Plot Twist! The Uxbridge By-Election...

Written by: Miri
June 13, 2023
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Since it was announced yesterday that, following Alexander "Boris" Johnson's resignation, there would be a by-election in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, at which The Reclaim Party's Laurence Fox would be standing, several people have asked for my thoughts on this situation, so here they are... (for newer readers, you may want to read my open letter to Reclaim's Andrew Bridgen, and follow-up piece, first for some background).

As I have stated before, The Reclaim Party does not function in any way that would suggest it is a legitimate or genuine political initiative. Despite being lavished with huge amounts of funding comparable to major parties like the Lib Dems, Reclaim has done effectively nothing in the last two years, having stood no candidates whatsoever since 2021, in which it only stood three - all of them well-established celebrities.

Compare this performance to genuine pro-freedom parties, like Freedom Alliance and Heritage, who have stood hundreds of candidates between them in the same timeframe and on a fraction of the budget. This therefore already paints Reclaim in a highly suspicious light and begs a lot of questions, several of which I put to Mr Bridgen in my letter (which, nearly a month later, and having been shared by many people many times across various platforms, remains unanswered).

I have been doing some further research on Reclaim since I wrote my last piece, and I have discovered a rather extraordinary fact - it is not possible for the general public to join this political party as a member. Go and check it out for yourself. Scour their website at length. Can you see a 'join' option? All there is is an invitation to subscribe to their mailing list, which is not the same thing at all.

Every single other political party that I've ever heard of or come across makes it very clear and prominent on their website how you can join, because - surely needless to say - members are the lifeblood of any political party and what give it legitimacy. Freedom Alliance, Heritage, ADF, as well as all the legacy parties, all make it abundantly clear that they want members, and how you can become one.

Yet you cannot join Reclaim - not, that is, unless you happen to already be an established mainstream celebrity, such as a descendant of the Fox acting dynasty, the former editor of Loaded magazine, or a seasoned Tory politician.

Please go ahead and try. I've spoken to multiple people over the last two years who have tried relentlessly to join Reclaim, including those who wanted to stand as candidates for the party, and none of them have been able to get anywhere.

Yet a legitimate party just starting out is desperate for members and candidates and would be biting these people's hands off, at least as members, if not candidates.

So why isn't Reclaim? Why on earth does a political party exist that doesn't believe in having either members or candidates (apart from establishment celebrities)?

It's because 'Reclaim' is a theatrical illusion - fronted by an actor, of course - which isn't meant to perform as a political party at all, but rather, has a quite different function.

Allow me to explain... in order to bring in the next stage of the agenda, the ruling classes need a Labour government. The WEF-inspired itinerary of no possessions ("you'll own nothing and be happy"), an end to private property, the introduction of a universal basic income, and an oppressively intrusive surveillance state, could not be brought in on a Tory ticket. Not if social controllers want to maintain the illusion that the Conservatives and Labour are meaningfully different.

The Tories have to at least pretend to be pro-individualism, pro-wealth, and anti- government snooping, in order to preserve the facade that we have a functioning democracy where the two main parties are distinct from one another and therefore giving you the illusion of choice. As such, the social engineers are currently enacting a controlled demolition of the Conservative Party (Boris's "sensational" resignation, partygate, leaked WhatsApp messages etc. - all staged, scripted theatre), whilst - and this is the key - making all high-profile supposed alternatives to the Tories completely untenable - except for Labour.

Reclaim - and Reform, with whom Reclaim has an electoral pact - are establishment-backed "release valves", ostensibly presenting themselves as alternatives for both disaffected Tory voters and "conspiracy theorists", but they're actually non-serious enterprises that never intend to stand genuine opposition. They're like the Monster Raving Loonies - establishment-backed funnels for frustrated and disillusioned voters to express themselves, in a way that doesn't actually make any meaningful difference.

Laurence "Loozer" Fox (as Twitter has renamed him) is widely seen as a joke and he is meant to be seen that way. It is all about - as I've explained in a previous article - conflating serious issues with non-serious people.

Obviously, concerns about the harms done by the Covid injection, the spiralling excess deaths, the terrible legacy of lockdown, and so on, are all very serious and very legitimate. But the establishment has captured these concerns, equated them with public jokes like "Loozer" Fox and ultra-corrupt Bridgen, and therefore successfully engineered most of the general public to see these issues as a joke, too.

When genuine and serious people try to champion these causes, they are either completely ignored (parties like Freedom Alliance and Heritage don't receive one-tenth of the media attention Reclaim and Reform do), or they are threatened into silence and compliance, which seems to have very obviously happened with MPs like Charles Walker and Desmond Swayne. These individuals spoke up early on (not jumping on the bandwagon at the eleventh hour after uncritically promoting vaccines and lockdowns, like Bridgen), but have now gone quiet, or have publicly claimed to reverse their positions. If you look up the coverage of Swayne supposedly getting his vaccine, he looked awful and not like himself at all.

Equally, my own local MP, Barry Sheerman, who was very sympathetic and responsive to my concerns at the beginning of the Covid chapter, very abruptly terminated our correspondence, and instead started vigorously promoting the agenda to absurdist degrees.

In these cases, what has happened is pretty obvious: these men have received "the call" from the real power-players, asking them "do you like your career? Fond of your kids? Like your grandkids? Then you'd better shut up and start toeing the line". Threats and blackmail are how high-level politics works, it has always been thus and always will be.

So with the genuine opposition crushed, threatened, or memory-holed into oblivion, the establishment gives you fake, joke opposition like Reclaim - the only political party in the world's history that doesn't believe in having members or candidates (except celebrity actors and former lads' mag editors), to manage and funnel your outrage and frustrations into a dead end. This is literally the exact definition of pied pipers, which the establishment always provides at the political level (because, of course it does).

We need real opposition, which is not connected in any way to the "celebrity class", which really is one big, Masonic club that you and I are not in (nor are 99% of the world's population, so for the gazillionth time, I am not saying "everyone" is controlled, only that those who obviously are, are).

Let me illustrate just how much of one big, interconnected club this really is - Reform have formed an electoral pact with Reclaim (despite the fact Reclaim has done next to nothing, whilst Reform vigorously ignores all the genuine pro-freedom parties who have achieved much more). Reform is headed by Richard Tice, who is the boyfriend of journalist Isabel Oakeshott, she who gave us the fake limited hangout "leaked WhatsApp messages". Oakeshott then got together with journalist Toby Young to present a theatrical event (and they actually explicitly admit that's what it is on this occasion) acting out this staged "scandal", where Matt Hancock was to be played by Laurence Fox.

So have you got that? A seasoned actor plays a politician on the world stage for cash... just like he is doing in Reclaim. It seems, however, that even Fox realised at the eleventh hour this was frankly a p*ss take too far, even for a mocking Mason, so he dropped out.

High-profile politics (politics that gets a lot of media attention), whether it's "mainstream" or "alternative", is just one big celebrity club, one big mocking show to keep you looking at the gaudy actors there to distract and deceive you, rather than exiting stage left the theatre and taking real-world action yourself.

If we're going to participate in politics, we need to forget the celebrity side-shows, and concentrate on supporting genuine people to step forward as independent candidates: real people who - and this is a must - have no financial relationship with Mr Jeremy Hosking (the ultra-wealthy tycoon who has poured millions into Reclaim and to whom Andrew Bridgen is heavily in debt).

Although I think there is scant little chance of a genuinely independent candidate ever being voted in at the MP level, and that generally we have far more power at the local, council level than anything involving Westminster, by-elections do provide a unique opportunity to get a message out. For example, in a by-election, Royal Mail will deliver, at no cost (bar printing), your campaigning leaflet to every single household in the constituency. That's a phenomenal opportunity to disseminate information and raise awareness that doesn't often come around.

The press is also obligated to give every by-election candidate a certain amount of coverage, so again, this presents an opportunity to get a message out that could potentially reach millions. It's not "the answer" (there's no one big solution to this mess, as I've said before), but it could be something worth doing, and for more information about how to stand as an independent candidate, in council or by-elections, please check out the Vote Freedom Project and Democratic Network, who provide information and support for such candidates.

But whether any genuine independents decide to put themselves forward in Uxbridge or not, the point remains: Reclaim is not a genuine alternative, it's an establishment release valve to manage the "dissident class" and funnel them into a dead end.

If Reclaim would like to contest this statement, they could either, ooh, sue me for defamation (their very favourite thing!), or actually answer the perfectly reasonable and legitimate questions I asked them in my letter (which I have on authority from various trusted sources they have read).

Unless and until they do that, my conclusion remains the same: they are nothing but Masonic theatre, there to mock and mislead us. And I think it's high time the pantomime ended.

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