Open letter to Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine

Written by: Miri
October 22, 2022

Dear Mssrs. Morgan and Vine,

I would normally commence such a correspondence with the pleasantry, 'I hope this finds you well', but given this did not appear to be a sentiment either of you nurtured for vast swathes of the UK and global populations throughout "the pandemic" who chose to remain unvaccinated (of which I am one), I feel it would be a little disingenuous on my part.

I am writing to you today regarding the vaccination issue, and, in particular, the sudden about-face both of you are currently undertaking, with your baffling silence both on the new "booster" (more of which later), and the news being reported around the world regarding your friend and colleague, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, and his stark warnings about the dangers of Covid vaccination.

In recent weeks, Dr. Malhotra has hosted a major press conference on this issue, addressed parliament (upon their request), as well as having appeared on GB News in the UK and Fox News in the USA. So I think we can safely assume that this issue has not passed you by. Indeed, Dr. Malhotra assures us that you, Mr. Vine - in quite dramatic contrast to your previous position - are now "open minded to hear both sides" on the issue.

Meanwhile you, Mr. Morgan, have now conceded you made a number of profound errors regarding your (apparently very limited) comprehension of the science behind the vaccine, and, indeed, you have now publicly declared that "anti-vaxxers are right about everything". I realise that this comment was an attempt at sarcasm, perhaps even humour, but it is certainly not a remark you would ever have made - even in jest - at the height of "the pandemic", where you consistently used your huge platform and enormous influence to vilify and dehumanise so-called "anti-vaxxers" (e.g., people who exercise their own bodily autonomy and critical thinking faculties) in the strongest terms possible.

Given your collective feelings about vaccinations and "anti-vaxxers", Mssrs. Morgan and Vine, as expressed at great vitriolic length over your respective platforms, I now find it quite perplexing that you are neither deploying the same venom towards those who decline the new "booster" (I am not sure either of you has so much as mentioned it?), nor denouncing your friend, Dr. Malhotra - who is now echoing many of the same concerns expressed to you for years by the "anti-vaxxers" - as a crank and conspiracy theorist.

Can you clarify for your many critics why that might be?

In respect of the new "booster", I am sure that Mr. Morgan at least is abundantly aware of the fact that this concoction has not been tested on any human beings, and that eminent vaccine scientist, and adviser to the FDA's vaccine committee, Dr. Paul Offit, has cautioned against it in extremely strong terms. I have no doubt that Mr/ Morgan is aware of this fact, given it was reported by the Daily Mail, one of his long-term employers and a prolific publisher of his work. This same vehicle also reported on Dr. Malhotra's recent meeting with parliament.

In light of such bombastic and newsworthy vaccination stories sweeping the world, and given your previous very uncompromising stances on this issue, your complete silence now, would appear to deeply indict you both.

If either of you really are journalists, with all that that entails (e.g., reporting the news, rather than ignoring it when it isn't politically convenient), the only two options open to you now are:

  1. Reporting on Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Offit as cranks and conspiracy theorists, in line with your previous redoubtably strong convictions that anybody who raises safety concerns regarding rushed experimental injections for which their manufacturers bear no liability, is such a person, or
  2. Report accurately and honestly the remarks of these doctors, and those of the many thousands of other doctors, scientists, immunologists and experts who are issuing similar cautions.

If you do not immediately adopt one of these two courses of action, then you are not journalists. Rather, you are owned establishment assets tasked with deceiving the public: actors and manipulators, reading from whatever cynical script your paymasters hand over at the time, in order to socially engineer the public and manipulate the desired outcome for your owners.

It is my contention that you have both been given the instruction from your masters, "not yet". That you are to report on the catastrophic harms of the vaccines, but not at the moment, as it hasn't gone into enough arms yet to have the required shattering psychological shock when the truth is finally revealed.

This is a well-worn, tried and tested formula in mainstream media (and its very close cousin, Hollywood) - building suspense. At first, there's a few tepid reports on page 37 of the Swindon Chronicle. Then, the story gradually creeps into the nationals, though is still competing with official denials. It continues to inch up the headlines, until - bam! It becomes the top news story all across the world and all anyone is talking about. We witnessed this precise phenomenon with "Covid" - at first just a few throwaway paragraphs in the back pages about a new virus in China: within a few months, the only news there was.

If I am wrong with my insights and predictions - if I myself am a "crank and conspiracy theorist" - then prove it, by reporting on Drs. Malhotra and Offit, and others like them, now. People are being harmed by the vaccine now, people are lining up today - mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, even children - whose lives will be dramatically and needlessly harmed, and even in some cases cut short, by this injection. You could halt some of these harms and save significant lives by reporting the truth now, not when your paymasters tell you to.

Or, if you actually believe these eminent and internationally celebrated doctors are "cranks and conspiracy theorists" (of course, as journalists/actors with zero scientific training you are not really qualified to make this call), then report that. If what they are saying is ludicrous and wild delusion, then this is very dangerous to the general public and they must be exposed and stopped!

But you have to say something. Your silence indicts you more than anything else.

I desire nothing more than to be proven wrong about the pair of you (I used long ago to be a fan of Mr. Morgan's). So I ask you, on behalf of myself and all the grieving, broken families all over the world, already shattered by this injection: do your job. Follow the evidence and report the truth.

I await your swift and urgent (and public) response.

As this is an open letter, may I also request that any readers who would also like to hear a response from Mssrs. Morgan and Vine, share this letter widely on social media to ensure the named recipients are left in absolutely no doubt about the urgency and gravity of these issues.

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Finch

Founder, Informed Consent Matters

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85 comments on “Open letter to Piers Morgan and Jeremy Vine”

  1. Voicing opinions and admitting mistakes are of vital importance to free speech, so why are you both struck dumb??

  2. Brilliant indeed, but don't hold your breath for any acknowledgement, let alone reply. Their "not yet" instructions apply to this too.

  3. I applaud you Miri..
    I shuddered each time I heard Morgan and Vine pushing this deadly vaccine and push it they most certainly did..
    My son was swayed by both of these "men" into taking something I begged him not to. If ANYTHING happens to my boy, I will not rest until these mindless morons are held accountable.

  4. I will bet you a million pound piers Morgan is not jabbed . How many people have been injured or died , due To scum Morgan’s advice or coercion?????

  5. Fantastic letter, concise and to the point. I look forward to seeing the responses from Morgan and Vine, if they have the guts to come out of their shells.

  6. As always so succinct and on point. Thank you stepping up and helping others find their power. Your pen is certainly mightier than any sword. 🙏🏻💕

  7. Thank you Miri, you speak for us all albeit with more eloquence than myself.
    Now we will see how brave this pair are, although I for one is not holding my breath!

  8. We won’t hold our breath waiting on any kind of honesty from these pigs but keep up the good word, keep shaming these bastards!

  9. This is a very good letter, I found the paragraph beginning 'If you do not etc ... Including the reference to their paymasters, very enlightening .. well done.

  10. Brilliant letter. This will encourage more of us who have been vilified and ridiculed for three years to find now more courage to share this and to hell with the come back. The truth is unstoppable. Bravo and thank you.

  11. Absolutely fantastic and fearless with it. Let’s hope it has the desired effect though, in truth, it would take a real depth of decent humanity in them for a humble reply at all.
    LOVE your appropriately chosen term of ‘paymaster’ 👏

  12. Careful Vine doesn't like being repeatedly challenged as Alex Bellfield found out when convicted of harrassing him.

  13. Jeremy Vine was primarily responsible for pursuing outspoken YouTuber Alex Belfield shut down and gaoled for 'harassment'. I wouldn't listen to his dangerous drivel if you paid me.

  14. Brilliantly executed and this is the time of choosing, which side of history are you going to be on Piers Morgan, clock is a ticking, all those who are complicit in following your puppeteres Agenda 21 2030, there is a price to be paid for Crimes Against Humanity. No one will be spared. I challenge your conscience. Thank you for your letter. I for one cannot wait to see a response. No response the gutless, weak Morgen will pay the price. God Save Our Children and Families.

  15. Brilliant, as always!
    It's also interesting to notice the silence over the admission that the Pfizer jabs were not tested for transmission before being rolled out - yet we were repeatedly told that getting jabbed would protect those around us.

  16. Spot on. If they won't admit they were wrong (or bought) or slag off their mate perhaps they can do some proper journalism on the massive number of unexplained deaths and athletes collapsing that the internet is full off or is that just another coincidence

  17. An excellent letter of great persuasion, which judging by today's Westminster responses, will likely remain unanswered.

    This is a travesty of genocidal proportions, yet the truth is emerging, and will completely indict all responsible to their shame, and I trust, their permanent incarceration.

    'I was only following orders' was not adequate protection for the perpetrators of monstrous evil during WW2, and neither was it for the supporting media then, nor will be now.

  18. Both a pair of cabal horrible murdering scum hopefully the day will come when they can both be taken right out the picture,parasites both of you

  19. I bet theses 2 mindless morons have not been jabbed. Their words and actions are killing and maiming 10's if not 100's of thousands of people. Never forget, Lady Mwcbeth was never able to wash the blood off her hands.

  20. They both should stand in a dock for crimes against humanity.
    They prevented the life saving treatment by rubbishing HDQ, and pushed death injection, without informed dangers.
    They should both hang.
    It's fully stated in Nuremburg code 5-6.

  21. Perfect letter...both Morgan and Vine issue their opinions with such bombastic arrogance, confidence, authority and persuasive enthusiasm on camera with total disregard for any possibility to the contrary and total disregard for alternative opinion that leaves them wide open to such criticism. Perhaps now they might consider a more humble and considered approach in future. It is the media above all that is supposed carry a commitment to communicate genuine and truthful facts. These two have failed in their commitment and do not deserve to be called honest journalists.

  22. An eloquent and articulate piece.
    I myself would not,could not,exercise the same control for these two MSM scum bags and the endless list of similar gob shites that jumped on (and have yet to jump off)that shameful band wagon

  23. This is a great challenge to them both.
    I believe however that they are so beholden to their paymasters they will try to ignore it.
    Would we forgive them if they apologised and came on board?
    Let’s remember that Dr Malhotra was once an advocate for the jab. What he has done since is remarkable and I have the utmost respect for him.
    If JV and PM are only just waking up to reality they will be getting to grips with what they’re going to do. They should speak up now, they’ll lose their jobs but maybe the public will forgive.
    JV, PM, Stand up.

  24. Thank you for writing this open letter. My auntie died from a brain haemorrhage shortly after her second shot. We need to support other grieving families and stop the suffering.

  25. I blocked both Vine and Morgan long ago, as I have no desire to pollute my mind with their filth, instead, I await the day they stand trial for manslaughter and exposed for festering cancer that they represent. Public hanging would be too kind.

  26. We await your replies Messrs Vine and Morgan but they won't reply yet because true to form they'll wait this one out till it's no longer fresh news . These characters should be held in custody

  27. We are watching and waiting. They can't now pretend they didn't know the script before they get the script. These men know exactly what's going on, because they were told many times by scientists just like me. In the end, as the economy is deliberately collapsed, people will get "help from the government". These guys will pretend to question motives etc but follow the script. Then as more and more people depend on that help, instead of figuring out how to grow their own food and create their own heating, there will be another plandemic and a script about fraud and disgusting humans and a chip that will ensure than unworthy humans don't get the "free" stuff. The implants will be rolled out at a magical lightening speed, then there will be a catastrophe where those chips will be linked to tracking to keep us all safe 🙄 from numerous fake news stories they have up their sleeves, magically facilitated by 5G. And these pair will be in on this just like they have been to date. They never took the Vs. maybe they'll fake their own deaths, maybe they thought they took the vs but as they were good little puppets they got saline. They'd argue this theory but could never ever prove their own point similarly, and dismiss mine as a conspiracy theory, when if they truly don't know what's in the vile injected into them, it's only a conspiracy theory for their argument too, but they are too deep in to realise the logic in what I say. Anyway my brothers and sisters, detox, grow your own food, find a water supply, get a 5 stage filter as the water has GO in it and good luck 🤞 it's a battle for our souls not our bodies otherwise they'd have killed us already. 😉 We got this

  28. Brilliantly put and totally well executed.
    However seeing their arrogance and ego coupled with their pride, I would expect silence from these two what they have done, is really show themselves as clueles incompetent mouthpieces.

  29. I couldn't of said it any better...
    It's time all those involved take as countability for their words and actions
    We are all aware of what the Truth is even here in South Africa

  30. How reassuring to hear so many like minded souls sharing what I’ve held and believed for so long now.
    I’ve been hesitant to share openly in the past 2 years as when I’ve tried I’ve been ridiculed for believing something different to the mainstream.
    I speak out now knowing I’m not alone.
    Thank you all.

  31. Thank you Miri for your open letter to Morgan and Vine, it's so well written and truthful I hope it shames them!I would have included Carol Malone, Dr Hillary and that Yasmin panellist on Vine in your letter! The government also need to know that they will be held accountable one day for this horrendous crime against humanity! Thanks again !

  32. The truth is true and through it all will be well eventually! Thanks for making the truth available! For the world to read! Then we must chose the side we are on through good and evil challenges. Our deepest “knowing’ will guide us if we “tune in” and trust the process of deeper “knowing” ! Wendy Mason

  33. I hope you realise Morgan and Vine, what damage you have really done. The true horror of these Jabs is yet to surface and there will be nowhere for you to hide. Lots of my family have had the Jab because you encouraged them to. You have blood on your hands and it's not going to be wiped away with your pathetic apologies.
    All you are both trying to do is crawl out of the HOLE you dug for yourselves. I hope there is another HOLE dug for you both very soon.

  34. Thanks Miriam.
    Echoing all what's been said in the comments.
    It's the truth, well written, concise, understandable and to the point.
    It will be interesting to see if they respond.
    Many (including myself) were banned from one SMP or another, for voicing our concerns.
    Many, had family/friend fall-outs due to doing our indie research, following 'real science' and warned people known to us and strangers, of the probable dangers...and here we are.
    Some people, due to anger and embarrassment have refused to speak to their anti-vax friends & family members.
    They refuse to understand, we are not gloating, we are furious at the MM brainwash and sad that people we know fell for it.

    Keep up the good work Miriam.

    Phil Gayle.

  35. Perfectly stated. These two characters and those like them have cost lives, people have been injured and the extent of the harm done will roll on into the future. Those behind the jabs are well on the way with their depopulation target and we are all going to be attending too many funerals in the months and years to come of those who should not have passed but who, under the barrage of coercion from the likes of Morgan and Vine, rolled up their sleeves and unwittingly became victims of a tyrannical experiment.

  36. Excellent letter, however, whilst I would be happy to be proven wrong, I very much doubt these two arrogant divisive hate speech merchants would hold their hand up or admit to sticking to script regardless of facts. They are not in the right profession, no humanity, no compassion, no facts and an inability to speak the truth. If you can only report your opinion rather than getting the facts, you are not a reporter.

  37. What a fantastic letter
    It will be interesting to see what reply you get, if any
    But they really need to do the right thing now.

  38. 🙏🏽 Thank you for this piece Miriam 🙏🏽

    It’s both empowering and insightful for the general public to know that the media we digest is owned by the 1% that profited from the manufactured pandemic. The paid puppet masters are now being publicly exposed and it’s therefore time to reintroduce the stocks for journalists and the politicians that were fully aligned on this hidden agenda.
    Rotten tomatoes at the ready as a bare minimum!

  39. For a former footballer lad you can write a bloody good letter, Really look forward too seeing both their responses too this. Can't believe how many MSM mouthpieces have kept silent on this Even after 1 of their own died after she had the vax. We'll see just how much money talks by responses

  40. Absolutely brilliant letter thankyou straight to the point and says it all about those 2 criminals as they support the evil in this world.

  41. So succinct and on point. Thank you for being a spokespersonfor those that can't. This will surely not be ignored.

  42. Well said. I won't hold my breath for a reply from either. I was a fan of JV and PM but the response if any will be nothing but silence

  43. 100% spot on. I can’t listen to these two evil men anymore, I detest the pair of them, and all the other so called journalists who are fuelled by money to LIE to the public about the death jab.

  44. Other main stream influencers were complicit too like Chris Evans- he was gleefully encouraging everyone to get the jibby jab. I stopped listening to him so wondering if he has changed his tune...

  45. As influencers who gave medical advice to millions, with no medical qualifications at all, both Jeremy Vine and Piers Morgan should be charged with manslaughter and grievous bodily harm. The tens of thousands who have been injured or died as a result of these experimental, emergency use only ‘vaccines’, including many children, who may not have taken them if properly informed consent was given to each individual with a medical professional rather than TV PERSONALITIES WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF the risks and benefits of taking these new type MRNA vaccines!

  46. Bravo Miri! We need to apply this pressure. We can't just sit quiet. Are there any others you feel need a prod who've suddenly gone silent? Let's tag them too!

  47. Brilliantly written ... I hope they are both struggling with their integrity and find the balls to circumvent their perceived shackles of their elite paymasters!

  48. Jeremy Vine has already glibly dismissed it and ridiculed the picture of Piers Morgans duplicity, as he doesn't feature in it. Another evil act is Ben Elton. I attended his show in London and he announced that all unvaxxed should be executed, to huge applause by the audience. As one tested in order to see him, but not jabbed....I found this profoundly disturbing. My vaccinated partner sitting next to me contracted covid from the oblivious vaccinated audience a few days later. It seems that whooping and screaming for the heads of those who choose to take care of their health, and in my case wrap a scarf around my face and not engage with the mob audience, protected me from the virus, and he not!!Ben Elton on the list please.

  49. I wAs one who had a few jabs before realising what it was doing, I have opted out of further jabs, but it is painful watching members of family still having them, thinking I am a conspirisist. These people need to tell the truth unless they are a part of the people trying to cull the population.

  50. You're the voice. Thank you. Just reading the comments from vaccinated and unvaccinated is so encouraging!
    From a mere mortal who was severely victimized by friends of many years. The toxicity was unbearable and fuelled by the likes of your subjects under scrutiny.

  51. That you for your voice,we certainly need more hubby's health is not very good but he can't connect to the injections, he's had three.🙏😓🌎

  52. These treasonous worms are now on damage-limitation exercises which will be gradual (as always). And the drip-feed of pseudo-concern and 'we had no idea' carrot will be dangled for the people to nibble on....again. They have blood on their hands. No quarter!

  53. So sad. Next you will be telling us that Ebola is not contagious providing you don’t smoke, drink too much, practice safe sex, etc. I don’t mind if you choose not to be vaccinated. That is your free choice but please therefore make sure that you forego all other medical interventions which are science based. There is no difference. It’s the same drug companies responsible for enabling us to have a better quality of life. Don’t take antibiotics, don’t use contraception, don’t turn to dentists to treat your cavities and check your oral hygiene, don’t have radiotherapy or chemo. Don’t have an X-ray when you break a limb. Don’t have treatment for aids or herpes because you chose to have sex with the wrong person. Be careful when you cut your hand. Lockjaw is not a pleasant way to die. Your choice for you and your families and you are perfectly free to chose but please don’t expect doctors to put their own lives on the line because you were so sure that germs are just an imbalance of the body toxins. Your complacency is depressing and a symptom of living in the pampered and selfish society. Diabetes type 1 is a terrible illness but medicine has given the chance of a longer life. TB and polio were killers. I have family members who were affected. A horrible way to die. There is a good reason why life expectancy was 37 years of age in the 1700s. Limited medical knowledge and lots cranky ideas which were proven wrong unless you think that using leeches is a good way to restore the balance humors in your body. My grandfather was one of Alexander Fleming’s guinea pigs in the penicillin trials. It saved his life and I am thankful that it has saved the lives of so many more over the years.

  54. Hello Jane, thank you for your comment. Please read my recent article, "Is it Possible to Have Safe Vaccines?', which agrees with your comment that we shouldn't listen to quackery from the time period that leeches were around, that being the same time period vaccination was developed. The article also explains why health improved towards the 20th century - nothing to do with injections, but improved nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation.

    Article link:

    I then suggest you read my recent article 'The Emperor's New Virus', which addresses more of your points, including "the Ebola card".

    Article link:

    FYI, I don't use antibiotics or any other pharmaceutical interventions, would not dream of treating cancer with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, haven't had any vaccines in 20 years (and didn't have many before that), and guess what? I am still alive! I use real medicine, just like our late Queen, who had a personal homeopath and lived to the age of 96.

    You've been lied to on an epic scale about the nature of disease and human health. Whether you choose to consider that possibility and further educate yourself, or continue to fastidiously adhere to and disseminate, false and dangerous dogmas, is entirely your choice, but as they say, "condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance".

    Wishing you all the best.

  55. As a highly experienced nurse if 37 years ,u saw 4 vax damaged teens and now heard of lots of older children with pneumonia and unable to walk all had covid vaccination.Kbow people dead ,blind ,shingles , neurological issues ,deafness ,many with rate fast growing tumours ( these are you g people ) family with cancer that had gone back and heart attacks , sudden death . Disgusted at other medical professionals that are not speaking up I've left nhs ,do no harm !!

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