The Great Reveal or the boy crying wolf?

Written by: Miri
September 26, 2022

Something we have got all too inured to in conspiraland is a succession of high-profile activists making grand promises and proclamations (ministerial arrests, explosive reveals, "something big coming soon"), thereby whipping up a frenzy of excitement and anticipation.... and then it all fizzling out, falling flat, and coming to nothing.

We've seen the same just this month, with promises of "something big" happening on September 24th, which predictably came and went uneventufully.

However, my own thoughts on this were, "nothing will happen on September 24th, because whenever a specific date is mentioned, nothing ever happens. But there are so many significant themes rapidly gathering pace at the moment, that something extremely noteworthy is certainly going to happen around that time."

You may have heard of the actor John Bowe, a former soap star who recently "awoke" and came over to our side, warning the world about the harms of Covid vaccination. In the last couple of weeks, Bowe has attracted a lot of attention and opprobrium for making yet another "something big coming soon" announcement. He has been pilloried by his followers as just another attention-seeking wannabe, that we've heard it all before, and that if you've got something to say, just say it!

Bowe, however, has remained singularly unruffled by these remarks, and calmly confident that he will be vindicated. He has also Retweeted a comment from Neil Oliver, commenting cryptically, "Deep breath everyone, here we go...".

"He knows...", says John (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Everyone rolled their eyes - yeah right, not this again - but I noted something distinctly different about these remarks (the certainty, the assuredness, the coordination), and thought, "hm, I think something is actually going to happen this time, and we've been intentionally set up by false prophets in the past to roll our eyes and dismiss things like this, to give the quote-unquote 'real thing' maximal, shocking impact when it happens."

You see, it has long since been my contention that revealing the harms of the vaccine has always been part of the plan. That, when enough people have been injected (the total currently stands at nearly 70% of the entire global population, around 5.35 billion people), then carefully selected, trusted, and respected voices will reveal "the truth".

The reason for this is that, in order to instigate The Great Reset, the existing society has to be totally destroyed, and that entails irredeemably annihilating all public faith in existing institutions. We must lose all faith in governments, health care systems, the NHS and the WHO and all other trusted guiding and governing bodies, so we feel utterly furious, enraged, betrayed at every conceivable level, and therefore start screaming out for change - which the social engineers will then dutifully deliver (in the form of the One World Government and so on).

I have thought for many months that the voice selected to deliver this news is Dr. Aseem Malhotra. I have been following him for years and am a big fan of his work on diet, opposing the over-medicalisation of society, and generally holding corrupt pharmaceutical companies to account. He strikes me as a brave and principled man and I'm not necessarily suggesting he is "controlled opposition" - merely that he has been selected by top-level social engineers for this revelatory role, and he may or may not be explicitly aware of that fact - that he is being used for a wider purpose.

Dr, Malhotra has - since the vaccine was implicated in his father's sudden and premature death - been a tireless and outspoken campaigner, raising awareness of the harms of the vaccine, and, as a top Harley Street cardiologist, has a lot of cache. Yet, predictably, the MSM and various regulators have ignored him.

Strangely, though, he has not been de-platformed or de-monetised (he's still on Twitter and his crowdfunding platform is still operational), as so often happens to activists saying what he says - and to voices with far less visibility than he has (he has appeared on television many times, is very well-connected, and has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media). Effectively, far less credible and influential people get shut down for saying what he says (and not as fluently or persuasively), yet he is permitted to continue uncensored.

I have long since thought this is because he is "The One" - the 'change agent' the overlords have selected to destroy the current narrative and provoke the extraordinary game-changing waves of shock, horror, and demands for change that will follow.

Well, lo and behold, today Dr. Malhotra releases an extensive peer-reviewed study he has published showing irrefutably the harms of the Covid vaccines, and he is going to formally present this study at a press conference tomorrow, Tuesday 27th September, to which all the world's media are invited.

"Will there be any coverage from the MSM though?" Someone asked him on Twitter.

"YES." He simply (and very confidently) replied.

This news has now been shared by John Bowe, therefore confirming this was the 'something big' he was referring to, so my prediction is that this press conference heralds the seismic moment The Great Reveal begins, and all MSM sources finally print the truth (or at least an approximation of it) about Covid vaccines.

Note the media been quietly building up to this, by letting us know the current 'booster' has not been tested on any human beings, and that even zealous pro-vaccinator, Paul Offit, has warned against it. This is setting the stage for what is likely to come this week.

So, now, we must be exceptionally vigilant and more discerning and measured with our reactions than ever.

Yes, of course it is wonderful (and long-overdue) if the MSM finally prints the truth and stops any more people being harmed by the injection, and of course I extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to anyone who is instrumental in getting them to do that.

However, as ever, we must take a step back and ask ourselves, "why this, why now?". Whistle-blowers said from day one - whilst the vaccine was still in development - that this concoction was not safe and would result in huge damage and death. Literally thousands of experts all around the world have been saying that since 2020. So why have they all been ignored by the mainstream... until now?

The MSM only prints what it is useful to the ruling classes for the public to know, so the social architects have calculated now is the time to tell the masses the truth about the Covid vaccines, and that, in my opinion, is timed to cause maximum social unrest and chaos.

Note this press conference is happening the same week that mass demonstrations up and down the country are being planned, by probable establishment fronts 'Don't Pay UK', 'Enough is Enough', and related groups, to protest the cost of living crisis.

The public mood is already simmering, angry, and deeply resentful, fomenting with fury that greedy, dishonest politicians have hurled so many into poverty and uncertainty - so just imagine how this tense tinderbox of resentment and rage will really ignite if it also revealed that the world's governments have irreversibly maimed 70% of the global population with dangerous bioweapons (they won't call them that, of course - it will be "cock-up not conspiracy" - but the implications for people's health are the same).

The reeling horror, shock, and utter, incalculable despair will be quite unlike anything we've ever seen, and so we need to be very clear on why this is happening and how we can best respond.

The crucial thing is not to be lulled into a false sense of security, that, "it's all coming out now and everything's going to be alright". As they say, an army is always most vulnerable in a war when they have just won a battle, because the triumph and the joy can temporarily disable defences. So, yes, this is an important battle that in some ways we will win (our cautions will be proved correct), but that certainly doesn't mean we have won the war. This truth about vaccines is being revealed strategically at this time in order to serve a wider purpose, and that wider purpose is unlikely to be one that is in our interests.

Once "the truth" has been revealed, many people who had been agitating for this for so long are going to feel so grateful and relieved, they are at risk of uncritically trusting those who have revealed it, which of course gives these people extraordinary power. Are they going to use this power for good, or are they stage-managed pawns who - once they have your trust - will cynically lead you in the overlords' desired direction?

It really is so true that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, and we must never uncritically trust others, especially those with great social power and influence on the world stage, and we must always examine their motives, their timings, and what ultimate agenda they might be complicit in installing.

So this is my clarion call to conspiracists everywhere - please do certainly feel victory, vindication, and relief when then truth about injections is revealed - but please also don't let this blind you to the bigger picture (there always is one), and what this annoucement might ultimately be used to engineer.

We also have to be very mindful of the psychological and emotional impact "the truth" will have on the general public at this stage. For those still completely invested in the mainstream narrative, they are going to be so shocked, so horrified, and so deeply distressed, that many will descend into acute psychological crisis. Many of them have been so militant about it, so vicious and dismissive of those who told them they were wrong, that trying to grapple with the reality that they have been so deeply deceived, is going to be inconceivably difficult for them - in many cases, impossible.

I can't quite predict what their reactions will be, and when large groups of people become this unpredictable and this betrayed, combined with a cost of living crisis which is already pushing many towards a "nothing left to lose" mentality... well, the implications are obviously quite concerning, and are very likely to result in violent rioting (which, as I say, the stage is already being set for with demonstrations planned up and down the country on October 1st). This would then give the social engineers the excuse to deploy to the street the UN soldiers they've been quietly deploying in towns and cities around the country for the past several months (presented to the public as "asylum seekers", who just so happen to all be military-aged, super-fit, single men), to cause maximum mayhem, chaos, and destruction.,. because that has always been the end-game: to completely tear down and destroy our current culture, so they can '6uild 6ack 6etter'.

So it does look like this could be a transformative week in many ways, and that Neil Oliver was probably quite right to ssay, "deep breath everyone, here we go..."

(Follow-up to this article:

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38 comments on “The Great Reveal or the boy crying wolf?”

  1. another great article. Yes. This makes sense to me. There is also though the faint chance that this comes from the white hats , and will start the release of the good quantum financial system, that may or may not be Gesara Nesara.

  2. Well said Miri. I too have been following Aseem Malhotra, Neil Oliver and John Bowe and just this morning came to exactly the same conclusion. As the saying goes from Harry Potter …. Clench yer buttocks we are in for a bumpy ride ….

  3. if so, "deep breath everyone, here we go" sounds appropriate!
    Nuremberg 2.0 with Reiner & Vivian turned out to be a big old dissapointing shit show soap opera, sadly.
    We shall see how John Bowe, former soap opera star, Neil Oliver and Dr. Malhotra's neon FLASHING CVD WARNING SIGN big reveal, which is days away you say, pans out.
    I'd be delighted if they finally admit their "safe & effective"warp speeded, no liability, gene therapy, never before used on humans injections aren't exactly safe and effective. even if they did that, what lurks beyond that for the human being, is MORE something wicked this way comes.the bigger picture of what is planned for the human being within the Great Reset technocratic future, will that be illuminated too, before it's too late? And if so, will the human being, en masse, finally grasp what's being planned beyond cvd and this cvd big reveal, if in fact, that is going to happen as you say it might. it's faith in humanity that needs to be restored if this war between the plebes and those who run the planet as their superior bloodlines, personal empire, will be won by those who finally say, FU and your sick narradigm f'ers, NO MORE! I sure hope I'm still around for that day and that victory!

  4. Interesting that the reveal, if that is what it is, will come under the banner of WCH with its associated Betterway campaign and conferences which were spawned by Dr. Tess Lawrie's Ivermectin studies.

  5. Notice Huxley says the price of freedom is ETERNAL vigilance. This game is never over. You might win a victory one week, or a title at the end of the season, but then it's back to square one, and the season starts all over again, on zero points.

    The Japanese martial arts talk of the importance of "beginner's mind": starting each training session afresh and anew, dropping all your preconceptions and forgetting everything you think you know, as if you're just starting out as a beginner for the first time. That's what we need now.

  6. If you are right Miri now is the time when those of us who have been sceptical from the start and gradually become horrified are in some way going to be vindicated. It's going to be tempting at times to say I told you so. But there's already been so much hurt caused and there's going to be a whole lot more.

    The pyschological destruction will be intense, as you say. Some of us now have an advantage though. If you've been in the minority and vocal all this time and survived, the experience has added a whole lot of resilience. Now it's time to use that resilience to the help the people who're about to realise just how psychotic the rulers are .

    The psy-ops are going to continue, but we're likely to be so busy fire-fighting that it could be easy to fall for them. I say them because these ops will be of all stripes and colours.

    I say to myself, deep breaths, keep faith in yourself, do not waiver, be strong, reach out, stay calm. There are spike-detox treatments around so that's something at least, even if late in application. If it's coming now I hope I can find a way to support the family and friends who will be bereft.

    Thankyou for your writings Miri.

  7. Like I always tell myself ,time will tell . One thing that I have learnt is history is a good teacher this helps keep a positive mindset . History shows me when the lower classes the peasants are pushed too far it never ended well for the social elites.

  8. I have also been following Dr Malhotra for years now but unsure whether he's been"selected". After all, early on he was promoting "The Vaccine" for those of the BAME community and, presumably, encouraged his father to have it. Sadly, when his father died of an unexpected heart attack (but probably wouldn't have died were it not for the extreme cock-up by the ambulance service not being able to find where he lived), he soon changed his view point and started to investigate. Like many doctors, he's always been pro-vaccine generally.

    As another example, take Dr Richard Halvorsen, a now-retired GP who was asked to write an article about the MMR for a Sunday supplement. He did a bit of research into that particular combined vaccine...but then discovered shocking facts about vaccines in general, which led to about 6 years of research into all childhood vaccines. He then wrote a book about them for parents, trying to explain the pros (are there really any?) and cons and opened a clinic where people could obtain safer or fewer vaccines for their children. Some may criticise him for that step but I know he didn't try and persuade parents to have any vaccines if they didn't want them, when having a consultation with him.

    So I think Malhotra genuinely wasn't aware of the situation regarding this particular "genetic injection" until later - he surely wouldn't have deliberately sacrificed his own father as part of the plan?

  9. We shall soon see then. I thought it was supposed to be the 23rd, lots of references to 23/9. I suppose the budget was just a teaser then, 🙂 Keep it up.

  10. There are a few names that have had a good run on YouTube where others have been banned: Neil Oliver, Russell Brand, Bret Weinstein, Dan Astin-Gregory, Lex Fridman, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Katie Hopkins, Saratoga Ocean, to name a few. I agree, they are speaking their truth and, in some cases, very potently, but I also suspect that they have been left in place, building energy as "populist" leaders, to move us on to the next phase of the agenda when the time is right. Catch 22.

    It might be the right time to test FaceBook again to see if these people can now be posted there.

  11. I suspect this may be what is planned, or hoped for at least. I also suspect if this rolls out, that the deep state will have agent provocateurs an-plenty to 'steer' the agendas in the 'right' direction. If you know what I mean.

  12. I've just read the article above, as I meant to last night when sent to me from another person... It does indeed make complete sense in all reality, I agree.

    However, it's so hard to back down for me personally on the jab side of things for example, whilst ever there is a risk of them trying to coerce my son, soon to be 13 but thankfully still has his independent head screwed on and listens to us both on everything surrounding the last few years, to have it at school, or when they bring this or another mRNA jab in - there are plenty they're pivoting to utilise the same #DemonTech (think you'll know this).

    But, it begs the question if Miri is anywhere near correct in actual reality... what the F do I/we do to protect ourselves to the best of our control going forward, without just giving up etc?

    Although I've known for some time, as you will all likely know too that the #PlanDemic, Lockdowns (Which we're currently enduring a #CostOfLockdownCrisis and NOT a #GlobalistEliteScumPyramid self-termed #CostOfLivingCrisis), with grotesque levels of mind control, hacking the human as much as they can, and of course crashing the economy irreversibly and so very much more; is all just a part of the much larger agenda of #UNAgenda2030, #TheGreatReset and it's various evil tentacles of #SocialCreditSystem, #CarbonCredits, #TruthScores...

    So is it now simply to pivot to the end game, and try to plan for that alone maybe?

  13. Great article. Yes, forever vigilant. We need to build a concept into every freedom initiative that prevents them being infiltrated and derailed whenever they reach an influential mass. Like the Green Party that I used to belong to, and more recently Extinction Rebellion.

    For the sake of argument let's say some of us were to create a new: "The Real Human Movement", how would we protect it from being taken over by satanists/ globalists/ occultists?
    1) Excruciating financial transparency, maybe
    2) Explicit statement condemning past forms of subterfuge and malpractice - bankers, corrupted free masonry, frat houses, Cecil Rhodes style spads, brown stoning, satanic ritual abuse, etc.
    3) Mechanisms to identify infiltration by high IQ psychopaths and how to expel them from the movement.
    4) Required reading list covering the fundamental requirements for human freedom and examination on understanding it for all members ?

  14. So the follow up Miri article has no comments permitted so I'll comment here. The press conference was well conducted but Dr Lawrie was visibly disappointed that legacy media did not attend so they were largely preaching to the already converted. Miri comments in that article that Dr Malhotra emphasised he was not anti-vax which seems to be a pre-requisit these days to prevent instant dismissal. I am not sure why this is the case as these injectables needed the definition of vaccine to be changed in order to get their dubious temporary (emergency) approval. However Malhotra did also point out a few cases where vaccines had been withdrawn due to much less instances of apparent harm. There have been so many predictions of a great reveal that it is difficult to take any seriously. I doubt there will be any reveal and its more likely a managed slide into the abyss will occur.

  15. OMG, Miri, my thoughts exactly! Watching this unfold on twitter then getting flamed for daring to question the great man with:

    "Why are you trying to sell it?"

    Which got this response:

    "I can’t even think why would you respond in that manner knowing he’s given his entire life to victims of \/. If you don’t trust the least you can do is respect, keep silent and wait. Unfollowed BTW"

    has been, erm, interesting!

    I miss you on twitter. Please come back and restore some sanity to the place!

  16. One theory is that we are now in phase 2 of the depopulation pandemic - having screwed the immune systems of the vaccinated, the conspirators can now declare the pendemic over (or manageable), remove all obstacles to infection (masks, distancing) and let the cull proceed under its own steam. Got this theory from the World Socialist Web Site: "As we approach the beginning of the fourth year of the pandemic, it continues to exact a horrific toll each day, as nearly every world government outside China has abandoned all mitigation measures to slow the spread of the virus and has instead adopted a policy of 'forever COVID.' Provided with billions of hosts, the coronavirus continues to evolve into new variants, threatening to further erode the efficacy of existing vaccines and treatments and cause recurring waves of mass infection, debilitation, and death."

  17. Have no faith in Assem's motives as being honest ones and agree that big dates rarely are (having fallen for several myself in the past). However, I think its unlikely the Great Reset/4th IR/Transhumanism agenda is going to shoot itself in the foot by suddenly revealing how toxic mRNA gene thereapies are - having spent so much time and effort bringing in this money making technology that many of the future plans depend upon.

    So, nice idea but perhaps as fanciful as 24/9 being the day we would all remember.

  18. This is a very enlightening article, but, and big but, having followed journals for years and more so from this injection rollout, they’re not finished with these mRNA type injections just yet.
    In fact, they’re just getting started.

    There are articles and papers for self amplifying mRNA (saRNA), integrating DNA and even gene resetting, some under the guise of curing cancer /autoimmune disorders, along with works on improving the LNP structure and delivery.
    They’ve spent 2.5yrs creating diseased & dysfunctional bodies, whilst simultaneously creating ‘fixes’ for it.

    The rest of your article I agree with in terms of playing out, whether it’ll be the injections ‘revelation’ that will trigger the widespread anger or another misdirection tactic I’m not sure.

  19. A very interesting read, but not always convincing, eg: "Once "the truth" has been revealed, many people who had been agitating for this for so long are going to feel so grateful and relieved, they are at risk of uncritically trusting those who have revealed it, which of course gives these people extraordinary power." As an agitator against the C19 dictatorship, I will feel no gratitude or relief when the truth comes out, only more outrage and anger at the authorities. Like countless millions of non-agitators, I will be screaming for imprisonment for all those involved in global genocide. Who on earth will 'uncriticaly trust'those in power or'the science' ever again?

  20. Great article. As you say this will cause a massive psychological crisis for many and also a crisis of faith. Many people see vaccines as a saviour of the world. Its like a religious faith. Ive even heard it described as christ like. This may well be planned. The elites talk about 'new religions' being introduced. A world wide crisis of faith will leave billions in a lost,irrational state in which they will be easily manipulated into what? Watch this space.

  21. Having been bought up in Africa, I somehow grew up believing that the world was a jungle- I learn't to read the signs about where I was and what I knew to be true. ie Trust myself, be cautious, keep looking, step forward. Sad that so few people on this planet were lucky enough to grow up this way. Thanks Miri for encapsulating this information and showing the way to personal responsibility for living, rather than slavish belief that someone else knows what to do and will look after you.

  22. Looks like September 26/27 was the big event with the destruction of the 3 Nordstream Russian pipelines. In my opinion, this was final nail in the coffin for the EU. Time will tell. It will be looked upon as the 9/11 for western Europeans at the very least - possibly worse.

  23. Hello Miri, what about the film Safe and Effective released yesterday at 19.00 by Oracle Films. Well worth watching.

  24. The Phase 1 of the depopulation started almost 3 years ago (Event 201) and proved to be very well coordinated worldwide.

    Any so-called Great Reveal will be another psy-op still into the said Phase 1. It'll be as one voice over all the media. Again. Nothing close to the truth will be revealed (e.g. virus don't exist). It'll be used to instigate more political polarity (leading to more social chaos in many places) and make more money for big pharma through their new drugs to "treat" the inoculation's side effects, while the depopulation is being prepared to enter Phase 2.

    Congrats for the great article. It is not about trying to save the world. It's about helping as many people as possible. The (real) reset is unavoidable. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. And be brave! Always!


  25. Responding to Dorcas just above, the destruction of the pipelines IS the "big event", and indeed comparable to nine eleven in its eventual significance.
    It struck me that there is a parallel between this event, and Miri's idea of the "great reveal" concerning the covid vax: It will be revealed, and admitted that the US did indeed destroy the pipeline, and the result will be that Germany will then blame Russia AND the US for their collapse. So when "the Truth" comes out about what's happened, and the German people start seeing themselves as victims of American aggression(!), there will be an outbreak of social unrest and and chaos, and the stage will be set for the takeover of Europe, intro of CBDC, and suppression of all dissent in the EU. Mission accomplished. This is how they do it. Tom Luongo sets it out in this article (neocons do the dirty work, the Davos crowd achieves their aim):

  26. You are a thoughtful, sober, engaging and prescient writer. Li0ke a lot of people, I now find it difficult to read more than a couple of paragraphs of text. Some days memes are as much literature I can handle. I suppose that my brain has been rewired by this bloody phone...

    Tonight I have read three of your articles one after another, and might even read a couple more before bed. I can't thank you enough for that.

  27. I'm inclined to agree with the general thrust of your analysis here, Miri, but I have to say that I am not so inclined to assume that this soap actor is not one of the social engineer's hired hands - nor is he the only one playing this particular role. There are a large number of others who serve them in this capacity, and although some of them have been superficially 'deplatformed' or 'censored', the curious side effect of this is only to enhance their 'credibility' among a great many skeptics of official narratives (aka 'conspiracy theorists') and to radically elevate the public awareness of the contrarian views they espouse. A classic example of this is Robert Malone. In his case and a few others like him, we do indeed have solid evidence (if we care to look) that he is a fully complicit gatekeeper of the Great Reset power structure.

    I would add that there is remarkable evidence predating their 'covid pandemic' that they had intended to eventually 'admit' to the 'adverse events' from these lethal injections - including a PARTIAL admission of deaths - right from the get go. In support of this contention I direct you to chapter 17 of the Johns Hopkins 2017 'SPARS Pandemic Scenario' - a hypothetical future event intended as a 'tabletop exercise' to be 'gamed' by groups of 'health professionals' and governmental agency staff members. There is some VERY interesting reading here!

  28. I'm going to limit my comment to very strongly disagreeing/questioning the figure you cited of "nearly 70% of the entire global population, around 5.35 billion people"...

    I do NOT believe that is anywhere near an accurate number of jabbed, and especially not for those jabbed w/ the horrific mRNA/DNA concoctions. For one thing, the source you cited is the NY Times! I would no sooner believe their numbers than those of the CDC, who have been proven over and over and over to be unrepentant liars.

    I'm not reading every single thing coming out re. this real-life horror show, just selected items now as I simply can't retain a positive attitude and outlook while being submerged 24/7 in all this. But, I read an article very recently by someone else who also quoted a very similar number of jabbed - 5 billion. Yes, I also commented to them about that number.

    If you have another source for this number of jabbed and/or mRNA/DNA jabbed, I would appreciate your citing that as well. If you've found other - much much much more reliable and trustworthy - numbers of jabbed, and sources of that data, I'd appreciate your citing that/those. Thank you.

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