Rule-breaking ministers are not "hypocrites", they are liars.

Written by: Miri
December 6, 2021
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As spluttering outraged mobs take to Twitter to denounce senior members of the UK cabinet for "hypocritically" breaching Covid rules, by having parties, eschewing masks, and snogging aides (albeit in the absence of mistletoe, so perhaps that might just pass muster under the current guidance), a rather key point is being missed here - and in the case of the corporate media, most certainly intentionally.

These partying politicians are not being 'hypocrites' by breaching the rules. They are not prescribing them for the population in genuine sincerity, believing these recommendations are based on "science" and will protect us, then naughtily and riskily disobeying nevertheless. They disobey because they know the rules are nonsense and don't protect anyone from anything. They disobey because they are liars.

That's why, and if the nation is really honest with itself regarding the character and motivations of the typical politician, they will have no option but to concur. High-level politicians are ruthlessly self-serving egomaniacs. Do you really think that, if they thought there was the slightest sliver of a chance that going to the office party and forgoing their mask could kill them, they would do it? Of course they wouldn't! If "the rules" were actually protective of life and longevity, these politicians would all be cocooning themselves off in their country retreats and refusing to ever venture outside (and only in a full hazmat suit if they did), they would not be not be bopping around the Christmas tree at the office do, knocking back Champers with Cheryl from accounts.

We all know what politicians would do in the face of a genuine threat: what they have always done. Run and hide and leave ordinary people to take the hit. If there was an actual deadly pandemic, do you know what politicians would do to warn the general public? Nothing! All these high-level players come from backgrounds and dynasties that are heavily invested in depopulation, so in the face of a real pandemic, politicians would leave it to sweep the world, whilst instructing the media to cover it up and slapping gagging orders on the NHS.

I've asked again and again what motivation a ruling class openly committed to depopulation would have for saving and prolonging millions of lives at astronomical cost (just think for a minute how much it costs to manufacture three doses of a vaccine per person and then offer them all for free), and have never received a rational answer, because there isn't one. It is perfectly obvious, Logic 101, that the ruling classes would have NO incentive for trying to preserve life by paying a fortune, when wealth-hoarding and decreasing world population are their two primary goals. This is hardly a 'conspiracy theory' when it is well-known that a tiny percent of the world's population own almost all the wealth (and this tiny percentage of people have become much wealthier since 'the pandemic' began), whilst they are extremely, emphatically open about their desire to dramatically reduce the world's population.

I've noticed that where it comes to fighting back against the restrictions, and the illegitimacy and unethicalness of lockdown, vaccine mandates, etc., there is a tendency for some commentators to affect what they believe to be the 'reasonable middle ground', e.g. "Covid is a serious disease and deserves to be treated as such, and vaccines have saved millions of lives, but that doesn't justify locking innocent people down and discriminating against them for their medical choices." - and, yeah, of course, I get it. It's the equivalent of beginning a vaccine warning with "I'm not anti-vax, but...". It's trying not to scare people off by remonstrating with them, hey, look, I'm a reasonable person, not one of those crazy conspiracy whackos.

The problem is, if you only hack at the branches (should we have lockdowns to deal with plagues, should we have vaccine mandates to deal with plagues) rather than the root (there is no plague), you will never make the headway that is really required.

There is no plague, of that I can absolutely and unequivocally assure you. If there was, I would not have been able to predict the current situation nearly to the letter both in April 2019 (nearly a year before anyone had ever heard the word 'Covid'), and January 2020 (when Covid was still largely considered the Wuhan 'flu and lockdowns still only existed in prisons). I was able to do that because it was obvious from various bits of propaganda churned out by the ruling classes over the years that they were planning to fake a 'global pandemic' in order to usher in tyranny and convince people to administer bioweapon 'vaccines' to themselves.

If there was a real plague, then we would be able to test for it with real tests, not a totally unfit for purpose instrument that its own inventor warned time and again should never be used to diagnose illness. He 'died suddenly' in 2019, just before the plague made its debut, what a(nother) astonishing coincidence. (Read more about the fatal flaws of diagnosing 'epidemics' on the strength of PCR testing in this New York Times article from 2007, when a "pertussis epidemic" was falsely declared on the basis of PCR testing. When the gold standard test, growing the bacterium in a lab, was undertaken to confirm, it discovered that in fact not a single person actually had pertussis, and were probably afflicted with normal respiratory viruses like the common cold.)

If there was a real plague, there would be a huge spike in hospitalisations and deaths every time there's a big anti-lockdown protest, where nearly everyone is unmasked and unvaxxed, and nobody social distances. There never is. (For those particularly zealous plague enthusiasts who will inevitably want to squeal, "well how do you explain the fact that people are sick and in hospital then, huh?!" - I return your question with a question: do you think hospitals were empty prior to 2020? People get sick and sadly many die, it's part of the human condition and always has been. 1,400 died in the UK alone every day pre-plague. 150,000 around the world. So-called 'Covid' is just a label stuck on people with other serious conditions on the basis of a fake test. The death rate did NOT dramatically increase in 2020.)

And if there was a real plague, politicians would be cowering away in their country bunkers hoarding hazmat suits, not jovially giggling as they forget their masks yet again, whilst enjoying another crowded Christmas do or wander around a random castle.

It's such an important point and perhaps THE most important point: Government ministers who set the rules don't break them because they are 'hypocrites'. They break them because they are liars.

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