Heroes, Holocausts, and Hijabs

Written by: Miri
January 12, 2023

So it's here at last: what all us crazy fringe basement-dwellers have been saying for years (and I actually have a basement, well a cellar, fully wired up and everything, and have considered relocating there in the event of nuclear war / invading armies / descending aliens, or should any other of the spoiler alerts formerly known as conspiracy theories come true...).

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, is currently splashed across all the papers for having shared on social media a statement comparing the mRNA jab rollout to the Holocaust. This follows Bridgen's recent address to parliament, where he called for a "complete suspension" of all Covid vaccines, based on "robust data of significant harms and little ongoing benefit".

Needless to say, Bridgen is absolutely right, as study after study has confirmed, and echoing what we "conspiracy theorists" (e.g, those not impervious to recognising the blatantly obvious nor using rudimentary logic) have been saying from the start: the Covid injectables are not, and never were, "vaccines" - prophylactics meant to prevent disease - they are, and always were, a depopulation weapon meant to subdue fertility and expedite death. We now have the real-world data to confirm they do not perform as disease preventatives at all (the NHS currently being under more pressure than it has been since records began), but do correlate with ever-increasing excess deaths across all heavily vaccinated countries.

The damage is so extensive and so devastating, it was always obvious "the truth" (or rather, a 'limited hangout' version of it) was going to come out eventually, and as I've been saying for months, this - 'the Great Reveal' - was always part of the plan: a necessary precursor to 'The Great Reset'. To sum: we are meant to lose all trust and faith in existing institutions (the government, the NHS, etc.), so they can be destroyed and swept aside, to make way for something completely new (world order).

But, you may object, Bridgen's comments are being condemned! He has been extensively chastised and stripped of the Party Whip, and is currently serving a five-day suspension from his party.

That's true, but do you think these world stage masters, veteran producers of some of the most captivating political theatre in all of history, don't know how to tell a good story?

The would-be hero doesn't just challenge the corrupt establishment and instantly save the day, after all. Look at any good courtroom drama or big-budget espionage thriller. He has to encounter resistance, or there would be no story. Any screenwriter worth their salt understands the kind of story arcs that appeal to people, and that what we enjoy most of all is the experience of "tension and release".

When we go to the cinema to see our favourite action hero save the world yet again, we want to see him challenged, persecuted, thwarted at every turn - we want the tension and suspense to build and build - before, finally, in a jaw-dropping crescendo full of surprises and plot twists, he triumphs and saves the day. That's just how heroic saviour stories go, and they don't hold our full attention or draw our maximal support if they don't.

Imagine if Bridgen had just walked into parliament and said, "the jabs are killing everyone and they need to be stopped", and parliament just responded with, "oh, alright then".

That wouldn't interest people nearly as much as a real saviour story, nor would it be plausible as a narrative: it's not plausible that ruthlessly powerful evil establishments just roll over at the first challenge from the little guy. So, they have to do it like this. Bridgen has to encounter fierce opposition and fury, to build up his mythical hero status (all heroes have to endure persecution to solidify their saviour status later on), and to further demonise the existing establishment as irredeemably corrupt to its core (so it has to be permanently done away with) once the truth is finally acknowledged.

Because always remember: there's no such thing as bad publicity. There really isn't. As legacy media editors know all too well, the real way to crush a story, a movement, a person is to starve them of the lifeblood they need to remain relevant and draw support - publicity - not to plaster them all over the front pages so they are literally the only thing anyone is talking about. It is precisely the same phenomenon we saw with Andrew Tate, as I detailed earlier this month.

Interestingly, these two persecuted would-be heroes and saviours, share the name Andrew, which means brave, strong, warrior.

We are being sold heroes ("when the people want a hero, we shall supply him" - Albert Pike) and the world stage screenwriters are telling us loud and clear that's what they are: first of all, by putting them through their requisite period of attack and persecution, and secondly, even by what they're called - 'Andrew'. Their names literally mean brave warriors. Our saviours are here!

Now, an interesting thing to note about Mr. Bridgen, is the below:

What this image is telling you (because they're always required to tell us what they're really doing), is that this whole thing is Masonic theatre. Put simply, high-level social engineers, who are very often Freemasons, stage events on the world stage and pass them off as real, in order to propagandise the public. This, by the way, is a completely legal thing to do, and as veteran journalist and political campaigner, Dr. Naomi Wolf, explains in this brief (9-minute) lecture, the political classes do it all the time.

As Wolf says, ""We have entered an era in which it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they're real or not real… In fact, it's kind of crazy not to."

So, Bridgen is now playing the part of "persecuted saviour hero" for his Masonic masters (having previously played the role of 'eager jab recipient'), just as Andrew Tate is, too.

Andrew Tate is allegedly currently residing in a "hellhole Romanian prison", where, remarkably, he is able to frequently compose Tweets, and the papers eagerly update us on every latest dramatic turn of events in this wholly scripted saga, therefore further building his profile as brutally oppressed hero of the people who is being framed for challenging the evil establishment.

Tate, by the way, will eventually be found completely innocent, because this whole thing is theatre - scripted, staged, acted - to raise his star and media profile. Working exceptionally well, isn't it (after all, just how many people who hadn't a clue who he was this time last month, know who he is now?).

What you may not be aware of regarding Mr. Tate, however, is that he has become a frequent topic of discussion in the nation's schools, due to the fact he is apparently 'radicalising' teenage boys and inducting them into such regressive and patriarchal views that they are beginning to refuse to be taught by female teachers.

A professional teacher trainer, who provides training sessions at schools regarding challenging sexism and promoting violence-free relationships, says:

'Since September every training session I have done teachers have mentioned [Tate's] name...

'Teachers have said that when the pupils talk about him they kind of puff out their chests like that they represent him. There is definitely the idea that he is some kind of avatar for them.

'The teachers talk about how his influence is palpable and there are very few young men that are not aware of his work.'

That is a phenomenal level of influence on the next generation, and it hasn't happened by accident. That incredible level of notoriety never does. Tate is being set up as the saviour-hero for the upcoming cohort of disenfranchised young men who - as Jordan Peterson has identified - have become increasingly lost and sidelined in the dominant social narrative about equal opportunities and women's rights.

Boys and young men have increasingly struggled, doing worse at all levels of education (it being no secret the schooling system better suits girls), and facing other social difficulties (especially around family breakdown and child custody issues, where women are seen to have the upper hand), and it is all coming to an (engineered) head.

Andrew Tate has been described by schools as a 'Pied Piper' , and this is right - that's exactly what he is. But where is he leading his mesmerised charges? To luxurious lifestyles of fast cars and beautiful women? Or... something else? Here is a picture of Andrew Tate, on his way to court to appeal his recent arrest. Can you see what he is holding in his hands?

Andrew Tate is pictured holding a Quran as he enters the Bucharest court in handcuffs alongside his brother Tristan earlier today

It's a copy of the Quran. It is publicly known that Tate has converted to Islam, but it is not a form of Islam that most Muslims would recognise. Rather, Tate has stated that "ISIS are the real Muslims"

He appears to advocate an extremely militant and ultra-conservative form of the religion, endorsing the Talibanesque view that women should not be in the workplace but at home raising children.

Expressing support for Tate, the pro-ISIS Bariqah News Agency shared Tate's TikTok video on its Telegram account, commenting:

"Andrew Tate – 99.99% of the world's women hate him because he is against feminists and says that a woman's place is in the home, and that she should obey the man. [Then] Andrew Tate announces his conversion to Islam [and] there was a massive influx of tweets by women affiliated with Islam who curse him, including some who announced they would leave Islam because Tate joined... Good, let them be replaced[2]... No, we have in the video clip above Andrew Tate before his conversion to Islam acknowledging that the men of the Islamic State are the real Muslims and no one besides them, because they adhere to the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunna literally, while those who read the Qur'an and disregard its teachings are not really Muslims."

All this is completely in line with my predictions that we are rapidly approaching a point in our culture where there is a dramatic social shift - from the 'peak liberalism' we have now (insane extremes of degenerate lunacy that nobody reasonable agrees with, e.g., Drag Queens performing for toddlers), to its exact opposite - ultra-conservatism, replete with super regressive and patriarchal attitudes, of the sort Tate espouses.

The thing is, Andrew Tate is very well versed in popular so-called "conspiracy theories", and has quite correctly stated that "women's lib" as an international movement was created and bankrolled by devious social engineers, for two primary purposes: 1) get women into the workplace where they can be taxed (when women were more often homemakers, their labour was untaxable), and 2) get both parents out of the house so the children can be put into state-run daycare ASAP and inducted into the values of the state.

The women's liberation movement in reality had nothing to do with improving women's lives - that was just the slick PR to make the public accept it - and all the data from the last sixty years confirms that it hasn't (women have got progressively unhappier and less fulfilled every decade since the 1970s). In reality, it was all about widening the tax base, reducing the birth rate (career women have less children), and getting children to accept the state, rather than the family, as primary guiding authority in their lives - and it has achieved these things very successfully.

While a small and privileged elite of women may have benefited from women's liberation - able as they are to pursue high-powered and glamorous careers whilst paying for nannies and private education for their children - ordinary women largely haven't benefited at all, as now they are expected to be full-time wage-earners in often tedious jobs AND run a home and take care of children. While it should go without saying that all opportunities should be open to all qualified people to pursue, and women should - of course - have all the same access to education and employment as men, it's nevertheless obvious who has really benefited wholesale from women's lib, and that's the social engineers who invented it so they could fleece the public out of more money.

So when Tate exposes that this is what "women's lib" was really about, he has the truth on his side. Which makes him a particularly dangerous and subversive force when he takes it to an illogical conclusion - that, therefore, Western countries should plunge themselves into the worst extremes of ultra-regressive conservatism instead. We can recognise that certain social trends have been planned for nefarious reasons, without doing a complete 180 the other way - but that is not the plan. The 180 social flip is the plan, and it will gain legitimacy by basing some of its founding principles on facts, such as why the West really introduced feminism.

Of course, it is no coincidence (these don't exist on the world stage) that the US recently withdrew from Afghanistan, abandoning its mission to bring the country liberal democracy, and leaving it instead to return to medievally misogynist (certainly very non-feminist) attitudes - whilst parts of the UK are passing ultra-misogynist legislation that will erase women from public life just as effectively as The Taliban's approach of banning women from everything outside the home will.

The cultural winds are changing very rapidly all over the globe, and Andrew Tate (the "brave, strong" - currently "unjustly persecuted" - warrior) is here to spearhead a cultural and religious revolution where we will all be inducted into ultra-strict Islamism.

Predictive programming The Handmaid's Tale gave a very clear blueprint of what the social engineers have got in store for us, it's simply the "real life" version will use a twisted version of Islam, rather than a twisted version of Christianity.

Well, hang on a minute, you may very well say, what's all this got to do with Andrew Bridgen and the Covid vaccine?

A lot. The one thing Andrew Bridgen, Andrew Tate, and The Taliban all have in common is that they have all opposed the Covid vaccine.

So there is very significant crossover here, with extremist religious ideology and opposition to vaccination. The harms of the vaccine are currently being revealed on the world stage - with, as I say, the requisite period of resistance and persecution of hero whistle-blowers first - whilst fundamentalist Islam is gaining strongholds in various locations worldwide, as well as being brought to the West by - amongst others - Andrew Tate (who is fulfilling the critical role of making it appealing to the next generation).

We also have thousands of military-aged young men from hardliner Islamic countries currently stationed in the nation's hotels.

This is all inevitably leading up to something, which can be roughly summarised as 'The Great Demolition'. Eventually the truth (limited hangout version) about the Covid vaccines will be acknowledged on the world stage, and that Bridgen's 'Holocaust' comparisons were accurate.

Horror, fury, and complete social disarray will ensue, as the brutally betrayed people take to the streets, violently rioting and demanding change, a situation that will be agitated by the strategically located UN military assets currently in every major city in the country awaiting orders.

The government will be overthrown (and a lot of this will be acted - staged - but it will look very real), the major perpetrators brought to account (or we will be told they've killed themselves, and they'll be given a new identity and shipped off for another role), and a new, very religious regime will be installed, which will appear to have legitimacy since they exposed the terrible evils our our previous regime and exposed all the corruption and depravity in our alleged liberal democracy.

That's more or less what we seem to be heading for, and there are many other clear clues that we are intended to become an ultra-Islamist republic, such as, the ongoing dramedy that is the Harry 'n' Meghan show, which I've maintained from the start is more socio-political theatre with the ultimate aim of bringing down the monarchy (which isn't compatible with future "one world government" goals). That's why Harry's so-called "memoir" has already been exposed as very transparent fiction - since the whole thing is, and was from the start (Meghan is an actress, just playing another role). We are to become a republic, and that's what all the high-profile "Royal drama" is really all about. It's also why Prince Andrew has been exposed, rather than protected, as his type usually are.

We can also see our pub industry collapsing, with the spiralling bills for the venues themselves, coupled with reduced footfall resulting both from the cost of living crisis and relentless train strikes, meaning 50 pubs are closing every month.

The engineered collapse of this industry is in line with the strict alcohol prohibition that exists in Islamist countries, with the consumption of alcohol in Islamic Saudi Arabia being punishable by public flogging, fines, or lengthy imprisonment.

It was not, of course, a coincidence (to repeat: on the world stage, there are none) that the recent World Cup was held in Islamic Qatar, which has very strict rules on alcohol consumption, meaning the long-established British tradition of drinking many pints whilst watching the football was abruptly stymied. While alcohol is not completely illegal in Qatar, it is very strictly limited (and expensive) and there are serious punishments for being under the influence in public. There are no pubs or clubs - institutions so central to the social and cultural life of Britain.

Also note that, in recent months, the trendy tourist destination of Indonesia - third-biggest democracy in the world - has outright banned sex before marriage, for tourists as well as residents. This country - which had already outlawed adultery - is overwhelmingly (87%) Muslim. These new laws are not compatible with democratic countries, where the state does not dictate how people should organise their personal lives, but they are fully sharia law compliant. You will note that, in very recent UK history, there was a point where we were almost sharia law compliant in this way as well, as our government also criminalised casual sex.

One has to look at all these events as part of a bigger, intertwined picture, and realise that everything I have described above - the vaccine "holocaust" being revealed, the "persecution" of two hero Andrews, the rise of ultra-Islamism and much more conservative social attitudes worldwide, and the decline of un-Islamic British traditions such as the pub - are all related to each other, and all accelerating towards a dramatic crescendo.

We are in the midst of an enormous social and cultural revolution, and in navigating it as best we can and adapting to the new challenges without breaking under their weight, we must be as aware as we can about what is going on. Shock is utterly disabling - that's why so many froze with panic and fear when the so-called "pandemic" began. "Conspiracy theorists" didn't, though, because we knew it was coming. I related in April 2019 my prediction that a fake pandemic was imminently to make its debut, for purposes of population control through a bioweapon injection, and generally increased social control, and that we needed to be ready for some "dark days" ahead.

As such, I did not experience panic or fear when this began to occur, because I had expected it, so was able to navigate it quite well, refusing to bend to the tyranny and helping others to resist, too. So, that is why I dedicate time to spotting "clues" and seeing patterns now - to help others understand what is likely around the corner, to give us time to digest it and prepare, rather than being blindsided with paralysing shock because we didn't anticipate it.

So please, do see the clues, spot the patterns, and take this vital time to prepare. There are undoubtedly some tough times ahead, but that's why you and I are here now - to play a critical role in this epic battle for the very soul of our society and its future.

(Or to hide in the basement - I mean, presuming I can get WiFi down there - I haven't quite decided yet...)

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21 comments on “Heroes, Holocausts, and Hijabs”

  1. Miri... I trust your insights about the Islamic takeover here and the propaganda around the Great Reveal in order to usher in the cultural change to what was our Democratic social status in UK... also how the jabs maybe to induce infertility... but population control or more accurately Depopulation tactics are not a new thing in the Western World...THEY have been at it for decades already with the social engineering steering processed unhealthy foods, alcoholism, smoking, and increasing dependence on pharmaceuticals and vaccines...this all leads me to the conclusion that we are indeed in a major 'culling of the Herd' in the UK event... please could you theorise where the intensive Chemtrailing of England particularly over the past 2.5 years (whereby they have severely dimmed if not totally blocked our Sunlight) fits into your predictions of the Islamist takeover of UK... to my mind Stanley Johnsons publicised on MSM comments back in 2015 about the UK population being more than enough at 15 million... is ringing...and no coincidence that he wrote 8 Novels on Population Control or a book called The Virus...or his son was made PM just before the Plandemic malarkey...why are most Conspiracy Theorists...not mentioning these Chemtrails or theorising what this Spraying is all about? Do you not think the effects of lack of sunlight fir years us going to have a detrimental impact on people's health...why are they doing it so intensively in England now? I look forward to your comments about this.

  2. Not to minimise the above in any way but having seen Bridgen's tweet,what I also found very concerning was that in quoting a consultants comment to him,he(Bridgen)has been vilified as an anti semite.
    Now,I find and have always found Bridgen to be a conservative of the worst stripe,a loathsome individual in a party not lacking in them.However,how the mention of the holocaust in connection with the evil of the vacine abomination is even vaguely anti semitic is mind boggling.As with fundamental Islam,where,seemingly any deviation from the "rules" is savagely punished,so it increasingly seems that that is what awaits us here in the not so distant future.
    Authoritarianism seems to be racing toward us from many directions simultaneously in my opinion.

  3. I don't understand why Charles would go along with the plan to get rid of the monarchy when he has waited his whole life to become the king. What would his role be in the The Great Reset if any? Also Harry and Meghan seem to have turned many fence sitters or luke warm people into avowed royalists.

  4. You remain one of the rapidly diminishing pool of people I believe are seeing things clearly. I was actually a bit surprised so many rallied uncritically behind the latest addition to the "I took 2 and pushed them before I noticed anything looked off, but anyway, now I'm here to lead you" brigade.

    I think it's partly because they do the rounds (a month or two before the act starts) on the resistance Zoom call & podcast circuit. Interacting with and complimenting participants to make themselves appear more real.

    I forgot to check the name meaning on the recent characters, good spot. It's always revealing. I'll give you 10:1 odds they have IMDB pages too.

    You're connection drops though for the 3rd Andrew in your tale, unless that plot twist hasn't unfolded yet? He is a pilot, maybe he'll fly into a project blue beam mothership Independence Day style!

  5. Also I noticed an increase in the ppl myself included calling for the King Charles to step down as head of Church of England as he is an adulterer as is his now wife. Both committed adultery whilst married. This will also add to downfall of the monarchy. I think they can see this hence Charles saying he is having a very economic "crowning" day. I am in no way religious myself but like you say, spot the signs

  6. Elon Musk has stated publicly that one of our major problems which will cause the eventual demise of the population is world Depopulation. Birth rates are plummeting according to him..I must say I find Musk an enigma. Would love your views on him

  7. I think that the authentic feminist movement started by the Suffragettes and supporters gained some real advances for women including working class women and paid for it dearly. Women in the early part ofthe Century built on this legacy but it was high jacked and became something else which is now ridiculous. Womens rights as we now see them demolished (Scottish Law) are undergoing
    systematic destruction.

  8. Very good Miri, its really helpful having your view on things, just when we night think Bridgen speaking out is a good sign, ypu help us keep our feet on the ground! Thank you again for sharing your insights with us.

  9. I truly enjoy your insight, so thank you! I am torn on how much truth they will reveal about the mRNA vaccines because they have big plans to use these vaccines to "treat" cancer. Funny how the Covid vaccines will increase the cancer patients for them to "treat".


    Lastly, I am not sure if anyone here is familiar with Human Design but it is one of the most accurate readings I have ever received. Long story short, the "creator" of Human Design, mentioned years ago that around 2027 our Global Cycle would be shifting from "The Cross of Planning" to the "The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix". To sum it up, pretty much the collapse of society over the next hundred years. Could it be that the cosmos really are shifting and the elite are trying to take advantage of what is naturally occurring in the cosmos? Here is a link to the global cycles:


  10. Remarkable essay, Miri. Bold predictions. As was your 2019 prediction. In view of the latter, it would not surprise me if much of the former materialized. I think many would welcome a swing of the pendulum to the conservative right for a few decades. On its current track, society appears to be crossing a significant threshhold of destiny….but in a completely suicidal direction.

    Keep up the good work, Miri.

  11. Thanks for this Miri. Sometimes when I feel my gut instinct is wavering, your essays help me back on track. Just a quick question: when you were researching Brigden, did you see anything on his association with Gerry McCann? I read tweets about his Freemason links and also that he supported fellow Freemason, McCann, but not found anything to back it up.

  12. So anyone with the surname 'Mason', whether running a small chain of regional chemists or otherwise, must necessarily be part of a nefarious grouping of 'high-level social engineers'?

    I enjoy your often thought-provoking writing, Miri, but groundless leaps of imagination such as these do you no favours at all, and cast doubt over much of your far more credible output.

  13. I find Tate to be just about the most sinister person on the world stage right now, especially if your prediction about him getting off and becoming officially entrenched as the Inverted Masculine Muslim Martyr comes true.

  14. Thank you everyone for most interesting comments, some of which I will address further in due course.

    To Steve - please don't come to my website to "tell me off" and declare what does and does not lose me credibility. You are not the arbiter of such things, and I wrote an article about that here: https://miriaf.co.uk/on-free-thinking-and-the-line-in-the-sand/

    Bridgen included the name of the pharmacy for a reason (there was no need to). You are at liberty to discount the significance, and I (and others) am at liberty not to. But don't try to "gatekeep", arrogantly declaring you get to decide what does and doesn't lose people credibility.

    Learn how to disagree without trying to invalidate people. It's hugely important to the principles of free speech.

  15. OK, I consider myself well and truly 'told off' in return, Miri.

    And yes, I *did* read that recent article of yours, and think you made some excellent points. But linking the name of a small Leicestershire pharmacy chain to the Freemasons is a speculative step too far for me. Not to worry - I'm happy for us to disagree about that.

    What I found far more troubling was Bridgen encouraging everyone to 'take up there vaccine appointment', but then I would expect neither good spelling nor grammar from today's elected representatives.

  16. In March 2020 I was working in a pharmacy within a large supermarket. We had to carry on working during the lockdowns but none of the 300 or so staff died! I began questioning things because I'm that type of person. I had many interesting conversations with pharmacists and their initial reaction to the jab roll-out definitely meant that I was never having it!I've not had one jab nor have I ever done a test. I began to see through the whole scam after the 1st lockdown and when they started the 'asymptomatic' bullshit, that was it for me. Sadly, I was the only one in my department not to get the jab. I wasn't pressured to either but I retired 2 years early in June 2021 because I couldn't handle living a lie. I was expected to hand out the free covid tests and go along with the whole charade. It wasn't good for my mental health.
    Now I wake up every day relieved that I didn't have the poisoned dart! Neither did my daughter and son-in-law!
    They are my only family.
    I do have a handful of friends who also didn't fall for it but I do worry about the ones who did.

  17. As predicted there have been numerous articles/posts etc on social media dissident sites praising Bridgen as a hero. I have posted links to this article purely with the comment "another perspective". I hope you do not get too much of a backlash but the points that you have made need to be made.

  18. It was obvious at the time the jabs were rolled out both that the virus posed a trivial threat to almost everyone and that the jabs couldn't possibly have been properly tested.

    That Bridgen encouraged people to get jabbed proves he's a wrong un.

    Am I the only one getting strong minor-attracted vibes from him?

  19. Charlie's tenure as King was only ever going to facilitate Civil War. The length of time because Her Maj. simply refused to die (mayhaps her Clotshot hurried events along) meant those Masters of the Universe were allowed ample time to iron out the wrinkles and conduct endless dummy runs to that point where we are at now. Also Charles III will see the Charles 'hatrick' achieved, Charlie's choice of Charles' is no simple happenstance.

  20. Thanks everyone for more insightful comments 🙂

    To Martin - please do share the piece widely. It may well attract backlash, but as they (and I!) say, there really is no such thing as bad publicity..!

    To Steve - interesting... (and yes, I know, spelling...) https://henrymakow.com/2023/01/jan-13---andrew-bidgeton-is-a-.html?_ga=2.6224954.889245736.1673698200-316233843.1596543891

    The point is not that all people named Mason are "in on it", rather that purveyors of Masonic theatre intentionally use 'clues' to reveal themselves, e.g., William Shakespeare was a real man, but they still used him intentionally as first (male) vaccine recipient to poke fun at us ("all the world's a stage", was the message, e.g., Masonic theatre).

    It appears Bridgen is likely a Freemason himself, and therefore that he chose to attend "Mason's" pharmacy, and to mention it in his Tweet, is a coded reveal, in my view. Having studied how often this kind of thing is done on the world stage, I don't think there's anything far-fetched about making the connection.

    You can disagree and that's fine. At least we agree on the importance of good spelling...

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