It's a big pantomime and you are in it

Written by: Miri
March 6, 2023

To paraphrase George Carlin...

In light of the so-called "WhatsApp revelations" demonstrating ministerial disdain for the public throughout the alleged pandemic (or pandemime, as I prefer to call it), I thought it was important to revisit exactly what has gone on to date and where we are now.

Where we are now is exactly where we were at the start: inadvertent actors in a big, gaudy global show - a circus theatre performance called "Covid".

Covid is a theatrical production, performed by actors, extras, and even professional dancers, to lure the world into a trance, convincing them to invest in something that is not real - just as theatrical processionals are trained to do.

There was no "Covid". There were just rebranded ordinary seasonal respiratory viruses, such as colds, the 'flu and pneumonia - and the latter of these can certainly be very serious, causing hospitalisation and even death in some cases. So it's not to say no-one was seriously ill in 2020: people were seriously ill, and some died, in 2020, just as in every other year.

Yet most people weren't, and, even now, it's so common to hear people say, "well, I've finally got Covid, but it's weird, it feels just like a cold...".

That's because it is and there is no evidence it was, for the vast majority of people, ever anything else - except for an unfortunate few, who - just as happens every year - developed more serious conditions which required hospital treatment.

There is no evidence that 2020 was any different to any other year in terms of volume of people hospitalised with serious respiratory illnesses - the only difference was, instead of classifying those who entered hospital with respiratory problems as having 'flu (which inexplicably "disappeared" in 2020, the same way Marathon bars "disappeared" upon the introduction of Snickers), it was recorded - courtesy of unfit-for-purpose tests - that they had "Covid". These patients were then improperly treated, with highly dangerous drugs such as remdesivir and midazolam, and put on "death trap" ventilators, in order to expedite death from conditions that, treated properly, many would have survived.

Were doctors "in on it"? Did they realise how dangerous and inappropriate these protocols were, and apply them anyway? A lot of the time, yes - because doctors exist in a gilded cage of wealth and privilege that few feel able to escape. Early on in "the pandemic", I attended a speakers' event that hosted whistle-blower, Dr. Kevin Corbett. He sad from the start ventilators were nothing but death-traps for people with the 'flu-like symptoms deemed Covid, and reported that many of his medical colleagues knew this too - he detailed a phone call he had received, where a distressed colleague called him saying he had put five people on ventilators that day. "You know you've signed their death warrants," Dr. Corbett said. "I know," acknowledged his colleague. "But if I don't follow protocol, I'll lose my job and I can't afford for that to happen."

By the time someone is a senior doctor, they have invested decades in education and training, as well as huge amounts of money. They have invested in the lifestyle that goes along with being a doctor, including the big house, fancy cars, and kids at private schools. The large majority therefore feel that they cannot contemplate risking all this by whistle-blowing - that a conscience is a luxury they cannot afford. If this sounds unbelievable to you - hero saint doctors would never do that! - please do note that hospitals intentionally bumping off patients is certainly nothing new.

In addition, rules for classifying deaths were changed in 2020, so that "Covid" could be recorded as a cause of death even when a person had been a) terminally ill with one or more other conditions; b) had not tested positive for Covid; and c) had not been tested for Covid at all.

So this - rebranded 'flu, hospitals killing people, and fudged death certificates - are where the "Covid death toll" came from. "Covid death figures" were all a deviously manipulated illusion - just like every other part of the pandemime.

I am aware that this will sound fantastical and absurd to many, but actually, there are multiple straightforward and common sense ways you can determine that what I am saying is true, such as: "Covid deniers" like myself never took any supposed "precautions" against it, and, rather, attended multiple large protests which entailed having close contact with hundreds or thousands of strangers - with not a mucky mask or squirt of sanitiser between us - and never once after any of these protests was there a sudden spike in hospitalisations or deaths. If anything the government said about Covid was even remotely true, the hospitals would have been overwhelmed in the days and weeks following every anti-lockdown protest. They weren't. As many whistle-blowers and citizen journalists reported, the hospitals were empty (not like now, of course).

We also never saw the headlines "supermarket workers all drop dead from the plague". The thousands-strong staff bodies of Asda, Tesco's, Sainsbury's and all the other big chains worked uninterrupted throughout the Covid chapter, coming into close contact with hundreds of strangers every day - and not even your most devout Branch Covidian could possibly believe the "precautions" these supermarkets took, such as having arrows on the floor and random perspex screens obscuring half of cashier's abdomens, could actually have protected anyone from anything. So, you would have expected a virulent epidemic of serious respiratory illness and death to have swept through the nation's supermarkets. It didn't.

There are so many basic common sense examples like this which reveal the evil, but ultimately rather obvious, truth: that the world's governments faked a pandemic through the power of suggestion - they used the hypnotic might of the media to repeatedly implant the idea into the public's minds that we were in the midst of a deadly plague, and this fear-based conditioning caused a lot of people to behave "as if" there was a deadly pandemic, even though there actually wasn't.

There really, definitely wasn't, and what we need to be acutely aware of is that every senior figure in government was and is abundantly aware of this fact. Why do you think they so casually and carelessly broke the rules that were purportedly there to protect us? Not because "they're hypocrites", as has been widely claimed, but because they are liars. They knew the rules were a nonsense that didn't protect anyone from anything, because they knew there was nothing to protect anyone from. It really was, as a friend of mine declared on her anti-lockdown protest sign, 'The Emperor's New Virus'".

There is zero percent chance that, if sernior government ministers and advisors, like Johnson, Hancock and Ferguson, really believed there was a potentially deadly disease out there that could seriously afflict them and their families, they would have attended boozy birthdays, had affairs, and snogged in the broom cupboard. These kind of self-serving psychopaths would never have risked their own safety in these cavalier ways - if these activities were actually a risk.

But they knew that they weren't. They knew they weren't a risk because they knew the whole thing was a lie. That's why Matt Hancock couldn't stop himself laughing when announcing the first man to get the vaccine was "William Shakespeare" - Shakespeare's most famed line being "all the world's a stage". That is why Mr. Shakespeare was selected for such a high-profile role - the global puppet masters were telling us loud and clear "this is fake, this is theatre, and we are - literally - laughing at you".

For understandable reasons, however, the degree of deception that I've just described seems impossible for most people to get their heads around. "Of course there was a new virus. Of course there was a big risk. Politicians are just bumbling and incompetent, that's all," is the refrain we've all heard a thousand times.

Yet the reality is the exact opposite. High-level political actors are ruthlessly competent and capable - that's why they were able to pull off such an epic deception, and convince the country to destroy itself for no reason, which is exactly what it's done, in so many myriad and painful ways. There are many, many pejoratives we might therefore use for high-profile political figures, but "incompetent" really should not be one of them. The image of bumbling Boris the Buffoon is a stage creation (Boris is even a stage name, that he admits he adopted "as part of a persona" - his real name is Alex) - he acts the part of pantomime fool to push the "incompetence not evil" narrative. But it's all theatre (as was his quite obviously faked "battle with Covid" - would someone who had genuinely undergone such a battle really attend "against the rules" mass gatherings where he could risk catching it again, and even passing it on to his newborn child?).

This is the reality: the global architects of world events staged (faked) the pandemic for three primary reasons: 1) to destabilise the country in a lead up to a complete economic crash (which will see the introduction of digital ID and time-limited CDBCs - goodbye savings and long-term security); 2) to attack the morale of the people to make them more docile and compliant (because the ruling classes are total control freaks and don't like us having all this freedom); and 3) to get people to submit to population-control injections, which have two primary purposes: 1) to reduce fertility and 2) to decrease lifespan. These injections don't protect anyone from any cold viruses, and they were never designed to.

That's the truth about what's been going on these last three and a half years, and anyone promoting anything less than that - anyone going down the the "cock up not conspiracy" lines - is engaging in classic "limited hangout".

Part of that limited hangout is to generate the idea that some sort of "justice" will be served, in the shape of using Matt Hancock as the fall guy - the sacrificial lamb to slaughter, to appease the betrayed baying mob public - who will be even more furious with his betrayal, after giving "likeable" Matt a second chance in the jungle.

More sordid revelations about Hancock will come to mainstream light soon (such as clarifying what he really spent £50,000 of tax-payer's money on at Bong Bong's restaurant, because it certainly wasn't cheap takeaway food), to focus all attention on him, as he plays the role of the classic pantomime villain.

Whatever authorities are then able to cast themselves as having "brought Hancock to justice" will earn the public's trust, as heroes and saviours who we can invest our faith in to deal with bad apples and right major social wrongs.

The reality is that, in the greater scheme of things, Hancock is a total irrelevance - a puppet, simply following orders from shady higher ups who we would not recognise if they passed us in the street. The real power-players are savvy and keep themselves well shielded from public view. You can be sure that if someone is a household name and their face instantly recognisable, they are just a puppet, an actor - someone who appears to have a lot of power, but is ultimately controlled (often via blackmail) by the people who wield the real might.

Ultimately, the biggest and most dangerous mistake anyone can make at the current time is interpreting the media as reflecting reality. The media doesn't reflect it: it creates it. It spins extremely complex and compelling illusions in order to manipulate the public into thinking, feeling, and behaving as the global puppet masters - and pantomime scriptwriters - desire.

As has been said many times: if you consumed no media, you would have had no idea there was a "pandemic" (apart from seeing the silly theatre props of flappy masks and life-saving circle stickers in supermarkets everywhere). That's because, outside of the twisted unreality and illusions forced into people's minds by said media, there wasn't.

It is imperative to understand that the people who own and control the media understand human psychlogy intrinsically: they know - as ridiculously sinister WEF poster boy Yuval Noah Harari put it - how to hack us.

This all dates back to the work of psychologist Sigmund Freud on the power of the unconscious mind, and how external actors can harness it. These teachings were adopted by Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, to be used in advertising and PR - to sell things to people, not because they needed them (as had been the focus of advertising prior to Bernays), but because they had been manipulated to associate consumer items as fulfilling their deepest unconscious desires. So, you're not now buying an oven because you need a new oven, you're buying the image of the happy family, the nourishing food, the love and the warmth and the togetherness. And so it is with all modern advertising and PR, including and especially the mainstream media - it controls your mind by harnessing your deepest unconscious feelings - in the case of the alleged Covid pandemic, through fear, one of the strongest unconscious drivers of all.

The Freud dynasty and other social engineers such as Walter Lippman realised that you can essentially manipulate people into thinking, feeling, and doing whatever you want by using certain language, imagery, and triggers - effectively, these people were master hypnotists, who could bend public mood to their will, create false realities with the power of suggestion, and nothing has changed since - in fact, these techniques have gotten much more sophisticated and advanced.

Not incidentally, a descendant of the Freud dynasty, and a nephew of Edward Bernays, now runs military-grade mind-control weapon, Netflix. Also note that descendants of global media titan, Rupert Murdoch, have married into the Freud dynasty.

The takeaway point is this: the media doesn't exist to reflect reality, it exists to create it, or rather, a faked, staged, pantomime version of it, in which many of us unwittingly co-perform. What the media does to us is very similar to what the character Christoff did to Truman in the hit nineties film, The Truman Show. That's why they called the titular character Truman - because he represents the "true man" insofar as - this is the truth. This is the real predicament man faces: that we are unwitting performers in a reality TV show: a staged reality with screenwriters and a production team, who can manipulate our thoughts and actions without our knowledge or consent - just as they do for decades with Truman in his show.

People often refer to major news items as "distractions", but, in fact, that's never really what they are - you are not being distracted by any major media event, you are being directed - to look at certain things, to form certain thoughts, and to draw certain conclusions. The WhatsApp reveal isn't a "distraction", it's part of the stage-managed direction to prompt a change in perception, namely, that evil Hancock is being exposed and brought to justice, hence you can trust those responsible for his exposure, such as "brave journalist" Isabel Oakeshott, partner of Reform UK leader, Richard Tice - who purports to offer an "alternative" to all these angry, betrayed voters at the next election (Tice, by the way, has been vigorously in favour of the mRNA injections).

See what they're doing? The world's a stage - which means it needs scriptwriters, producers, and directors, as well as actors. The public are the unwitting actors - with their lines fed to them by all these slickly produced media events, since - just as Yuval Noah Harari says - the human race has been "hacked" by assiduous masters of human psychology who understand our inner wiring better than most people do themselves.

If you've managed to see through the Covid hoax, whether from the start or more recently, you represent a fundamental and mortal threat to the ruthless control freaks who (think they) run the show, because you're living proof of the one thing that terrifies them the most: that they don't control your mind. You do.

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39 comments on “It's a big pantomime and you are in it”

  1. Many aren't centring all their disgust on Hancock though - they are seeing a much wider arena of deception - and that's the so called norm.ies only used to mainstream media outlets. It's more nuanced and multi layered imo.

  2. Change the words global and globe to earth....we are not a globe.. that was their first hoax .

  3. Absolutely 100% correct.A theatre production from start to finish. I'm traumatised by it all and every time some idiot tells me they have covid, the anger catches me again.

  4. There have never been any pandemics. They exist only in the minds of humans and their agents, the viruses, are transmitted via television and Hollywood. It is all an illusion. Ask yourself this very simple question. When did you ever hear of or even observe a pandemic in nature? Have you ever seen dogs or cats or seagulls becoming ill en masse across the country? Of course not, because Germ Theory is a lie. Not the biggest, but one of the biggest.

  5. Exactly. They can't control minds technologically besides the old Dr Delgado tricks of sending shocks to certain areas in order to get a response.
    When it comes to reading thoughts or editing memories, that's not possible. Your memories are stored in your own mind language... You encryption key is who you are!

    So, the trick was that they focused on fake unusable new tech that would give them control.. while doing the control the old fashioned way with propaganda.

  6. Great piece which I'm going to share on Delingpole's telegram channel as I'm sure many of his followers will appreciate your writing, if they don't already.

  7. More 'exposure' to wind up the populace. @GreatRevealChapter47
    Don't you ever think that it's strange that the same media that broadcast and diffuse the propaganda narratives, that shape the group-think conditioning, and which do nothing to tell the truth while the shitstorm is being enacted, are the same channels through which the sensational 'whistleblowers' "leak" all this damning information #AfterTheEvent when the damage has already been done ?
    So what will be the outcome of this investigation ?
    I'll save you some time. Will Hancock and the regulators and scientific ex-perts be charged for conspiracy to murder or at least manslaughter for #PushingThePoison out on the population ? Thought not.
    #DistractionAttraction #NewNovelGlobalScreenplay #PresstitutesDoItWithHindsight
    Forget about this #JustSayNOToAllFukSins
    As I stated the other day on the 'breaking news' of the leaked WangKock Watsapp 'investigation' .... has anyone pushed any of the 'responsible authorities' under the path of a missing spare-parts stricken Challenger tank heading warily towards the Ukraine frontline to be summarily crushed as an apposite penance for causing so many souls to depart from this mortal coil before their destined departure date ?
    Are they likely to find themselves in the vicinity of a local neighbourhood guillotine station or submit their persons to a public PrickInThePark party where they get the real FukSin injections for the first , second, third , fourth and fifth time all in one go .... Dream On . The only scapegoats to be punished will be the innocent and ignorant for whom it is already too late , but who will be blamed for not exercising due care and attention .

  8. I increasingly keep seeing people in masks. They must have a season ticket to the show 🤦‍♀️. Which I believe is much bigger global production. Covid was just just an act 1, like in any good theatre production. We are still going through act 2 - The War, but act 3 has already emerged - Energy and Food Crisis.

  9. Every time you hear of someone doing a test or saying they have Covid you want to scream. They have the symptoms of a cold, maybe a bad one because they have trashed their bodies and are now full of graphene oxide to name but a few toxins. The graphene (also in the masks and tests, flu jabs, other pharma etc etc) plus EMR are the real culprits for any loss of taste and smell and the clots in what they call Covid. It was easy to spot right from the start that this was all nonsense. A bit of common sense that's all that was needed and a mind that cannot be brainwashed and manipulated.

  10. A spot-on analysis. I still see people, albeit rarely now, driving alone with masks on. I pity them, I inwardly dislike them for still believing they are, 'protected and protecting others'. That's clearly just silly and always was. What will it take for those people to wake up? A friend, an ardent supporter of these gene therapy 'vaccines', told me he'd had all his, had Convid twice, also had a bad reaction to the jabs. "But imagine how bad I would've been without them"? I hear that a lot and have to laugh at the idiocy of an unknown, hypothetical outcome.

  11. I agree, Juliette, why on Earth are folk still using the pointless test kits?!!! They must still be asleep, blind to the evidence 🙄🥲🤯

    Let’s hope we recover from the trauma, and live to fight on!

  12. Great article, however i do think they release a strain of flu.
    Whatever i caught after 3 years of dodging it was very different to any previous flu i've had over the years.
    Total loss of smell and taste for about 2 weeks.
    But we have to concentrate on the future not nit pick over the history of the crime.
    This agenda is going to be hard to stop but with enough directed effort we can do it.
    Thanks for you work.

  13. Your 'hospitals bumping people off' comment reminded me of something I heard way back in the early 90s. Henry, a former acquaintance, related to me about how he'd been to visit an elderly relative in a North Lanarkshire hospital, one Friday evening.

    A number of patients were in that particular ward. Obviously they weren't in hospital for nothing, but none of them was 'at death's door'. Very mysteriously, by the following Monday morning, every one of them had DIED.

    Henry was convinced that a 'clear the ward, we need the beds' directive had been issued by the hospital management that weekend. Anyone surprised?

  14. Brilliant! Thank you – please accept the coffee I am sending in appreciation!

    As one who has seen through the pandemine from the start you echo my thoughts precisely. I like “doctors exist in a gilded cage of wealth and privilege that few feel able to escape”. As you say, they are not to be seen as "hero saint doctors". During the pandemime I tried to make a GP appointment but was told that wasn’t possible but that I needed to go online and use ‘e-consult’. My reply to the receptionist was “why, is he dead or is he playing golf?” You could feel the shock at the other end of the line. You’re not meant to hold doctors in other than awe.

    I like your point about the Johnson “battle with Covid” scene. They really played that one strongly with the ventilator – implying a critical stage of treatment.

    I also think it’s also useful to see many of the machinations of the deep state as directing us to look elsewhere rather than at something that could potentially give the game away: to look at the Book Depository rather than at the smoke coming from the grassy knoll.

  15. Splendid analysis of the drama of the millenium Miri. Best response for us is writing our own part in the new one. It is already unfolding and more people joining the cast every day.

  16. I’m guessing you’re familiar with the work of Mikes Mathis? He seems to have dedicated a great deal of time uncovering fake events of national significance in the US

  17. I so agree, the number of people I have met who have said that they have "Covid", but it's so mild that it's just like a cold.. it beggars belief. One acquaintance, who I would usually consider intelligent, said that she wouldn't have known she had it had she not tested as she was about to visit an elderly neighbour...Another said, when I remarked that it was odd that there were no recorded cases of flu in 2020, "that's because everyone was careful, washing their hands, wearing masks".... It makes me want to gnash my teeth.

  18. Figured it all out very early on. Went along with it for a couple of months but then, living in a small community, l didn't see people getting very sick or dropping dead. As someone who has suffered with serious respiratory infections all my life and never had a diagnostic test of a swan up the nose l just couldn't see why thousands of asymptotic people were being coerced into having such invasive tests. I have never had one. I then went off researching and found out about the table top planning for a pandemic in 2019. So totally agree, there was no new killer virus, just rebranded colds and flu, no excess deaths in 2020.

  19. Fabulous article as always. You hit the nail right on the head as you usually do.

    I pray enough people wake up and we have the last laugh not them.

  20. Oh this analysis is totally brilliant. BRILLIANT. It reflects 100% my own take on how we've been cynically manipulated , including this latest " Diversion" of the Lock down files

    Notice how the revaltions fo not uncover the many dodgy financial deals that were made by government membmers who had financial interests in the companies getting themulti million pound contracts!

  21. Very good article. I covered the pantomime in the run-up to Christmas 2020 on my old blog. The header photo is of the Criterion Theatre, Earlsdon, Coventry, the beauty salon at the bottom is in Leamington. Without my originally being aware of it, someone copied the link (under its original anti-lockdown title) and posted it on the Daily Sceptic, so it is possible that you may have read it before.

    William Shakespeare, the elderly gentleman whom you mentioned as the first man to have the vaxx, was allegedly from Warwickshire. Margaret Keenan, a sprightly elderly lady, who was the first person to have the vaxx, was allegedly from Coventry (which is economically, historically and pretty-much geographically part of Warwickshire).

    My scepticism about them led me to check at the time the Coventry Telegraph website, as usually for ‘human interest’ stories like theirs the local rags will carry more information than the national MSM, but all I found was the same copy-and-paste info that must have come from a press release to all the MSM.

    From having previously lived in Coventry for almost two decades, beneath its metropolitan exterior it is a small-minded provincial place, where someone who knows someone who knows someone would know the Keenan family. But amongst the numerous people I’ve met in the freedom movement in Coventry no-one does apparently!

  22. I love the way that, when I share a brilliant article, the kudos rubs off on *me* - and I didn't even write a word of it!

  23. Brilliant article again.
    You have nailed it with your point about Doctors.
    Sad but true.

  24. Spot on, Miri! I’ve been very frustrated with the way so many within the “alternative media”, so many “awake” voices, are behaving as if this “revelation” is real and meaningful. I remember a similar shock and disappointment when so many of the anti-lockdown and anti-mask crowd went and got jabbed. Next level cognitive dissonance. They knew the lockdowns and masks were a lie, but they bought the much-more-implausible lie that they would “never travel again” unless they got the jabs. I sometimes think I had a completely different experience of the past three years because I turned the TV off on 20th March 2020 and never listened to one more second of media coverage. My experience of the world was simply what I could see and hear with my own eyes and ears, and not what I was being TOLD. I guess my mistake, now, is that I got caught up in the “alternative media” assuming that those exposing jab harms and revealing the sinister plans for a “WHO Pandemic Treaty” were the “good guys”. But they are just as manipulated and manipulative as the MSM before them. Time to switch off again, perhaps! Stop digging for truth and just experience the world as my eyes and ears receive it. Digital media is truly evil. I have also had a couple of encounters with Tice, and one with Oakeshit, and they are both very unpleasant people. So I’m more inclined to think these “revealed WhatsApp messages” are just another episode of the melodrama. I don’t believe the majority of them are even real. Wouldn’t it be a blow if, just at the point the public think that Hancock is on trial, the messages are revealed to have been fabricated. On a more positive note, I sense a lot of people (outside of the entire - including “alternative” - media circus) are feeling the same and just disengaging and getting on with their lives. They are switching off the “Truman Show”... this is a good thing!

  25. Great article again, and I agree with so many of the comments added above.

    My one memory of this covid pantomine, was one cold February day. I run after-school activities for kids, so during this period the youngest could still attend but their parents had to wait outside. I'd hide in my office just to avoid wearing a mask, and just peer out now-and-then through the blinds to check.

    Well on this particular day, I peered out through my office blinds and was greeted by the site of 15, 20, maybe more parents stood outside in the parking area. Every single one was masked up (they're outside!) and all stood alone anti-social distanced from each other. It was both comical and dystopian at the same time. Wish I'd taken a photo!

    The saddest aspect, is that virtually all of these parents are university educated, often with Masters & PhDs. Yet their blind compliance was total.

    And yes! Every time someone tells me they couldn't make it the previous week "because (s)he tested +ve" I too want to scream. Just have to walk away…

  26. Going back to 2020, on the Daily Sceptic I remember that many of the regular commentators who were anti-lockdown turned out to be pro-vaxx. And of course, Peter Hitchens, ever the contrarian, frightened of his then growing popularity by having opposed the lockdown from the start, went on to publicly announce that he had taken the vaxx, when he could have kept quiet about it on the basis that it should be a personal matter of choice and nothing else. Not something to be broadcast.

  27. Many thanks all for the most interesting comments as ever 🙂

    To Leo - thank you - and thought I should comment promptly too to bring the total count well away from the dreaded number - !

  28. It's clearly an old trick-

    Spanish 'flu', masks, vaccinations

    Kitchener poster pre-dates de Bernay.

    I agree that this is the era of artifice. Has there been a time in the history of mankind that the most venerated individuals in society are Actors?

    The belief in transmissible disease is key, that's the big lie (obvs there are others). Their aim is 4IR, the metaverse.

    To the parasite class we are mere chattel.

  29. One of the best written article I have come across lately which explains things clearly without naming the real puppet masters.Very few people knows who they are but can't name of them.They are well protected. That's the reality.

  30. There is no such organism in nature known as a virus. The perception of a virus was placed into the Publics consciousness with Louis Pasteurs fraudulent germ theory. People make themselves ill, sick or unwell with their toxic lifestyles. The symptom known as flu is the bodys' own detoxification process.

  31. Your article is excellent and really resonates with me.

    I've been suspicious for some time of Netflix being a propaganda and mind control tool. Not only their 'documentaries' that are messaging but also their dramas and even stand-up comedians. It's probably why they couldn't care less you share your account with friends and family.

    In the UK, because we can refuse to be muzzled with the magic words 'I am exempt', masking was applied to identify the fearful (of covid and social condemnation), the obedient, and the virtue-signallers. All perfect candidates for the world envisaged by the powers-that-be.

    I can't help feel that UK was in this whole drama the place to test who would find out legal ways to fight back and those would just go along.

    I've never considered myself politically astute so it's quite funny (and a huge blessing) that I smelled a rat very early on with this whole scamdemic. Fortunately more of my friends are waking up to it but sadly some will never.

    The question I ask myself is: what more can us awaked ones do? I'm already making a point of spreading info countering the narrative but what more can we really do?

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