They want to shrink our lives. We must fight to make them bigger

Written by: Miri
December 5, 2022

As the military-grade psychological weaponry known as the mainstream media kicks up its relentless campaign of domestic terrorism to the next level, by reporting on a new deadly illness that targets children, we must remember that Boris Johnson said in April 2022 that this is the precise scenario that would trigger another lockdown.

The then-Prime Minister, whilst admitting that overall lockdown had been "inhuman", nevertheless refused to rule out another one, saying: "There could be a variant that affects children badly that we really need to contain."

This, of course (surely we all know the tedious, tragic script by now) was predictive programming. He knew full well there would be a subsequent epidemic of illness in children, since - just as all the "conspiracy theorists" warned - the Covid injections would cause this, aided and abetted by the children's 'flu nasal mist that is typically administered nationwide over the Autumn term, and that always brings with it a sudden spike in illness.

The ingredients of the 'flu mist, by the way, are:

*Arginine hydrochloride (a pituitary gland stimulator typically used to treat metabolic disorders);

*Dipotassium phosphate (an emulsifier typically used to thicken dairy products and that can cause vomiting and diarrhea in humans);

*Gelatin hydrolysate (ground up pigs' bones)

*Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (an agricultural fertiliser used in pesticides)

*Monosodium glutamate (a neurotoxic and genotoxic substance linked to a wide range of health problems)

*Sucrose (sugar)

(And that's on top of multiple, lab-generated forms of 'flu strain.)

Just weeks after this toxic concoction has been shoved up the noses of the nation's children, seven are now reported to have died from the usually harmless Strep A bacteria, with others fighting for their lives on ventilators.

I want to underline once more that Matt Hancock used the media in 2019 - just months before "the pandemic" began - to state that if his (very young and perfectly healthy) children died for any reason, he would immediately volunteer their organs for donation. He called this action, in the face of such tragedy, "the least [a parent] can do".

Please remember that organ donation is only possible if a patient is on a ventilator at the time.

So Matt Hancock used the media to prime the public - to programme the mass consciousness - into preparing for the idea of their children dying whilst on ventilators, and then agreeing to donate their organs. Human organs, especially children's, are worth a fortune and are in worldwide short supply.

Boris Johnson then told us earlier this year that the state-imposed tyranny and brutal crushing of liberties known as "lockdown" would return as and when "a new variant that affects children" emerged.

These psychopathic actors know exactly what they are doing, and they count on the fact the public has been primed to have the mind of a goldfish, forgetting things said even six months ago, never mind three years ago, to ensure they don't connect the dots.

"Conspiracy theorists", however, are more like elephants (in the room) than goldfish, and we don't forget.

On the subject of goldfish memories, the nation also seems to have collectively forgotten that the vast majority of people currently alive went through 12 years of government schooling never having even one genotoxic concoction shoved up their nose - let alone making this an annual event - and all survived perfectly fine.

I attended four educational institutes between the ages of four and eighteen, and nobody at any of these institutions died in that period. While there have always been remote and rare tragedies, the reality is that, for all of recent history, the vast majority of schoolchildren sailed through their schooldays in perfectly good health without constant invasive interference from the pharmaceutical industry, and that children are now getting sicker and sicker year on year can be traced directly back to this psychopathic industry.

Of course, the narrative continues to be woven that all this illness in children is being caused by "viruses" and "germs", thus triggering the next intended part of the plan - spooked parents pulling their children from schools.

Ever since classes went online in the first lockdown, I said that this was the first part of the process in dismantling conventional schools for good, in favour of moving the curriculum entirely online.

Many weren't convinced, raising two primary objections - 1) children can't be left alone to learn online at home when their parents are out at work and 2) schools are too fundamental in the state control grid - the system would never dream of getting rid of them.

In answer to this, I would point out that the state intends for vast swathes of people to not work in the very near future - as it strategically collapses small businesses and more and more people find themselves out of work, the inevitable next step is UBI. Once a parent has UBI and thus doesn't need to work, they can indeed stay at home to supervise children. The reality is that putting all the nation's parents on UBI works out a lot cheaper than maintaining the UK's 32,163 schools and paying all their staff (a headteacher's salary alone can be well over £100,000).

The reason so many businesses have committed to operating as work from home only post-pandemic is for precisely the same reason - that having people perform their duties at home online is phenomenally cheaper than having to maintain external premises.

With an online curriculum, one teacher can teach all the nation's children at once, and with the advances in AI, a lot of content could be created artificially, including the marking of work.

Schools were originally instituted as physical premises, because the state could not get inside the minds of children to mould them to their desired ends without physically removing them from the home, but with how advanced the internet now is (and how much children love screens), schools as physical premises separate from the home have become obsolete. Why maintain these environments at such huge expense when the same job can be done equally effectively at home?

So, the state is now orchestrating a campaign to scare parents out of sending their children to schools, portraying them as lethal virus vectors where no child is ever safe. Much better, the messaging will go, to keep your child cocooned at home in their room, where they can learn safely online.

This is why schools are currently axing staff and reducing teaching hours - they are preparing to wind down.

We know the future the ruling classes have in mind for us - we got a preview during lockdown - and what they want is everyone effectively under house arrest, avoiding real life, and existing solely through their screens - hence, adults work from home (if they have a job, or spend the day watching TV and scrolling social media if they don't), and children study from home. For most people, the school and the office are the most sociable and communal aspects of their lives, so for a malevolent ruling elite laser-focused on making us as atomised and cut off from each other as possible, these must go.

This is also happening in concert with the idea of the "15-minute city", which effectively aims to prohibit anyone from travelling more than 15 minutes from their home (and that 15 minute travel can only be undertaken on foot or by bike, not car).

The city of Oxford is, shall we say, "ahead of the curve" on this, already committed to strictly limiting where and how often its residents can travel, with road blocks dividing the city into six "15-minute" districts. People will be expected to apply for a permit to drive through the filters, a permit which is only valid for up to a maximum of 100 days a year (about twice a week).

Um... Hunger Games, much? And who remembers voting for this?

But Oxford has made clear, what fragile veneers of democracy remained, have now been completely dispensed with, and that this scheme is going ahead "whether people like it or not".

Of course, it's dressed up in fancy rhetoric about bringing communities closer together and making sure all amenities people need are nearby, but in reality, in such a mobile and transient society as ours, almost nobody has friends and family who live within a 15-minute walking distance. I don't, and I have friends who I consider very local - but who are at least an hour away on foot.

As ever, the overlords play the long-game, knowing they have aggressively sponsored initiatives for decades to break up families and communities, encouraging young people to leave their hometowns at the first available opportunity and move hundreds, or thousands, of miles away. This is couched in terms of ambition and adventure, yet now, when those same social engineers who encouraged this, abruptly pull the rug from under us and tell us we can only go 15 minutes from our houses, many people (who may have grown up, like I did, where many friends and family were within a 15-minute radius) will suddenly be hit with just how alone they are.

Cosmopolitan lifestyles are all very well when people have well-paying jobs and access to reliable public and private transportation. But when people are struggling to get by on UBI, can no longer afford a car, and are strictly prohibited in their travel?

Like everything the social controllers do, the narrative encouraging us to "travel, move around, spread your wings" has been one long, dark trick so they now have us exactly where they want us - boxed in and alone where they can exercise full spectrum dominance and control over our lives.

Or so they think. As I alluded to in the title, they want to shrink and shrink our lives, taking away ever more opportunity and variation, until it is just us alone in a room with a "black mirror" (how electronic devices appear when they are turned off, and why Charlie Brooker named his dystopian predictive programming thus).

So the onus is on us to do the exact opposite. Where they try to limit opportunity (such as by closing schools), we must build it - dismantling the current school system gives an incredible opportunity for parents and communities to come together to form something new. Families don't have to rely on whatever sinister online curriculum the state comes up with, but can network and brainstorm new ideas of education - homeschooling, education co-ops, radical "unschooling", whatever communities think will work best.

Parents will only capitulate to sequestering their children in their rooms for the entirety of their childhoods if they are scared - fear has always been the tyrant's number one weapon of control, so parents who reject the fear narrative actually have a golden opportunity to create something brilliant and bold and fresh - far better than the current archaic schooling system, which was designed solely to churn out obedient worker-drones who don't challenge the establishment status quo.

Equally, we can respond to restrictions on travel by refusing to conform with them as far as possible, and also by strengthening the local ties that we do have, spending more time out and about with local contacts rather than (as the overlords would prefer) watching flickering images of strangers alone at home on our screens. We can also get active civically, standing for parish and local councils, where we do have power to disrupt and change things (far more so than we do at the national, parliamentary level).

Yes, life is going to get tougher in many ways and I don't think we do ourselves any favours by pretending otherwise or imagining that we can control the behaviour of ruthless and ultra-wealthy psychopaths with the power of our minds (which is the necessary conclusion of people who believe all we need to do to address the mass catastrophe currently unfolding around us is simply "raise our vibration and not focus on the negative". I'm all for broadly keeping positive, but it has to be in conjunction with being in touch with reality - which isn't always fluffy and lovely - and taking real-world action).

But that doesn't mean we should feel hopelessness or despairing. Life is changing very rapidly and we will never return to the kind of society we had pre-Covid (and who wants to, anyway? It was deeply flawed in so many ways). The future belongs to those who, in the face of adversity, adapt rather than break, and who remember that in certain Eastern dialects, the symbol for "danger" is also the symbol for "opportunity".

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17 comments on “They want to shrink our lives. We must fight to make them bigger”

  1. The grass roots are on this Miri with initiatives like the People's Health Alliance and the People's Food and Farming Alliance; farmers and customers linking up and bypassing the Big Boys. Long may it continue. Hopefully we will also see teams of local Peace Constables working under Common Law. So much to do!

  2. Great article! I think your psychopaths comment is very accurate! We are in the midst of a war beyond even our own comprehension! It’s game time!

    I know there has been much back and forth about what “covid” really is, and if it even exists at all. I am not trying to go into those depths as I have agreed with both perspectives, but recently my 97 year old grandmother was diagnosed with “covid” and the toll it took on her memory was pure evil. This study resonates with me so I wanted to share it. Are we dealing with a bioweapon made of synthetic animal venom that is using our nicotine receptors for uptake:

    “Results: Toxin-like peptides, almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals, like conotoxins, phospholipases, phosphodiesterases, zinc metal proteinases, and bradykinins, were identified in samples from COVID-19 patients, but not in control samples.”

    I am now officially pissed off!!! They will go down!!!

  3. Always on point so far as I have read sister.
    Help guide people on how to resist imho, bring that to the real world; the digital is too controlled and humanity is compromised within it by forces they are not yet prepared to face.
    Keep punching up, you're doing a great job; but we won't win this online, again imho.

  4. Draw your attention to the 2012 Olympics opening -the NHS, children in beds whilst the terrifying spectre of the grim reaper appears.
    Yes, predictive programing.
    Another great insight Miri.

  5. I lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years leading up to the handover. We didn't live on the island but on Kowloon side nearer border with China near Shenzen. The high rise blocks in the towns all had shopping arcades on ground floors and also restaurants, doctor surgery where they dispensed any medications to you. Outside were play parks, all weather sports areas that had illumination for evening sports and also had a railway station for travellers. As the apartments were generally quite small, people would sit outside with their family or friends, play cards or majong. Obviously the weather was better there to be outside more. It's no different to a small UK town except vertical but they have no character as every town exactly the same. Our drive to shopping outlets have all the same multiples too. My city of Leeds is one of these SMART city development prototypes and disruption now with diversions as they pedestrianise city square and ban traffic next year. I don't have a problem with the 15 min walk idea, let's not forget this is how things used to be before all the butchers, greengrocers, wool shops and hardware stores etc. got decimated by big supermarkets, etc. What I do fear is the restrictions and extra costs to travel out of zones and of course it will not affect high income people. France has recently announced they are to ban flights of 2.5 hrs or less. Robin Hood airport now closed and according to Agenda 2030, there will be just 3 airports operating by that year, Heathrow, Belfast and Edinburgh. Re schools - a lot of parents in Scotland and Wales are outraged about the sex education being taught to young, very young kids, totally inappropriate stuff. I wonder if it is a ruse so that the horrified parents remove them and so actually assist with living in a box and teaching kids remotely? Not sure what is taught in English schools as I've not seen any complaints online yet.

  6. To Fellow Jedhi - was your grandma jabbed? I hope she recovers. I've seen a doc suggesting snake venom in jabs. However, one needs to get full facts to be able to claim this is correct and we don't always get this do we?

  7. Mari, Jonathan Otto has produced a few health series on Covid and a few of the doctors featured on there talk of venom in the vaccines. Check him out.

  8. “There are reasons for the presence of ‘high amounts of bacteria’. Within the natural world bacteria are recognised to be decomposers of dead and dying material; they perform the same role within the human body. Therefore, when the body is damaged, often as the result of exposures to toxins, there is a need for increased bacterial activity to process and eliminate the dead and dying material.

    There are a number of possible ‘toxins’ to which people, including children, have been recently exposed at levels that are higher than normal. The main candidate on this list of toxins is, of course, the so-called ‘Covid vaccine’. Although not the only ‘toxin’, it certainly needs to be considered as an important factor when investigating the cases of what are being labelled ‘Strep A infection’.

    So the question remains: What is the real purpose of these new media stories?

    It’s obvious that there is an agenda to keep people in fear of ‘dangerous diseases’. But it is also important to note the reference in the article to the rise of cases being due to ‘increased social mixing’. This leads to some pretty obvious questions: Are they preparing for the implementation of further lockdowns to ‘stop the spread’ of this new allegedly ‘bacterial’ disease? And is the UK to be the ‘testing ground’ to see how compliant people will be?

    The purpose of all of this will no doubt make itself known at some stage, but my hope is that sufficient numbers of people have already realised the extent to which they have been lied to and will recognise that these new stories are just more lies intended to keep us all in a state of fear.”

    Excerpt from the following article:

  9. Regarding travel. The Great Reveal seems inevitable given the opportunity it presents to restrict travel, ramp up fear, attack small businesses and further the planned shortages. Reveal the dangers of piloting a plane if jabbed, or more powerfully roll out a false flag crash caused by a jabbed pilot, fewer will want to fly, the number of flights available will fall. Pilot numbers available will be reduced as only the un-jabbed will be allowed to pilot a plane.

    Driving a truck, train, bus, delivery van, your car, motorbike… emphasise the dangers of “died suddenly” whilst in control of a vehicle, or false flag a crash, and watch the insurance industry introduce jab status on to applications and withdraw the availability of insurance for the jabbed.

    Insurance restrictions would devastate travel in a single move, overnight.

    Thank you Miri for your continuous accurate analysis.

  10. It is all too abhorrent to conjure up just what I think of the rotten perpetrators of all this evil.
    My Father and uncles fought for our peace at the Somme,
    3 sibling uncles gave the ultimate sacrifice, so need I say more?

  11. Miri, if you put a photo on your article it makes for a much better share on Twitter and attracts more attention. If I was to share this article for instance it only shows as a little box. However the post you did where you mention Stoke has a photo of a hotel and that got more likes and comments. Some interesting thoughts here about schools and schooling. Thank you.

  12. The 15-Minute City looks to be a development of Transition Towns, which were started by Rob Hopkins.

    These have developed via Fab Cities, Cambridge currently being the only one in the UK. The origins of the Fab Lab and Fab City idea can be found in Jaideep Prabhu's book 'How Should A Government Be?: The New Levers of State Power'.

    The notion of having all amenities within walking distance is quite desirable in principle but shouldn't be used to enforce use of those specific amenities as distinct from those elsewhere, or to impose restrictions on travel. As for Oxford, its Labour-run council is clearly out of touch with a large swathe of its working class population, which depends directly or indirectly on the BMW (former British Leyland) car factory in Cowley.

  13. They are currently consulting with local residents about dividing Canterbury as well into 5 Hunger Game (15 min) districts.
    There was a meeting tonight in Faversham about it that was promoted on Telegram. Quite a few freedom warriors from East Kent said they'll be attending. I don't know about Oxford but people of Canterbury are not going to put up with that communist BS.

  14. Way does Russia blame the demonic Anglo’s for everything?

    And Americans by extension get Anglo cooties

    Thanks assholes

    The Bolsheviks were smart to rib that blood line out

  15. I agree about getting civicly involved. In the immediate post-Covid era, I decided I wanted nothing to do with any collaborators ever again, be that in the church, village etc. After a while I softened my stance and now believe that I should be involved in civic life because otherwise, the collaborators will simply operate unhindered. I haven't done a great deal so far other than join my local PCC (Parochial Church Council) but it's a start, and it will mean I have a vote and a voice on possible future restrictions on the church.

  16. I'm not suggesting not to vote. But the powers that be don't listen to common sense, and certainly don't believe in democracy. Maybe it's time to take the protest/picket outside their home residences? Interestingly, the super-wealthy areas of town don't seem to "need" traffic calming measures or 5G (surveillance and control) towers for themselves.

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