An Unprecedented President?

Written by: Miri
April 11, 2023

(To listen to this article as an audio file, please visit my YouTube Channel. First published April 8th, 2023)

It was one of the more imaginative political pantomime plot twists of recent months to hear last week that "famed anti-vaxxer", and scion of the world's most renowned political dynasty, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is running for president. Sort of like hearing Andrew Wakefield is: on the surface, you think, "God, there could hardly be a more hated pariah amongst the normies, he's got no chance!" - but if you dig a little deeper (as of course we will), it seems Mr. Kennedy may be a very credible contender and have been manoeuvred into this position for a number of key strategic reasons.

First, full disclosure, as otherwise someone will inevitably dig this up as "evidence" of my own CO status - about three years ago, I briefly corresponded with Mr. Kennedy, as he included a letter I'd written in an article he published detailing his experiences trying to support the persecuted scientist, Professor Chris Exley. As well as being a friend of mine, Chris then worked at the university campus (Keele) upon which I'd grown up, and where I had family history going back many decades, so when I heard Keele had - quite extraordinarily and without precedent - rejected a personal check from RFK Jr. to support Chris' work, I wrote to Keele's Vice Chancellor to express my disappointment and shock. RFK did the same, and the whole correspondence was reproduced on his Children's Health Defense website.

After the publication of the article, I wrote to Mr. Kennedy to thank him for his invaluable work in this area, and for including my letter in his piece. He replied, "you are the best MIRI", and as it's not every day a future US presidential candidate says that to one, I thought I'd include it for posterity (and in case any of my former teachers are reading, many of whom failed to reach that particular conclusion about my merit themselves...). And that (which was in April 2020) marked the beginning and end of my interactions with "Bobby", and indeed, the entire Kennedy dynasty.

I do think Kennedy's work on vaccines is fantastic, and am also a big fan of his Children's Health Defense (CHD) website, which I often link others to. The press has recently, and inevitably, made much of how much money CHD brings in, but this reflects in the competence and professionalism of the resource - it has a real credibility and doesn't come across as too 'wacky' or fringe. CHD was a big inspiration for my own resource, Informed Consent Matters (alas, I did not have access to quite the finances RFK does, but I tried to emulate CHD's professional and clear style and tone).

So this is not a "hit piece" on RFK or his contributions to the vaccine safety fight - but rather, an investigative piece, asking, as ever, why him, why this, why now?

Ever since announcing his candidacy last week, RFK has received blanket press coverage around the world. Needless to say, much of this coverage focuses on his "anti-vax" activism (though to be clear, RFK has always made it clear he is not anti-vax - that he vaccinated all six of his children - but that he wants safe vaccines. We will return to this later). This may count as bad publicity right now (insofar as there can really be "bad publicity", which, in all honesty, there can't - if you want to kill a story, you ignore it - any kind of publicity, even negative, fans the flames of notoriety and tends to cause a star to rise - see Andrew Tate). Yet I don't believe this coverage will remain "bad press" for long.

As has been discussed at this site on several occasions, it seems we are in line for a "great reveal", which is gathering momentum all the time, leading up to formal acknowledgement on the world stage of how catastrophically harmful the Covid "vaccines" have been.

As Covid injection programmes around the world are quietly winding down, and mammoth vaccination centres close their doors, it's clear the establishment now feels, "job done". With billions of injections administered, the programme has fulfilled its true purpose - reducing the population by destroying fertility and reducing lifespan. Excess deaths continue to climb every week, and a new study estimates that a person fully "vaccinated" against Covid has reduced their life expectancy by 25 years.

But the establishment hasn't finished weaponising Covid injections just yet. The above was just phase one. Now we move into the second phase: exposure. More and more "mainstream" voices are coming forward to blow the whistle on Covid injection harms, with one celebrity doctor even getting these claims on BBC news. None of this is accidental and has all been scripted and signed off at the highest levels. Remember, a staged reveal of the vaccine harms was part of the modelling exercise on which "the pandemic" was based. It was always meant to come out.

Why? Well, because - as they are very open about - the ruling classes desire a "great reset", where the existing order is razed to the ground and replaced with a completely new system. In order to destroy the current system, they have to destroy all faith in it, so a strategic vaccine reveal is on the cards to demonstrate irrefutably that our current culture does not work: that it is so catastrophically and irretrievably broken that a lethally dangerous product was unleashed onto the world, which has had immeasurably tragic consequences that will continue for many decades, and this is all because of our broken, incompetent, not-fit-for-purpose system.

Obviously, the establishment will not admit the real truth - that the Covid pantomime was all an illusory hoax, staged to trick the masses into taking a lethal injection in order to meet depopulation goals (so in that sense - in terms of fulfilling its real goals - the system worked very well). It will be "cock up not conspiracy", but the takeaway will be - you cannot trust your dominant institutions or world leaders any more. They've proven themselves too stupendously stupid (Boris Johnson, PM of the UK during Covid, even declared recently, "I'm not a liar, I'm just a moron").

If, then, your current leaders were too idiotic to see how dangerous the rushed-through, experimental Covid injection programme really was.... your future leaders need to be people who did see it, and who called it out. That rules out Republican Trump, with his famous "Operation Warp Speed", and the other Republican presidential candidates are little-known and so appear to have little chance.

Thus, enter stage left: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Scion of one of the most famous, beloved families in the world (perhaps even the most beloved, following the death of the Queen and all other scandals miring the Royal family), he is a veteran, credible, highly respected vaccine safety campaigner, within those circles. He didn't pop up five minutes ago, to latterly jump on the anti-vax bandwagon like all these celebrity grifters, he's been at this for years.

So the world's press are actually preparing a very positive presidential campaign for him. When the truth about Covid vaccine harms are formally revealed, and the world's populations are left reeling in shock and horror, they will immediately lose all trust and faith in those who recommended the injections - and will immediately look to those who warned against them. Not halfway through the vaccine campaign, as is the case for many mainstream voices speaking up now, but from the start. As, of course, RFK did.

Already, he is being set up for a victorious run, insofar as his competitor candidates are so utterly non-credible. We have Joe "senile creep" Biden (who has not as yet confirmed his run), and a woman named Marianne Williamson, a spiritual advisor who is primarily known for writing self-help books. Already, Williamson's campaign has been hit with severe controversy, with The Guardian reporting that her public message of love and compassion is undermined by behind-the-scenes reports of “foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage”.

Speaking to Politico, 12 former staffers painted a picture of unpredictable anger, tending toward verbal and emotional abuse, beneath the bestseller’s promotion of spiritual calm.

"It would be foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage,” said one former staffer who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It was traumatic. And the experience, in the end, was terrifying."

So it's very interesting that, already, the nominally "normie" press is working to discredit competitors to Kennedy. The only real gripe they have with him is his vaccine stance, but once he is vindicated as correct on that score (as he will be very soon), he becomes the clear forerunner and only genuinely credible candidate.

Remember that the presidential elections are not until November 2024, and a lot can happen in nineteen months. I may be wildly wrong, of course, but based on the facts currently available to me, I think it is very plausible to believe that there will be another Kennedy occupying the highest political office in the land two years from now.

As the vaccine harms are strategically revealed in the run up to the elections, he will gain huge public admiration and trust for blowing the whistle, and that will give him immense power to ultimately manoeuvre into place the next stage of the overlords' business plan, which we all know he is in favour of - the 'Green' agenda.

RFK has long been an outspoken proponent of climate change theory, stating in 2020 that:

"There are going to be major disruptions not just to humanity, but ultimately to civilization. This is part of the cost that we're paying for our longtime deadly addiction to coal and oil.

On climate change, Kennedy Jr. voiced his support for a Green New Deal proposal put forward by Queens Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but primarily called on governments to divest from fossil fuels and impose a tax for carbon emissions.

I think the Green New Deal — and all that stuff — is important,” Kennedy Jr. says. “We ought to be pursuing it. My approach is more market-based than kind of top down dictates. You know, I believe that we should use market mechanisms like carbon taxes and the elimination of subsidies.”

We know that now they've finished with Covid, the next pantomime puppeteering the overlords intend to engage in is "climate change" fakery, using the hoax of manmade climate change, and the idea that "gas of life" CO2 is bad, to ruthlessly and dramatically shrink and curtail our lives, starting with 15-minute cities and other initiatives that comprise local governments' so-called "climate action plans" (please do Google the 100+ page reports from your own local council for details on these totally undemocratically decided, deeply sinister plans).

So to move this agenda forward, the world's most powerful political offices need to be occupied by people who are in favour of it, and who have won public trust by seeming to take on the establishment and uncover corruption.

"You can trust me because I told you the truth about the Covid injections," could be RFK's line. "So you can trust me on climate change, too."

And he may really, genuinely believe everything he says about climate change - many "good people" do, just as many good people were duped into taking the vaccines. Whether he really believes it or not is not really the point, though - the point is, if he's prepared to say on the world stage he does, he has the perfect credentials for the next stage of the agenda.

Also, please note, as he has repeatedly and expressly gone to great lengths to emphasise: he is not anti-vaccine. To quote Mr. Kennedy from his public correspondence to Keele University:

"I have always made it clear that I am not “anti-vaccine”. I want safe vaccines, robust science and uncorrupted regulators. By calling me “anti-vax”, vaccine companies seek to discredit, marginalize, silence me so as to prevent me from raising legitimate, urgent questions about the thoroughness of vaccine safety and efficacy assessments.

"I have never made a statement that could be legitimately construed as “anti-vaccine”. To the contrary, I have spent my 37-year career as an environmental and public health advocate fighting for evidence-based science, and science-based policy. I have prevailed in many hundreds of lawsuits against the world’s largest polluters and I have helped build, and currently run, the globe’s largest water protection group; Waterkeeper Alliance, the umbrella organization of 350 Waterkeepers in 48 nations—including the U.K. I spent much of the past three decades fighting to get mercury out of fish, pesticides out of food, and to decarbonize our energy system. No one calls me “anti-fish” , “anti-food”, or “anti-energy”. Nor should Pharma be given credence when it attempts to dismiss me as “anti-vaccine” simply because I have challenged the use of toxic metals such as mercury and aluminum in vaccines."

So there you have it: Mr. Kennedy is not anti-vaccine, he just wants "safe" vaccines.

It is the opinion of this author, however, that such things cannot exist, and that the whole vaccination programme was a fraud from the start, based on pseudoscience and quackery to give the world's governments an excuse to inject infants with various toxins for the purposes of population control (reducing IQ, subduing fertility, and so on).

I do understand that there can be strategic reasons for people saying "I'm not anti-vaccine, but..." - however, I do think in Kennedy's case (as for most "big names"), he does mean it, and were he to become president, he would work to reform the vaccine industry so it is "safer", but would stay firmly in the Overton Window on this issue, e.g., the debate can only be "are vaccines safe enough", not "do we need vaccines at all".

Obviously, reforming and improving the insanely dangerous and barely regulated vaccine industry is better than doing nothing, but improving safety standards will only mean less avoidable severe injury. It won't mean none, because you can only ever make vaccines safeR, you can never make them 'safe'. As the supreme court in the USA ruled, the intervention is, by its very nature, "unavoidably unsafe". So you can never have a safe vaccine, any more than you can have vegan meat or teetotal alcohol. One might argue the risk is worth it if vaccines have provable, significant benefits, but if you actually look into the evidence, you will find that they don't. By far the healthiest populations of children are those who are completely unvaccinated. Vaccines do not reduce all-cause sickness or mortality in children: on the contrary.

In conclusion, I think we can expect to see RFK's political star rise into the ascendancy, because he has all the credentials that make him a perfect fit for the next stage of the agenda - he's from a big-name, well-loved celebrity dynasty (high-profile politics and celebrity status being inextricably entwined): he's all in favour of the so-called green agenda and climate alarmism, and - by his own repeated admission - he's pro-vaccine.

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15 comments on “An Unprecedented President?”

  1. That RFK has taken Mary Holland from CHD into his campaign team gives me comfort that his "no antivaxxer" statements are tactical as she has co-edited and written the foreword to Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth which should force any reader into questioning the whole vaccine house of cards. Also reading between the lines I infer that he knows there can never be a "safe" pharmaceutical vaccine so it's of no great cost to make his tactical statement. From his podcasts he also seems to be on the right page regarding Ukraine and has immense knowledge and experience of the Deep State actors and the various industrial complexes conspiring to ruin all our lives so there are a lot of positives. His support for the climate change narrative is a big worry but dare we hope that if he can be exposed to the uncorrupted scientific data he is intellectually honest enough and has the integrity to change his mind? Of course against that we have no idea at what point he can be bought or what Epsteinian Kompromat may have been accumulated to control him. However, at least for now my glass is half full.

  2. Interesting. I had no idea that RFK supported climate change and vaccines generally, hence what you say is very plausible. They don't need Covid any more it's done what was intended (and it's solution is working exactly as planned) and it has nicely led to ramping up the climate change nonsense. Good health is not found in a vial of heavy metals and chemicals. A healthy lifestyle, diet, care and being valued, meaningful relationships etc all help to keep us in balance. If we get stuck and help is needed with an illness then there is plenty of effective help available which does not involve pharmaceuticals. The visits and use of Drs and medics should be kept to an absolute minimum and in reality are infrequently required. There is a reason why children are so sickly today and why so many chronic illnesses are on the rise..

  3. The good thing about rfk is that he calls out the fascism, the merger of corporate and state power.

    Even if he pushes the green agenda, I have a feeling that it's going to be obvious to him that the cure is worse than the disease, just like with the con-vid shots.

    Obviously, he can flip and ignore the scientific method and just lie that co2 is our enemy.
    But in that case, how can he support environmental crushing solutions like electric cars with it's horrible pollution like mining rare earth metals?

    With Trump and Biden, we had morons that just go with the corporate agenda. People are ok with rulers playing dumb. But would they be ok with RFK pulling the same dumb game? I think not.

  4. do we all really think US presidents are elected or are they selected? remember what Carlin said, "the politicians are put there so you have the illusion of choice. you don't. you have no choice. you have owners. they own YOU" - so if RFKjr is going to sit in that White House as Prez - he's got an agenda to carry out, most likely the climate change agenda bs with EV's and 15 min cities - just like Trump carried out the warp speed, no liability, gene therapy, safe and effective (wink wink)jabs, that are now harming humans. However, I have no dog in this 2024 race since I will not be voting. I don't believe Trump was ever meant to win Prez in 2016 nor in 2020. I think it was always Hill in the bag until Hill got too careless with her servers and smashed all her cell phones with a hammer - and then there were the Podesta files and talks of Pizza Gate - so Trump was assigned the job last minute, in place of too hot to handle Hillary, first ever woman to be Prez, until she wasn't. Then there was aged, troubled, looks like a crime syndicate troubled family, bumbling, fumbling fall down Joe, who is now rumored to be handled by the aide of the former first man of color to be Prez, the O man. Look where they have Orange Man now with trumped up charges that makes America look like a Banana Republic. Whoever gets that puppet job in 2024 is someone who the powers that shouldn't be want in the White House. If they want RFKjr - he will be strategically placed there to carry out part of the global elite's futuristic technocratic totalitarian agenda. who can you trust in politics? RFKjr? Note he's running as a Democrat! Dems and Repubs are two wings of the same bird never changing its war mongering position of power flight path. Ergo, there will be no one to save America from being destroyed as it's being destroyed now for its Great Reset. No one to stop the global elite's agenda. No one to stop the MIC from constant Wars. No one to free Assange. No one to put a cap on AI before AI overtakes the intelligence of human beings. No one to stop the end of CASH. No one to stomp out the financial implosion that's coming and in fact, is here already. If we want our country back we have to save it ourselves. How that is done, I cannot say, sadly. It isn't done trusting gov't, or trusting alphabet agencies with power, or trusting corporations like Vanguard and Blackrock who own everything. Or by trusting the federal reserve, wall street or the narradigm assigned to us from cradle to grave as fake as it could be. We need a do over. But not the one Klaus Schwab and the WEF want. You tell me how we fight evil and win?

  5. I believe there is a reason he's being pushed onto the political stage, as he is, in effect, one of them. He is part of the establishment and a player in the bigger game. He may seem like he's 'on our side' in some ways, but really he's just going to lead an orchestrated alternative agenda to the same dead end place

  6. By odd coincidence I have just finished reading “The Unspoken Kennedy Truth”, by Laurent Guyénot, about the murders of JFK, RFK and JFK Jr. It makes a very convincing case that these murders were connected. Regarding JFK Jr. it seems likely that his plane “accident” was engineered; like RFK he had plans to run for president and both their deaths meant the killers would no longer have to fear an honest investigation into the JFK assassination/coup d’etat . The video based on the research in the book is at

    Unless I’m misreading your article Miri it seems to suggest that RFK Jr. is being unconsciously placed, manipulated or at least supported to run for president by the Deep State, in their aim of a “great reset” rather than his genuine desire, perhaps, which one would surely expect to include uncovering the crimes that killed his family members. If you're right it’s very disconcerting as I’ve always thought all the Kennedys had great intelligence and integrity – they would never fall for being duped into the megalomania and hubris of the global elite numbskulls.

  7. Always on the ball Miri.
    RFK jnr will stand as a candidate for the Democratic party.
    Should he really want to make a difference and believe in truth and integrity he could have stood as an independent third-party candidate.
    Not only is he a climate change idealogue (the ultimate goal of Agenda 2030) but I believe that at one time he was a big supporter of lockdowns.
    Your sentence why him, why this, why now? really does hit the nail on the head.
    I think that he is the false messiah for want of a better description.
    On a side note, the reports about Marianne Williamson are, to me, surprising as I spent a weekend with her at a workshop many years ago before she was well known.
    The character as reported by the Guardian was not the person that I engaged with.
    Although I guess we can all change with age.

  8. And then there's this. This publication also did a disturbing expose on a number of the various heroes (*not* including Wakefield) of the last two years who've become extremely wealthy - $5m ranches and multiple vehicles etc - from donations to the "cause"

  9. This Population Research Institute article was published in 2014. It reveals how Kenyan women were coerced into accepting 'tetanus' vaccinations that actually made them infertile

    If our health authorities here in the uk claim they 'didn't know' the confib-19 jags would follow suit, they are criminally negligent

    I suspect they DID know, in which case they are just plain criminal

  10. I am American and I trust NO Kennedy. He will not be a saviour and is as controlled and dirty as all the rest. Chris Exley should be applauded for rejecting a donation from RFK. The Childrens Health Defense have done very little in the last three years to stop the vaccine genocide. Limited Hangout to be sure.

  11. But isn’t Trump on the hero journey now being indicted? His popularity and funding are soaring. This all relies on the great reveal you mentioned. Great article.

  12. In agreement with Trevor Price. It's become clear to me over time that Kennedy is well aware that there will be no such thing as a safe vaccine, especially coming out of the egregiously massively corrupt merger of pharma and global govts--fascism. Not gonna happen. So saying he is pro vaccine, as anyone might say,in theory, is essentially a freebie. (I also gave all the vaccines, up to but not including the HPV, to my kids. Many of us have learned later to our great regret what an error that was). The "best" of us were taken in--once upon a time. As for his climate change stance--that had me worried also; lately however, Kennedy has been less and less prone to support the dominant narrative though he used to do so quite frequently. He's an avid longtime and effective environmental activist and I think he's getting wise to the greenwashing and etc. He likely knows now the corruption is across the board. Finally,though, the question really is, is he his own man or is he controlled? Is he being used? Would he be malleable to the forces of corruption, or naive enough or power hungry enough to be used by them,regardless of which is the case? No one can say for sure. But these corrupt "controllers" are the people who killed his father, his uncle and his very beloved cousin. I don't think he's on their team, or that they can break him enough to join them, at this point. He is no stranger to sacrifice. Finally, though I think his candidacy can make a difference, there is not a chance in hell that he will be our next president. For so many reasons. You can take that to the bank. And I am sorry to say.

  13. btw also, I have read the article linked in the second comment above, from Colin. It is full of errors. Kennedy is not and never has been affiliated with the Jesuits. Most Catholics are not and in fact there has never been a Jesuit pope until Francis. Also the article says "Kennedy is a former ‘environmental lawyer,’ who also support the climate change hoax, and April 5 came with the climate agenda date-numerology of 52, which is used with climate change and weather warfare, but is also fitting for a presidential run, as the number is also connected with the title of president, with authority and the White House." In addition to being very badly written, the claim that Kennedy is a FORMER environmental lawyer could not be more wrong. Currently, along with bringing a number of other high-profile lawsuits, Kennedy is representing the people of East Palestine Ohio, USA., affected by the horrific toxic train derailment in March of this year. He is also instrumental in the ongoing lawsuits against Bayer/Monsanto and their toxic herbicide glyphosate, garnering landmark billion dollar payouts against the agri-giant. One of my closest relatives was a direct beneficiary of these efforts against Bayer. I know this is just the beginning of many ludicrous smear pieces about Kennedy and many if not most of them will go unchallenged due to the corruption of media world-wide. But people on this site, at least, may be interested in the facts.

  14. Oh fuck. This is even more insidious than it has been so far.. This sh*t is not over until we have a discussion about what 'diseases' really are and that viruses are hypothetical... as other readers here say: no vaccine is safe. Full stop. And climate?? Its the next velvet-covered cosh. From a hippy-astrology point of view: no untruth will survive the coming years.... im going with that... turn the TV off everyone !

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