The King of the (One) World... Or a Return to Personal Sovereignty?

Written by: Miri
December 3, 2022

(This is part three of a three part series, please see parts one and two here.)

In the first two parts of this series, we explored how the social architects behind all major world events appear to be engaged in a "great reveal" of all the most hideous crimes of our culture, leading, ultimately to - the "great destruction" - a controlled demolition of all we know and hold dear - so that they can "build back better".

'Ordo ab chao' (order out of chaos), as has long been their motto.

The 'chaos' will ensue once a wide culmination of themes the overlords have been developing over many years and decades come together, in a protracted crescendo and probable violent clash. As people are plunged further into personal crisis through the ever-escalating cost of living, through more and more business collapse, and as more and more healthy young people "die suddenly", many are being pushed further and further towards that most dangerous mindset of all - "nothing left to lose".

Which is exactly where the powers that be want us, and where many are hurtling at perilous speed, as was illustrated with stark, sinister clarity in one of this year's Christmas adverts. A "poorly" Santa who can't dispense presents to children, as a veneer for families who are too poor to afford them, as they have just become single-parent units as one parent has recently "died suddenly".

This is such a hideously bleak situation - and a terrible reality for many - that it is only a matter of time before the curtain on this dark pantomime is pulled fully back, for the black magic wizards running the show to reveal: "there are people who did this to you. There are culprits who ripped your lives apart. They have names and addresses."

It will soon be revealed, formally and on the world stage, the harms the mRNA injections did and that they are largely responsible for the ever-spiralling "sudden deaths" we now see everywhere. In understanding what the public reaction is intended to be, and what comes next, we have to examine two key factors: why is the focus relentlessly on the "mRNA" injections, when non-mRNA AstraZeneca is just as bad, and what ties together the mainstream voices currently prominently platforming the injection's harms?

One of the most high-profile whistleblowers at the current time is Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist, who has released a peer-reviewed paper on the harms of the Covid vaccines... but only the mRNA ones. He is currently on a speaking tour of the States, where he has been interviewed by Fox's Tucker Carlson, a very prominent conservative voice in America.

Back in the UK, the Daily Mail (Britain's second largest circulation newspaper) is giving increasing coverage to the issue of vaccine injury, quoting an Australian cardiologist who believes the mRNA jabs should be withdrawn... but replaced with the "safer" AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca is no better than any of the other bioweapons masquerading as medicine, as the thousands maimed and killed by this injection can attest. Yet, here what we have yet again is limited hangout. 'Limited hangout' is intelligence jargon for a form of propaganda in which a selected portion of a scandal, criminal act, sensitive or classified information, etc. is revealed or leaked, without telling the whole story.

So, what the social script writers are building up to is a "reveal" by which the mRNA injections are exposed as harmful and withdrawn - it's a new technology, trials were rushed because of the nature of the emergency, we made a terrible mistake, lessons will be learned, etc. - whilst protecting the vaccine programme as a whole, including non-mRNA Covid jabs.

The damage done solely by the non-mRNA jabs has been cleverly obscured, by the preposterous (but highly strategic) "mix and match" booster campaign, where people who had originally had AstraZeneca, were encouraged to get a Pfizer or Moderna booster. That means, as and when these people develop health problems down the line, or die decades prematurely, it can be blamed on the mRNA booster, rather than the initial non-mRNA shots. Those who never went on to have an mRNA booster as they were already too damaged from the AstraZeneca, will be dismissed and ignored, as many report is currently their experience.

So, this is how they will stage the reveal of the Covid injection catastrophe, whilst protecting the integrity of the vaccine programme as a whole - indeed, perhaps increasing confidence in it, because once the mRNA harms are exposed, it will be "evidence" that those who called out the dangers are trustworthy, that we can believe them when they say other vaccines are safe, because if they weren't, they would tell us - just as they did with the mRNA ones.

This gives these people a lot of power, exactly as it is meant to. When there is a furious (and covertly stage-managed) uprising of the people about what has been done to us, the people will be looking for new leaders and heroes, as large groups of bitterly betrayed people always do. The people will want to see retribution and justice for the criminals who meted this horror out - and they will see it, as various useful idiots are either thrown under the bus or as they act that part out, before being shipped off elsewhere with a new identity - and then they will want to invest in and follow something new.

That's why I say, pay close and careful attention to the one similar theme uniting all prominent mainstream voices who are calling out the harms of the Covid injections:

Tucker Carlson; Megyn Kelly; Andrew Tate; Candace Owens; Ben Shapiro; Matt Walsh.

What do they all have in common? What has been the single uniting theme binding those who oppose these injections, or, to put it another way, what has been the common insult levelled at those of us who have opposed the injections and other restrictions?

"Far-right extremists". Overwhelmingly, opposing the injections and related restrictions has been depicted all over the world as a "far-right" position, with every major liberal media outlet furiously in favour of them, and people who identify as left-wing liberals some of the most obedient foot-soldiers in terms of doing and imposing what the government tells them.

While every "liberal" Guardian columnist embraced the stripping of our liberties and aggressively encouraged mandates and restrictions, it was the conservative Daily Mail's Peter Hitchens who spoke our against them. The same theme can be seen in other media vehicles, and is reflected all over the rest of the world, with "liberal" Justin Trudeau proving one of the most despotic dictators in recent history.

So, when the truth (or a limited hangout version of it) about the mRNA injections is revealed on the world stage, where is public anger going to be directed - at the "far-right extremists" who warned of the dangers from the start and fought to protect people's freedoms - or the boot-licking liberals, who cheered for lockdowns, wanted harder and harsher restrictions - and who, of course, lined up for every injection going, mocking, persecuting and vilifying those who did not?

It's obvious where the groundswell of anger is going to be, especially as this dovetails precisely with ever-increasing rage against liberal shibboleths such as "trans kids" - a hideously dark social contagion which has led to the widespread drugging and surgical mutilation of healthy children - and the increasing agenda to sexualise children, through "Drag Queen story hour" and ever more inappropriate and explicit "sex education" for increasingly young children.

The pressure cooker of simmering rage against all these twisted agendas being foisted upon us under the guise of 'liberalism' is about to boil over, and when it does, there's going to be a very vicious kickback, catapulting us at break-neck speed back the other way - and possibly several centuries back in time, where modern concepts of "liberal democracy" and "equal rights" are concerned.

Please look again at the list of activists I compiled above. Although you may agree with much of what they say (and I do, too), they are not grassroots, organic activists - they are tightly controlled establishment assets, bankrolled at the highest levels by the ruling elite, and are permitted to have the ultra-prominent platforms they have, because they are key players in the next stage of the plan - 'change agents'.

The ruling classes intend to abruptly turn our ultra-liberal, progressive cultures into their opposites - deeply conservative, ultra regressive, very restrictive, and, quite probably, highly religious.

As I said in a post 18 months ago, The Handmaid's Tale wasn't so handsomely bankrolled and so prominently platformed these last few years for nothing. Just like all big-budget televisual productions, this is meant as predictive programming and revelation of the method - just like the film 'Contagion' was a few years before it, the film that enabled me to predict the pantomime plague a year before it began - the ruling classes always use films and TV to tell us in advance exactly what they're going to do, and that's what they've done with The Handmaid's Tale.

If you watch carefully, the parallels to what are going on currently, and how Gilead is formed, are chillingly exact - tense culture wars between liberals and conservatives, as conservative activists become increasingly younger, cooler, more attractive, and start to win more and more support. In the months leading up to the formation of Gilead, Serena Joy - a beautiful young conservative activist - goes on a college tour, promoting her new book, 'Domestic Feminism', encouraging women college students to aspire to family life rather than a career (especially in light of the USA's ever plummeting birth rate).

Meanwhile, in this country, this year, an attractive young woman named Louise Perry released a book called 'The Case Against The Sexual Revolution', encouraging young women - just as Serena Joy does - to marry and have children, rather than prioritising career.

But that's not all Perry says. She goes so far as to state that the only safe way for women to interact with men is to be married to them, and women should never socialise with any men they are not related or married to. To even go to the pub in a mixed-sex group is, Perry decrees, haram.

Just to be clear, Perry is not a decrepit and particularly reactionary member of the Taliban, she's a university-educated, 30-year-old British woman.

You would assume, then, that her old-fashioned tome would have been met by howls of fury from the feminist brigade, at her hopelessly outdated, patriarchal and infantilising attitudes to women - not a bit of it. It was incredibly warmly received, with virtually all reviewers heaping praise on her "refreshing" and "brave" take.

I'm afraid that this is a clarion call - it is telling us where our culture is intended to go. Bear in mind, Perry is a young, first-time author who somehow wangled an international book deal and major coverage in all the top newspapers for her debut offering, and that doesn't happen organically (ask any author) - she has been bankrolled and set up as another change agent, and tasked with helping to shift the cultural winds in a much more conservative direction.

Meanwhile, Andrew Tate's meteoric rise to fame (and infamy) is another red-flag warning. Tate has extraordinarily regressive and misogynistic views, which would have totally disqualified him from having any mainstream prominence as little as ten years ago - yet now, here he is, enjoying uncensored coverage from arguably the UK's most well-known interviewer, Piers Morgan, and with all the legacy media giving him plenty of coverage.

The establishment has worked hard to sour relations between men and women these past sixty years, and has been very effective in many cases, given that now nearly 1 in 2 marriages fail (more for second and third marriages) and upwards of 90% of cohabitations have dissolved by the ten-year point. That means there's a lot of bitter and simmering resentment between men and women, which Mr. Tate is here to stoke, radicalising men in the same way radical feminists did to women (such as via the #MeToo witch-huntery etc).

That Tate has found a wide and receptive audience for his misogynistic messaging is an inevitable result of decades of explicitly anti-male social policy, as has become common in the education system especially (it is no secret conventional schooling suits girls far more than boys), and also in other areas of civic and social life, such as the family courts. Successful, strong, and robust cultures depend on successful, strong, and robust relationships between men and women, as this relationship is the kernel of all civilisation. This is how new life is created and nurtured, and how strong families and communities are built.

Hence, malevolent social engineers have been targeting healthy male-female relationships for extinction for many decades, first by turning women against men by painting men as evil, "toxic", patriarchal oppressors, and now turning men against women, using the rhetoric of people like Tate.

Of course, his rhetoric would not look at all out of place in The Handmaid's Tale, and this is not incidental.

Even Matt Walsh, who is far more moderate and less inflammatory than Tate - and who has done some great work challenging the trans cult in particular - holds what many would see as pretty regressive views. He is currently the father of four children, with a second set of twins on the way, and makes it clear in his documentary "What Is A Woman?" that his children and wife are expected to adhere to very gender typical roles.

In the opening scenes of the documentary, his portrays the 9th birthday of his fraternal twins, Luke and Julia. Luke, dressed in all blue, is thrilled to be presented with a BB gun, which all his exclusively male friends gather round to admire, exclaiming affirmations such as, "wow! So cool!", etc, whilst Walsh says in a voice over than being given these kinds of presents is "all the emotional support my son needs".

Meanwhile, daughter Julia, dressed all in pink and surrounded exclusively by female friends, is ecstatic to open her present of a tiara, with all her friends cooing, "oh my gosh! So pretty! You look like a princess!"

(Please note I'm recalling these scenes from memory as I'm not able to re-watch the film, so the dialogue may not be verbatim, but you get the point.)

Yes, Matt, we get it - boys and girls often have different interests, but by depicting your children as quite so extreme in their gender conformity, you are actually undermining the overall point of the documentary, which is to challenge the notion that, just because a boy may have some typically feminine interests, or a girl some masculine ones, doesn't mean they are actually the opposite sex and so should "transition". Indeed, Matt himself says to a trans activist, "I've watched Sex and the City and I like scented candles. How do I know I'm not a woman?" ("Good question!" Says the activist, encouragingly.)

So the point Walsh is attempting to make would have been underlined far more successfully had he shown his daughter playing with trucks and his son picking flowers, both with mixed-sex friendship groups, saying "just because my daughter likes some traditionally 'boys' toys, or my son has a friend who's a girl, doesn't mean they're "transgender", it just means they're normal kids without stereotyped interests".

Yet the documentary doesn't do that, it strongly pushes exceptionally traditional gender roles, to the extent the final scene shows Walsh's wife in the kitchen chopping vegetables - the only person who is finally able to answer the documentary's titular question 'What Is A Woman?" ("Adult human female", Walsh's wife replies).

What's wrong with being in a kitchen chopping vegetables, you may ask? Absolutely nothing. It is something I do daily myself. The point is, why was this the concluding scene of the documentary, when it could have shown Walsh chatting to his wife in the living room over a drink, or relaxing with the kids in the garden, or in any number of different scenarios - but it instead chose (and as a very slick and well-funded production, this would have been chosen very strategically) to depict his wife in the most traditional and stereotyped housewifely role of all. In the kitchen. Think of all the cliches and cultural tropes associated with that, such as women who get above themselves should "get back to the kitchen", the idea of housewives "chained to the kitchen sink, barefoot and pregnant" etc.

It was not incidental that Walsh's otherwise excellent documentary both commenced and concluded depicting extremely stereotypical gender roles, of the sorts also pushed by other change agents such as Andrew Tate and Louise Perry - and, of course, The Handmaid's Tale. Let me be abundantly clear that running a home and raising children is a laudable lifestyle, much more socially important than many other things a person could be doing with their time (such as taking useless degrees in David Beckham studies etc - yes, it's a thing), but this must - like all things - be freely chosen. Women must never be corralled into this as other social and professional paths are closed to them - as is the case in more conservative regimes.

If you study history, you will see there are relentless and dramatic pendulum shifts between liberalism and conservatism, and that our culture is well overdue for such a shift, and is being primed for it in various ways daily. The social controllers want to break people in various ways so they become easier to programme and control, and after seven decades of ever-more permissive liberalism, there are few people left alive who remember anything different - and such people have been encouraged to believe there could not be anything different. That liberal social attitudes and democratic free societies are the apex of human civilisation, and once a society has achieved these goals, there is nowhere else left for it to go, so it will just remain like that forever.

This was the premise of that famous '90s book that really did not age well, 'The End of History', and this messaging has been so relentless and all-encompassing that most modern people are simply unable to comprehend the idea that society could ever be any different. That it would be a remote possibility to exist somewhere where, say, women don't have equal rights to men or extreme social conventions or religious beliefs are imposed on a population by force.

Yet that does exist in many other parts of the world, and can come to a society very quickly, as the inhabitants of Iran can no doubt attest. This is also precisely what is depicted in The Handmaid's Tale. That one day, seemingly out of nowhere, armed police turn up in the nation's offices, ordering the women employees to leave. Women suddenly find they can't access their bank accounts and their credit cards don't work, all their assets having been transferred over to their male relatives. They are overnight stripped of their rights and become the property of men, with their dress and movements strictly controlled.

You can see that for a psychopathic ruling class obsessed with having complete power and control over others, as they demonstrated so ruthlessly during the "lockdown" (when, if you recall, having intimate relations with someone you weren't effectively married to became illegal, as you were not allowed to enter the house of anyone you didn't live with), this is a rather attractive model, which is why it has recurred so many times in history.

We have enjoyed a relatively brief mirage of "freedom" these last decades, but as many social prophets such as Orwell and Huxley warned us, this has only ever been a velvet glove on an iron fist. We've never really been "free" - we are born free range slaves on a tax farm beholden to all sorts of ridiculous rules and regulations we never agreed to - but it has served the elite to create an illusion of liberty whilst they work behind the scenes dismantling our culture. We were given highly subsidised access to things most previous generations have never been able to afford, such as, extensive education (going on until the mid-twenties or later in many cases), cheap holidays and the opportunity to explore the world, inexpensive consumer goods such as plentiful new clothes, electronic gadgets, and subsidised cars and houses.

This glitzy and appealing bubble has kept many of us distracted, not noticing the many men behind the curtain as they work relentlessly to dismantle our real culture and the things that really matter - such as, our health, family, community, and real culture.

When the curtain finally lifts and they reveal themselves, taking away the distractions and baubles (as they have increasingly done, with restrictions on travel, soaring cost of living, business collapse), they know the psychological impact on many people will be devastating, and these people simply will not have the psychic or emotional tools to deal with an abrupt and dramatic social revolution into the kind of conservatism we have been led to believe is something long since consigned to the history books (despite the fact it thrives in other parts of the world).

At this point, you may well question, okay, I can see the social controllers might want this, but how precisely is this going to happen? How is a very liberal, largely secular nation of people going to be corralled into becoming hard line religious conservatives?

Well, how did it happen in The Handmaid's Tale? The army forced it. Armed agents of the state occupied the streets and the offices and forced the change.

At the current time, tens of thousands of young, fit, military-aged men, largely from hardliner religious and conservative cultures, are stationed up and down the country. The purpose of these people (although a small minority may be genuine asylum seekers to give the veneer of credibility to the rest) is to force the cultural revolution that is looming. They are invaders and that's what invaders do. It's hard to predict what form the religious revival will take, whether it will be Islam or the combination of that and Christianity known as '"Chrislam", but if you're going to enforce very conservative social attitudes, you need religion - that is the only way any culture has ever been able to do it (Taliban, Gilead, etc).

As per the ever developing technology regarding "deepfakes" and use of holograms (remember, they projected the Queen's holographic image into a carriage at the Jubilee and it looked perfectly persuasive), we cannot rule out some sort of orchestrated "return of the messiah" - it's certainly well within military/intelligence capabilities to project convincing holographic fakery into the sky (the essence of 'Project Blue Beam', which the mainstream says is a conspiracy theory), and even easier for them to get all the wholly corrupt and compromised "major religious leaders" of the world to agree this is the real deal and a manifestation of "God". The One World Government blueprint has always emphasised one, uniform form of everything, including one world religion.

Who knows if they'll go that far - the much-prophesised return of "Christ the King" or "the King of the Jews" - and please note the ongoing king theme weaved through this article series, which is not unintentional. There are increasing cultural references to kings - England has a King for the first time in 70 years; one of the most maligned public figures in recent history nearly became "King of the Jungle", and the Balenciaga scandal allegedly has king references - that "Baal [as the outfit spelled it in a recent promotional shot) en ci aga" translates as "Baal is the King".

So what other "King" could be in line for making a (staged and stage-managed) comeback?

While ultimately it's not clear how a religious revival might be staged, and we can only guess based on the current cultural cues and clues they provide us with, what is clear is that major societal changes are looming and imminent.

My concern here is that very few people seem to see this coming and so will lack all preparedness to know how to respond. The purpose of this essay is not to depress anyone, but rather, to urge them to take heed of the ever-mounting social cues about where the overlords intend us to go next, so it doesn't come as a huge, disabling shock if and when it happens.

All of our ancestors have lived through all sorts of despotic and tyrannical regimes, and there's always been a resistance, an underground, an alternative, so our most important task now is to ready ourselves for immense social ructions and change - of the sort very few of us have any experience of - and work out how we are going to structure an alternate reality to the one the mainstream attempts to impose. We did it through "lockdown" with our clandestine gatherings and extensive networking and projects, and we will be able to do it again with whatever comes next.

But only if we're aware of it and don't crumble in shock as things get tough(er), as they will. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, always.

We must know who we are and what we value, and not fall for false messiahs or false prophets. We have our own power and create our own destiny - that is why the ruling classes have spent so many centuries trying to subdue and crush us: if we were not a powerful, credible threat to what they have in mind, they wouldn't bother (they don't, after all, spend trillions propagandising farmyard animals or domestic pets - only human beings)

Know your power. Know your worth. And get ready.

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35 comments on “The King of the (One) World... Or a Return to Personal Sovereignty?”

  1. Absolutely, they do not want us knowing our value - quite the opposite, which is the very essence of the evil those orchestrating these events totally embody...

    "The definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human being. The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom. Everything that is evil teaches people that they have limited

    Truth is always simple. People recognize truth because people are intelligent beings. It is the nature of evil to create artificially complex ideas.

    It does this to hide or obfuscate the freedom it destroys. If you remove the complexities and fears from your life you will find a plain and beautiful truth. This truth is the nature of your worth.

    To understand freedom is to understand the value of a person. Everything that evil wants is to disguise and destroy your value.

    All authority is created by evil men to disguise your worth. To understand your own worth is to understand the nature of liberty.

    The crucial key for understanding our world is to understand the nature of evil. Evil challenges the value of people by denying them the opportunity to make their own choices; by
    denying them the chance to grow strong in learning and understanding."

    From 'The End of All Evil' by Jeremy Locke

  2. The Astra Zeneca product was developed by the Jenner Institute located within the University of Oxford's Medical Science Division. The location together with a photo can be found on my blog in a post entitled 'Bad Pharma' that I published in May of this year. On that post I have called out Ben Goldacre, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford's Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science, for his silence about the fatalites and other injuries resulting from the Astra Zeneca product in particular, as well as the Pfizer and Moderna products. As a published author and Guardian columnist, Goldacre has a high profile. He will also be the custodian of supposedly 'anonymised' NHS patient data including from those of us who opted out of having our data shared.

  3. The End of all Evil by Jeremy Locke is an excellent read. It is only a short book. You can read it in one evening. I recommend it highly. I think I downloaded it from Mark Passios website as he was recommending it at the time, either that or library genesis.

  4. Look into the Noahide laws. Also how the main religions came together under the new 'climate change' religion where they created new green 10 commands on Mt Sinai as part of COP27. There is one path that is not 'religion' but us faith. There is a one world religion coming and it most definitely will not be biblical Christianity. It will be a legalistic religion not a faith of grace.

  5. It's no comfort yomping through the quagmires of data that we have been swamped with over the past 3 years or so. Perversely I'm grateful, thanks to the evil-mongers out there, I've been inadvertently navigated towards forums of truth, and refreshing discourse from the likes of Miri and her ilk. Just a quick note under a rock here....I'm a bit concerned that Miri's concern about people not seeing what's coming is a worry for sure...because, these same 'people' are not subbing to these type of forums. Still, I'll hope for the best for now.
    On to observations, angst, and data. The 'vaccine' per mRNA, non-mrna, spike-protein theorising, and post-jab adverse conditions present a terrifying act in the playbook. As seamlessly alluded to, once a set of variables/differentials/experimentals, and classic human bollocks enter a doctrine and/or treatment regime, then it's impossible to ever seek or hope for accountability. I'm being nice here...which bastards were to blame? Where can I get my revenge? I'd recommend Dr Stefan Scoglio at this point; his viewpoints and honesty completely blows a lot of gunboats out of the water. Some of said naval materiel is sadly bought and paid for, bivouacked under the limited hangout banner.( Is it just me, or is there a sexual connotation there...yet another possible piece of ordnance in the influencer culture...).
    Which brings me to the huge influx of military-grade 'immigrants' who seem to be masquerading as political/human-rights refugees. There is no logical, explicable reason for this weird,false exodus transplantation unless, as a very extreme slice of paranoia would suggest, they are a reserve contingency force that may or may not be deployed should the bread and circus model falter.
    Anyway, a hint of cynicism that is my own personal djinn of mischief...Gilead is some kind of quasi-religious theme that runs through the handmaids's tale script, ( I can't stomach shit programs like that, so apologies for ignorance and convenient bliss. My boundaries cease at Blakes's 7, My Favourite Martian, and Soylent Green piss-takes).
    But, unavoidably and inescapably, words are being re-defined. Our dictionaries are being scientifically corrupted to suit the narrative.
    Does the Gilead handmaid thing link to the biopharma company Gilead that may just be the karma disclaimer that the tox-shamans need to display?

  6. Great article yet again, it’s scary to think what may come out of this, but like you say, better to be prepared and that is exactly my focus now. Learning to drive and hoping to be out of the city by next year, fingers crossed I will be before sh*t goes down haha. Look after yourselves everyone, face infinity without flinching!

  7. The definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human being.
    I agree with this, who am I to say that I have more value than another human being...
    Mark 12:31
    The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

    However we live in a world where the 'nature' of some others is like the Scorpion
    ... scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river. The frog is afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, both would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog then agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both.

    Maybe eventually the many will wake up to the evil being imposed upon us. The more of us who can honestly say:
    “To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail. You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.
    The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world. In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956

    Thank you Miri for your thought provoking writing.

  8. I think the great revel is infighting, leaks against a faction against another

    Like Assange was obviously an operation

    The great reveal is one sided

    It has a direction

    The British Crown is likely getting kicked out of the cool monarch club

    46 open hereditary monarchs in the world and who is the most hated?

    America is getting great revealed as well

    Anglo American the essence of all that is evil

    And the Catholic Church , they are making up stuff against them selves to hurt themselves

    Who is not getting outted ?

    That should be asked. The kingdom of Belgium seems to be in the clear. The Netherlands must have acted right.

    What makes a good hereditary monarchy and a bad one?

    What about the hidden hereditary monarchy .

    Good news. I got enough Jew blood in me to get an Israeli passport. I need to get it down before the line is long. And it will be.

    I’m true blue blood. True Jew blood

    Putin has out backs. The grand protector

  9. What does the rising tide of anti western hate mean? Internally and internationally?

    What are western values? Well if you ask a Russian orthodox it is the sum off all that is evil. The great Satan must die?

    Which aligns with most of the Muslims world?

    What was Stalins Jew confusion really about?

    What is the Sabbatarian spirt?

    It was embodied in British Israelites

    What is Christian idealism?

    What is the real foundation of ‘the west’

    This is important to know.

    Why does Alexander Dugin seem Satanic to me?

    Oh because he likely sacrificed his daughter to the gods.

    The great reveal needs to be fair.

    Right now it’s not.

    Jussie Smollet was doing a public service announcement. We need more of him to show how racist we are.

  10. I suggest we move away from the term Conspiracy Theories and move forward with the term Conspiracy Studies. Let's be a bit more academic with the categorizing of our choice of reading material. There needs to be college courses in Conspiracy Studies, and a Conspiracy Studies program or department at every university so that someone like myself can find work in a field that is not tainted by the stigma of considering the worst to be true. Conspiracies happen. And fake conspiracies happen, too, which in itself is a conspiracy. We cannot avoid the fact that there are people out there who want to confuse and mislead

  11. Russias flagship Sputnik Covid vaxx is Astra Zeneca fwiw. It must mean something

    I fully I admit, I am a conspiracy spreading extremist contributing to the increasing complexification and fractalization of alternative narrations.

    Of course, there are conspiracies that take place at all levels of society and at all times. Then you have major media platforms across the worlds making conspiracies to cover up conspiracies. Conspiracies to make fake conspiracies is a conspiracy is actually a very common conspiracy

    This process will accelerate as socio-economic conditions deteriorate until complete madness takes over the global consciousness


  12. Russias flagship Sputnik Covid vaxx is Astra Zeneca fwiw. It must mean something . That’s a great conceal

    The Fabian socialists were anti soviet socialists different kind of eugenics

    Hitler was an idiot. Genocide is about intent. Stalin was just not that good at farming. Honest mistake.

    Really smart genocidal maniacs get away with it. Don’t be openly flamboyantly genocidal. I swear, I need to advise wanna be genociders.

    I fully I admit, I am a conspiracy spreading extremist contributing to the increasing complexification and fractalization of alternative narrations.

    Of course, there are conspiracies that take place at all levels of society and at all times. Then you have major media platforms across the worlds making conspiracies to cover up conspiracies. Conspiracies to make fake conspiracies is a conspiracy is actually a very common conspiracy

    This process will accelerate as socio-economic conditions deteriorate until complete madness takes over the global consciousness

  13. Marx’s materialism was Christian idealism with no region so their ‘nations’ were ethnic nations . The promoted ethnic nationalism which is in our westernized minds kind of like fascism.

    Hitler wanted pure blood . Now race mixing . Some monarchies want mixed blood. Hitler was a dumb ass

    The intersection of the Teich race law and Soviet nationality policy tells a lot

    Hitler and Nazi are dehumanizing words without actually doing it. Also great for invoking before preemptive violence.

    The myth of Hitler kills more than the Nazis did. I don’t mean factual ness or not the power of the Hitler myth still kills b

    Stalin was like the grand inquisitor

    Anti Soviet agitators were akin to heretics . To be purged or gulag’d

    The Soviet Union was a proto technocratic feudalism without the filthy Anglo blood.

    The great conceal continues.

  14. You’re not a real dangerous conspiracy theorist until you are called a Jewish supremacist NATO shill Nazi and an anti vaxxer homo

  15. Strategic truth as propaganda.

    It might seem like it’s revealing but it also maybe concealing

    What does the Satanic blood lust of the Hammer family reveal ?

    Intergenerational Satanism. Yup.

    What else?

    He was well loved in the Soviet Union. That must reveal something? He introduced Henry Ford to Lenin and sold a Lou of tractors. That reveals something

    He was buddies with Epstein’s handlers and mossad agents. Revealing?

    He was well revered around the world.

    He was from Ukraine? Is that revealing?

    Close to the Jewish mob? Revealing!

    And Roy Cohn mr Cold War? That’s revealing. Do you want to reveal?

    Kanye west has been revealed ?

    Satanism and Nazism has a very close relationship?

    Satan and Hitler.

    Hitler is an archetypal Satanist. The sum of all that is evil.

    Andrew Toynbee said Zionism was demonic

    Anton LeVay was the founder of the church of Satan and a Zionist activist

    It’s all so revealing

    But what does it conceal ?

  16. And why does Putin was to rehabilitate and sanctify Stalin

    Stalin was confused

    And kinda mean

    What does that reveal about Russia

    Why do Russian Orthodox hate Catholics and British so much. They at the language and evilness of the Anglo. The language of Satan .


  17. I have a soft spot for the most vaccine hesitant nation on the planet. The Ukraine m. What does that reveal?

    Nazism ?

    No, I don’t think so then I would have to be Nazi like and I have skew blood

    Confusing times.

    Putin spreads ADL defined Anti semitism I’m front of Jewish organizations

    What does that reveal?

  18. We are being lead through a series of misinformation initiatives. Whilst the official line is that the Wuhan lab had nothing to do with initiating the pandemic we are also fed the subtext that via US state funding gain of function research was initiated and supported within a lab which would definitely be under the control of Chinas military. Whilst the official line is that the new style "vaccines" are safe and effective and utilise novel technologies we are also fed the subtext detailing the dangers of the mRNA and the spike protein itself. Under the cloak of safe and effective we are also being fed with a series of died suddenly stories. These I believe could be "don't look over there, look over here" diversions. Perhaps as Karen Kingston suggests there was no dangerous virus, no lab leak, no mRNA based vaccines (or Astra Zeneca virus vector vaccine) but a prepared plan to implant self assembling technology to make the injected part of the internet of things. Data being the new Gold. Amongst us conspiracy thoerists this idea is not gaining traction even though there is ample evidence that these technologies were theorised, patented and quite possibly implemented using the billions of injections administered worldwide. It is no mistake that some conspiracy theories become established and others do not as the control of information extends beyond the official headline narrative to the subtext we the minority are fed. Is this the real truth or just simply another subtext in prepartion? I have really no certainty one way or the other but 50 years in computing technology would suggest to me it is a possibilty.

  19. Gain of fiction do nothing studies and meaningless patents

    According PRE COVID literature

    Four common human coronaviruses (HKU1, NL63, OC43 and E229) cause 15–20% of respiratory infections worldwide and are present in all continents which hospitalize and kill millions.

    Mortality is poorly assessed on these 'common' coronaviruses, but it is clear that there are chronic carriers as well as asymptomatic carriers. Studies have shown that there are as many or MORE asymptomatic carriers as symptomatic patients.

    Some studies show that 8-10% of the population has coronaviruses in them at all times.

    In addition to coronaviruses, there are 16 endemic viruses in common circulation in developed countries (adenovirus, bocavirus, cytomegalovirus, enterovirus, influenza A H1N1 virus, influenza A H3N2 virus, influenza B virus, metapneumovirus, parainfluenzae virus 1, parainfluenzae virus 2, parainfluenzae virus 3, parainfluenzae virus 4, parechovirus, picornavirus, rhinovirus, syncytial respiratory virus), and 2.6-3 million deaths from respiratory infections every year.

    We know little regarding any marked differences between them.

    All these viral infections get dumped into a category of 'IFL' influenza-like illness.

    In addiction to the supposed viral infections their are over 30 other etiologies for flu-like symptoms and pneumonia. Including things like heroine withdraw.

    The CDC states that 'flu like' symptoms is a common side effect of COVID.

    Yet with CV19 oh yeah that's super duper different loL It's got a 'spike' protein. It must have gained some fiction

  20. You see things very clearly.
    A lot of effort is going in to ensuring biblical prophecy is met and bringing a segment of society into a combined state of righteous fury and eschatological terror too.

  21. I know the script of the fake narrators

    It must revealed not great fake reveal

    Which is more of a conceal

    The best propaganda is mostly true

  22. I'm not sure the 'overlords' have complete control of the narrative any longer as us spiritual beings begin to regain our powers. The playbook can unravel as well.

  23. Wow Slobby just wow. Now we know how the eggs are addled over at Q. So were your educated academic grandparents already social scientists before they arrived in England from where again and set up at Keele? You do them proud. Fascinating. Mind bending. Cool. Thanks.

  24. Thw very worst story imo comes from Douglas Reed who was chief correspondent for The Times in Vienna in the 1930s and soon fired, roundly excoed for telling the truth. He related that people from Warsaw were obsessed with their own shit, gathering it up with their bare hands and hiding all over, under the bed, in shoes, you just never know, hardwired to hope that a green leaf or even a gourd might be coaxed into life despite being fed ample gruel to do a solid day's work for the war effort. And horrifying their brethren from Germany, no doubt about it as the record showed. Reed also connected the dots, pointing out that the babylonian sanheidran was HQed in Warsaw for almost 500 years, a fact which almost no one knows and fewer care about. And now, you see, we just don't know what is going to happen next.

  25. Lisa Franklin mentioned the book The End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke. I've looked everywhere and can't find it available. If anyone knows where to obtain a copy (either print or electronic), would you please reply to this? Thanks.

  26. Beth

    Google The End of All Evil Jeremy Locke download free pdf.

    You will get a link to download it from

  27. Brilliant article series Miri. I'm loving your missives and your cool, analytical brain.

    I've been preparing for this manufactured collapse for two years. Have tried to tell family and friends whom are all brainwashed without hope.

    It is what it is. Millions of people will be shocked when they finally realize how tricked they were. Only then it is too late.

  28. Can anybody explain why the British monarch is so much worse than the other 45 open hereditary monarchs?

    What makes them the worst ang getting kicked out of the cool monarch club?

    Russian wanted them kicked of the EU in 97.

    What makes them so despised ?

    *This is not an endorsement for but people living I’m the UK should be asking this question

  29. warr10rm0nk
    used the term:

    'Eschatological terror' which encapsulates so much meaning in just two words. It is very apt for the current political moment. I like the power of religious terms. 'They
    are terrorizing us with kind of a trauma theater

    It does look like the conservative Duginist 'conservatism revolution' took the lead in 2014-2015. It certainly was likely a plan at some point. Though Mr Dugin's bucket list written in 97' has been getting checked off one by one while he does nothing. He is a prophet or something. If you do not know this usually schizophrenic duplicitous fascistic occultist, you may want to see his wish list, it's almost all checked off.

    I would disagree that this shift was planned that far in advance or more succinctly it was a power grab at some level. I think the other power pole took the backlash from the woke brigade and took that negative energy and flipped the script with Trump. Oh Trump and Russia do indeed have connections it just can't be talked about.

    It's very easy to change your 'gender' in Russia despite Putin's rhetoric. He has got both the 'anti imperialist left' and western conservatives dupped. The English speaking Marxists, 'anti imperialists' and western conservatives love Putin like a messiah but for much different reasons.

    It's like the 500 year old fight between the British and Russian Empire is still simmering below that surface within the context of the great reset with real hate. If you listen to some of Russian intelligentsia they absolutely despise the Anglo-Americans, we are the great Satan. It is a holy war to them. The 'whites' meaning Anglo Americans are the cause of Hitler. And Putin will make Iran and Syria bow to the Zionist nation. And merge Stalin with Jewish History as a hero. He is very touchy about criticisms of Stalin

    The anti soviet Fabians are despised amongst the English speaking Marxist community and Russian intelligentsia. They even through Lenin under the bus when Putin botch slapped him.

    The Bolshevik Revolution murdered the British blood out of the czars but they still have a monarchy and a rising in popularity monarch party. And the Orthodox is very supportive of them.

    No Blavatsky's 'one world religion' on Dugin's watch. Blavatsky who ironically wrote much of Hitlers race theory, the esoteric portion

    We're going to 'traditionalism' which is just moral relativism in disguise. Western conservatives eat it up, though.

    "In 2011, the party youth under the leadership of Dugin staged the occult mystery play Finis Mundi (The End of the World) at the ESM’s summer camp. Darya [Dugina], by the way, played the role of a sacrificial victim who voluntarily self-immolates in order to save Russia. As the girl is burning, a man’s voice proclaims, “Cross yourself with fire, Rus! Burn up in the fire and save your diamond from the black furnace!” The extravaganza’s director described the concept of the production as follows: “We have to bring the end of the world closer. Antonin Artaud said there is only one means of curing the world’s disease—burning the world, which I illustrated in the play’s final scene, in which the burning of the universe takes place.” In the finale, Dugin came on stage and said, “We have lived three days of our life towards death. I don’t think that the scenes you have staged need to be deciphered. The hermeneutics of the world’s end is the task that faces you in the future.”

    He said, they need to make it seem like the 'end of the world" . Putin spreads Nazi propaganda in front off Jewish groups. Weird times

    Jared Kushner and Dugin have mutual friends in the occupied territories. Julian Assange is another curious character. Some sort of pawn in this long chess game.

    One direction this could fall is much worse for the Anglo American's though, which it looks to be headed.

    Rowling's new book told the story of the soviet union. They went so anti Zionist and fetishized Hitler

    "Rowling’s depiction of a far-left anti-Semite comes at a time of record high anti-Semitism in Britain, where she lives. Britain’s Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn have been accused of insensitivity to Jews and condoning anti-Jewish sentiments within the party’s ranks. Corbyn previously defended a grotesquely anti-Semitic London mural depicting Jewish bankers, and referred to his “friends” in terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah, though he’s said he now regrets these positions."

    "Nazism Revival
    Students made up the majority of those who took part in the first open meetings during the Khrushchev "thaw" the poetry readings at the Mayakovsky statue in Moscow and at Arts Square in Leningrad.
    However, students and young people in general were not a noticeable part of the human rights movement the majority of human rights activists were older people. Only in the late 1970s
    did youth participation in this movement begin to grow. 'When authorities exposed those who had written graffiti and distributed signs, it became clear that they were all young people; but the underground and the semi-underground of the 1980s was not all democratic. The most diverse organizations began to increase, including fascist groups, also comprised of young people (high school and university students, students of technological and trade schools and young workers). The :first known public demonstration of pro-Nazi youth occurred in Tallinn on September 22 198o, after a concert in honor of the anniversary of the liberation of Estonia from German occupation.
    In a crowd leaving the concert a group of about two dozen people appeared carrying swastikas, and chanting "Heil Hitler."
    On November 1 1981, a fascist demonstration took place in Kurgan. About one hundred high school students wearing armbands with swastikas shouted slogans such as "Fascism will save Russia " Demonstrations of neofascists also took place in Yuzhnouralsk, Sverdlovsk, and in Leningrad at the Kazan Cathedral.
    In 1982 on April 20 Hitler's birthday, there was a fascist demonstration in Moscow at the traditional place for human rights demonstrations-Pushkin Square. At the Russia Movie Theater, which faces this square, pro-Movement for Human Rights fascist leaflets were distributed. The demonstrators-nearly fifty young boys and girls, wore black shirts and black pants, short haircuts; one had a swastika on his cap. News of this demonstration spread widely before it was held: teachers in the higher grades of Moscow schools warned of such demonstration and urged students not to go to the Square. Naturally, the entire square was packed with people who had come to catch a glimpse of the fascists."

  30. I became aware of changes in 2016 I look forward to your updates Miri. There will be a one world religion but based on my observations its blindingly obvious it wont be "Chrislam" think about who is still awaiting their "Messiah"? Who hates Christianity? Which religion is permitted to be openly mocked, ridiculed and laughed at? Mmmm let me think... who are the richest small nation on the planet? And the most powerful? Please research Noahide laws" they are signed in by each American president

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