"At least they're doing something... What have YOU done?!"

Written by: Miri
June 8, 2023
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Every single time I call out obvious psy-op charlatan frauds like Andrew Bridgen, Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, et al, I get this incensed expostulation from various branches of their respective fan clubs, so I thought I would formally answer the question once and for all: both what it's ostensibly asking, and then, what it's really asking.

Needless to say, these individuals are not REALLY asking me what I've done, since a) that makes no difference as to whether the aforementioned characters are frauds or not (that's kind of like saying, you have to have formal political experience to call a politician a liar, or be a decorated military veteran to oppose war), and b) they could find out what I've done in about 30 seconds flat by visiting the FAQ section of my website, so that's obviously not really what they're asking (we'll get to their real question later on) but - I said I'd answer the ostensible question, too, re: what I've done, so I will.

Since 2015, when I first went public with my "conspiratorial" beliefs, I have:

*Founded the first (and as far as I know the only) vaccine critical resource specifically aimed at students, the Student and Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education

*Co-founded an information resource dedicated to promoting the importance of informed consent in medicine and law, with particular reference to the Covid vaccine and general "pandemic" restrictions, Informed Consent Matters

*Founded two websites hosting hundreds of original articles, commentaries, and letter templates (all of which are free to read, use, copy, distribute etc), miriaf.webs.com and miriaf.co.uk (<-- you are here), From feedback I have received, I understand my letter templates were used many hundreds, and possibly thousands, of times.

*Personally corresponded with hundreds of people offering help and advice on their situations, including writing personalised letters for at least forty different individuals

*Written an open letter challenging pro-Covid celebrities Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine that was read and shared tens of thousands of times, leading to a response from Vine

*Co-founded a local resistance group in my area in 2020, connecting personally with dozens of like-minded people, and going on to host two weekly meetings at my house throughout 2020 and 2021 to coordinate how we could resist and fight back

*Stood as a pro-freedom candidate in three local elections, opposing coronavirus restrictions and promoting medical and civic freedom

*Wrote, co-designed, and distributed over 100,000 leaflets challenging vaccine, test, and mask mandates, and other elements of coronavirus fraud

*Gave interviews and appeared on podcasts further promoting all the above information

I'm sure there's more I could be doing, and I intend to do much more going forward, but there we have it, for the time being. That's what I've done.

Now we've cleared that up, shall we get on to the real question people are posing when they demand to know what "I've" done, which is actually:

"What could helpless, incapable, uninfluential little old me do, as compared to these big impressive chandelier-swinging daddy heroes?"

That's the real question they're asking.

When I say Bridgen and co are cynical psy-op frauds, it triggers people's learned helplessness and low self-worth, inculcated into us through years of government schooling, leading us to believe that we are nothing but powerless pawns in a grand global drama in which we have no agency. We are mere spectators, passive recipients of what happens to us, not active participants involved in the creation and direction of our own lives.

Important events, we are told, are controlled by important people, which most certainly does not include us. We're nothing. We're nobody. We're just insignificant little specks who should be jolly glad and grateful that these big gallant heroes are deigning to pay some attention to our pet cause! Now, get back to worshipping them, shut your face, and know your place, you snivelling little worm.

That is the exact message school exists to programme into children, as was confirmed by veteran teacher turned "anti-schooler", John Taylor Gatto (who taught for 25 years and was a multiple recipient of top teaching awards), in his brilliant treatise "The Seven Lesson Schoolteacher", concerning what school really teaches children (namely: confusion, class position, indifference, emotional dependency, intellectual dependency, provisional self-esteem, one can't hide).

It is this same programming that is responsible for emotionally incontinent adults who can't think or reason for themselves, and just default to trusting "the experts"* (*the TV) where it comes to deciding whether to have experimental genocidal poisons injected into them. That seemingly completely irrational, infantile behaviour results from the emotional dependence and intellectual dependence school has successfully induced within them.

Unfortunately, however, this programming runs very deep - drilled into children nearly every day of their lives for at least twelve years starting from age four - meaning that, even if someone is able to break through "level one" programming, and resist the more "mainstream" frauds, like Hancock, it does not necessarily immunise them from falling for "level two" shysters, like Bridgen.

Bridgen's scam is a little more sophisticated than his fellow Freemason Hancock's, but ultimately, it's pulling on all the same psychological strings - that he is a powerful, moneyed, influential man of means, "an expert", if you will, into whom we can invest all our hope, trust, and faith, and therefore abdicate taking any personal responsibility of our own.

When people see "big daddy" Bridgen doing the media circuit and saying all the right things in a highly visible and voluble way, it triggers a huge sigh of relief that, "finally! Someone who can make a difference [not like me] is doing something!" - because we have been very successfully engineered into believing there's "us and them" - the people that matter (them) and the people that don't (us).

That the vast majority of people believe this, believe that only celebrities, "experts", and people with a prominent media presence can make a difference in the world, is the perfect neutralising tool for the overlords, as it means genuine grassroots action never takes off, as people think, "what's the point? Little old me could never make a difference. Best to leave the future in the hands of people who can."

And there you have it: the overlords have you just where they want you, more or less as much as they have the quadruple-jabbed. Okay, you might live a bit longer, but you won't live in any way that is threatening to the control grid or the status quo, as you'll just keep throwing your lot in with every controlled opposition, mainstream-promoted "hero" they throw at you, keeping you completely paralysed, inactive, and ineffective yourself.

It is absolute nonsense, a demonstrably fatuous lie, that "ordinary people can't make a difference". For example, I have received a lot of feedback from people who've used my letter templates, and these templates have enabled, amongst many other things, a little boy to receive his urgent surgery without capitulating to Covid testing, as well as empowering a pregnant woman to have her baby the way she wanted to, by equipping these families with the knowledge and tools to successfully challenge "authority".

Granted, these kinds of successes aren't the great flamboyant "draining the swamp" style achievements that big daddy heroes promise (and never deliver on), but they are successes that are achievable by ordinary people and that very much matter.

Every time you declined to wear a mask, or supported someone else to remove theirs, that's a success that matters. Every time you refused to comply with lockdown restrictions and continued to see family and friends, despite the relentless fear propaganda, that's a success that matters. Every time you shared information with someone that made them rethink their decision to get another vaccine, that's a success that matters.

These are the kind of actions we should concentrate on: real-world, achievable, demonstrable achievements, not slickly media-trained heroes full of hot air and false promises.

Now, I know people are getting very annoyed at this point, and thinking, "well, so what if Bridgen isn't perfect? At least he's raising awareness! At least he's waking people up!"

Yet the reality is that he isn't, at all. Bridgen has been very carefully positioned to ensure he is taken as a joke by the vast majority of people. There were and are some serious MPs questioning the legitimacy of lockdown and the vaccine rollout, like Charles Walker, Desmond Swayne and Christopher Chope - but you don't hear anything about them any more, do you? They have quietly worked away, largely behind the scenes and with very little public recognition or reward (certainly no quarter of a million pounds for fake showboating publicity stunt "lawsuits"), simply doing the job they are paid to do which is to represent the public and address their concerns. Indeed, Christopher Chope was in parliament just this week campaigning for more recognition and compensation for the vaccine injured.

So why has Bridgen, very late to this party and a previously vigorous supporter of lockdowns and vaccines, been thrust in your face as a "hero" now? And why is he encouraging you to believe he is the "only MP" taking a stand?

It's because Bridgen is in dire financial straits - he was recently ordered to pay £800,000 in legal costs relating to an ongoing feud with his family firm, and is also nearly £250,000 in arrears from unpaid rent (£250,000, hmm, sure I've heard that figure somewhere before recently... isn't that, uh, exactly the amount being raised by his shady fundraiser to supposedly sue Matt Hancock for defamation? Extraordinary coincidence, that!).

As such, he is on the verge of going bankrupt, which not only means losing his luxury lifestyle and all the status that goes with that, but it would also mean losing his MP's seat, as MPs can no longer serve once they are bankrupted.

Bridgen has been bailed out for now by his very wealthy "mate", Jeremy Hosking, who just so happens to be the primary funder of the Reclaim Party that Bridgen has defected to. Another extraordinary coincidence!

The only reason Bridgen is doing and saying what he is now regarding Covid vaccines, is that he would literally do and say ANYTHING to claw back some cash and retain his status and position (he also has an expensive ex-wife to pay off, and much younger second partner to maintain). Hosking is offering him the financial crutch to retain that position, therefore he is now fully under the control of Hosking.

Bridgen has been manoeuvred into a position that - for anyone who understands anything about politics - has completely destroyed his credibility. Reclaim is a joke party, being nothing more than a two-dimensional shop front which is significantly less politically active and successful than the Monster Raving Loonies.

Reclaim is fronted by a celebrity actor with no previous political experience, has never stood a single successful candidate, has only stood three candidates in total (all of them celebrities, including the former editor of Loaded), and has stood no candidates at all in the last two years.

This is not the way a serious or genuine political party operates. It's all a sham and an illusion, and Bridgen has been shunted into this "failed fringe political party", as one senior MP accurately described Reclaim, to totally destroy his credibility and therefore the likelihood of his remarks about vaccines being taken seriously by the public at large.

He is now seen as a failed joke of a politician, and that is by design (a "poundshop David Icke" as someone on Twitter described him). Serious MPs like Desmond Swayne and Christopher Chope had/have far more credibility - and they spoke out while the vaccine rollout was still very much active, not right at the very end of an effectively completed campaign - which is why they have never had one-tenth of the visibility or media attention Andrew Bridgen has.

It's a highly effective political tactic to crush serious issues by equating them with non-serious people - as in, David Icke speaks a lot of truth, but his message is completely tarnished by the lizard thing, meaning questioning vaccine safety and efficacy, as David also does, is now conflated in the eyes of many with thinking the Queen was a lizard (e.g., it's a common "normie" response when one addresses vaccine safety issues, to say something along the lines of, "oh, been reading David Icke again, have you - I suppose you think the Queen's a lizard as well!").

Similarly, Andrew Bridgen, the known corrupt liar, and now member of a joke failed political party, has become the public MSM "face" of critiquing Covid vaccines, therefore making the whole issue look like a fraud and a joke, too. Do you see how this works? He's not "helping wake more people up", he's actually doing the exact opposite, and further undermining the credibility of those with valid vaccine safety concerns. People who the public might actually have taken seriously - like Charles Walker, who spoke out from the start - are given no media attention and nobody knows who they are.

It is also of note that Reclaim has repeatedly stated that, as soon as an MP defects to them, they will immediately call a by-election so that MP can be legitimised by a public vote. The whopping £5 million in funding they have received from Andrew Bridgen's "mate" Jeremy Hosking has specifically been described as being for funding by-elections for defecting MPs.

Yet they finally get a defecting MP... and no by-election? Nor any candidate campaigns at all in two years and just three in total? So what's happened to the five million pounds, boys? (As someone wryly remarked on Facebook, "tell me you're laundering money without telling me you're laundering money").

Meanwhile, Bridgen is also capitalising on public a) ignorance of the law and b) fondness for smooth soundbites, by pretending to "sue Matt Hancock for defamation" and taking quarter of a million pounds from the public to do so (more than ten times the average cost of a defamation suit). To anyone who knows anything about defamation law, this is quite obviously a joke, and we've been explicitly told it is. Matt Hancock's legal team have publicly stated that the lawsuit is "absurd", a "pathetic publicity stunt", and that Hancock "stands by his remarks that were obviously not libellous".

All that is true, but the slick machine is counting on the fact that people hate Hancock so much, they will automatically discredit literally everything he says simply because it is him saying it. As the "code" of these Freemasonic shyster actors requires them to do, they're publicly telling us the truth - that this "lawsuit" is a joke, a ludicrous action that won't go anywhere - but are doing it in such a way that people won't take this declaration seriously (and so will continue to trust and fund Bridgen), because of where it came from. Clever, eh?

Note that someone said to me on Twitter, "but... but... Bridgen's legal team must think he has a chance of winning or they wouldn't take the case!". Bridgen's "legal team" comprises The Bad Law Project, which is headed - not by any solicitors or barristers - but by celebrity actor Laurence Fox, who has as much legal experience as he does political. The disclaimer on the website reads:

"The Bad Law Project website provides legal resources and general legal information, including updates on topics and current affairs relevant to the work we do. Nothing that is on the website constitutes formal legal advice and should not be treated as such. No relationship between a legal practitioner and client is created through use of this website and users pursuing a cause of action should contact a registered legal services provider."

In other words, it's another two-dimensional shop front, just like Reclaim is, presenting the facade of taking "legal action" and "political action" to distract and appease people who don't know any better, and who aren't taking the time to dig beneath the surface to see what these outfits, and the individuals behind them, really are.

It is incumbent on all of us to be much more discerning and much more sophisticated thinkers than "they" expect us to be. "They" expect they can just send in any old smooth talking "hero", no matter how disreputable their character ("abusive, aggressive, and arrogant" as Bridgen was recently described by a High Court judge whom he lied to under oath) or how extensively chequered their past, and we'll just immediately fall for it because - just like a starry-eyed teenage girl being chatted up by the lothario captain of the football team - we'll fall for anyone smooth and charming who tells us what we want to hear.

Imagine you were the parent of that besotted girl, and she's telling you, "no, he really isn't seeing those three other girls any more, all of whom he cheated on. He's really changed now and really, truly loves me for who I am. He only wants me to come round while his parents are away so we can study!"

What would you say to that girl?

Well, please now try to be your own "parent" in the face of smooth-talkers like Bridgen. Look at his recent past. Look at his character. And ask yourself: is this a hero? Is this a genuine person of integrity who means what he says? Or is he, in actual fact, an absolutely typical, standard order, lying and corrupt, politician?

(A politician who vigorously supports the "war in Ukraine" and continues to fundraise for it on his own website, by the way.)

There's a saying, which I'm sure you've heard, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". There's no shame in falling for a fake hero initially, we've all done it (I was initially a big fan of Laurence Fox after the Question Time "racism" debacle, which, in retrospect, I can clearly see was all more staged theatre to launch his imminent supposed "political career" - which is really just another acting role: he's a legitimate "leader of a political party" every bit as much as he was a legitimate police detective in 'Lewis').

So if you fell for Andrew Bridgen initially, fair enough: no shame, no blame. But if you're still falling for him in light of everything that's now been revealed, then you're choosing to continue to be deceived and misled when the overwhelming balance of evidence suggests he's not legitimate. It is so true that it's easier to fool people than to convince people they've been fooled, because our self-protective mechanisms don't want to let us admit we could get it wrong.

But this self-protective mechanism can also be really self-destructive, because it has us trapped in the same cycle, trusting every new cynical psy-op "hero" who comes along, no matter how many times they all follow the same playbook (and they all do, always).

I can remember, back in 1997, when Tony Blair was the brave new "hero" who was going to save us all, and pretty much every year since, another one has been thrown at us, and another and another and another - and they never actually do save us, do they? I mean, has anything of any significance got better since 1997? Have any grand humanitarian save-the-world promises been fulfilled?

Of course not, because it's just the same tired old soap opera playing out again and again. Pantomime villains and heroes to distract the masses whilst the ruling classes gradually absorb more and more of the world's wealth and resources, and get on behind the scenes with their real work.

All they want from you is to be a captive, captured audience for their "heroes v. villains" world stage show, surrendering all your own power because - just as school taught you and just as people throw at me every time I critique a "hero" - who do you think you are to think you can make any difference? Who are you to have any skill? Who are you to have any power?

Well, as Nelson Mandela said, actually, who aren't you? You don't serve the world by playing small (you only serve those who desire to control it). You are a deeply capable, powerful person who has huge capacity for action and change - that's why the overlords are so scared of you, and why they do everything possible starting from day one of life to diminish your power and potential.

"They" are absolutely terrified of the day the resistance decides en masse that we don't need heroes and saviours any more. We don't need celebrities, we don't need "experts", and we certainly don't need actors. We just need capable, committed, ordinary people to recognise their own power and to use it.

Stop playing small. Switch off the celebrity side-show. And take 'Reclaim' literally - reclaim your own agency, reclaim your own power, and reclaim your own worth - and let's start making a real difference.

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