The Lyin' King, and other motley modern fables...

Written by: Miri
November 29, 2022

So, Matt Hancock narrowly missed out on being crowned "King of the Jungle", an accolade previously reserved for Simba from the Lion King (a fictional children's cartoon character).

I must say, when I learned that up to 12 million members of the British public had voted for a serious adult human to be awarded this title, I did have a brief moment of all-encompassing, hopeless existential despair - however, I soon restored myself (depression never lasts long when you subsist on the treacle-like coffee blends I do) when I realised: this is all part of the reveal, part of the show.

12 million votes is only slightly less than are typically cast in a General Election. Yes, the electoral process is beset with limitations and corruption, but at least it purports to be vaguely serious. Supposedly, an election is your opportunity to select diligent and dedicated representatives, who will work hard for you and your community to give you a better future.

Obviously, I know that's a far cry from what usually happens, but at least that's what the official purpose is, what the PR says, and there are some decent MPs out there - such as those who attended the recent APPG on vaccine safety - who got into politics for the right reasons and really do want to make a difference.

Yet voter turnout has never been lower, with the usual reasons people give for abstention being that politics is meaningless / a waste of time, and voting won't make a difference. Meanwhile, these same people will take the time, and spend the money (each phone vote costs 50p and many people vote multiple times) to vote for inane celebrities to be awarded excruciatingly juvenile and utterly meaningless "titles" on reality TV shows.

This, in my view, is the ruling classes ruthlessly mocking us, holding up a mirror to our degraded, captured culture, and saying, "look, very few people bothered to engage with Hancock when he was a 'serious person', a politician mired in all sorts of scandal and corruption, causing terrible suffering to millions, but now we present him as a cuddly glorified cartoon character on the telly, well, everyone's interested in him now!"

It has been a source of abject bafflement and increasing horror to me to learn that vast swathes of the UK public actually treat "I'm A Celebrity" as if it matters (far more than did, for instance, the vaccine safety APPG mentioned earlier, which was very patchily attended). People - millions of them - get deeply emotionally invested with "I'm A Celeb", the print media covers it as if it is real news (I discovered, to my horror, when researching this article, that the Daily Mail actually has a whole section devoted to it), and all such articles are deluged with emotional, sometimes rather hysterical, comments regarding people's favourite - and least favourite - "campmate".

Getting irate over the behaviour of celebrities in the jungle, is kind of like getting enraged with evil Dirty Den for cheating on that lovely Angie in Eastenders.

Whenever very wealthy, establishment celebrities, who have made their names in the performative arts - whether TV (Hollyoaks guy), music (Boy George) or politics (Hancock) - appear on big-budget (let's not forget Hancock's £400,000 fee), mainstream televisual productions, we need to be abundantly and unequivocally clear on this: they are acting.

So-called "reality TV" does not exist, if by 'reality' we mean natural, organic, spontaneous - rather, what is euphemstically known as "structured reality" does. So, the producers will tell the cast what to talk about, how to talk about it, what they are and are not allowed to say, and what conclusions to draw. This is so for each and every "reality TV" show that has ever existed (and, of course, they're heavily edited too), so while every single line may not be scripted as per more "traditional" acting, acting it nevertheless is.

As I have said before, the reason well-known actors are compensated quite so handsomely (the cast of Friends got $1 million each per episode, and that was twenty years ago) is because the ruling classes possess no more powerful weapons in these cultural wars, no more effective assets to manicure and manipulate the mass mind than - good actors.

Hancock was able to so seamlessly transfer from evil villain politician to cuddly reality TV star - and it was seamless, look at just how many love him now - because he's a good actor. Like all actors do, he simply finished one role - playing an "evil politician" on the news - and went on to another - playing an "ordinary nice guy" on a location shoot.

We no more "saw the real Matt Hancock" in the jungle, than we "saw the real Josh Brolin" when he played George Bush in the Oliver Stone film 'W'. Brolin portrayed Bush very well and entirely persuasively - despite the fact Brolin himself is a staunch Democrat and has never voted Republican. But that didn't come across in his portrayal, because when he's acting, he's not being the real him.

So, is Matt Hancock an ordinary, decent guy because he came across persuasively as one in his recent TV acting role? Of course not. This is a man responsible for some of the most tyrannical and anti-human, undemocratic and illiberal restrictions ever imposed by a government on its own people, as well as being mired in some of the worst kinds of corruption and scandal imaginable. Cheating on his wife is the least of it (if he really did: all looked very staged and conveniently "leaked" to me. I'm sure if these two very high-profile, very media savvy, and very wealthy people really wanted to conceal an affair, they would do so - expensive, discrete hotels etc. - not have a snog in the broom cupboard like excitable teenagers).

Please do not forget Hancock's £50,000 "takeaway" from a restaurant far too small to run up that kind of bill, nor this memory-holed report, where Hancock used the media to publicly announce - just months before the debut of "the pandemic" - that he would definitely give his children's organs up for donation if they died.

Hancock's (very young) children were and are completely healthy and have never required organ donation themselves. So isn't this quite an odd thing for a parent to so publicly declare, especially since Hancock went on to qualify that, if tragedy strikes and your children die, "the least you can do" is give up their organs?

Um, what? "The least you can do" suggests the family has had some kind of windfall or boon, that they've been lucky in some way, so the "least they can do" is give back - not that they've just been hit with the worst kind of tragedy life has to offer. Organ donation in the event of tragedy, especially tragedy involving children, is an incredibly difficult, sensitive subject, and to be able to so casually say to the world's media, "oh yes, I'd definitely give up my kids' organs if they died - the least one can do!" - is not normal.

"Coincidentally", Hancock made this public declaration just months before an alleged "pandemic" began, where thousands were inappropriately put on ventilators that proved, in many cases, fatal. Ventilators were always entirely the wrong treatment for a respiratory virus, and most top medics (and many whistle-blowers) knew it. However, in order for a patient to qualify for organ donation, they have to be on a ventilator for the organ extraction to be possible - e.g., their body has to be living at the time of extraction, as organs from a dead body are useless. Doctors will label a patient "brain dead" to justify organ harvesting, and in many cases, doctors will be right that the patient has no hope of recovery, but that does not change the fact that only living bodies on ventilators qualify for organ donation. Since most people don't die on ventilators, there's always been an organ shortage worldwide - but then, lo and behold, came "the pandemic", when suddenly ventilator use skyrocketed.

Also in 2020, as the pandemic policies rapidly gathered pace, the UK quietly changed its laws on organ donation, so this scheme became opt out rather than opt in. That is to say, if you haven't explicitly instructed the NHS that you are not an organ donor, it will be assumed you are. Healthy human organs being worth a fortune, I don't think you have to be a "conspiracy theorist" to see how dark and open to incredible corruption this scheme is, nor to understand why Hancock made this very sinister declaration about his children and their organs just months before the pandemic, and its concomitant heavy ventilator use, began.

Someone who can use their own children as political pawns in this most grotesque of ways - to programme the public consciousness to get used to the idea of their children dying and then "donating" their organs - is not a person like you and I. He's not a "decent, ordinary guy who made a few mistakes". He's a monster - a monster who wears a number of very convincing masks.

We didn't see "the real Matt Hancock" in the jungle as - and this is really a key concept to understand when attempting to unravel these people - there is no real Matt Hancock. Anybody who's ever studied the etiology of psychopaths knows that they have no fundamental, core personality in the way that normal people do. Where what we might call the soul is in most of us, there is a black void in people with this disorder (who are far more common than one might think, and they absolutely infest politics and showbusiness). They're highly adept social chameleons who can easily morph and adapt to whatever the situation at hand requires - why Hancock was able to so effortlessly adjust to life "in the jungle" - motivated only by their insatiable need for power, wealth, status, sex - whatever happens to be most important to them at the time (often all of the aforementioned).

We see precisely the same phenomenon with Jonathan Van Tam, Chief Medical Officer in "the pandemic". Now that Jonny's starring role as a super-serious scientist on 'the news' is complete, he's moved on to a more traditional acting role, playing a character in BBC Series, 'Call The Midwife'.

Again, he will blend in seamlessly, just like Hancock did going from evil politician to jolly nice guy, and just like Sean Maguire did when he graduated from 'Grange Hill' to 'Eastenders'. It's all the same thing. If someone stars on a mainstream television broadcast and is a well-known public figure, then - regardless of whether they star on 'the news', a soap opera, or a reality TV show - they are an actor, and all prominent actors have the same objective - to push various social engineering campaigns and psy-ops, and to get you to believe in things that aren't real.

Soap operas are used for this just as much as 'the news' is, e.g., Coronation Street having a storyline demonising anti-vaxxers. As George Carlin didn't quite say, it's all one big show, and you're not in it - not unless you're in the club. You can be sure that everyone - yes, everyone - with a prominent mainstream profile is in it, and is completely owned, controlled, and often scripted, by the real power-players who perennially lurk in the shadows.

This has always been so, but now, they are really rubbing our faces in it - revealing the method, as they always eventually do - by having Hancock in the jungle and Van Tam on Call The Midwife. This is all in preparation for the looming collapse - the controlled demolition - of our culture. Any invading army knows (and we are currently under occupation) that to successfully overthrow a culture, first you have to destroy it from within, and a very effective tool for cultural destruction is ritual humiliation.

With what the social engineers are doing now, with Hancock particularly, they are humiliating us, and the fact that 12 million people are too stupid to see that, adds to the humiliation exponentially. It is the ruling classes saying to us, look at what you've become. A once proud, great nation with a history of producing brilliant art, great architecture, one of the most admired and envied cultures in the world.... is now reduced to this. Gormlessly cheering for an evil man who hates you, as he performs juvenile, repulsive, and meaningless tasks, abandoning his actual job and therefore, once again, egregiously betraying the public who he allegedly "represents".

The 12 million don't see it like this yet, but they will, when Hancock is publicly revealed for what he is and thrown under the bus (even if it's all a show and he's given a new identity and shipped off to some tropical island somewhere, once he's fulfilled his purpose). The public will be shown what he really is, because all the major newspapers didn't report on his £50,000 takeaway for no reason. They didn't report it had a secret, password-protected menu selling "pizza" for no reason.

This, much like 'Chekhov's rifle', was put out there because it is meant to come back. When it does, the UK public will be consumed with horror and self-disgust that they cheered, defended, and voted for this man, when this is what he really is.

It's meant to make people both disgusted in the culture, and disgusted in themselves, so they feel that they can't trust themselves and their judgements, so desperately need a totally new regime, new rules and new heroes, to save them.

This is part one of a three part series, because I can see other major social / cultural themes gaining pace in the same way, and I will cover those and bring it all together in parts two and three.

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13 comments on “The Lyin' King, and other motley modern fables...”

  1. Fascinating. One small point, here in Wales 'opt out' rather than in for organ donation came in a few years ago. (weren't we lucky?) If I recall there was lots of heavy 'sob stories' put out around that time, but I'm pretty sure they never said your organs would necessarily end up In Wales or even UK, but I'm sure that's what people would believe. I read a fascinating book about death not so long ago, and it goes into detail about organ harvesting and donation (mostly American based). It also made the point that if you make people aware and afraid of their own mortality you could convince them to do anything.

  2. Spot on Miri. My take is that the 12 million plus citizens when starving and freezing will suddenly discover their backbones, just as our Chinese friends are doing today. It is not going to be pretty once everyone puts 2+2 together. The answer will be 4.

  3. The reason why people don't care about truth about the vaccines is because they took the poison and don't want to know.
    Same reason why people didn't want to know what really happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The irony is that these cunts thought they weren't selfish by wearing masks and getting jabs, while calling those of us that do care, the selfish ones.

    People are freaks through history in all civilizations. Some of us are still human despite the tribalist brainwashing.

    As George Carlin said in his last interview:
    "When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat."

    George Carlin

  4. As most other votes seem rigged globally, it could well be that Midazolam Matt's vote figure was far less in real life and so hopefully less than 12 million people are barking mad! It's a playbook as you say, but a very bizarre one.

  5. I agree with you over the horror that is wankcock. However will the 12 million really feel self disgust? Aren't they more likely to feel outrage and then move on quickly to the next clown show? I can't see them berating themselves for loving him.

  6. Very perceptive as usual Miri but I fear that when people finally hear the penny drop they will do as they did before; turn on us, the people who woke them up!

  7. Hi Miri, I have the same treacle-like coffee, I need at least 3 to believe I have had a coffee...

    You write:'They didn't report it had a secret, password-protected menu selling "pizza" for no reason.'

    Are you alluding to the same
    Pizzagate scandal as in the US?
    This video below covers some of that:

    THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (1)

    The sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia, child sex trafficking for the elite. About the pizza restaurant Comet Ping Pong and its owner James Alefantis, his background and family background (Rothchild), his close friendship with the Obamas, the Clintons, David Brock, John and Tony Podesta. The artworks they bought and displayed depicted naked, abused and murdered children. From the Pizzagate scandal, the Podesta emails, the coded meaning of pizza jargon, and the shocking secret of Comet Ping Pong. On cognitive dissonance and the psychology of denial...

    Thank you for your beautifully written essays.

  8. I would love to throw Twat Wancock under a bus-literally. I don't watch TV-at all. Tell a vision is the biggest social engineering tool there is. I wish every set in the world would vanish overnight.

  9. Well very interesting I must say. I do feel so upset that supposedly bright, intelligent people have been and are currently so stupid. Whoever watches such drivel should be ashamed of themselves. Madazelam mat so blatantly killed their relatives and friends not so long ago, with the Liverpool care pathway (look it up) we are in 2022 and a friend of mine has just had another jab. I distraught with the knowledge that those very same 'friends' will be turning on me and 'the unjabbed' when civil unrest rears its ugly head due to being starved and frozen to near death. Only to be policed by the newly planted 30 yr old UN army (oh sorry i meant refugees) currently living in our stately homes whilst enjoying combat training, food, water, doctors and dentists on tap. This is all because sunak and truss are WEF puppets under klaus (look it up)and starmer is a member of the trilateral commission two sides of the same coin. We are doomed unless we all wake up but the cognitive dissonance is rife. Wake up to what's happening China is rebelling and you're not even talking about it!

  10. Regarding Part II about Armie Hammer

    The Hammer Family is quite interesting. Likely intergenerational incest and Satanism. It is ancient

    Armand Hammer: The international man of mystery.....

    Arm and hammer and sickle

    Armand's father, Julius, fled Odessa Ukraine in the 1880s for New York and helped found the US communist party.

    -Julius was placed under surveillance by the NYPD for suspicion of making bombs

    -Julius met V.I. Lenin in Germany in 1907
    A 23 yr old Hammer waltzed right into1921 Soviet Russia and set up shop like he owned the place.

    He opened the Armand Hammer pencil factory in 1921 . Which was nationalized in 1930 and renamed the "Sacco and Vanzetti" pencil factory, in a Master troll move by Stalin, until it was demolished in 2007. Hammer, lacked pencil-making know-how, recruited disgruntled German Faber pencil masters and Birmingham engineers.

    -Was Lenin's 'chosen capitalist'
    -Khrushchev told Hammer much later that he first learnt how to write using a Hammer pencil.
    -Partners with Ghislaine Maxwell's father
    -Given a full pardon by President Bush for the only crime he had ever been convicted of; an illegal contribution to Nixon's 1972 campaign
    *He has an impressive list of international list awards which include;
    -The Lenin Order of Friendship Among the People's (only western capitalist to ever receive)
    -US National Arts Medal
    -France's Legion of Honor
    -Italy's Grand Order of Merit
    -Sweden's Royal Order of the Polar Star
    -Austria's Knight Commander Cross
    -Pakistan's Hilal-i-Quaid-Azam Peace Award
    -Israel's Leadership Award
    -Venezuela's Order of Andres Bellos
    -And other high honors rom Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria and Germany

    Hammer had honorary degrees from 25 Universities
    -God Father to Prince Charles sons
    -Friends with Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (his company Occidental Petroleum operated in Libya for 40 yrs)
    -Had a luxury apartment in Moscow at the height o the cold war
    -Met with Gorbachev in 1985 and flew him to Morocco for a little R&R
    -Got the Gore family Rich

    *Smuggled diamonds, previous metals and Russian art out of Soviet Russia through a shell Pharmaceutical company.

    Was known for violent orgies with blood

    This is infighting, Soviet/Verse Anti Soviet Socialists AND part of a schism between the pseudo war which is an extension of the pseudo pandemic. But their is global fracturing and the Norther Monarchs are kicking the Brits out of club blood line (or trying )

    so much more Armie is the tip of the iceberg ...

  11. Hancock has been placed in the jungle to justify a preceived a redemption arc. He’s proved his usefulness to the PTBs by his previous efforts to push the mass murder of vulnerable patients and undergone ritual humiliation now. They are lining him up to replace Sunak as his usefulness is wearing thin. Then after he wears out his top job welcome they will place someone else. Rinse repeat. They are going to keep using “oh well they’ve only been in office for 5 mins” excuse now to stave off public disquiet at a never ending carousel of short term MPs sitting in the top job, pushing the Overton window on public depravity and authoritarianism before toddling off to their big money “speakers fees” that is their payment for selling out humanity’s future. The 12 million votes is brainwashing Bs. Feeble minded do phone a number, but the actual numbers are totally pulled from thin air for all we know. We only know what the media tell us, which is nothing substantive. The media has amply demonstrated over the last couple of years that nothing gains a high profile unless the PTBs want it. They will stifle and throttle content and content creators as they see fit. Believe nothing and question everything .

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