It Ends With Revelations

Written by: Miri
April 7, 2021

In April 2019, almost two years ago to the day, I made a few predictions about a fake plague that was shortly to descend upon us, in order to usher in government tyranny, the destruction of civil liberties, and mandatory vaccinations - amongst a few other dire and diabolical prognostications (and hey, any excuse to use that truly splendid word!). Here's the post.

I learned at the weekend that the final piece of my prediction, agents of the state carrying out door-to-door vaccinations, has now come true.

Given that I appear to have a (rather regrettable) gift for accurately predicting future events (you can call me Mystic Miri, or crazy quackaloon who just inexplicably keeps being right - as you prefer), I thought I would outline what I believe the dark magicians have in store for us next.

I have, finally, been watching The Handmaid's Tale. Ever since the panto plague began, multiple people have been telling me that I must, but I have relentlessly put it off, due to a queasy sense of foreboding that - not only would it be gruesome and horrific, which it is - but worse, it would be starkly revealing and prophetic, as these "future bleak dystopia" offerings all too often tend to be. Almost as if someone might be trying to tell us something...

Anyway - it is. I sit there watching every episode (and I can only manage one episode at a time, which must be swiftly followed up by a 'Friends' chaser) in frozen horror, thinking, "er, hello, society? Has nobody SEEN THIS?!"

The immediate parallels are obvious - isolation and detainment of the populace against their will. State-enforced limits about how often you can leave the house and where you may go. And, of course, the face muzzles (and the claustrophobic, tunnel-vision-creating headgear known as "wings", which are also now a thing - seriously, Google 'Covid hoods'. I'm currently helping someone who is being forced to wear one at work). 

But it's much deeper - and darker - than that. 

If you've never seen or read it (and I would strongly advise against it if you're feeling fragile), the premise of The Handmaid's Tale is that modern-day liberal America is overthrown by a group of extremist conservative activists, in response to an alarming decline in birth rates.

The new country, 'Gilead', is an ultra-repressive regime based on archaic interpretations of the Bible and traditional morality, where women are barred from working outside the home or even reading and writing. The society operates on strictly defined class delineations, with the upper classes constituting "Commanders" (men in high-ranking government positions), and their spouses, known collectively as "Wives", with the working-classes who serve them known as 'Econopeople'. The underclass, which is composed exclusively of women, who either clear toxic waste or work as prostitutes, are "unwomen". 

Because of years of environmental pollution, most couples are infertile, and, even if women do become pregnant, the chances of a healthy birth are only one in five. We later discover the fertility issues lie mainly with the men, but the society of Gilead exclusively blames women, and states this infertility is a curse from God due to the years of debauched degeneracy that characterised liberal America, such as women working, non-marital sex, "gender treachery" (homosexuality), and abortion. As a result, Gilead is ultra-conservative and all these things are outlawed, and punishable by death. 

In order to alleviate the infertility crisis, Gilead employs the services of 'handmaids', who are working-class women who have retained their fertility. These women, however, committed some sort of moral transgression in liberal America (in the case of the protagonist, having an affair with a married man), and so, instead of being allowed to live with a partner of their choosing, as most of the working classes can (albeit in strictly traditional set-ups), they are instead forced into servitude, and made to live with a Commander and his wife, where they are ritualistically raped once a month in an ordeal known as 'the ceremony', in the hope they will become pregnant.

The rest of the time, they are made to sit alone in their rooms - where they have no books (reading being forbidden for women, and punishable by having a finger removed), nor other entertainments (playing board games is also clandestine and forbidden), but are occasionally permitted to go grocery shopping with other handmaids (none of whom are permitted to use their given first names, but instead must go by "Ofjim" or "Ofglen" - to denote they are 'of' their Commanders, rather than autonomous individuals).

The households have other staff, such as 'Marthas' (cooks and maids) and drivers (low-ranking working-class males), who transport the Commanders to their various business engagements. The 'Wives' float around the houses doing bits of gardening and knitting, and expressing deep resentments towards the handmaids. If a handmaid does produce a child, this is immediately handed over to the Commander and his wife, and the handmaid is promptly sent off to another posting, never to see the child again. Many of the handmaids have psychotic breakdowns and kill themselves. 

So, all pretty grim. And, upon first reading, you might think, "well, that sounds horrible, but what's prophetic about that? Our society is nothing like that. Even in the midst of government tyranny and endless "lockdowns", we're still ultimately liberal, and we don't have that kind of oppression."

But look more carefully. If you pay close attention to the mainstream media, as I do - since it is the number one vehicle, after Hollywood, the overlords use to reveal their plans - you will see there has been increasing focus on the apparent dangers presented to women by a liberal society. First, the Sarah Everard hysteria, where every woman in the country was encouraged to feel like a victimised target, never safe alone on the streets.

And now, there is a major focus on - and government investigation into, no less - the "rape culture" that is apparently prevalent in schools - state and private alike - where boys are said to behave like predatory monsters, and no girl or woman, including teachers, are safe.

Meadow Walker - daughter of late Hollywood star, Paul - has been instrumental in setting up a website urging women to come forward with graphic depictions of their ordeals of assault and harassment in schools.

Well, as ever, when the media, government, and Hollywood get together and collude on something, there's an agenda, and it's NEVER one that's in our interests. 

I imagine that schools are indeed, in many cases, degenerate, dangerous hell-holes. I couldn't be more thankful I just - by a matter of months - managed to complete my scholastic career with no intrusion of social media or mobile phones. Trying to chart the stormy waters of adolescence with those devices would have been hell on Earth, and by the sounds of all the accounts coming out, it is. 

But, since when did the government, media, or Hollywood care about protecting vulnerable teenagers from exposure to inappropriate or addicting material? They've been channeling their gutter values into the minds of adolescents for decades now, so why the sudden pearl-clutching at the inevitable results?

I'll tell you why. Because the last sixty years have all been about playing the long game, about the unseaming of our culture, and about bringing us to the point we find ourselves at now.

As we know, the overlords are in the midst of orchestrating the 'Great Reset', and an essential part of that is completely obliterating the existing society and its norms and values, by revealing them to the people as repugnant and worthy of nothing but utter condemnation and total destruction. This is straight out of the tried-and-tested playbook of how to infiltrate and overthrow a country. First, you weaken and demoralise it by attacking sexual morality (hence why Nazi-occupied Poland was flooded with pornography). This makes the natural protectors of the society, men, weak and dysfunctional and without the will to fight back and defend women and children.

Instead, men can now be painted as the enemy. The murderers (Sarah Everard) and rapists (#MeToo, and now 'rape culture' in schools). The ubiquity of extreme, hardcore pornography and its poisonous effects on the human psyche and collective culture are undeniable, and have been well understood by science - and serial killers - for decades. In his last interview before execution, serial killer Ted Bundy said the one thing all violent killers of women have in common is an addiction to hardcore pornography. "Without question and without exception," Bundy said.  

And that was in the 1980s, well before every schoolboy in the land had the uncensored aberrations of the internet on his phone, so imagine what years of that kind of relentless exposure has done to the culture in schools.

I don't doubt the testimonies of these girls, and that the atmosphere in many schools is a toxic quagmire of sexual aggression and misanthropy (I say misanthropy and not misogyny, because ultimately, this kind of atmosphere dehumanises and debases boys just as much as girls). That is clearly very bad and certainly, it must be stopped. 

The point is, however, why this has happened. It's intentional (and predictable). It's been engineered to be this way for a purpose, and now that purpose is being fully realised. 

So, what we are going to see unfold in the next months and years, is a bombastic reveal by the media and their actors in Hollywood and parliament of how disgusting and depraved our liberal culture really is. How much danger and dysfunctionality now lurks in every corner. How females are never safe anywhere - not even in that most innocent of all environments, the school playground (the average age children are first exposed to online pornography is nine).

And, lo and behold, this is exactly what the women of Gilead are told in The Handmaid's Tale, too. This is precisely the approach that is used to make them violently and viscerally reject the old liberal order - 'before', as it is known - and embrace brutal, crushing, but ostensibly protected and "safe" Gilead instead. 

"There is more than one type of freedom," Says one of the "Aunts" (older women charged with keeping the handmaids in line). "Freedom to and freedom from. In the days of anarchy, it was freedom to. Now you are being given freedom from. Don’t underrate it."

Just like now, eh? Now we're all free from all the terrible, dangerous risks of interacting with other humans or leaving the house. 

However, in terms of The Handmaid's Tale's predictive programming, I believe there will be a twist. Because the overlords just love to invert everything, I don't believe it is women who are going to be turned into grotesque parodies of fifties housewives, brutally oppressed and prevented from doing anything, That would be too obvious and would attract too much opprobrium and outrage in a culture that has a decades-long obsession with the supposed oppression of women. I believe in the overlords' vision of the future, the cowed subordinates of the society will be men. Oppressing and crushing men will get past all the liberal censors, as it will be presented by the slick propaganda machine of the press as a shimmering victory for liberty and equality, finally ending the oppression of all women everywhere!

After all, it is men they're talking of quarantining after 6pm, not women. It is men who are portrayed as the dangers to society through their immoral and reckless behaviour, not women. In every case of traumatic experiences at school, the boy is always the evil perpetrator and the girl is always the innocent victim. So why would they lock up women? They're not the problem, right?

All this is going to be used to create a terrifyingly oppressive new regime, trussed up as "keeping women safe". If nothing else, the last year has demonstrated to us that the population can be manipulated into doing literally anything if it's predicated as being "for their safety", and so, if the media declares schools and streets are as dangerous to women's safety as hugging a granny is to hers, people will believe it and clamour - protest for, scream for, demand - brutal, dehumanising new restrictions to keep us all "safe" from a formidable new danger that threatens the very existence of half the world's population - the other half.

This Safe New World will take the shape of extraordinary segregation of the sexes, with the kind of ultra-conservatism enforced on interactions that would make the Mormons look like libertines (Mormons are permitted to hold hands on dates, you see, but clearly, such filthy and cavalier behaviour cannot be permitted in the Age of the Plague).

This might sound far-fetched and ridiculous, but just think about it - we are very nearly there already. Already, we have the populace at large covering their faces every time they leave the house, an extraordinarily authoritarian measure that was previously associated only with the most oppressive cultures on Earth. We already have close contact with the opposite sex deeply stigmatised and discouraged to the point of being illegal ("social distancing" and an outright ban on entering other people's homes). And now, we have "all-males-as-predatory-monsters" relentless media campaigns... so, you don't really need to be all that 'mystic' to see where this is going.

When we had all the #MeToo witch-huntery a few years ago, I and several other commentators, pointed out that modern liberal feminists were now behaving exactly like the worst kind of extreme reactionaries, painting women as helpless wilting wallflowers with no agency or control, who couldn't possibly be expected to hold their own against those devious, deviant monsters MEN! When that is precisely the traditional mindset that first-wave feminists railed against, stating they realised perfectly well the world wasn't a completely safe place and that some men are dangerous, but that women are not children and can choose what risks to take and deal with difficult situations if they encounter them, they don't need to be endlessly mollycoddled by an ultra-paternalistic state.

Well, according to #MeToo feminists, and now the vast swathe of outraged liberals in the press, they do. Men must be curfewed, curtailed, and cancelled, kept away from women at all costs, as they are simply far too depraved and dangerous for it to be otherwise - even as baby-faced schoolboys!

And, if you can terrorise a population into dismantling their entire lives over a cold virus, you can certainly destroy the trust and faith between the sexes (the fundamental building block of any healthy, stable society) by weaponising irrational fear similarly. Which is precisely what the overlords are now doing.

(Whilst writing this, I came across this article, condemning Pakistan PM Imran Khan for his "reactionary remarks" about how the 'vulgarity' of Hollywood and the music industry has undermined family values. Khan has called for a return to female 'modesty', as, he says, this is the only way to stop rape and sexual assaults. He has been swiftly condemned by ex-wife and major establishment player, Jemima Goldsmith, who states in retaliation - quoting the Quran - that the onus to have their behaviour controlled and restricted by external forces is on men, not women. A very telling piece of theatre, given the trends I have just outlined above.)

So, to sum, The Handmaid's Tale, much like Brave New World, 1984, and Black Mirror, are not just "entertaining stories by talented writers with good imaginations". They are revelations by insiders who know. They've seen the blueprints, they know the plans, and they are letting us know - because, as I've said before, that is an integral part of the overlords' 'moral code'. They have to reveal their plans to us in advance - and they always do. 

In The Handmaid's Tale, there are frequent flashbacks to "before", which is like life as we knew it "before", too. A socially liberal democracy, operating on modern, "progressive" values.

And it's taken away overnight. State agents suddenly arrive at workplaces, forcing them to close and ordering all workers to return home. Police patrol the streets and there are only very limited reasons you are permitted to be outside. Nobody is allowed to leave the country.

Sound familiar?

And now we're moving into the next phase, as outlined in The Handmaid's Tale - our society being revealed as morally repugnant and rotten to the core, to prepare us for the old order being completely crushed and replaced with something else.

The Great Reveal will be a key part of The Great Reset, and the revelations about what our culture really is, will be staggering and huge. It will start off relatively local and small-scale - lone women attacked in parks, teen girls assaulted in schools - but it will get much, much bigger, and will end up encompassing our politicians, celebrities, top Hollywood stars and Royalty - they're all going to be exposed for what they really are (and this process is already underway, with the recent revelations about Armie Hammer).

When all our trusted and respected authority figures are revealed as some of the worst monsters history has ever produced - and they will be, because it's barely hidden even now (even the mainstream press published the story about Matt Hancock spending £50,000 on nine "takeaways" from a tiny and obscure restaurant, with a password-protected secret menu) - the psychological impact on most of the population will be unfathomable. Many will be completely destroyed by it, and those who are not will be demanding the immediate dismantling of such a depraved and wicked society and its replacement with something pure and clean and "safe".

There will be a vindication of sorts at this point for the "conspiracy theorists", since much of what we've warned about will be confirmed by the mainstream as true. But nothing is ever what it seems with the overlords, they're always playing the long game, and they very much want the sick and disgusting culture, that they have created and foisted upon the population, exposed - it's not a real win for the conspiratorial, they have simply been deftly using us. They may even want the fake plague revealed - because they've made it so obvious. There's so many holes in the plot and unconvincing actors. Those orchestrating this sick charade have access to the most slick and accomplished stage producers money can buy, they could have made it a much more convincing performance than this.

This is because they want us to see through it all. They want us to realise how corrupt and festering and rotten our society is: to be so disgusted by the realities of our own culture and those who lead us, that we clamour for immense and revolutionary "change".

In short, they want our 'consent' for when they deliver the final demolishing blows to our culture, and induct us into their clean, pure, safe 'Gilead'.

That's what they want and the parallels between what is happening to us and what happens in The Handmaid's Tale increase every day. In The Handmaid's Tale, Gilead is ushered in in response to plummeting, historically unprecedented low birth rates. And what did I see in the papers yesterday? Confirmation birth rates are at a historical, unprecedented new low

It's already been suggested "Covid" compromises fertility, to cover up for the sterilising effect of the vaccines, which will fully reveal itself in the next year or two, at which point mass infertility will become the norm, and will be used as a basis for something horrible (hatcheries, handmaids, or something even worse). 

That's why I think they're saying the AstraZeneca vaccine "isn't safe" for the under-55s; because they want to give the under-55s a more specific sterilisation vaccine - the Moderna one. Needless to say, Moderna will deny their vaccine can cause infertility, but vaccine companies lacing their concoctions with sterilants and lying about it is nothing new. Plus, virtually all vaccines warn on their package inserts that they haven't been evaluated for their effects on fertility, a devious way of making it technically true to claim there is "no evidence" the vaccines cause infertility. But there's no evidence they don't, either.

The AstraZeneca injection, it seems, is to dramatically shorten life and kill off those reaching retirement age, in order to reduce the amount of time they claim a pension (that'll be your "third wave" later in the year, as vaccine enhancement syndrome kicks in), whereas younger people can still be useful for their taxes, so they will be targeted with a different injection, primarily designed for sterilisation. Then, when they reach 55, they'll be given the death shot.

Honestly, this really isn't particularly far-fetched or "conspiratorial", since state-enforced euthanasia should you enter certain, potentially "burdensome" social brackets (old, disabled, sick) is not a new idea for eugenicists at all. There are some famous Germanic eugenicists you might have heard of, who pioneered such a scheme in the 1930s.

So, my predictions in a nutshell: liberal Western democracies to be exposed as depraved hellholes rife with some of the worst atrocities imaginable, and committed by our most respected and revered figures, leading to these regimes being torn down and replaced with ultra-authoritarian new societies that are particularly oppressive to, and demonising of, men. Very little interaction between the sexes, and mass, vaccine-induced, infertility, that will be blamed on ever-mutating "viruses". Dramatically reduced lifespans for both men and women as a consequence of repeat mRNA vaccination, but which will be deemed a consequence of "long Covid", and therefore a huge population reduction by 2030, accredited to never-ending "pandemics". Permanent masking and "social" distancing (inverting everything to the end).

Of course, and as I said in my last prediction, I sincerely hope I'm wrong and that I am, indeed, just a kerazy quacktastic conspiraloon. 

But entertaining the possibility that maybe I'm not (well, I undoubtedly AM... but that doesn't mean I'm wrong), it's time to really start focusing on a totally different kind of future. Old normal isn't coming back, ever, and new normal is very likely to resemble some approximation of the above. 

So, bring on abnormal, I say... More on that in my (slightly less depressing) next prognostications (and it is entirely possible I've just weaved the entire above yarn to give me an excuse to use that word twice...).

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9 comments on “It Ends With Revelations”

  1. A brilliant and riveting read which of course exposes the darkest and long dreaded nightmares of your fellow conspiraloons, myself included. The exposure of the depraved hellhole that society has become will doubtless excite and nourish the Q quackaloon followers. Indeed Q's raison d'etre is suddenly blindingly obvious. There will be much cheering on as we approach our demise...

    Please cheer us up with the next instalment asap....

  2. What a great, albeit depressing read Miri. I fear you're right again with your predictions for the future.

  3. One consolation - life is not a book and free will still reigns, albeit under extreme pressure.
    Maybe the Q scam is cosmic law running a reverse flange on the elitists- and people will wake up at the right time -to reclaim their rightful future, after a much needed clear out..

  4. It’s such an obvious depop plan to both get people depressed to then sell them stuff and to reduce the population.

  5. Interesting article x

    The handmaids tale isn't a new idea. It's a modern version of concubine and harem society with an overlord.
    A harem would have the Lord- possibly married to one wife and with several concubine ready to 'service' their Lord and provide comfort, sex, pleasure and ultimately, children.
    The harem would be regulated by the women - possibly an older concubine or a female relative of the Lord- aunt or mother would head an army if women. They would administer punishments and discipline, just like the handmaids tale aunties. Interestingly the only other people allowed into the harem were eunuchs. And I'm sure we have our own version of them too if you look at your suggestion of ineffectual men.

  6. I read the Handmaid's Tale and saw the film too - and appreciated both.The series on Netflix (?) left me cold and it was so painfully predictable I stopped watching. If they had wanted to shock they might have chosen a different religion as model (say) - as the series differed from Atwood's original novel anyway.
    Having said that - you might be onto something. As you I have been predicting 'events' for a while. In 2006 a novel of mine was published which talks about a world divided by access to 'shots'. In 2019 I wrote my poem: The City Future. I've been banging on about things for decades and my wife calls me Cassandra when I complain no-one listens. In fact she has only called me that once - but point taken!
    I appreciate your words and work. What can only do (and must do) that which we are able in order to preserve some kind of 'freedom'. Cheers!

  7. And if you do a search for ‘Biden inauguration handmaids tale’ you will find some very interesting coincidences

  8. You've just reminded me why I stopped watching The Handmaid's Tale - the truth in front of our noses is very hard to bear even for truth seekers.

    This is an amazing and brilliant article.

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