Lone Skum and The Age of The Psy-Op Saviours

Written by: Miri
April 18, 2023
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As a sort of hangover from comprehension exercises I used to do in year 6, I have an odd yet intractable habit of mentally rearranging the letters of people's names to see if there are any "clues" or hidden messages contained therein.... (I was thrilled when I thought 'Nicola Bulley' was an anagram of 'in ye loyal club' until someone pointed out there aren't actually multiple y's in 'Nicola'...). So, I couldn't help but, months ago, make an internal note of the fact that the ever-more prominent and plumped up 'hero', Elon Musk, is an anagram of lone skum...

In my opinion, this tells us much about Mr. Musk, although it is somewhat misleading to describe him as 'lone'... rather, Musk is a fully signed up member of "the club" (the same one Nicola Bulley was - nearly - in).

Skum, I mean, Musk, has been making major international waves these past few weeks - again - and this time, for publicly branding the BBC "government-funded media" (oh, Elon, you're so mischievous!), and then branding them liars, who obscured key facts about the dangers of the Covid vaccine.

The BBC then invited Musk on to discuss these claims in an interview, and shared said interview on its own website. Which, obviously, is exactly what you do if a genuine whistle-blower has caught you out in an organic way that wasn't at all scripted, staged, and planned (eye roll emoji, face-palm emoji).

Just like it's incredibly plausible and realistic that Aseem Malhotra, one of the UK's most well-known vaccine sceptics, was "accidentally" allowed on the BBC to discuss the harms of the jab because "a junior researcher forgot to check him out".

If you believe any of this, that Musk and Malhotra and their ilk are genuine anti-establishment heroes stickin' it to the man, and the BBC is just too bumbling and incompetent to manage to protect itself from these formidable freedom fighters, then my ever-expanding back catalogue of bargain bridges is on special offer...

To be clear, we are in the midst of a controlled demolition of our culture, as the overlords - as they like to do every eighty years or so - wish to completely do away with our current way of life and replace it with something completely different: "The Great Reset". But before we can reset our culture, we have to ensure all dominant institutions which inspire trust, faith, and pride are destroyed.

If you were to define British culture, what would be the kind of dominant institutions and traditions that would come to mind?

The Royal family, perhaps? Well, the Queen is now dead whilst the remaining Royals are mired in so much scandal and suspicion - everything from racism to slavery to sex trafficking - that their imminent abolition looks inevitable.

So how about the "envy of the world" NHS? Could not be in worse shape, is on the verge of collapse, and currently has a waiting list larger than the population of Denmark.

Then there's that enduring community institution, the British pub... but said industry is currently in freefall, as soaring energy prices mean, every month, hundreds of licensed premises are having to shut their doors permanently, with insiders warning the complete collapse of the entire sector is imminent if things don't change soon.

Even that mainstay of every British high street, the fish 'n' chip shop, is facing impending annihilation, as energy bills plus the ever-increasing price of fish are making many of these businesses non-viable.

But at least we still have good old "aunty", right, the respectable and reliable BBC, always there to guide us, inform us, and keep us safe.

Or, as Elon Musk has now revealed and as the BBC have cooperatively complied with advertising, not: the nation's "beloved broadcaster" is being stunningly indicted on the world stage as being a liar and a fraud, a cynical arm of the government propaganda machine that has potentially been complicit in luring millions to an untimely and unnecessary death through Covid vaccine misinformation.

All the above is strategised and tactical as, one by one, all the significant institutions, beliefs, and cultural totems that make up our society are being targeted for exposure, followed by inevitable extinction, to make way for "the new". And, as always happens when such extreme social transformations are desired by the overlords, they are manufacturing mass consent for it, by giving us "heroes" who are presented as "on our side" - exposing the evil establishment and promising a brighter future! We invest in these people, cheer them on, "trust the plan" - and then they do the old bait and switch, and brutally betray us, because they were never real heroes, never on our side. They're just liars, actors, and frauds, in the deep state's pocket: cynical shepherds leading us to slaughter.

It's the same tired old playbook they use every time. See Donald Trump: an actual, literal actor with several celluloid credits to his name and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Trump posed as a "right-wing anti-vax conspiracy theorist" to gain the trust and support of certain sections of society. As soon as he was in power, and the Covid panto began, he did the old bait and switch and introduced 'Operation Warp Speed' to fast track the vaccine.

Elon Musk is just the same: a populist "right-wing billionaire hero" straight from central casting. And that's all I believe he, like almost everyone with such prominent, glossy roles on the world stage, is - an actor, playing the part of "goofy, witty tech genius" who (we are meant to believe), despite being an exceptional innovator with literally rocket-science level-intelligence and unfathomable, inconceivable wealth, nevertheless has the time and inclination to conjure up witty banter and repartee on Twitter whilst giving cosy buddy-style interviews on the BBC (where he, much like the actor Bill Gates, came off as staggeringly inarticulate, barely able to put a sentence together without a preliminary string of "ums", "ahs", and "you-knows"). (Of course, actors often like to keep it in the family, and it would seem Bill Gates was once married to the actor Kevin Kline...)

Whenever something or someone is presented repeatedly and to great fanfare on any mainstream screen, we have to see it in the same way as a cinema screen - that it's not a reflection of reality, rather, it's a scripted drama played out by actors. I don't believe Elon Musk is a staggering, once-in-a-generation genius, any more than I believe Russell Crowe has a brilliant mathematical mind - I believe they played these parts on screens in staged, scripted productions.

Please note that the agenda for "heroes" to expose the corruption of Western culture is in lockstep, with New Zealand national media also being labelled as "government-funded media", with fawning fans profusely thanking Musk for his courageous efforts to expose these evil-doers...

Please remember that Elon Musk is entirely pro-vaccine (he's even pro the mRNA vaccines, he just thinks the Covid jabs were manufactured too hastily and so got the amount wrong), and also wants to put a chip in your brain.

If he can win your trust by "exposing" the BBC and other "government-funded media" as liars, then he is the perfect candidate for convincing you of the benefits of being chipped.

"Chips are good and necessary," Musk could say. "They aren't part of a government plot to control your mind. If they were, I would have told you, just like I told you when the government was trying to control your mind through media."

It's the same tactic I expect "hero-saviour" Robert F Kennedy Jr., to use with pushing the climate change agenda.

"Climate change is real and very serious and we must take extreme action to stop it," Kennedy could claim. "And you can trust me on this, because I told you the truth about the Covid vaccine."

Equally, Aseem Malhotra is against the Covid vaccines... but pro every other vaccine, claiming they are the safest pharmaceutical products there are and that his left arm is "full of scars" from all the vaccines he's had. Again, he'll have credibility to push "safe and effective" new vaccines, as if they were dangerous, he'd warn you, right, just like he did with the Covid vaccines.

This is the same strategy the ruling classes use again and again to dupe the masses into compliance with their schemes. Dangle a charismatic, show-stopping "hero" in front of us, have him/her say a lot of the right things, and then, when they've got our trust, they reveal their true agenda. It's what happened with Donald Trump and it will happen with all the other high-profile heroes, too, because it always does. Can anyone legitimately think of an example where a high-profile household name, given lengthy mainstream coverage by all the big broadcasters and newspapers, actually ended up to really be on our side?

They never are. The real ruling classes (whom actors like Musk serve) have complete control over all mainstream media, and they only broadcast what they want you to know about. If they didn't want you to know about Musk (or Kennedy or Malhotra etc), they would give them zero mainstream coverage, because every editor knows - that is how you strip a person or story of significance and influence: you ignore it. That is where the extremely accurate saying, "there's no such thing as bad publicity" comes from.

Publicity, whether positive or negative, gives a person significance and influence. The more publicity, the more they have, and again, that is regardless of whether the publicity is good or bad: indeed, if they are trying to build themselves up as an "anti-establishment hero", it's much better for them that the (mainstream) publicity is bad. Good publicity wouldn't legitimise their "rebel dissident" status - bad publicity does. The only type of publicity that would genuinely undermine them is none, and all editors know this.

So to repeat, if a person gets a large amount of mainstream coverage - regardless of whether it is good or bad - you can be sure it is because the ruling classes want you to know about them. The ruling classes only want you to know about people that they ultimately control.

We've got to be clear that the ruling classes will never allow to become a housebold name anyone who is actually their own person and really on our side. It will simply never happen, so we have got to stop looking to the same media that staged the Covid hoax, and all sorts of other anti-human atrocities throughout history, to promote our saviours as well. They never will. The true heroes and saviours will never be front page news in the mainstream press, and are unlikely to even be household names on their own street, never mind in the whole country.

It may sound a bit trite, and isn't the sensationalist answer we always want to hear, but the truth is that your real saviour is yourself, supported by people you know and trust in the real world, and can collaborate with on building a better future. The more we wait for these slick media heroes to "save" us, the more we abdicate our responsibilities to save ourselves.

There's plenty to be optimistic about on the local, real-life level, with many grassroots movements and projects developing all over the country and world to challenge the corrupt establishment and generate viable alternatives. But posturing, glossy "heroes" like Musk are just distractions, worthy of no more attention or trust than whoever's playing the lead in the latest Batman film. They give a good show and a bit of escapist entertainment, sure - but they are not real. They're actors and assets, playing their parts in the grinding mass media machine of endless duplicity and mirage: the same machine that relentlessly attempts to enslave us, and is, therefore, never going to be the one to save us.

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