influence children far more effectively via their sitting alone in a room staring at a screen all day, than in the highly social atmosphere of a school, where the indoctrination is constantly interrupted by children interacting with their friends, going outside to play, and so forth.

Targeting children with the next "pandemic" also gives the social engineers maximal opportunity for emotional manipulation and control. Trying to guilt-trip the nation with the notion they would "kill Granny" if they didn't obey the rules, didn't have enough emotional impact, as even many 'normies', who largely bought the narrative, made the argument that we should not sacrifice young people's prospects in a bid to protect the elderly, and many "grannies" themselves - even if they believed there was a deadly virus - said the same thing. That they were prepared to shoulder the risk in order to protect the young, because that is what adults are supposed to do: make sacrifices to protect children.

So what kind of monster will you be if, in the next pandemic, you won't make a few sacrifices to protect the children?

People who protest the restrictions and who go outside in spite of "the rules" will be proverbially spat upon - seen as the worst kind of traitors and pariahs, putting their own frivolous desires for "freedom" over the lives of children! We will have endless stark footage streamed into our living rooms of desperately ill children hooked up to ventilators, parents sobbing helplessly by their bedsides, as grave voiceovers tell us the only way to prevent this terrible, ruthless disease attacking every child and destroying every family, is to obey the rules and stay inside.

Meanwhile, homeschooled children who have never been vaccinated (and of course, that very useful control group, The Amish) will remain unaffected. That of course will be glossed over and ignored.

The populace will then be aggressively indoctrinated into abject terror of the outside world, that just taking a breath of fresh air is a recklessly cavalier risk that could result in our imminent, agonising death. Why not simply stay safe inside where your every need can be met courtesy of your screens?

It sounds fantastical and mad, I agree, and needless to say, I hope to be proven very wrong - but disturbingly, this precise future was specifically depicted in the predictive programming vehicle, "2149: The Aftermath". The film's plot is described thus: "In the year 2149, a young man named Darwin lives, like everyone else; in a small cement module with little more than a computer. He uses it for everything. Verbal communication has died out, but he often instant messages his mother. Darwin is fearful of the outside world, which is widely believed to be contaminated."

One day (spoiler alert) there is an electrical storm and Darwin's (cute name, huh?) computer fails, forcing him to brave the outside world... which he learns is not actually contaminated at all, and that he (and everyone else) have been the victims of an elaborate scam, designed to keep them hooked up to their devices and too fearful to venture out into reality.

Darwin ends up encountering an Amish-style family who have retained a real-world existence and who teach him the value of real human contact - and that no amount of screens or technology, however advanced, can ever sufficiently replace this.

So that's the next battle I think we're up against, and that it will be incumbent on us, just as it was throughout "Covid", to resist the attempts of the psychopathic classes to relegate us to little more than flickering pixels on a screen, living through our digital suits in the Metaverse. I think it will be more challenging to resist the next time round, and that the potential penalties for doing so will be tougher, but, of course, the stakes are too high not to. We simply may have to be a little more strategic in our resistance this time around - a bit more "underground" (now that swearing has been made a criminal offence, we are basically now living in Demolition Man, which foresaw much of what we have now - and showed us that the way to form an effective resistance is to form networks and communities and go underground - possibly literally...)

I predict that the most important tool in our collective arsenal moving forward will be real-world connections with others in our local communities, whom we are not reliant on screens to communicate with. The reason the overlords have so heavily subsidised and enabled screen-based communication with like-minded people all over the world is that ultimately they control these connections, and can simply switch them off whenever they choose, leaving you suddenly confronting the reality that - no matter how many friends on Facebook you have or followers on social media - ultimately you are sitting in a room on your own, staring at a blank screen - a black mirror.

That is why Charlie Brooker, creator of the petrifyingly predictive Black Mirror, called his series that: to issue a cautionary clarion call about what this technology really is, and that, while it can create the illusion of connection, if you invest too heavily in it, it can leave you more cut off than ever.

This is not an anti-internet screed - I am passionately pro all the amazing information, opportunities, and relationships being online has made possible for me (almost everyone now regularly in my life, I initially met online). It's simply about being strategic, and not falling into the overlords' baited traps.

While we have free and relatively unobscured use of this technology (which certainly won't be the case forever), we should use it to our advantage to forge real-world connections, projects, and communities, so when they start to really censor and limit this technology (and they will) we have robust, real-world resistance movements to keep going.

I think we have potentially as much as a year, and possibly even longer, before they spring the next "big thing" on us, because I think they need a Labour government in place first, and, as yet, there seems no indication they're calling a General Election any time soon (the next GE isn't due until January 2025). So, now is not the time to panic, but to diligently prepare. If you have online friends nearby you haven't yet met, meet them! If you're not connected to anyone in your local area, explore the avenues for getting to know them. Get offline and outside as much as you can, as even striking up a conversation with a stranger in your local park, coffee shop, or pub can lead to unanticipated new opportunities.

The future looks challenging, but that has often been the case for humanity, and we have the advantage, that has not always been afforded to previous generations, of having some idea of what might be coming next, and so the opportunity to get ready (one thing's for sure, it definitely won't be boring... the world-class scriptwriters, actors, and directors responsible for grand world stage dramas always ensure a captivating performance...).

So, don't despair! But do prepare.

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