They are not our "Friends"

Written by: Miri
November 11, 2022

You may have noticed that, recently, the two most popular actors from the phenomenally successful "Friends" series, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, have been getting a lot of press attention.

As always, when the press decides to give a lot of exposure to a person and a headline focus on what they're saying, this is because it's part of a script signed off at the highest levels regarding what the social engineers want you to know about and think about. We have to be crystal clear on this fact: nothing makes the news in the national mainstream media unless it benefits the social engineers in some way for you to know about it. If they don't want you to know about it, or if it doesn't serve them, it is not printed.

The media does not report "the news" - there are thousands of incredibly newsworthy stories every day that are completely ignored - but rather, it is an extremely powerful psychological weapon used to manicure and control your perception of reality. And it's extremely effective at doing this, to the extent media descriptions of reality are far more likely to be trusted than what people see and experience for themselves, e.g. objectively, reality was there was no "deadly pandemic", but the media told people there was and so they believed it.

The key thing to be aware of, however, is just because we spot one media-fabricated fantasy doesn't mean we are immune to being tricked by all of the rest of them, and this is particularly so when the news regards celebrities we have some kind of personal attachment to - attachments we have all been trained to develop through hours glued to the screen watching our favourite shows, and feeling like we know and love the affable characters in front of us.

"Friends" was a cultural phenomenon that elicited very powerful attachments to its stars - which therefore gave them a huge amount of power. The "Friends" stars' followings on social media far eclipse the average politician or media talking head (Jennifer Aniston has over 40 million followers on Instagram - that is equivalent to the population of a small country), and so, when they say something - anything at all - millions of people listen.

We cannot possibly therefore imagine that people with such extraordinary social power over the mass mind are just allowed to say whatever they like, nor that individuals who rise that highly in one of the most depraved and corrupt industries in all of history - Hollywood - are nice, decent, and trustworthy.

There are many well-worn rumours about what went on behind the scenes on "Friends", one of which was that the cast all chanted "Hail Satan" between scenes. Do I know if this is true? No, of course not. Maybe it's just a (very well-known) rumour or silly joke. But I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it was true, given just how many top stars have stated quite frankly they have "sold their soul to the devil", and how steeped in Satanic symbolism many Hollywood offerings are. Note that Christian Bale thanked Satan in a recent awards speech.

We know that Satanism is not a "conspiracy theory" and that members of the high-level ruling elites practice it. Kind of obvious, really, when you consider they are currently orchestrating a mass worldwide genocide.

That being the case, please let me assure you that Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry are not nice, fluffy, harmless "ordinary people" - your friends! - who just earnestly want to share with you their terrible struggles with infertility and addiction. Come on. There's an agenda here, because there ALWAYS is.

They are actors - very good actors and very, very powerful actors. The ruling classes know actors have more power over the mass mind than almost any other class of people, and that is precisely why top actors are paid quite so handsomely. They are some of the most powerful assets the ruling classes have.

So, the reason "Jen" (as we are encouraged to refer to her, because she really is our friend, you know), is now spilling all about her terrible struggles with infertility - just as millions of women "inexplicably" find themselves infertile - is to normalise it. She is telling this story, in this way, now, to make people think, "well, wow, if someone as rich and famous as Jennifer Aniston with every tool at her disposal couldn't get pregnant, I guess it's no surprise I can't either". Because, note - no reason is given for Aniston's infertility. It's just - "well, I tried everything, and nothing worked, so that was that". Hence, desperate young women trying for a baby are supposed to think that too - that there's no reason for their infertility (certainly nothing to do with a worldwide injectable sterilising programme, because Aniston's alleged infertility was before that) - it's just one of those things, that even ultra-rich semi-Goddesses like Jen Aniston have to deal with.

That's why she's telling us (as I always say, always ask, "why this, why now?"), and the whole thing may be a total pack of lies. We have no idea whether Jennifer Aniston ever really tried to conceive or went through IVF, because we do not know her. We only know the character she portrays on the world stage, just like we did not "know" Rachel Green, we just saw her persuasive portrayal on television.

Many characters in soap operas act out a storyline where they "battle with infertility" or "battle addiction", and they do this when the social scriptwriters want to introduce a certain topic into public dialogue and manipulate the public to think about it in a certain way (e.g. Coronation Street having a vaccine storyline that belittled anti-vaxxers).

The world stage is not very different to a film stage, it's just, in film and television, you are overtly told people are acting, and on the world stage, you're not.

So, that's why Aniston (who publicly declared she had cut off "anti-vax" friends) is now participating in the normalising of infertility agenda, and there are equally nefarious reasons for why Matthew Perry is suddenly getting a lot of press attention.

Poor Matthew Perry, right? He's had such a difficult life with all his struggles with addiction.

But how do you know this? Do you know him? Or did the media tell you this?

Matthew Perry is an actor. A very good one, a very rich one, a very powerful one - one of the most famous men in the world. So, can you tell me how we can definitively state for certain he is not just playing the part of "ageing actor struggling with addiction", just like Matt Le Blanc played the part of "struggling actor who can't find work" in Friends? These are cultural tropes and cliches. Actors play these roles well.

I am not saying that's definitely what's happening. I am saying that we don't know. You don't. I don't. But we do know that such incredibly famous people with top-level acting skills can and do keep acting even when the TV show has wrapped, in order to push the messages of their masters (e.g. Aniston pushing the vaccine, which I think we can safely say she herself has never had) - and you do not become that rich and that famous unless you have masters - and do exactly what they tell you.

Many people around the world have been very surprised at the dramatic changes in Matthew Perry's appearance, and when they express their surprise, are instantly shot down by gatekeepers - "shut up! Don't be cruel! He's just ageing!" - yet we have all seen people age, we have all seen stars battle addiction (I believe Paul Newman drank 20 beers and a bottle of scotch a day for decades), and still there seem more changes to Perry's appearance than we might expect. That's what people are responding to - their instincts are telling them, "something is different here, this isn't just normal ageing or poor lifestyle". Perhaps they're wrong. But perhaps they're right - and they certainly very well could be.

It is a well documented fact, certainly not "conspiracy theory", that very famous people often have doubles. Often for security, official "doubles" who resemble them will be recruited and used at various events. A good film about this phenomenon came out a few years ago, called "The Devil's Double", about the body double of Saddam Hussain's son, Uday.

I have studied Matthew Perry's appearance carefully over the years and I think he has a double. That the photos we see are not always of the same guy. I mildly suggested this on my Instagram account the other day, and was very surprised at the amount of gatekeeping this produced - the "line in the sand" termination of discussion I wrote about recently, where people jump on you when you broach a certain topic that for whatever reason they don't like with, "I like it when you discuss X and Y, but Z is a step too far. It makes you look crazy / gives us all a bad name / etc."

Okay, so let me make sure I've got this right here: I can say the world is ruled by an evil cabal of genocidal maniacs who are trying to murder us all, and that's cool - a sane, normal perspective that people approve of - but to suggest a super-famous actor sometimes uses a body double, as super-famous people are well-known to do, is a crazy conspiracy theory that will destroy all my credibility? Hmm, ok. I think I'll risk it.

(And let me repeat, once again, the "line in the sand" for what makes others look "crazy" and "lose their credibility" is totally arbitrary and differs from person to person. You're not the ultimate arbiter of what's crazy and credible and what isn't (none of us are), so why not just let other people discuss what they like and if it's not for you, move on, rather than trying to gatekeep and shut them down?)

I happen to be in the midst of reading Matthew Perry's autobiography and it makes most revealing reading indeed - if you read between the lines (as you must read all offerings from very prominent world-stage players).

Perry rather casually informs us that his mother - who began life as a beauty queen - somehow then became the press secretary to Pierre Trudeau. That being, the Pierre Trudeau who was then the Prime Minister of Canada, and who is the father (albeit, shall we say, "adopted father") of current tyrannical despot, Justin, who - what an amazing coincidence! - Perry went to school with and had such an involved relationship with that at one point he beat him up. Despite this fact, Justin merits nothing more than a one-sentence mention in Perry's book, and the same joke Perry has been recycling for years (about stopping his quarrel with him once Justin had an entire army under his command).

If you had gone to school with an extremely high-profile member of an ultra-powerful political dynasty who currently runs an entire country, knowing him well enough to get into a fight, AND your mother worked for his father, wouldn't you say a little more about him than... a sentence? Their parents worked very closely together, they went to the same school, they very likely spent a great deal more time together than we are being told. So why aren't we being told?

I think we can read an awful lot into what Perry doesn't say, especially as he expresses undisguised hatred and contempt for Pierre Trudeau. The book attempts to hint this is because Pierre took up too much of Perry's mother's time with work, and the young Perry resented that, but given what is alleged about Pierre Trudeau (please do go and research him for yourself, that's just a link to get you started), we can at least consider the possibility the truth is a little darker than that.

There's a lot of very odd stuff in Perry's book (as there is, so I am told, in Justin Trudeau's autobiography - people who have read it and know about these things say it hints very strongly at MK Ultra), including him comparing an experience on a flight as a five-year-old to Sodom and Gomorrah. He claims this flight was traumatic because he felt lonely and the other passengers were getting drunk - but how is that like Sodom and Gomorrah?

Read between the lines. See what he's really telling us. He's telling us he had a hideously traumatic experience s a five-year-old comparable to Sodom and Gomorrah. We know ritualistic paedophilia is part and parcel of Hollywood (remember, Corey Feldman told us, "the biggest problem is Hollywood is paedophilia"). It is also the case that it is rife in politics.

As I have said again and again, it's critical we understand that politics and showbiz are not separate and distinct things, and that is why - oh, coincidence! - super-famous actor, Matthew Perry, went to school with super-famous politician, Justin Trudeau, and their parents worked together.

It's because it's a big club and they're all in it. They are all owned establishment assets who wield immense power over the public, and the national and international consciousness. Politicians' power is more overt and obvious - see Justin Trudeau's despotic behaviour in "the pandemic" - but actors' power is even more mighty, because you tell me, who is more popular and more well-liked - Justin "blackface" Trudeau... or loveable Chandler from Friends, played by that poor Matthew Perry, who's had such a difficult life? (And I'm not saying he hasn't - just that it's likely not in the way that people think.)

Matthew Perry, like all ultra-famous people, has handlers and scriptwriters. He is told what to say and when to say it. If he was not 100% owned and controllable in this way, he would never have been permitted to attain and maintain the huge celebrity that he enjoys - it simply gives individuals so much power, that nobody gets to that level unless they are a totally reliable, controllable asset who does exactly what they are told. That is why they train them up as children, and whatever "school" Matthew Perry and Justin Trudeau went to together, was a cover for their military/intelligence training for their future roles as very powerful men - much like Rishi Sunak's alleged time at a university where nobody remembers him was training for a similar path.

Please do not believe that anybody makes it big in Hollywood, or in politics, by chance and purely on the basis of their own merits. At the top, internationally famous levels, they're all controlled and they're all in the club. Yes, low-profile, bit-part actors that nobody has heard of, and backbench MPs, may be genuine people. But the big fish never - ever - are. They're totally controllable at all times - or they're out.

If high-profile assets like Perry and Trudeau were ever to go off script, they would be instantly smeared and destroyed, removed from their high-profile positions, if not outright killed. People who are not "on script" and not serving the agenda, are certainly not given international book deals with excerpts in all the big papers and invites onto the top talk shows.

So please let me repeat this because it is incredibly important: Matthew Perry is not your friend. You don't know him. You don't know if he really "struggled with addiction" or if - as a very fine actor - he is simply playing a part on the world stage (remember the "harrowing addiction memoir" by James Frey that was once all the rage... and turned out to be fake?). Equally with Aniston and her alleged infertility. Is this her real personal experience she is sharing, or is she is simply (as she is highly trained to do) playing a part and reading from a script?

We must understand that the overlords are ruthless agents of deception, and that inculcating us into believing in a false reality is key to the creation and maintenance of their power over us. That is why actors are their most powerful assets.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they often use multiple people to play the same person on the world stage. Again, this is not conspiracy theory, it is well documented fact, and it's obvious why very famous figures might need a body double in certain situations - because fame attracts nutters, and nutters sometimes kill you (John Lennon etc). I know many people believe Joe Biden has a double - at least one - and, again, why wouldn't he? He's one of the most famous and powerful men in the world and is therefore a very high security risk. It would be absolutely foolhardy not to have a double in certain situations.

However, the elite do not just use doubles for issues of security, but as part of their grand deception in casting black magic spells and keeping us in a permanent state of confusion, not quite able to trust our own senses. If you study images of Matthew Perry throughout his adulthood, there are strong indications he is played by at least two people (in the same way various characters on soap operas "go away to Adelaide" and then come back as a different actor). Yet when people comment on what their senses are telling them, that there are striking anomalies in his appearance over the years (as opposed to other ageing men with addiction issues - not exactly an exclusive category, sadly), they are shot down by gatekeepers who just parrot what the media has told them.

"Of course it's the same guy. He's ageing. He's had addiction issues. Don't be cruel."

Well, may I ask how you know this? Like I said, you don't know him. You only know what the media told you, including the actor himself reading some lines on television, and I think we can safely say there is therefore a high likelihood that what we are being told - at least some parts of it - is not true.

We already know that "they" are starting to use CGI - "deepfakes" - and holograms to project 'stars' onto the world stage, just as the did with the Queen, her Christmas message "deepfaked" on Channel 4 and her holographic image projected into a carriage for the Jubilee.

This is the next level after body doubles. They want you to see things that aren't real and be increasingly unable to distinguish them from things that are real. Consequently, many high-profile actors on the world stage are played by at least two people, and when your senses tell you that and you spot anomalies in their appearance, you will be shot down as crazy, therefore making you further doubt your own instincts and abilities - so instead, you invest further in the media charade and world stage pantomime.

Please always remember that we know "Jennifer Aniston" and "Matthew Perry" just as well as we know "Rachel Green" and "Chandler Bing", and the same can be said for Justin Trudeau, Matt Hancock, Piers Morgan... these people are all actors. They are all reading from a script and playing a part. Sometimes bits of their real personality may come through (Matthew Perry confirms the Friends cast made up some of their own jokes), but that doesn't negate from the fact that their role is to be complicit in co-creating a false reality for you to invest in.

Do so at your peril. Or as Chandler Bing might say, "could this BE any more faked and scripted?"

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14 comments on “They are not our "Friends"”

  1. Here's another MF (it's a bit like "AF"!) The Satanists worship Baphomet, which is androgynous. So the high-level ones, e.g. actors, models, world leaders, have their genders switched. Imagine what that has done to women all over the world when they have been thinking it is possible to look like Jen? Also what IS Victoria's Secret...?
    It's right in front of your face if you take a look. Where are the hips?
    Bands such as The Spice Girls - all trannies. Becoming Michelle Obama - ha ha, he's Big Mike to those in the know. There are even videos of Barack getting "her" name wrong in front of military top brass.
    This is why The Satanists want to normalise being transgender and many other things, e.g pedophilia. They are never about healing their psyches - instead, they want everyone to be as f-ed up as they are.

  2. More truths from Miri AF. This war consists of many battles running at the same time. Evil is very clever, and uses this to divide & weaken us because we fight on several fronts. We have to get focussed, and fight the nucleus that is the UN, the WHO & WEF, ie, globalists.

  3. And isn't Jennifer Aniston actually a man in drag? I believe so. Just to confuse a bit more. Many famous actresses are actually men and the big wigs that control everything are generally men. So they have "normal" folk lusting after someone of the opposite sex because that's, well, satanic and therefore you are performing rituals for them like the monkeys we are (to them).
    I think you've done a pretty good job of pointing out the truth for those who do not see.

  4. Amazing. Thankfully I detached emotionally from Jennifer when I heard what she'd said, something about us shutting up and just wearing a mask, and then the unfriending thing if you were unvaxed.. I knew then something was up.. how could someone seemingly so normal and down to earth (my girl crush!!) think and say things like that??.. well like you say because we don't know them.. they are not who we have been brain washed to believe they are.. OPRAH... I remember at the beginning of 2020 thinking.. where is OPRAHs voice, surely she can see right through this? I thought she was one for protecting people, spiritual?, nope, all a play.. people like that who I admired, had respect for, is the hardest to take!. I do hope the pendulum swings right back at them with the full force of the impact they have had destroying lives.. no regard for human life!

  5. MK Ultra is a probable psyop, a red-pilled narrative. Some of these celebs are born into the ruling elite, military and intelligence families and are fulfilling a predetermined role, while protecting the club in which they are a card carrying member.

  6. Though I always found Friends’ aspartame sweetness to be repellent, since the corona compliance test began, having your treasured childhood heroes reanimated and then sent to, gently but firmly, attempt to dispel you of your caution, seems to be one of the hallmarks of initiation for a lot of the people who have, for whatever reason, found themselves capable of resisting the vampires, thus far. Keeping the door locked as the cast of your personal mythology, knowingly or unknowingly, saccharinely wave to you through the window as they beckon for you to come out and join them, requires an in-the-moment sacrifice of innocence that - I totally understand - many just can’t even consider. One of the most enlightening expositions on the subject, probably that I’ve ever encountered, is The Alchemical Processing of Humanity Through Public Psychodrama by Michael Hoffman. A valuable listen about how the game is played and, more counter-intuitively, how playing the game is meant to change you.

  7. Really a great breakdown on these awful beings.light will prevail over the darkness of our beautiful planet. More a woke and we will win this battle. Great work thank you for sharing 🙏 💯❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤

  8. Thank you, Miri! I had never heard of the Hail Satan rumor but I believe everyone who's top-level famous in Hollywood probably takes part in Satanism. There's got to be something dark spiritually and metaphysically in watching all these shows, especially the dark and horror ones, which there's more and more. Definitely something like spells or curses being cast and maybe affecting our reality in some way other than getting us brainwashed and accepting things. I reduced my TV watching quite a bit both by necessity and intention and have managed to stay away from horror ones, which I used to love.

  9. Make no mistake we are living in the 'age of Satan' as Anton La Vey declared in 1966. The 4 main tenets are self preservation (at any cost), moral relativism,social Darwinism and eugenics. Social engineering has ensured there are many de facto satanists in society who have no idea that this is what they've been steered into via celebrities for one thing.Many people believe its good old fashioned devil worship but there is more to it than that. A good source of information for anyone who's interested is the work of Mark Passio who was a satanist under La Vey in his younger years.

  10. If actors act and lie (and yes they do) then why should we even believe what Corey Feldman says? that could all be a huge distraction as well . I stopped caring or paying attention to any celebrity years and years ago!

  11. You see, because Jenn has no functioning female reproductive organs neither can anyone else. My friend taught me this after I showed him a very obvious image revealing that miss south africa is a (black, except that doesnt matter except its sad to see the tentacles reaching into this demographic) man. It was so obvious we didn't even need to debate it. My friend was even more clear on this fact than me, and i was startled because I'd expected the usual denials. Instead, my friend said, why are you calling her him, that's insensitive. In other words, misogyny at its finest and the thing is this friend is gay and he is a poet and we have been friends for many years. He loves women and most of his friends are women, yet suddenly he is incapable of understanding that he is throwing all things feminine under the bus? This really is the upshot when you really look at the ageing celebs with their shaved jaw bones and great hulking necks and clavicles. Now I'm no feminist. Conversely, I'm a fan of the great tradition of chivalry, the importance of which cannot be understated. Young ladies, always play the damsel in distress because it causes testosterone to be produced in the male sex and you are going to need it. Don't let anyone tell you're that you're just a manipulative bitch. Then you land real responsibility in your plate and find out all about it. (Metaphorical) rings first and all because otherwise will have no power and the house must always be in your name. But I digress. Androgeny is the occult endgame. And because Adam was a man from whom Eve was created, the aim is to draw the female back into the male. All occult androgenes historically are actually male, as the pix of the baphoomet show, and so there will be no use for biological females, except perhaps as a dirty little basement secret until sufficient progress is made. I know I have no credibility with this outlandish discussion, but just something to ponder.

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