Andrew "Cobra" Tate: Another Snake in the Matrix

Written by: Miri
December 30, 2022

Unless you happen to be resident on a particularly remote colony of Mars (and frankly, even they probably have WiFi by now, right Elon?), it is unlikely to have escaped your attention that a man named Andrew Tate - who goes by CobraTate online and uses the creature as his own personal emblem - has been arrested for alleged human trafficking.

This is headline news in the Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sun and literally every single other mainstream media vehicle out there... and yet the utterly unfathomable belief persists in some corners of conspiraland that this man is our friend.

I'm going to say it one more time, and with particularly tenacious tapping of the keyboard this time: *nobody gets this level of mainstream press exposure unless they are in the club*. Nobody. No exceptions. Ever.

The mainstream press is owned by extremely wealthy and powerful social engineers who print only what they want you to know about. They never promote anything unless it is in their interests to do so. And Andrew Tate, and his latest publicity stunt (which is all his alleged "arrest" is, and an exceptionally effective one, at that) are being shoved in the nation's faces for a reason.

Remember all the anti-lockdown protests, with tens of thousands of people in attendance, that the mainstream media completely ignored?

That's because that's what they do when they actually want to crush and silence something. If something or someone is genuinely anti-narrative and anti-agenda, the mainstream press most certainly does not plaster them across the front pages of every newspaper in the country - rather, they completely ignore them. The media knows, just as well as Andrew Tate - or rather, his handlers and press team - do, that there really is no such thing as bad publicity.

I personally would love to have even the smallest fraction of the "bad press" Tate is currently receiving in the mainstream, for the simple and obvious reason that it would raise my profile very considerably and draw many new readers to my blog. Is that ever going to happen? Of course not. I've written to the mainstream papers loads of times - both as an individual and in my former capacity as communications officer for the Freedom Alliance political party - and have always been completely ignored.

Anyone who relies on raising their profile to make a living (such as bloggers and other online content creators) knows you could not buy the level of phenomenal publicity the mainstream media has generously bestowed upon Andrew Tate, as they have launched him from relative internet obscurity to mainstream household name - a global media star who everyone is talking about. Hell, the guy has a Twitter argument with a teenager and it makes headline news. That's the kind of incredible public attention anyone who needs to drive traffic towards themselves as part of their business model can only dream of.

So: is that how the mammoth corporate entity that is the mainstream press treats anyone who is any sort of actual threat to the narrative, a real anti-establishment dissident?

As they say here in Yorkshire - is it 'eck.

Tate - and EVERYONE who gets this kind of blanket coverage and high-profile mainstream exposure (the guy was on Piers Morgan, fur fox sake!) - is just another false messiah, a pied piper, a "hopium"-infused hero.

"When the people want a hero, we shall supply him." - Albert Pike

The mainstream social engineers are not stupid - they are very many things, but not that - and they know there's a very large, and growing, section of society that has not fallen for the Covid (and other) lies, is lost and disaffected, and is looking for a leader, a hero, someone who speaks their language and tells them what they want to hear.

So, of course, they provide that for you, since - as another well known social engineer (V. I. Lenin) once said - "the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".

So, I repeat, everyone with a high level of visibility in the mainstream media is an asset, a plant, controlled op, whatever you want to call it.

This includes Elon "let me put a chip in your brain" Musk, Donald "Operation Warp Speed" Trump, Andrew "Cobra" Tate, and all the other "big names" out there. All of them? Yes, all of them! Anyone who the mainstream media has conspired into making a household name - no matter how much they pretend to hate them - has been given that level of colossal infamy for a reason.

Please note here - and this should be a rather obvious distinction, but apparently it is not, so I shall clarify - that, just because I state that all global media star household names are not to be trusted, that is not the same as saying all people are not to be trusted. There are thousands of activists doing all sorts of great work to whom the mainstream media pays no attention whatsoever, and that is where you find genuine and trustworthy people. You never find them, however, in high-profile positions on the world stage.



People are not permitted to achieve those kinds of positions unless they are in the club. Anyone genuine would be smeared or destroyed long before they achieved any significant degree of mainstream prominence or notoriety (see what happened to Professor Chris Exley for a salient example).

Tate is playing from the same tired old playbook we have seen so many times before, and I had these exact same conversations with people about Donald Trump in 2016, when they told me he was "obviously the real deal" and "look how much the press hates him" and "he has the cash to be his own man".

To the letter, the exact same things they are saying about Tate now.

As the independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone said (when she was accused of being too thick to understand brain-chip billionaire Elon Musk is a man of the people fighting for our future), "Every few years the right produces a billionaire with extensive ties to the US deep state who poses as a populist hero who is fighting the deep state. Before it was Trump. Now it's Musk. Later on it'll be someone else. But it's just a show to make it look like someone's fighting."

Tate is just another example of this. Like I said, the social engineers who create and control the matrix are not stupid, and they know the disaffected so-called "right wing" want their heroes, so, just as the establishment left-wing has Greta Thunberg, the establishment right-wing has Andrew Tate. They both claim to be independent anti-establishment freedom fighters, stickin' it to the man when, in reality, they're both completely controlled and owned establishment assets.

Their quaint little confected "Twitter spat" (which neither of them probably had any actual role in penning) was nothing but a bit of Punch 'n' Judy showboating for the masses. An utterly fictitious bit of media theatre, along the sportsball and beer, bread and circuses line. ("Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg: Who's Side Are You On?!" The Daily Mail breathlessly enquired.)

If Andrew Tate was in any way legitimate, someone as world famous as Greta Thunberg (or her handlers and media managers etc.) would never have publicly acknowledged him as she did. The reason she responded to him, and the reason they continued to play out their "dramatic public feud", is because he's a managed establishment asset, just like she is. They're on the same page (and the same pay-roll), and they understand they have to make it look like there's fighting and division on the world stage - that different factions are being represented and are at war with each other - because that is how the Overton Window form of political and social control works.

It's easy for "conspiracists" to see this about Greta, as her views are overtly mainstream, but not as easy to acknowledge about Tate, because he's saying what many of us want to hear. And the social controllers know that by giving you a representative - a "hero" - on the world stage saying what you want said, is how they can neutralise you.

They provide you with various heroes and alleged saviours (Trump, Musk, Tate, etc), who say the right things and promise to "take down the deep state", "drain the swamp", "free the bird" and so on and so forth, because this effectively absolves you from having to do anything yourself. What could little old you with your humble ordinary life possibly do to make a difference, when these Big Daddy heroes are on the scene, using their massive power and influence for good?

"Trust the plan", remember? The whole Q psy-op was a strategic plot by the establishment to neutralise the resistance by convincing them they didn't have to do anything as "the plan" was in place and Saint Donald would save us all.

That worked out well, didn't it?

It's exactly the same thing with Andrew Tate. He's just another fraud and actor on the world stage, like so many before him, and there will be many, many more after him, too. It's imperative we learn this now, otherwise we will keep falling for these false messiahs and their empty promises time and again, and it's really not hard to immunise yourself against it - if someone gets huge amounts of media attention (regardless of whether it's negative - no such thing as bad publicity, remember?) and they become a household name (I'm not talking about a few lines on page 37 of the Swindon Observer - I'm talking about front page headlines in the nationals) - they're in the club and not our friends. It really is that simple.

As for Tate's "message", it's just a vaguely rehashed and slightly more macho version of what Jordan Peterson's been spinning all these years, and (as many critics have pointed out), Peterson is not exactly original. There's nothing wrong with a lot of what they say, and if some of it helps you, great - but it's imperative to be able to separate the messenger from the message. For instance, I read Alex Jones - even though it's plainly obvious he is "controlled opposition" - because he gives a lot of good information - controlled opposition, by definition, has to, or it wouldn't be credible as an opposition force or have any power to influence its target audience.

But know your enemy. The mainstream and the establishment are your enemy, and therefore, anyone they promote to meteoric notoriety is as well - even (and perhaps especially) when they say some things you agree with.

I have opined on Andrew Tate previously, and explained he is a key change agent in the manufactured ultra-conservative revolution that is currently underway. Other establishment-managed assets in this looming cultural shift include Matt Walsh, Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, and Louise Perry.

I know how satisfying and refreshing it feels to seemingly have our voices represented prominently in the media, after so many years of the domination of the increasingly lunatic "left", but this is precisely why we must remain ultra-vigilant - because our enemies know what gratitude and relief we feel about finally seeming to "be heard", and they use that.

That's not to say these people don't produce valuable and valid offerings - I loved Matt Walsh's "What Is A Woman?" - but can't you see that these people have to appeal to us and have to seem credible to have any sway? They would be useless assets if they were unpersuasive. But if you look into the back stories of these individuals, you all too often find their clear deep state connections. They are saying the right things to gain our trust so ultimately they can flip the narrative - bait and switch. Remember how Serena Joy recruited for Gilead in the Handmaid's Tale - how she promoted "the revolution" in her book and speaking tour - and then how it actually was?

On the subject of Andrew Tate's backstory, it seems quite clear that his father was a military/intelligence asset. Tate's father, Emory Andrew Tate Jr., is described as a high-ranking member of the US Air Force who "excelled as a linguist", becoming fluent in several languages including Russian. That's pretty thinly veneered military code for "intelligence asset" (such people often get put through intensive language courses to better infiltrate different environments) and these military guys seem to just love offering up their offspring for "special projects". Please see the fascinating story behind Admiral James Morrison and his supposed "anti-establishment rebel" son, The Doors' Jim, who was, in reality, a military-managed change agent - like so many of these prominent "heroes" and "rebels" are.

It really is imperative in not falling for these same establishment psy-ops again and again (and they have been going on for very many decades) that we can clearly see what is being done to manipulate us - and, equally, that everyone can clearly see the difference between being aware and discerning, and being paranoid. There's an enormous chasm of difference between being media savvy - understanding that the establishment media never, ever repeatedly draws attention to someone and their views unless it is in in the establishment's interests for them to do so - and, as someone put it on my FB earlier, "not trusting your own shadow".

The people promoted by the mainstream media equate to about 0.0001% of the global population. While I don't trust that 0.0001% at all - ever - that does still leave the best part of 7 billion other people for me to choose from. I trust plenty of people - I have family and friends - and I read and learn from a wide range of learned sources every day. But you're never going to see these people's names plastered across the front pages of the Daily Mail, or have the Guardian breathlessly reporting on their Twitter spats.

Please stop being played by the very machine you are fighting against. Andrew Tate is a plant and he tells you so clearly himself (as he himself has said, those in the club always have to tell you who they really are and what they are really doing). Such high-profile people select their online handles and imagery very carefully, and Tate describes himself, in word and in image, as a 'cobra' - a highly venomous snake. Venom is toxic to all who are infected by it and the definition of 'snake', when it is applied to a person, is "someone who is treacherous and deceitful".

When people tell you so explicitly who they really are: believe them.

(If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy my piece on Jack Monroe, which explores many similar themes.)

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24 comments on “Andrew "Cobra" Tate: Another Snake in the Matrix”

  1. Nailed it. Took the words out of my mouth and presented them more eloquently. Stop looking for saviours and do it ourselves. Where did people's intuition coupled with a strong moral compass go?

  2. This mirrors my exact thoughts !!!..can't support on fb asim your perspective on multiple subjects

  3. I always remember Donald Trump speaking at some rally and quoting "The Snake" that was the eye opener I needed fatal words indeed thanku Miri

  4. Would love your views on David Icke Miri. From the early 90s he seemed so aware and seemed to know what was going to happen. He was given free reign talking all over the world but is now banned from most countries and sites. I certainly don't see him as a Daddy figure, and he has never said he will rescue us. Quite the reverse in fact. Could you please give us your views

  5. Jesus Christ - The Way The Truth and The Life - This is ALL about Him - let's get off the serpent venom and onto the Word of God.

  6. Thanks all for the insightful comments as ever 🙂

    To Gabrielle - I try to stay away from commenting on the Ickes because I've found it just attracts too much of the wrong attention - plus I don't feel I have anything especially original to say. But please note what I said: even if someone is controlled opposition, it doesn't mean they don't give good information. On the contrary: it means they do or they wouldn't be credible.

    To LesleyAnn - yes of course, as I said in the piece, please select from the 99.9% of the world's 7 billion people who are not promoted by the mainstream press! There are so many excellent alternative activists / speakers / writers / film-makers / project organisers / etc out there doing phenomenal work, but the mainstream press will never promote them. That is the point I am trying to emphasise - not "trust nobody", just "be discerning".

  7. Very good Miri. It's always good to hear people say the right words on main stream media but I agree it just would not be covered unless part of the agenda. When people think they have a saviour they can fall into the trap of complacency and this is a trap.
    So to the stooges who talk the talk I hope it backfires,you could be helping the truth more than you realise because we arn't stupid like you think we are, we see you.

  8. I can't tell you how grateful I am , that through your diligence and clear observance over many years , I now see the world with different eyes.
    My road to becoming aware has been painful as each layer you peel back reveals more deception. You see how utterly rigged the game is . But you've opened my eyes and helped me navigate through an absolute minefield of malfeasance.
    It really is up to us all to each take personal responsibility to save ourselves,collectively and individually.

  9. Brilliant.

    This is the first blog post I read of yours. It won't be the last.

    Thanks for being you!

  10. I thought he was used to up Greta's profile as climate lockdowns are coming and that's her area to be the poster girl for. She has been ridiculed a lot even by the normies, so as the headline put, "Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg: Who's Side Are You On?!", the suggestion is there's no 3rd option to dislike them both, you either support the weird teenager or the billionaire woman beater. The Greta lines on Twitter put the self confessed woman beater in his place PLUS got him arrested. All hail Greta the heroine. Everything that will come out from her mouth from now on will be gospel. "Stay in your 20 mins zones" or be on the rapist's side basically, remember, there's no 3rd option.

  11. Us there's only us to believe in. Self sovereignty. That is what this time is all about.

    As for David Icke. He's pretty depressing. With only one solution - "just say no". Though if many people had done just that over the last two years we'd be in quite a different place now.

  12. Miri, before FB deplatofrmed me we were connected on there this makes sense to me in fact unlike 99% of the world I knew Andrew when he was a boy living in Luton as I knew his dad Emory from the chess scene. The fact I boxed in the pros long before Andrew ever walked into a gym is not lost on me either.
    It won't surprise you to know that his dad Emory worked for the CIA this was well known about at the time. You can see how they promote people from within the club. The masses were told that Bill Gates was a nerd who in his Mothers garage created Microsoft, they did not tell the people that his father was a high member of the criminal cabal running the US government who was part of the trilateral commission and Bilderbergers and was ensconced with every President going back to JFK and beyond.
    Everything I said about Convid has come to pass and now they are using the climate hoax to further attack our freedoms.
    As we move closer to 2030 we can see them telling us that the world's population will be reduced by 90% people will not be allowed to own anything.
    As I have also shown every event dubbed a Conspiracy theory by them turns out to be true and I created an equation to show it. The BBC via Marianna Spring contacted me and asked for an interview I declined. I am fighting my own battles will be in court soon over a speeding allegation and will refuse to acknowledge the legal fiction they pinned on me using fraud and coercion against my parents when I was non-compos mentis.
    Here is the equation:



  13. Wow Miri, great article. Just found your blog through a comment on Odysee. Yet another Peterson is on the scene...has been for awhile. Mikhaila. Tate flew her to Europe to discuss "business"!? Why would she do that? To appease her desire for more fame? She has since pulled that video. She gives advice to young women and speaks about being a carnivore. The carnivore part I could care less about but advice??? I suppose these people think they are doing good. Thank you for expressing common sense which is severly lacking worldwide. God help us all.

  14. Thank you all for yet more incisive comments 🙂

    To TA - re: Tate's father being in the CIA - that is very interesting indeed, and as you say, comes as little surprise... I note also he "died suddenly" at the very premature age of 56 from a heart attack. Is this another CIA "heart attack gun" casualty, I wonder... (more on that here:, Best of luck with your court case!

    To cmmmc - many thanks for your kind words, and that's most interesting about the Peterson connection! I shall investigate further...

  15. A third of the country did say no. They did not get the jabs. It is around 25 million at least. The gov even admitted it. Clowns in the media claim it is 5 million.

  16. I follow several individuals, but 95% of the time it is only your articles I share as every time you either put my thoughts and opinions into words so succintly or, you open my eyes to more deceptions. In each case you share the evidence in support of your statements.

    @TA - wishing you all the best in standing your ground against the system that created the legal fiction. I too am challenging the 'legal' 🙏

  17. Excellent article Miri. Being on a FB restriction until end of January, I am commenting on here.
    I’m sure you are right to conclude that “selected” divisive individuals are given so much publicity for a purpose. I have listened to many contributors on various truth platforms over the past 2 years, including ex CIA, MI5, military vets, spiritualists, researchers/decoders, doctors/nurses and of course David Icke. From information extracted, it is clear that the war is between good and evil – not with each other. At this point in history, the masses are not equipped for and cannot be trusted with total freedom, so it is down to those who clearly see the problem (and are not "neutralised" as you put it) to help expose the facts, in a way that cannot be dismissed as lies. Truth will stand on its own without being dressed up, but too much in one take will get rejected.
    If it takes Andrew Tate via MSM and Elon's free speech platform to get the snowball rolling, that’s great. A change in narrative will eventually create an “avalanche” as more people connect with their moral compass.
    David Icke has been over the target for many years. However, from the elite’s point of view, what better person than he who is regarded as “bonkers” by 90% of the population is more suited for telling us about their agenda.

    Best wishes to you and Mark and all the best for 2023

  18. Hi..first time reader...and fascinated. I had only vaguely hear of Tait as I gave up on MSM two plus years ago. It is so obvious even to Blind Freddy that anything emanating from MSM us garbage. It reminds me of being in infant school and learning words by rote (I still remember some of that..very effective)
    Thanks again for your succinct insights.. I shall be following

  19. I agree with you in general on this issue and others but it is not always the case.

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