Right to protest "not absolute", says Sunak: Why this, why now?

Written by: Miri
January 17, 2023

The latest unelected UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has declared that the fundamental democratic principle of the right to protest is "not absolute", and that he intends to quite dramatically undermine it. Issuing an amendment to the already spectacularly sinister Public Order Bill - passed by MPs last October - Sunak's offices said on Monday that they intended to "broaden the legal definition of 'serious disruption'" and allow police to pre-emptively intervene in protests before "chaos erupts." The alleged* (*false) reason for this is to stop protests "disrupting others' daily lives".

So are we clear on that? Police can use their powers of dispersal and arrest to prevent protesting before it has even started, merely on the suspicion that, theoretically, the protest might end up becoming "chaotic" and therefore "disrupting others' daily lives" (and who determines what 'chaotic' means in this situation? After all, the average family home with young children in it is 'chaotic' - are we going to start arresting the nation's five-year-olds for their "disruption to others' daily lives?" I jest, but I shouldn't give the psychopathic establishment ideas...).

We have gone full Orwellian "thoughtcrime" now and this is - to put it mildly - a tad concerning, as experts in law and human rights have confirmed.

"The Public Order Bill is already deeply illiberal," tweeted barrister and human rights expert, Adam Wagner. "Now the [government] want to make it even easier for police to prevent protest - even where they suspect there will be serious disruption."

The question of course, and as ever, is "why this, why now?". The UK has a long and distinguished history of legal - and mostly peaceful - protesting, and the right to protest has always been rightly seen as critical to a healthy and functioning liberal democracy.

So why are Sunak and his puppet masters so brutally crushing this fundamental right now?

In my view, the reason for this is that, in the very near future, there is going to be a groundswell and uprising of anger of the likes we have never seen before. We are on the precipice of 'The Great Reveal' going fully mainstream, now that we have BBC News reporting on vaccine harms and MPs prominently calling for vaccine suspension, as well as similar exposes happening in other parts of the world.

To be clear, this is all being planned and strategised behind the scenes, and was always meant to come out. The damage the Covid injections do is too devastating - and was always intended to be too devastating - for it to be covered up long-term, and if you read the modelling document on which the Covid pandemime was based, you can see the reveal was always part of the plan (see page 59 onwards).

As I've detailed in previous articles, there has to be seen to be significant mainstream pushback against the reveal, or it wouldn't be accepted as credible - the "little guy" and the whistle-blowers have to encounter resistance from the evil establishment to make this a plausible narrative. Evil, corrupt money-grubbers don't just roll over and admit wrongdoing at the first challenge, after all, and the public knows this, so the reveal has to be more gradual, encountering several apparent obstacles along the way.

With the BBC coverage, however, and articles in all the mainstream papers, it is rapidly gathering pace, and it won't be long now until we see the headlines, "ALL COVID VACCINES SUSPENDED PENDING REVIEW", and the eventual worldwide admissions from authority of "aw, shucks, we got it wrong".

The narrative will be, global governments were so desperate to find a cure for this terrible new virus that they moved too quickly, cut corners, and ultimately unleashed an inadequately tested intervention on the populace that has terrible side-effects nobody could have foreseen (apart from, you know, the thousands who did). It will be promoted as "cock-up not conspiracy", but nevertheless - when the populace at large finds how egregiously they've been betrayed - that they were aggressively strong-armed into giving an extremely dangerous injection to themselves and to their children that could have very severe or lethal consequences - there will be mutiny.

It won't just be from their fears about what this injection may do (or has already done) to their health, but the deep, burning humiliation that they got it so wrong. I mean, just think of what extraordinary lengths jab fanatics have gone to to promote this injection - everything from tattooing it on their bodies to issuing permanent estrangements from family and friends who won't have it. We've never seen this kind of slavish, cultish devotion to a pharmaceutical product before, and so the fallout when people realise they staked so much of their identity on a fraud, is going to be immense.

This, then, will lead to protests - riots, even - and that is why this new Public Order Bill has been passed now.

The establishment knows full well (all part of the plan), that when the people finally realise what has been done to them, they will rise up in an absolutely unmitigated fury, taking to the streets in apoplectic anger, demanding justice and retribution.

And this is how the establishment will easily be able to round up all the dissidents and the fighters and neutralise them. When the new wave of protesting begins (no doubt in the warmer months), make no mistake that they (unlike the anti-lockdown protests) will get huge amounts of mainstream coverage, because the establishment will want to entice as many dissidents there as possible in order that they can be rounded up.

The ruling classes have given themselves the power to arrest you even if you are completely peaceful and breaking no pre-existing laws, simply for attending a protest (because your presence at a protest is always "potentially" chaotic or disruptive, and having the potential to cause chaos is now against the law). They have given themselves these powers, now, for a reason.

Please note that, in 2021, one of the UK's biggest ever prisons opened its doors. HMP Five Wells (Wellingborough) is a privately-run establishment, and falls into the 'category C' of jails, meaning it does not hold the most dangerous prisoners. It is described as a “modern, efficient prison estate that is fit for the future” and will have a clear focus on rehabilitating offenders. Note that this prison is the first of six to be completed under the same guise, plus five new community prisons for women, and that they will all be fully SMART-enabled.

So, who are all these non-dangerous prisoners that the UK government decided in recent years needed large facilities to contain and "rehabilitate" them? Please note that when new prisons open, old ones don't typically close down, so this isn't about relocating existing prisoners - it's about detaining new ones. If all the plans are completed successfully, they will create over 13,000 new prison placements. Mass incarceration has already risen 60% in the last 30 years, and is predicted to rise another 23.7% by March 2026.

I suggest, then, that one primary purpose of all these new prisons is to contain and "rehabilitate" (e..g, re-educate) furious state dissidents who take to the streets in protest at what the government has done to them. It is no secret that our corrupt and tyrannical establishment, like all corrupt and tyrannical establishments, wants to neutralise dissenters, but it has to do so under the sheen of legitimacy - e.g., it has to actually make them look like criminals.

I am quite confident, therefore, that there is no risk of shady operatives storming our houses in the middle of the night and dragging us off to state facilities for our anti-establishment sentiments, because this is too risky, obviously illegitimate, and very labour intensive. The neighbours would notice. It would explicitly reveal the state as wholly corrupt and lose the veneer of legitimacy that they need to maintain to keep hold of their power.

However, in a protest situation, it is quite easy to frame people as violent and criminal, simply by sending agent provocateurs in (as the establishment always does at large protests) to stir the situation up, so the police go in heavy-handedly and start making blanket arrests. They know you're a state dissident because you're there, hence making this a much quicker and easier way of identifying and capturing state threats, than going through the email and phone records of 67 million people.

These protests will be televised on all the mainstream channels, and seen as horribly violent and dangerous, therefore much of the public will support the mass arrests. Those arrested will struggle to appeal the charges against them, as the new anti-protest laws will frame them as guilty, even if they didn't actually engage in any violence themselves. Hence, it is quite plausible to imagine such people will end up in one of the six new SMART mega-prisons, where they will be "rehabilitated", e..g., reeducated and coerced into accepting "state-friendly" beliefs.

I'm drawing attention to this now, because I know that once the truth is more fully revealed, the desire to take to the streets will be very strong, and these flames of fury will certainly be fanned by the media (mainstream and social alike). But please exercise the precautionary principle and think strategically and carefully about whether the best response to this situation will be to attend major protests, or whether the very establishment you are fighting against could use your attendance to incriminate and, potentially, incarcerate you.

That's obviously why they've passed this utterly anti-democratic and police-state-friendly new bill - because they want to criminalise more protestors and thus create more prisoners.

I also think it very likely and probable that one function of all these "asylum seekers" (code name for UN soldiers / mercenaries) currently stationed in the nation's hotels could be to be involved with both agitating and policing these protests. I note that my hometown of Stoke-on-Trent, which has taken a disproportionately large number of asylum seekers (much to the council's express and repeat objections) is now providing a new base for a large Home Office operation (it is the Home Office behind the housing of the "asylum seekers" in Stoke, and they took Stoke-on-Trent City Council to court to overrule their objections).

Specialising in "national asylum customer communication", it appears to me that this new government installation is some sort of military/intelligence hub to manage and deploy their assets in the area. Note that Stoke is very strategically located, right in the middle of the country, and you can be in many of the country's major cities - London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield - in under two hours.

Obviously it is not for me to tell anyone what to do, but I wanted to bring all this information to people's attention now, when things are still relatively calm, to give others a chance to digest it and work out, as and when the wave of big protests in major cities commences, if it is in their best interests to attend. If you do go, as I have advised before, please ensure you are fully familiar with the law and your rights (including your rights if arrested), and have an exit plan in place should things progress in a way you had not anticipated

Please also note that a lot of the individuals "policing" these events will not necessarily be normal UK police, but are very likely to be (as they have been at previous protests) ex-military from other countries, who do not have the same sensibilities and sensitivities to UK laws and human rights as those trained within our system. In short: these events are likely to be dangerous, violent, and unpredictable, with those policing them certainly not immune from behaving lawlessly, so please do be fully aware of that if you go.

My prediction is that there will be a lot of infiltration and agitation of 'the truth community' in the lead up to these events, in order to maximise protest attendance, with loud-mouthed new voices calling you a coward and a hypocrite if you don't go. So I wanted to address the issue outside of that kind of charged and aggressive environment, in order to encourage an objective assessment of the situation now, before people's passions and tempers really start rising.

The best advice I can give is that, if the mainstream promotes it - even if they say bad things about it - be very sceptical and very cautious. The media appearing to condemn something, e.g., protests, is still giving them coverage and publicity, and ensuring those who would otherwise not have known about them, now do. So we must keep our wits about us and not allow the media to manipulate us into doing something presented as "anti-establishment", when in reality it is just the opposite. No matter how many times it's repeated, it never becomes less true - eternal vigilance really is the price of freedom.

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11 comments on “Right to protest "not absolute", says Sunak: Why this, why now?”

  1. Thank you, Miri; grounded sense, so well put. 2023 is going to be quite a ride! Yes, hand on heart, feet on ground, and a steady 'mark-one-eyeball'! (In case; a sailing term for looking out.) Thanks for your writings.

  2. As many are now saying we sit back and watch the show. That does not mean we should not oppose this erosion of our rights.

  3. We have the human right to protest , demonstrate whatever you want to call it , if the government make it unlawful that's there problem they will have to face the consequences

  4. I feel like more of the protest will not be in groups. Imagine if a doctor told you to get the shot and now you have cancer or your love of your life dies... What might someone do?

    Of course it will be prosecuted, but it will also wake up anyone else who pushed the scam, conscious or not.

    Then perhaps we will have a real justice system, not the shadow they tell us is real.

  5. Michael Hoffman in this talk explains that we are in the nigredo phase of the alchemical processing of humanity. What I like is that instead of believing himself to be helping anyone out, he understands that his work has been coopted by the shadow system by its very nature and he admits his unwitting role. This is why Jesus said, go your own way till the end. Either that or end up in the camps plain as day.


  6. Interesting to know, I appreciate your vision very much. You put a lot of perpetrators on notice also.

    One interesting comment of the moment is from Clif High. Apparently HALF of the pre-paid rsvp attendees at Davos failed to attend .. no doubt because their fear of being seen by the world is greater than their obligation to the guild.


  7. Hello Miri,
    I very much agree with what you're saying here.
    Would you allow me to post it on my YouTube community page to give it more exposure.
    If so, you'll get full credit and the text will not be changed in any way.
    I'm a friend of Alison Pritchard who recommended you.

  8. Thank you everyone for your interesting comments 🙂

    To Veritas, you are most welcome to share my article and thank you. I have also emailed you.

  9. readers of this excellent piece will find this other, equally excellent piece usefull in processing, your determination, common sense and anger in ensuring that our place in exposing the darkness is.... "on point"

    whilst humility demands my acceptance that we are far, far from breaking the satanic grip on our world, i would gesture we do in certain circles have them just a wee bit edgy

    from the start (3000 years ago by my reckoning) they have sought to manipulate the celestial rythmns that offer humanity so much promise, to their own stinking, foul ends, March 2023 as Pluto enters Aquarius speaks volumes re the dismantling of old, corrupt systems, however, the retrograde cycle of Pluto means that it is not until Feb 2024 that the energy goes fully direct, we are in for one almighty journey over the next 12 months as they grapple to control the narrative and thus the energy.
    Watch too for the role of wickle willy windsor, they have plans for their "king"

    article here, note the date written:


  10. This seems like a great website, thanks for the link!! And thank you Miri, amazing writing and insight as always!

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